Cant of the Empire

A Comprehenfive Guide to the Slang, Jargon and Vulgar Argot of the Great Empire of Sigmar and its Glorious People for the use of Studentf, Travellerf and Educated Gentlemen of the Age 
as Collected and Collated by Messers Steve Darlington, Magnus Seter, Rob Swallow and Dan White
with much grateful assiftance from the folk on the BI forums

bet you ou saw the Beast of Brasthof an all. a Talabheim twig is a large blackthorn cudgel. . Altquarter Cheer: Breaking wind. but must urbane Dwarfs and Halflings have figured this one out. rhyming slang. Drachenfels is the highest selling opera ever performed. Note also some in the Old World find the spice of Araby too hot and prickly! Averland Beef: Thief. Bigger than Drachenfels: Of a performance or event. (Big) Bertha: A large and ill tempered woman. Baroness Ludmilla is a lady at court in Middenheim who loves such conspicouse displays of wealth. known disparagingly as stunties or runties. Banger Boys: Apprentices at the Imperial Gunnery School of Nuln. Beast of Brasthof: Something Inprobable. usually of a person. Refers to the disputed status. from the Altquatrter. As such. This phrase is used to disguise one~s slurs lest said scapegoats hear. often seen during times of civil unrest and rioting. Averland Herd: Turd. Altdorf Chatter: Rabble rousing. a notoriously rough district of Middenheim. Altdorf Peculiar: A heavy fog that periodically grinds the Imperial capital to a standstill. Bear-botherers: Kislevites. Araby Spice: Lice. Baroness Ludmilla would approve: A response to any lavish or gratuitous spending. “Y saw the Elector in the Sleepy Gobling. frequent and varied sexual relations. rhyming slang Averland Shepherdess: A woman of easy virtue or numerous. -BBadger Poker: Derogatory term for a woodsman. also the name of a tavern in Salzenmund.-AAll Gerhard Guntie’s Fault: My problem was caused by Dwarfs or Halflings. Bergsburg Deal: An arrangement that is frequently on again~off again. but she’s the Averland Shepherdess. location and description of the town of Bergsburg. It is said to roam the countryside outside Brasthof speaking backwards in the classical tongue. extremely popular or exciting. Bigger than Sigmar’s Hammer: Very large or heavily built. this can also have a more salacious interpretation. Bearded Elf: A ridiculous person or thing. Altdorf Party: A street riot. yeah right. mate”. “Y can ou go with Annie. the head of a lynx and the claws of an eagle. Beaten with a Talabheim Twig: Drunk. see also Goat Botherer. The original Big Bertha was a siege mortar forged in Nuln. thieves tongue rhyming slang. See also Keg Babies.” The Beast is a legendary creature with the body of a ferret. Particularly refers to the statue of Sigmar in Altdorf where he is shown naked and heroically proportioned in the trouser department.

or Childish Ones. or residents of Sylvania. The Gods help the elf who uses this in earshot of a Dwarf. Blind Bitch(es). come flood. we’ll make this pub a success”. from their ubiquitous headgear. cannoneer: A homosexual man. Nobody knows what a feem is. Cobblers: Prostitutes. but the term seems to have originated in the Wasteland. Refers to the negotiator not even needing to remove his boots before lying down. feem or famine: To endure. Albion being renowned for its foggy shoreline. Also Stubborn Children. Originally military slang. . Also what dwarfs call skaven. A two-booter or a hip-booter is more promiscuous than a normal (or one-) booter. Cliff of Sighs: Lies. Clear as the Coast of Albion: Not clear at all. likening the Dwarfen drudge-keeping habit to a childish tantrum. from its proximity to Sylvania. or next to your horse for warmth. see also Jann van Swampmire. See Trying to sail up Twin Falls. rhyming slang.Big Smoke (The): Common nickname for Nuln. Also beard-breathers. “We’ve stayed married these twenty years. Clank Farmer: A beggar. Couronian Quarters: To sleep in the stables. feem or famine”. from the Cliff of Sighs in Middenheim. blind to the injustice or suffering going on in the world. Come flood. Buckle hats: Witch hunters. Carstein Claret: Blood Challenge an ogre to an eating contest: Going against an opponent or situation that cannot be won. Corpse Dodger: An inhabitant of Eastern Stirland. Chopping wood: Masturbating. The: Verena or Shallya. making the insult worse. Beard-biters – a reference to their facial hair. clank is popular slang for pennies. not battle-helms. -CCannon-stoker. A reference to the so-called ‘horse lovers’ of the Bretonian province of Couronne. Mud-suckers – a reference to their underground life. Carroburg Throne: A chamber pot. Helmet-heads – a reference to mining. An allusion to them “shoeing” a part of the body. Bog-trotter: An Wastelander. Cobbler’s fitting: To visit a prostitute. sometimes shortened to just beards or beardies. “By powder or pike. Carstein Cattle: The undead. Sigmar’s little helpers – a reference to Sigmar’s honoured bond with the Dwarfen race Stunties – a height reference. come what may. but now in common use. Candle-heads – a reference to mining. Black dog: A Witch Hunter. By powder or pike: Whatever it takes to succeed. Racial Disparagement - Dwarfs Angry Children – Elven insult. because of its many forges. Booter: A woman of easily-negotiated virtue. the free city of Carroburg is a centre of pottery.

