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Govt launches eGovernment Network

Prime minister, sato
Kilman as minister responsible for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Telecommunication has taken the initiative to celebrate the official launching of the Vanuatu eGovernment Network today (Friday), at the Parliament complex. This launching and celebration comes in recognition of the substantial landmark achievement of the accomplishment of the Vanuatu eGovernment Network Project. The PM stated that already over a decade into the 21st century, the global community shares a universal understanding of the importance of Information and Communications Technology as a key enabler for economic and social development. In developed, emerging, and developing economies alike, there is a constant call for knowledge-based economies and societies, driven by ICT, as the key to economic growth and improved standards of living for all segments of the population. For no purpose is that movement more important than improving the performance of public institutions and increasing the value delivered to the public in return for its investment and its trust in government. As such, the effective application of ICT in government becomes a critical component of the development of knowledge-based societies, Kilman said. He went on to say, In Vanuatu, that understanding of the essential role of ICT led to the signing of a loan agreement with the ExportImport Bank of China to finance the first-ever E-Government Project in the Pacific region. As a result of the E-Government loan agreement and the subsequent Supply Contract between our Government and Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., we have been able to accomplish a great deal, he said. These include; The construction and commissioning of the Government Broadband Network (GBN) and Government Data Centre; The migration of all Government telephony to the Voice Over Internet, or VOIP facility included in the commissioned network; - The migration of all Government data traffic from copper leased lines provided by private operators to the GBN fibre optic infrastructure. The GBN is now carrying all of the Governments voice and data traffic. The migration has thus far gone very smoothly. Early on, there were a few technical issues that were quickly resolved with the assistance of the Huawei support engineers. Feedback from the user community has been overwhelmingly positive. >>To Page 3

Minister of Internal Affairs George Wells (l) hands cheque to Torba Accountant, John Rupart.

Vt8 million for Independence Anniversary to celebrations

By Jonas Cullwick the Government

Vanuatu has allocated a total of Vt8,421,389 to help communities celebrate the 32nd independence anniversary of the

country on July 30. Of this amount, Government has given a total of Vt2.900000 to the six provincial councils, five of which have received Vt500,000 each.


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Torbas Vt400,000 was handed to the provincial councils Accounts Officer, John Rupart by the Minister for Internal Affairs George >>To Page 4 Wells.
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[ 2 ] vanuatu Daily Post | Friday July 20, 2012

Lighting up Matantapua
By Godwin Ligo The members

Local News

Emau musicians mass campaign against auto-tuning

By Ricky Binihi s ouwia Lead
singer and

Matantapua community, in Port Vila now has a prepaid meter, set up by UNELCO last week. Not only is the community made up of different island people from around Vanuatu but also belong to four different Christian churches including the Presbyterian, the SDA, the COC and the NTM that borders one another within the Matantapua community near Malapoa College. During his official launching address of the prepaid meter for the community, Lands and Energy Minister told the community leaders and members that such development can only be made possible by the Vanuatu Government when the land owners are willing to allow or sacrifice their land for the benefit of the entire community or country. The land belongs to the people of Vanuatu which is the reason for our Independence. We need the land to ensure developments that will benefit our people. And today I thank the land owners who have agreed and made it possible for both the Government and the UNELCO Vanuatu to extend the electricity and install the prepaid meter for this community, Minister Kalsakau told the gathering of the leaders and Matantapua com-

Launching Matantapua prepaidmeter. UNELCO VLouis left,Engery Minister center and Land ownerH. Saurei with other leaderds
munity members. Kalsakau stressed that without electricity all functions of the country that uses electricity to function will be crippled. He said private homes need electricity for various purposes and one important use for this is for the children to study in the evening as well as many other uses. I was at Blacksands yesterday and the leaders there asked when will their dark area receive light as it is one of the only present dark spots within Port Vila, said Minister Kalsakau. He told them the present government and UNELCO Vanuatu will realize their need shortly. The land owner from Ifira, Saurei speaking on behalf of the families as land owners recalled that his parents moved from Ifira to Matantapua many years back when the area was a dark bush with no other people except the Saurei family. Before my father passed away he allowed the islanders to move in and built homes in the Matantapua because he had a heart for the people who found life difficult during those days. And one of his dreams is realized today and that is for different islanders to live side by side in peace and harmony. He also wanted to see people have good things in life. When my parents moved here, we only used lanterns and life was difficult. Today I stand here to thank both the Minister of Lands and the Vanuatu Government and UNELCO to make it possible for Matantapua community to receive electricity and the launching of the prepaid meter today, said land owner Saurei on behalf of the families and landowners. Speaking on behalf of UNELCO Vanuatu Louis said it is the responsibility of the company to introduce electricity throughout the capital, Port Vila, Efate and as far as it can throughout Vanuatu. He said this is the policy of UNELCO Vanuatu to ensure that better enjoy better life through the availability of the electricity. Energy Minister Kalsakau reiterated the government policy to ensure the population of Vanuatu have access to electricity but said this depends on the cooperation of the land owners to work closely with the Government and UNELCO Vanuatu to make this possible. Gifts of mats were presented to the distinguished guests followed by kava and shared lunch.

