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(MINA family)



After the  After 10 minutes of  10 minutes of discussion Home visit Material resources:
nursing discussion, the client will be about disease vectors and Flash cards, flip chart and
able to identify disease the causes of these. materials for eliminating
intervention, breeding sites of vectors such
vectors and what are the
the family will causes of these. as insecticides, fly traps etc.
be able to  After 5 minutes of  5 minutes of discussion
sustain discussion, the client will be providing 8 examples of Human resources:
reducing the able to give at least 5 out of disease vectors Time and effort of the family
8 disease vectors. and the student nurses
breeding sites
 After 10 minutes of  10 minutes of discussion
present in discussion, the client will be Financial resources:
about the possible breeding
their home able to identify what are sites of these vectors and Money for the student nurses’
environment breeding sites of these provide 5 examples of it. transportation
until it is vectors and be able to give 3
completely out of 5 examples of it.
 After giving examples, the  Ask the client of possible
eradicated. client should be able to breeding sites within their
point out possible breeding home environment
sites present in their home
 After 10 minutes of  10 minutes of discussion
discussion, the client will be about the possible effects of
able to determine the presence of breeding sites in
possible effects of presence their home environment and
of breeding sites in their give 5 of these effects.
home environment and
enumerate at least 3 out of 5
of these effects.
 After 10 minutes of  10 minutes of discussion of
discussion, the client will be ways to eliminate breeding
able to give 3 out of 5 sites and provide 5
possible ways to eradicate examples of these
the breeding sites of vectors

 After giving 3 possible ways  Ask the client to choose 2

of eliminating breeding ways of eliminating
sites, the client should be breeding sites that she can
able to choose at least 2 out possibly do.
of 3 ways which she is
willing to do

 After 15 minutes of  15 minutes of

demonstration, the client demonstration of ways to
will be able to perform the eradicate breeding sites and
said ways correctly. guide the client while

 After one week, the client  Observe/ check the breeding

must be able to lessen sites within their home
disease vectors present in environment after one week
their home environment so if there are any changes
as the breeding sites.