he enjoys Esmerelda’s cooking a bit too much. Enjoys Esmerelda’s Cooking: A human who visits the Halfling brothels. moved here to Krudenwald ten year ago. Dinning on Dreckstrasser: In financial trouble. Emmanuelle’s Inn: The Iron Tower Prison in Nuln. ear-sucker: A person who is overly-enamoured of. By extension. -FFatter than a Mootland Quartermaster: Very fat. “Y’ can’t trust Harry. “I’ll just have a quick dockers and make sure the cost is clear”. from Mornan Tybalt the famously humourless Imperial Chancellor. if y’ unnerstan’.” From the Sea of Claws. still keeps on about the state of the Imperial Fleet. -EEar-stroker. Faster than a Wuppertal Whittler: Very fast. “Well. Refers to the reputation of Empire maps to be enormously inaccurate. stereotype of halflings. Also Kislev Courage. Also mad as. from Dreckstrasser the nickname for any poor or rundown part of town. Dwarfen Courage: Alcohol. Face like Tybalt: Glum or dour expression. “Ay old Crabby Schmitt. . Dog-botherers: Priests of Ulric. thieves tongue rhyming slang.” Estalian Pox: Syphilis. Tilean Courage. Dwarf’s Grudge: A judge. rhyming slang. an insult aimed at any human who is over-friendly with Halflings. Docker’s Hook: Look. Drunk as a map-maker: Very drunk indeed. originally a watch expression.Crabby: Nickname for Inhabitants of the coast of Nordland. Doing opera for Ostlanders: To provide something of which the receiver would likely have no understanding or appreciation Doom-writer: Someone who enjoys their sexual partners to be very young (ie before they have had their Dooming foretold). with the bridge gone we’re really deep in the Drakwald”. the town of Wuppertal in Averland is renowned for its woodwork. -DDeep in the Drakwald (without a sword): To be in dire straits or very unlikely to succeed or come through. or overly-ingratiating towards elves. stupid as. Dwarfen Handshake: An unbreakable agreement. Elector of Solland: A missing person.