composer Joel Kaltank who first hit the air waves with his popular song Long Yia Ia 1980 when he was just 17-years-old says if the string band industry is no vigilant it will lose its soul. Musicians cheat their fans these days. They go to recording studios and use auto-tuning to correct the flaws in their singing. Ask them to perform the same song in public and they cant reach that perfect pitch, perfect time and perfect tune, the 53-year-old musician told Daily Post. And 10 days before Vanuatu celebrates its 32 years of Independence the pioneer of modern day string band of Efate pattern and 18 Emau musicians from six popular string bands from their island will put out a live concert in the heart of Port Vila at Seafront Stage to prove that their music still has soul. The string band groups range from Souwia, Tokotakia, Sarapokasi in the 80s to current popular bands like Mangawiarua, Saratokwia, and Tokosawia that regularly hit the radio stations music charts now and then. The music we play and sing is intrinsic to Emau

but somehow we find that the Emau pattern of string band has wiped out all the other string band patterns through out Vanuatu. An aim of todays concert is to encourage the other islands promote their style of string band, veteran musician Kaltank said. Kaltank appealed to all his fans in Port Vila to attend the concert and he promised he will sing his hit song on Independence Long Yia Ia 1980. Another aim of the music gig he said is to discourage the use of auto-tuning because it is fabricated music that has no essence. The musicians from Emau will today launch their Island Pioneer Vol 1 with the title track Paramount Nawota too today. CD is sold at Vt1500 and DVD at Vt2500.

LasT saTurday saw The firsT

ever gathering of all Tongoan Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Communities who resided on Efate at Pentecostal Auditorium in Port Vila. The auditorium was fully packed with well over 400 people. Since 2012 is a centenary year of the message of Adventism to reach the shores of Vanuatu, the theme of this gathering was built around it and was entitled, The Spirit of our Pioneers and Passing the Torch. Although the Adventists message was first taken to Atchin, Maleku-

First assembly for all Tongoan SDA communities on Efate

la on June 19, 1913 after it reached the shores of Efate on June 10, 1912, it soon spread to other islands but at different times. This gathering learnt that among other islands, the message of Adventism reached the island of Tongoa well after 1940s. Like other islands, the advent message of Adventism met stiff opposition. The surviving pioneers told of the sufferings they faced during that time. Some followers of this new faith were actually forced to leave their village and make settlement in a new village. The stories and experiences shared at this gathering by the islands pioneers were meant to uplift and be an encouragement to the young people to hold onto the truth that their pioneers have unshakeable defended during those trying times. The newly baptized converts of Seaside Tongoa in Port Vila which numbered over 30 in total were also present at the gathering where they also shared their experiences. The Speaker of the hour was Luke Simon- the Secretary General of the Seventh Day Adventist Mission of Vanuatu whose message was based on Matthew Chapter 25; focusing especially on the parable of the ten virgins. He reminded the gathering of the value of patience when the bridegroom delayed his coming and some have slumbered and slept. Likened it to current days where some have left the faith due to being impatient in waiting for Jesus to come. We are on borrowed times, he reminded the audience and encouraged all to keep the faith and keep watching. Many expressed full delight and joy for the manner of fellowship as organized. The President of the Vila-Tongoa SDA Development Committee would like to express its appreciation not only to everyone who accepted his invitation and attended the meeting but also to those who went along simply by hearing about it. His expressed gratitude also to ASCO Motors for making available its community bus to transport the people who lived far from the meeting place. ASCO is in action by
Forecast for today:

exercising its corporate and social responsibility by making available to the communities the use of its transport free of charge. Thank you ASCO Motors for the great offer. Last but not the least is the permission granted to us by the Pastor of the Pentecostal church for the use of their Auditorium. Everyone left the compound feeling fully blessed by the message delivered by the Speaker including the personal testimonies shared by the pioneers and the new converts, a statement from the community stated.


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Yesterdays recorded weather variables (8am-8am)


General situation:

A ridge of high pressure over southern Vanuatu maintains tight pressure gradients over the group.


Partly cloudy to mostly fine weather over Vanuatu group. Moderate to fresh east and southeasterly winds prevail over Vanuatu.

E/SE winds 15/20 knots over all open waters of Vanuatu with moderate seas to 1.5 meters. Moderate east southeasterly swells.


