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Chapter II

Review of Related Literature

It’s really quite simple to integrate a few foods or supplements that will improve your

memory and concentration in your everyday diet. Whether you’re in trouble concentrating at work

or you just need an extra mental kick to make it to your finals, there are many foods, herbs and

supplements that can improve your memory, concentration, and focus.

According to Sabrina Roger (2006), if you’ll combine these brain foods with regular

exercise and a good night sleep, you will have boosted your brain power in no time.

Also, Rogers stated that, memory boosters like Memory Plus Gold is a herbal supplement

that comes a formulation used in Ayurvedic Medicine reported to have been consumed by intellects

to improve learning and memorizing of Vedic hymns. It contains extracts from a natural memory

enhancer herb known as Brahmi or Bacopa Monniera in Latin, which has been studied in a myrad

of clinical trials in India and Australia. It has been found to increase intelligence, longetivity,

circulation in the brain and improves short term and long term memory, it decreases senility and


In 1874, Lumen stressed that memory boosters helps to enhance memory, improve

concentration, improve learning pace, mitigate absent minded and forgetfulness, reduce anxiety

and stress, decrease senility and aging and improve well – being of an individual.

Moreover, Lumen added that this supplement is ideal for students of all ages, adolescents,

housewife, the workforce and the retired. It is proven safe and non toxic by the Central Drug
Research Institute (CDRI) in India, a well known premier laboratory established by the

government of India in 1951.

Lumen also added that this food supplement is advisable for the intellects to take Memory

Boosters for at least three months. Continuous usage during this initial three months period is a

must for deriving the desired benefits.


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