racial stereotype. particularly with a well. “Ayup.because where’s there’s muck there’s halflings. Muckers . Three-Legged Jake: A mutant. but you’re just flogging a zombie – I just ain’t got the karls!” Free pie costs a penny: Nothing is ever free. Goose-food: Military slang for a young or foolish soldier. that’s Sonja. that has. Knee-pads . Jake. support etc for Dwarfs or Halflings. Refers to halfling street wares driving those who eat them to the privy. . Runties . Goldlickers: Merchants.origin unknown. Happy as a Halfling: Extremly happy or contented. we all had a go on that dunking stool when we was younger.Elven term for Halflings. Bumpers . Mumpers .particularly popular term due to it rhyming with stunties. Y oungest.because they are often bumped into. priests of Handrich. -GGet fitted for a shoe: To visit a prostitute. Three-Legged Jake is a villainous mutant who appears in a children fairy tale. implying that all Halflings are thieves. Comes from the battlefield tradition of electors and captains having a young equerry standing by to hold their elaborate hats when the fighting was joined. Emperor Ludwig the Fat granted the halflings of the Moot a royal charter in 1010IC.a reference to the town of Apfel in the Moot. Goblin-cake: a turd.travelled woman. “Well thats jabber’ed my wocky. or seeking something that cannot be given.Flogging a zombie: Pursuing something pointless. probably a corruption of the previous. See cobbler’s fitting. usually one found in the street. Goat botherer: Derogatory nickname for a rustic. Guntie’s Auntie(s): Any person or group acting for equal rights. Hat-boy: A young male prostitute or sexual companion. Jann van Swampmire: Derogatory nickname for someone from Marienburg or the Wasteland. Often shortened to goosers. The . -JJabber’ed My Wocky: Surprised or flabbergasted. Also a nickname for Count Boris Todbringer due to his long running feud with the Beastman Khazrak One-Eye. thieves tongue rhyming slang. Can also refer to the woman in question.” Racial Disparagement - Halflings Apfel-dandies .” Jailer’s Jibe: A bribe. but we got a blast from the Guntie’s Aunties.a play on footpads. Have a go on the dunking stool: To have sexual intercourse.” -HHammerheads: Priests of Sigmar. or prostitute. “Y can beat me ou all you want. Friends of Ludwig: Halflings. “We was gonna hire some Halflings to do it.

See also Banger Boys. Morr’s Man: A grave digger. we left Nuln with twenty prisoners.due to their pointy ears. because it is so far removed from authority or society. -MMagnus’ Follies: The Colleges of Magic. Lost in the Mountains: A transgression or event which is unlikely to have consequences or draw punishment. Mannan’s Blood: Rum. rhyming slang -LLamplighters: Prostitutes. Like’ly as Ratmen: Impossible. Hence also moonrising. Mamma Klara’s chickens: Seamans term for seagulls. well. rhyming slang. leafers . Moneylender: Homosexual. one too much under the influence of Geheiminstag. Kislev Tart: To break wind. Mystery Man: A lunatic. eh?” Ludwig: A hat. If we lose a few on the road. pointies . Morr’s Maidens: Crows or ravens. rhyming slang Morr’s Cradle: The Gallows.due to their affiliation with the woods. Often shortened to lampers. from the kegs of gunpowder used there. if he even has one. Leave a gift for Taal: To relieve oneself outdoors.-KKeg Babies: Students at the Imperial Gunnery School of Nuln. everyone knows the skaven don’t exist. Longer than Rothnikson’s saga: Something that is very long. Kislev Lover: A man who spends more time concentrating on his own “weapon” than his partner. Twigs .an allusion to the woodlands and Elves’ thinner physiques. Magnus’ Madmen: Wizards Make the moons rise early: To have sexual intercourse. founded by Magnus the Pious and still major objects of mistrust. Like Sending Timber to Drakwald: A pointless task. that’ll be lost in the mountains. Like sails on a steam tank: Something that is totaly useless or unnecessary. “Well. from the Rothnikson cycle of poems. . Stick-boys. origin unknown. Ludwig the Fat. the Day of Mystery. Racial Disparagement - Elves Points.