Saratamata (Ambae)

Pekoa (Santo)

Lamap (Malekula)

Bauerfield (Vila)

Whitegrass Tanna


Rainfall (mm) Max. Temp (c) Min. Temp (c)


0.3 29.5 //// 1.27


2.0 28.0 23.0

Nil 28.8 23.0


Nil 28.4 22.8 01.12 0.71

0.5 25.8 13.0

Nil 27.0 13.0

8.9 25.5 20.5

HEIGHT (Meters)

HEIGHT (Meters)

03:14 10:20

16:55 22:05



Today: 06-18 Tomorrow: 06-18



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vanuatu Daily Post | Friday July 20, 2012 [ 3 ]

Local News

Fisheries investigating killing of dugong at Ifira

The DirecTor


Department, Moses Amos, has confirmed that eye witnesses have witnessed a dugong (Sea Cow) being killed on the Southern end of Ifira Island on July 18 (Wednesday) in the morning. Mr Amos stated: It has been said that those involved claimed for it being caught on their fishing nets and also eating the fish off their nets

which is not true on the dugongs part as its main diet does not include fish or any meat but rather sea grass and algae. The Department of Fisheries is well aware of the incident and is further investigating the matter. Members of the public are hereby advised that according to the Fisheries Act Cap 315 No. 55 of 2005 dugongs are

classified as Marine Mammals and Section 37 subsection (1) states that A person must not kill, harm, harass, take or move any marine mammal in the Vanuatu Whale Sanctuary. Also according to the Fisherie s A c t , Va n u a t u Whale Sanctuary means all Vanuatu waters, therefore such actions are condemned under national legislation,

international treaties and conventions on the protection of marine life. Members of the public should be made aware that dugongs, dolphins, porpoises and whales are endangered species and need utmost protection from harm and danger. Since Vanuatu has now become a popular tourist destination it would be unwise to

not take precautionary measures to protect and conserve our wildlife whether on land or at sea. The penalty of breaching this Act is a fine for not more than Vatu 50,000,000 or a term of imprisonment not more than 2 years or both. Ignorance of the law is not a defense, inexcusable and cannot be tolerated.

Let this be a warning to the Vanuatu population that killing, harming, harassing, taking or moving any marine mammal in Vanuatu waters is prohibited. Therefore conservation and protection of our marine resources is everyones business for our present and future generation, Fisheries Director Mr Amos said.

Prime Minister to launch Trade Policy Framework

By Len Garae The DeparTmenT of TraDe is
determined to make sure that all the guests attending the Official Launching of the Vanuatu Trade Policy Framework by the Prime Minister at the Holiday Inn this morning are welcomed with fresh, real life leaves and flowers instead of Chinese artificial flowers. Director of the Department of Trade Sumbe Antas said the gesture is to symbolize the message to recognise the importance to make use of value added products to trade. It is also in the spirit of the content of the TPF which emhasises 31 high level recommendations to conclude Vanuatus Trade Policy Framework. These include over-arching and sectorspecific recommendations, recommendations to break specific barriers to trade, and recommendations on trade negotiations. These recommendations represent a comprehensive Trade Police Framework suitable to guide public policy for the years to come. Andrea Giacomelli of the Department of Trade said what is happening with the TPF is that it is going to marry the existing Priority Action Agenda (PAA). A Trade Policy Framework defining a national consensus on trade-based growth policies will significantly help to achieve the ultimate purpose of an educated, healthy, and wealthy Vanuatu, a statement to the media from the Department said. The Vanuatu Government has already in place a significant number of trade-related policies. The review of those policies, together with extensive national consultations, has been instrumental to identify the key constraints or barriers, preventing the further expansion of trade in goods and services (barriers to trade). The most significant barriers to trade existing in Vanuatu relate to lack of sufficient infrastructures, unresolved land issues, lack of a competition policy/law/authority, customs procedures still dependent on a pool of untrained/uncertified private agents, inadequate concession contracts for stevedoring services, lack of proper facilities to deal with sanitary and Phytosanitary issues and with technical barriers to trade, lack of productive capacity and inadequate education/training of the ni Vanuatu workforce. Vanuatu needs to tackle those barriers if it is to find its way out of pervert and into development by boosting exports. Aid for trade represents one of the main tools available to the Government to address barriers to trade. Over the last decade donor partners came to increasingly appreciate the importance of eliminating barriers to trade. This is demonstrated by the fact that the steady increase in official development assistance was mostly due to additional aid for trade funds currently standing at around 50% of official development assistance. Whilst aid for trade has so far privileged infrastructural projects it is recommenced that donor partners positively consider the possibility of providing additional funds to the macro-area of productive sectors, the statement said. The objectives of the Vanuatu Trade Policy Framework are to mainstream trade into Vanuatus national development strategy; enhance development through increased exports of goods and services; guide and inform the workings of Vanuatus National Trade and Development Committee; inform trade negotiations; and facilitate increased inflows of Aid for Trade. Trade negotiations can also be used to address barriers to trade. Negotiations are a complex tool to achieve a straight forward objective: boosting the domestic economy by facilitating specialization in areas of comparative advantage. Vanuatu needs to frame negotiating proposals aimed at eliminating key barriers to trade in those areas, in particular on services and labour mobility. On the goods side, offensive interests are more limited but benefits can be achieved if smart concessions on tariff liberation are coupled with assistance to overcome barriers to trade related to customs and SPS/TBT issues and to support truly infant industries. The Vanuatu Trade Policy Framework has been drafted by Professor Biman Chan Prasad and Dr Andrea Giacomelli under the direction of the Department of External Trade in the Ministry of Trade, Commerce, Industry and Tourism.

