Aqua Media is a design company which refers to its self as ‘a creatively driven solution provider’. At the core, the company focuses on both digital design and print management solution. The primary goal here is its client services.

The survey was carried out to gather information from clients about the company’s website. Particularly, how the clients felt about the site and further more, how they thought the site could be improved. Through gathering this information from the survey, the clients needs can then is understood and both client relations and business for this faction is improved.

Data Collection
The survey was created using an online provider, Zoomerang. Zoomerang allows the user to compile a survey from a set of customizable questions and answers. The survey was deployed to both local business and major business clients through email and website links.

In the survey, five questions were asked. Three of these questions gave clients a selection of answers and two of these questions asked clients to give their own personal response. The first three questions were as follows: 1. Overall, what do you think about the website (with answers rating from terrible to extremely 2. 3.
good) Rate the categorical significance of the site ( with answers rating from insignificant to most important for each category) Please rate your level of satisfaction with the content of the site (with answers from unsatisfactory to very satisfying)

The last two questions which required a personal response were: 4. What one improvement would you most like to see in the website design? 5. How has your experience browsing the website differed from your original expectations of my

Of the four clients at completed the survey, 25% answered the first question with ‘terrible’ while 75% rated it good.

In the second question, answers were mixed with each person responding differently from the next. Overall, the answers range from its lowest rating to its highest one. The third question saw all 4 participants either answering with satisfying or very satisfying (50% each). In the last two questions, 75% of the clients’ personal responses were happy with the way the website was as a whole while 25% suggested a change to improve navigation. However, the entire party who completed the survey thought highly in there original expectations of the site.

Conclusion / Recommendations
To conclude the research conducted, it seems the website pleases most of the clients. However, some considerations could be made for the websites navigation.