Old Wilhelm: Lower class term for a watchman. Pie Shop Commandos: Halfling militia. dating from Gorbad Ironclaw’s destruction of Solland. -PPallet Pavanne. Possibly a corruption of Nagash’s Man. experienced or insatiable. a homosexual woman.” Similar to Bat-Backed Pieter and Old Hairy Rat Nose. From a bawdy poem in which Nuckly Sacksucker. a woman not of easy virtue or any woman who rejects the speaker. Orc-bait: An inhabitant of Sudenland. to be looking for (typically physically-focussed) female companionship. the: Sexual intercourse. healing his wounds miraculously. Also. ie a necromancer. Nurky’s Bucket: A tavern privy. origin unknown. By extension. Shortened from on the goblin hunt. On the gobbo: Of men. Plughohl’s Patient: A dead or dying man. a love-struck goblin. -OOlder than a Dead Elf: Something that very old or that has been around forever Old Hob’s learning: Common sense. Nulner Handshake: A knee to the groin. See cannon-stoker. who dwells in an ice-palace. sickly or wounded to help his cause. Only cost me an apple and an egg: Not expensive. Waldermar Plughohl was a notoriously inept surgeon attached to the 2nd Weissenland Halbadiers. Ostland Kiss: Headbutt. Pistolier: A homosexual man. Old Muddy One-Eye. Nuckly’s Chance: No chance at all. the denizens of Ostland are notoriously hard headed. May mean both at once. A reference to Tzarina Kattarin of Kislev. . brawny or otherwise unattractive woman (and thus suitable only to marry an ugly pitfighter). tries to woo the Duchess of Talabecland. Outrider: A male who is sexually adventurous. Pitwife: An ugly. even more smelly than a normal one. “If you dont go to bed this instant Old Muddy One Eye will come and gobble you up. Opposite of a Booter. Princess Kattarin: A woman of not-easily-negotiated virtue. Play Hide the Halfling: To have sexual intercourse. a man who is inexperienced sexually (and thus not yet become an outrider).-NNaggerman: A beggar or rogue who pretends to be ill. Legendary cyclopean swamp dwelling bogeyman.

Riding the Griffon: Talking nonsense. -SSchlupfrig Jack: A popular card game. from the star sign Cackelfax the Cockerel. Put some gold in the poor box: To urinate -QQueer as Oskar’s Sausage: Very strange. that’s like finding the Scone of Destiny. May also refer to someone hallucinating. Scone of Destiny: Any much sought after and possibly mythical item. . Also Rhya’s dumplings. “A barrel of Bugman’s XXXXXX. but he’s just selling the silver sausage” See also pulling the dwarf’s beard and riding the Griffon Shining Like Mannan’s Match: Someone who is very unintelligent. could make a sausage out of just about anything. “He claims he was at the Battle of Wolfenburg. Pulling the Dwarf’s Beard: Acting in a foolish or insolent manner. Runes of Ranald: Dice. Ranald’s Picture Book: A deck of playing cards. Seamstresses: Prostitutes. As is Tilean Queens. Woman’s wounds. or something that cannot be helped. in a wyrdroot haze or being mad. Also Darning with the red thread. Rowing the Red Reik.Private War: Somebody else’s business. Rhya’s pillows: Poetic term for female breasts. See also Selling the Silver Sausage. Riverwoman: A homosexual woman. it is said. an allusion to women bathing together in the river. Mannan’s Match was a lighthouse on the coast of Nordland that collapsed shortly after it’s construction. Ranald’s Daughter: A prostitute. particularly those who are traders from the sea. -RRanald’s Chairty: Money made through illicit means. from the famed ogre mercenary of the same name. usually boastfully. Also (stronger) sea-scum.”. Hence also to get a seam mended Sea-weeds: Tileans or Estalians. Oskar was a legendary butcher who. Rhogyarrk’s Logic: The application of extreme violence to solve even the most trivial problem. Screeching like Cackelfax: Making a lot of noise. from a halfling legend but now in common use. Selling the Silver Sausage: Putting on airs or making outlandish claims. Rhya’s darning: That time of the month.