Police News
p olice
officer who is in

charge of Paama Police post has escorted a suspect from south Paama to be remanded at the correctional centre in Port Vila. This suspect was escorted to be remanded in Port Vila after the Magistrate court siting at Paama last week. The suspect was charged with sexual intercourse without consent. Police in port Vila have arrested two boys who stole a girls bag at Joe Restaurant and run away with the bag. The police are warning the general public, especially girls to be aware of such activities and take precaution to take extra care while walking around in the town. And also independence celebration is just around the corner and such activities are expected to happen and so the police are taking the measure to advice the general public to take great consideration of their properties and make

sure they are well secured. And to report any suspicious activity within your areas to the police. Police will not tolerate such activities to happen and will take serious actions to deal with anyone who is trying to involve in such activities. The suspect who was involved with the assault case of the New Zealand man early this month will appear before the magistrate court for preliminary hearing today Friday 20th July 2012.. Police officers who are in charge of Lamap and Paama police post are appealing to the areas which they are looking after , especially chiefs, community leaders and the people to celebrate this 32nd independence celebration with peace and to take extra care while celebrating. Police officers within these areas will deal with anyone who tries to be involved to break the law of the Republic of Vanuatu.

Govt launches eGovernment Network

>>From Front Page Voice communication is much clearer than before, even with and among outer islands. Data access is much faster than before as well. The PM also stated that Alongside the development and implementation of the GBN, we have also developed a Strategic eGovernment Plan called the Vanuatu Integrated Government Initiative (or iGov Initiative) that was endorsed by the Council of Ministers in November last year. This iGov Initiative provides a blueprint for the development and management of ICT, not as an end in itself but rather as a facilitator and lever for the comprehensive reform of Vanuatu Government service delivery capabilities. The core of the iGov Initiative is a sustained and intensive programme of ICT application to every facet of government business to improve performance and generate incremental value. I am pleased to inform you
all that we have been able to make substantial progress on key components of our iGov strategic Plan. These include; The transfer of the ICT portfolio from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Utilities to the Office of the Prime Minister where it can benefit from toplevel attention and support, and more easily contribute value to all other sectors The establishment of the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) in the Office of the Prime Minister as a dedicated centre for all government activities related to the ICT sector The identification of Government-wide applications requirements and the design of an effective applications portfolio. The PM stressed: The full value of the iGov Initiative will not be realised until the applications are up and running and services to businesses and citizens have been improved. Those objectives are fully dependent on a stable and reliable network and data communications infrastructure. In that regard the GBN, established under the E-Government Project, is playing its critical role in the process. However, the continued stability and reliability of the GBN remain key objectives and major challenges for the Government from the financing and technical resource perspective. For this reason, I have instructed the OGCIO and the Ministry of Finance to work with our development partners and to spare no effort in defining an appropriate and sustainable approach to meeting those challenges, PM Kilman continued. On behalf of the Government and the people of Vanuatu, I would like to take this opportunity to again thank the Government of the Peoples Republic of China for its continued support towards our first-ever eGovernment Network Project. I realise that at the time of

the loan agreement, the E-Government Project drew considerable criticism from the business community and the general public. In spite of the scepticism, we pressed on with the project and we now have the GBN to complement the two private sector backbone networks: Digicel and TVL. Vanuatu now has arguably the best Government and Private Sector ICT infrastructure in the Pacific Islands. We are working collaboratively with Digicel and TVL to link these networks to support redundancy and maximize the use of spare capacity. We are also looking at whether the Government Broadband Network can support, on commercial wholesale terms, carrying what is expected to be an ever increasing amount of data traffic. No matter how we optimize these three networks however, we will not achieve all of our ICT policy goals until they are connected to an international submarine cable. We need to make this happen in the shortest possible

time. While we continue to encourage and support the well-publicised private sector-led initiative, the urgency and the strategic importance of the project to the economic and social development of our nation demands that we also continue our discussions with multiple development partners regarding a Governmentled public-private-partnership approach. Only through a much stronger link to the international information infrastructure will we be able to continue building on our recent successes. Since the Government took the initiative to open up the telecommunications sector, prices have fallen, the number of services has grown, the coverage for mobile voice has increased to around 90% of the population, and the sector is now employing over 2,500 people. Not only has the ICT sector grown but so has the impact on the lives of everyone using telecommunications and other ICT products and services. During the ceremony the

Ministers and MPs who have not yet been able to experience using the services offered on the new network, will be able to see firsthand demonstrations by OGCIO qualified local engineers who have been successfully trained both in Vanuatu and in Senshen Huawei Centre of Excellence in China. Kilman then stated, Collectively our next major challenge is to ensure the same growth in the use of the internet and access to the world wide information sources and communities. Government is developing its policies to enable the private sector to achieve our vision of ICT for All. We will only succeed in our goal of ICT for All and support achieving a Healthy, Wealthy and Educated Nation, through close cooperation between the Private Sector and Government initiatives. As a priority we wish to see every school and manned health centre connected with high speed internet by 2015. This will enable considerable improvements in our education and health services, Kilman said.

[ 4 ] vanuatu Daily Post | Friday July 20, 2012


Local News

Santo Office Hotline: Tel: 37908 - Mobile: 73461 - email:


String band loved by French people

By Harrison Selmen A string bAnd group
West Coast which made a recent trip to France to perform in a concert in Paris has completed its successful trip and has arrived in Luganville this week. The boys told Daily Post that string band was loved in France during the concert compared to other music that came from other groups around the globe. The group performed in Paris, Marseille and a small island close to Marseille. The group said the people of France began to love the string band melody and everyone started dancing to show their pleasure. Their trip to France as a string band group was historical for the people of their community, especially West Coast Santo. The group said some business people in France were interested with the string band music and asked them if they are willing for a trip again next year. The group was able to share some of the experiences gained during their trip. We now can perform in front of more than hundred people. In the past we were not used to perform in public especially in front of many people, one member of the band said. The group would like to thank the Sanma Province, Alliance Francais Luganville, French Embassy, aCultural Center, Alliance Francais Port Vila, Ralph Regenvanu and Raule Wolag for their support which led to their successful trip. Groups that performed during the concert in Paris came from, New Zealand, USA but the small string band group of West Coast stole the heart of many fans in France during the big music concert.

Vice Chairman Livo Langi handing the cash to Allan Vira, Luganville Forestry Officer

NISCOL supports Agriculture Show

By Harrison Selmen the northern islAnds
Stevedoring Company (NISCOL) was part of the other sponsors who contributed towards the Agriculture Show on Malo. Despite challenges the company has faced, it did not stop it from supporting this event. A cash amount of Vt100,000 was presented yesterday by the Vice chairman of NISCOL, Livo Langi, to the Agriculture Show Committee. In his words, the vice chairman said the company will always stand behind the idea of supporting and promoting agriculture and especially having the event hosted on a small island like Malo. Daily Post understands Luganville will be having heaps of celebrations plus the independence celebration as of next week. Meanwhile, closely observing the responds from sponsors to the Agriculture Show committee it was very sad to see that big companies which deal mainly with agricultural exports did not show support for the event. Chairman for the Agriculture Show, Tari Molisale, was dejected to see that some companies did not recognize farmers through this agriculture show. It was sad to see that Major Companies in Luganville who export mainly agricultural products did not turn up. Through these farmers they were able to have their business operate, Molisale said. Santo Motors owner has also contributed with an amount of Vt25, 000 towards the event. The Santo Motors Company belongs to a man Malo. The Company produces hot air drier drums, fixes aluminum boats and can also produce gardening tools. The funds received by the committee will help to assist bring agricultural products and planting materials to the venue. This years prize givings will be different which means no more money will be given but only planting materials will be given which will help farmers to improve with their productions.

Vt8 million for Independence Anniversary to celebrations

>>From Front Page Luganville Municipal Council was also given Vt500,000 while Lenakel on Tanna received Vt300,000. Vanuatus overseas students in Fiji, Port Moresby and Lae in Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, Philippines, Samoa and Solomon Islands were given varying amounts totalling Vt380,000. Port Vilas six community celebration centers of Korman Stadium, Freswota, Seaside, Ohlen, Man Ples, and Anabrou between them received a total of Vt300,000.
The Presidential Cocktail which is held after the official flag-raising ceremony in Port Vila on July 30, has been allocated Vt1,100,000. Vt1,005,000 has gone towards police operations, nearly Vt370,000 for VBTC coverage of events during the one week celebrations, Vt450,000 for overtime payments, Vt150,000 for childrens treat, Vt426,000 for hire of vehicles for Independence Committee use and Vt50,000 for use, among other expenses that make up the total allocation. The Independence Committee is chaired by the Director of the Department of Local Authorities (DLA), Cherol Ala and consisting of members representing the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministrys Corporate Services Unit, the DLA, the Police, and Vanuatu Mobile Force. Most of the celebrations, especially in the communities in Port Vila, will open on July 24, the national Childrens Day and continue to the Independence Day national holiday.