now a popular drinking toast. short for short-lived ones. thrown things askew. Tilean Chickadees: Priests of Myrmidia. Lost Ones. Sophonia was a handmaiden of Shallya who renounced her immortality to marry a mortal. but can be inflected that way. taken directly from the Ogre word for Human. city of pirates and cut-throats. “Oh Spielmeister! Thats just great. rhyming slang. “Get your hands of your hammers. Slim . “They told me they’d pay me back but y’ can’t trust them sutthos. Also sometimes cloud-heads or moon-heads. see also Trolls in the pantry. “I was gonna go fishing but this rain really sunk my barge” Sutthos: Those from the south. there’s work to be done!” Smooth as Gunter’s Grass: Very smooth or stylish. Wild Ones. Snotlings in the Cellar: An unforseen or oft-ignored problem. Tilean Bargain: A swindle or con. a reference to their yellow . Sigmar’s Hammer: The slammer/gaol. Thicker than Taal’s beard: Very dense or stupid. They don’t like it up ‘em: Originally the battle cry of the 1st Nuln pike detachment. the barge has sunk and we’ve gotta be in Altdorf by noon”. the male member. There was more lost at Grootscher Marsh: Worse things have happened. Sky-heads . Solkan’s Bracelets: Handcuffs. Humans often mistake this as an Elven way of mocking Dwarfs or Halflings. mocking Humans for living on the surface and being weak-minded.used by Dwarfs and Halflings because the tall Humans hit their heads a lot. See also Nurky’s Bucket. Tainted Ones. The . from Saratosa. Therefore also a term for a political crowd short on power. They consider it respectful (or as respectful as Halflings get). from the famous battle. Sunk my Barge: Ruined my plans. or has already been done many times before. from the privies at Frau Hattie’s tavern The Carry On.Halfling slang for Humans. Stirpiker: A footpad. especially a Naggerman Templar of Shallya: A coward. no longer a term in general use.” Racial Disparagement - Humans Shorts . Sophonia’s choice: A difficult decision. Soreheads . ie Tilean and Estalians. referring to the naked and heroically proportioned statue of the God near the palace. due to its small size. Stuck with a Saratosa Needle: To be stabbed with a knife. -TTelling truths to Verena: Doing what does not need to be done. in Altdorf.Short crowd: An entertainer’s term for an audience short on cash. havin’ a steam?” Stinks Worse Than Hattie’s Jakes: Smelly indeed. theives tongue rhyming slang. The Stirpike is renowned for sneaking up on its victims and quickly vanishing.Elven reference to the Chaos taint on Humanity.Elven expression.Halfling slang for Humans. showing yet again the inexplicable link between Ogres and Halflings. Also. stereotype of the Tilean character. Steam-tank: Masturbate. from the expensive brand of pipe weed. Spielmeister: An aspect of Ranald often envoked by wandering adventurers. Tallies . Also Cursed Ones. “Whatchoo doin’ in there. Not considered insulting by Elves. Templar of Ranald: A fantastic con-artist.Dwarf insult. boys. I always say.

racial stereotype. Also visit the confessor. one which is unlikely to be seen through. The: The female gods of Rhya. “Well. and we lost. Refers to the two coins placed over the eyes of the dead by said priests. or a complaint that is seen as trivial or “soft”. “Well. -UUpright Citizens: Prostitutes. See also Nurky’s Bucket. but it’s like sailing up the Twin Falls!” Tuppeny Whores: Priest of Morr. Ulric’s Mantle: A thick blanket of snow. a shaky deal.” Weissblitzen’ed: Very drunk. -WWeeping Women. rhyming slang. Trolls in the pantry: a problem so large it cannot be avoided. Went Down Like a Schweinkopf Barge: Something that was not very popular. Often begins as snotlings in the cellar Trying to sail up the Twin Falls: Trying to do the impossible. are y’ boy? Well. Wicking: Masturbating. a cheap and fast service they provide. Tybalt Handshake: A weak handshake. Troll’s Armpits: A foul. then get back to work. Hence also. Shallya and Verena. or fighting. “Oh. Twin Falls: Testicles. A term of disparagement for things not related to men’s business such as trade or war. Opposite is wounds behind – to be assassinated.robes and their lack of battle experience. Working Like a Halfling: Slacking off. from the Urskoy river along which it is often transported.  . Can be metaphorical. Weissblitzen is a potent form of cider brewed in Stirland. smelly place. Wounds front: Died in battle. we tried everything. Tilean Trollope. The barges of Wallis Schweinkopf had a tendency to sink. Urskoy Water: Kvas. named for Mornan Tybalt who lost his thumbs in the Altdorf Window Riots. Ulric’s Planks: Skis. From the “tuppeny upright”. -VVisit confession: To go to the privy. Tree-lovers: Priests of Taal. so you’re tired of shovelling dung. relaxing or sleeping. go tell the Weeping Women about it. you can ask the boss for a day off. but at least we went out wounds front”. The: The Goddess Myrmidia.

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