Vaturisu signs MOA with Senat Coutumier des Nouvelles Caledonie

VAturisu ChAirmAn, Chief
Andrew Pakoa Kalpoileb, on behalf of the Chiefs of Efate and its offshore islands has signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for Kastom Jifs Relationship with the Chairman of the Senat Coutumier of New Caledonia yesterday at the Nawian Farea siuated at Rentabao area. Nawian Farea is part of the buildings known as Crystal Blue owned By Mr Dinh Van Than and Chief Kalpoileb himself. Invited guests present to witness the signing ceremony were the Chairman of Malvatumauri Council of Chiefs, Chief Trisupe Senimao, and the Acting CEO of Malvatumauri, Alicta Vuti, DG Mark Bebe of the Ministry of Justice and Culture and other chiefs from Port Vila Town and Efate. The four member delegation from the Senat Coutumier of New Caledonia representing the Indigenous Kanak Chiefs have been undertaking a study tour during the last two weeks where they spent most of their time on Efate and four days on Tanna Island. Their visit on Efate included courtesy calls on the Malvatumauri Chairman, a visit to the Chairman of Vaturisu on Eratap and a tour around the island of Efate where they visited Ni-Vanuatu owned businesses and also learned about the land disputes currently being handled by the various Efate Land tribunals. One of the highlights of their Tour was on Wednesday 11th July where they were taken across by boat to Nguna island and after a traditional welcome ceremony performed by the Chiefs of Mere and Sauwia village they witnessed firsthand the training of all Paramount Chiefs from the Offshore islands of Nguna, Pele and Emau organized by the Malvautmauri Office, Customary Lands Tribunal and Mama Graon project who provided funding for the training. Speaking on the occasion of the Memorandum signing


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ceremony, Chief Kalpoileb stated that throughout their one week stay on Efate the Kanak chiefs had expressed their desire to form a closer working relationship with the Efate custom Chiefs. It was in line with their wish that Vaturisu Council had decided to be the first Island Council to establish this relationship, and especially with the understanding that Efate is the doorway to the other islands in the Republic of Vanuatu and that the Efate Kastom Chiefs provide the road (kastom road) for the Custom Chiefs of the Senat Coutumier of New Caledonia not only into the National Nakamal but for other nakamlas or nasaras in Vanuatu.
Chief Andrew Kalpoileb, Chairman Vaturisu Council Of Chiefs




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vanuatu Daily Post | Friday July 20, 2012 [ 5 ]

TV News

Accountable Financial Mechanisms can only exists without Political Interference


has emerged that some

teachers have not been paid for up to two years. Are there any financial mechanisms put in place in the Ministry and Department of Education to safeguard public money from incompetence and corruption? Over the past week, the media has been exposing the issue of Teachers meeting at the Lycee Lab in relation to certain serious issues that have not been addressed. The issue of teachers not being paid arose following a group of teachers meeting at the Port Vilas French School, Lycee Lab voicing concerns over the unaddresses core problems of salary scale and outstanding salary. So many teachers have naturally enough been questioning why nothing has been done to effectively address these core issues that impact them and their family so seriously. Teachers complain about their salary scale (Primary & Secondary levels); and unpaid salaries - but apparently no proper financial analysis has been done to solve this. According to Daily Post (Issue No. 3587, June 28, 2012) what the teachers point out are as follow (to the Ministry and Department of Education): The issue of government short of funds to pay teachers is not teachers problem but the government Find and always prepare the necessary budget to pay for teachers wages There is no slavery Teaching Service Commission to consider the qualification and seniority of a teacher in the salary making Unpaid salary estimated at hundreds of millions of

vatu (Vanuatu Times issue No.137,29 June- 5 July 2012) Many teachers not received salaries for more than 2 years (unfair) Budget expenditure Majority of schools faced poor classroom conditions, lack of proper and quality facilities The Director of Education Services, Roy Obed, said: Ministry never been deaf about the issue of teachers salary Government Remuneration Tribunal (GRT) will eventually revise the determination of salary scale Primary teacher who teach at secondary level are not remunerated at the appropriate scale Teachers absenteeism which results on the students poor performance Teachers gathering at the Lycee Lab is illegal Remind the concern teachers that the Ministry in 2006 signed a Comprehensive Bargaining Agreement with the Vanuatu Teachers Union (VTU). This agreement is still valid, therefore, only the VTU has the legal mandate to represent teachers over any grievances Ministry has comply with every legal requirement to pay teachers in accordance to the GRT level Remind teachers to do justice to children Request teachers to provide fair services and justice to the government and nation as a whole Transparency Vanuatu conducted an interview with the Vanuatu Teachers Union (VTU) about what has been done in relation to this matter. Speaking with the Presi-

dent of VTU, Wilfred Leo, he advised that: VTU has not been aware of this issue at first VTU recognize the teachers failure, but will sit back and watch Few teachers are members of the VTU VTU warn/encourage teachers who are members to handle this issue carefully When Transparency asked why VTU should sit back and watch, Mr. Leo said they cant react quickly in this case as most of the teachers who were part of the meeting were not members of the VTU. Mr Leo insisted they only deal with teachers who are members of VTU. He went as far as saying VTU will definitely get them through this issue and said if only they had come to seek advice from VTU, they would have advicsed them to follow its Communication Structure. Transparency understands that teachers have been facing these problems over the past years. Matters reached a point where it was impossible to remain silent but rather to do something to convince the government through the Ministry & Department of Education to realize that this issue is a big issue and that it must be resolve. Additionally, the Comprehensive Bargaining Agreement that had been signed with the Ministry of Education and the VTU in 2006 is still valid, therefore, only the VTU has the legal mandate to represent teachers over any grievances (Daily Post Issue No.3589, June 30, 2012). The ministry and the

department ought to ensure that all new teachers that are recruited must be budgeted for. So many recruitments are done without following the procedure and are not in line with the budget. Sam tijas we oli rikrutmen i no folem procedure mo i no folem budget. Unpaid teacher salaries and the Salary Scale issue which is likely a problem is political interference within the Ministry and Department. What Transparency Vanuatu understands is that some teachers are recruited without following the correct procedures for teachers recruitment. So, who should be blame for all this? How should we have a transparent and well organised mechanism in our budget? Transparency Vanuatu recommended that; Allow no political inter-

ference within the Ministry and the Department Ensure yearly teachers recruitment follows the right procedures Financial analysis should be proactive Exact Salary scale be addressed (Primary & Secondary levels) Ensure that teachers budget is enough to meet every recruitment (Not over) The People of Vanuatu need to aware that under the Education budget, the government invest 88% to the teachers salary alone and 20 % to other educational services and demand. According to the World statistics on Teachers Education- Expenditure, Vanuatu has ranked the 6th while Dominica (1st) at value of 98%. How did the Ministry manage its public funds?

The table below shows the increase in the number of teachers within the Primary and Secondary level. As seen on the table below, there has been a very big increase in the number of Primary school teachers. This number will continue to increase in the coming years. Unfortunately, if the teachers core problems are not addressed seriously, these same issues will not go away. It would be better if the Ministry/Department of Education, the Ministry of Finance and the teachers worked together to discuss how budgeting could be better planned and implemented. >>The ideas and opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer and are not necessarily those of the Vanuatu Daily

[ 6 ] VANUATU DAILY POST | Friday July 20, 2012

Post Comics

Parents giving kids tobacco for a reward

P arents
are rewarding



their children with cigarettes for doing homework, a tobacco control advocate says. Levin-based smoking cessation trainer Sue Taylor said the "carrot and stick" lure was a national problem and had created a "schoolyard blackmarket" where children as young as 12 were selling individual cigarettes for up to $2 to other pupils. Parents wanting their children to get ahead at school were buying them cigarettes as an incentive to get good grades. Mrs Taylor, chair-

woman of the Maori Tobacco-Free Coalition, said her evidence was purely anecdotal, with many stories coming from whanau members. She made a submission to a parliamentary select committee hearing yesterday on the Customs and Excise (Tobacco Products - Budget Measures) Amendment Bill, which proposes a 40 per cent hike on tobacco products during the next four years. Horowhenua College principal Brenda Burns said she was not aware of the Levin

school having an issue with parents rewarding children with cigarettes. The school had identified a core of 30 problem smokers on its roll of 735, half of whom had taken up stopsmoking programmes offered by the school, she said. Levin's Waiopehu College vice-principal Guy Reichenbach said parents rewarding children for doing homework, or a schoolyard tobacco black market, had "absolutely not" come to the school's attention. Fairfax NZ
- Fairfax NZ News

Fiji Naivalurua: Focus on educating the driver

Year around



people are booked for drunk driving through the use of breathalyser tests. Director traffic, Senior Superintendent of Police, Mahesh Mishra said they had 21 evidential breathalyser instruments with 50 road test devices. "This is only 60 per cent of our capabilities and it's everyone's responsibility to help police curb this problem which pose a threat to all road users," he said. SSP Mishra said government was committed to bring in more instruments to improve their services and

at the same time reduce the number of road accidents in the country. He said the two-day breathalyser conference was an opportunity for officers to understand their roles and the use of new breathalyser test machines. Yesterday invited guests from the business community and relevant stakeholders were provided the opportunity to see some of the latest developments in breathalyser machinery brought in by Drager Pacific Limited. The latest technology includes the ability to also test not only alcohol levels

but that of drugs and the ability to read reliable information within minutes. While the new gadgets were showcased, Police Commissioner Brigadier-General Ioane Naivalurua stressed that the success of keeping the road safe lay with the individual officers. "The focus on the next few days should be getting the driver to be filled with knowledge and understanding what government wants," he said. The commissioner also emphasised the need for the officers to change the way they carried out their work.
Fiji Times

Resigned but re-instated

PM acts swiftly to recall resigned AG PRIME Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo has re-instated attorney general (AG) Billy Titiulu last night after the governments legal advisor resigned yesterday afternoon. Attorney general Titiulu resigned 2pm yesterday but Prime Minister Lilo swiftly resolved what was described as a misunderstanding between Mr Titiulu and the government. The attorney general confirmed he handed in his resignation to Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo yesterday.

Solomon Islands
Asked why he decided to resign then, Mr Titiulu said he rather kept the reason to himself. However, he denied it was personal or politically motivated. All I can say is that it was work related thats all, the attorney general told this paper last night. Late last night Prime Minister Lilo confirmed receiving the attorney generals resignation but said that the matter had been resolved. He has agreed to continue as the governments legal advisor after resolving a misunderstanding with the government, a statement from the Prime Minister said. The Prime Minister confirmed that he had spoken to the attorney general and the issue of misunderstanding had been resolved. Mr Titiulu late last night also confirmed that he has spoken to the Prime Minister and they have resolved the misunderstanding. I will continue with my official duties tomorrow (today), he said. Mr Titiulu was appointed AG when the Danny Philip led government came into office and continued on when the Lilo-led government came into power. His contract ended early this year but was reappointed to the post soon after.
Solomon Star

Today in historY july 18


Colombia declared independence from Spain.

1881 1951

Fugitive Sioux Indian leader Sitting Bull surrendered to federal troops. King Abdullah I of Jordan was assassinated.

Sirima Bandaranaike of Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) became the world's first woman prime minister.
1969 1985

Astronaut Neil A. Armstrong was the first man to walk on the Moon. Treasure hunters found the Spanish galleon Nuestra Senora de Atocha, which sank off the coast of Key West, Fla., in 1622 during a hurricane. The ship contained over $400 million in coins and silver ingots.

Tonga no confidence debate put off until Thursday
the attemPts bY the tonga
opposition to hold the first ever vote of no confidence have again been delayed, this time by confusion over whether the recently convicted Speaker, Lord Lasike, can take his seat in the Assembly. Lord Lasike was convicted and fined last week for illegally possessing ammunition. T h e M a t a n g i To n g a website reports that under the constitution when someone is convicted of an offence that carries a maximum sentence of two or more years jail they must forfeit their parliamentary seat. Lord Lasike is appealing the court ruling. Parliament met briefly yesterday morning before adjourning until Thursday while both sides seek legal clarification on his status. The motion for the vote of no confidence was presented more than three weeks ago but by various strategies the government of Lord Tuivakano has managed to avoid a vote.

VANUATU DAILY POST | Friday July 20, 2012 [ 7 ]

Voice of the People

Letter must be less than 300 words.Every one has the right to express an opinion without fear of persecution. All letters must give your full name, adress (not PO Box) and a daytime phone number for verification. Letters emailed must be from a confirmed address. Your name will be kept confidential if requested. Letters may be edited for space and legal issue. The opinions expressed here are not those of Vanuatu Daily Post. The Editor reserves the right to decide whether to print or not.


PO Box 1292, Port Vila fax: +678 2411 email:

Re: Hong Kong permanent residency visa

Dear Editor, I write to correct facts of an article by Bob Makin in your Tuesdays Issue about the program the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission is running in conjunction the Vanuatu Government in Hong Kong. This is a Permanent Residency Visa Program. So those who receive visas under this program can come to Vanuatu for a visit or live for a certain period of time but certainly cannot obtain employment or invest in the country. If they want to invest then they will have to apply to VIPA for approval and if they want to work then they will have to get a work permit from the Commissioner of Labour. So, to say that this program will have any bearing on Ni Vanuatu employment or businesses is totally untrue. Yours Sincerely George Andrews Commissioner


String band song we i gud

Dear Editor, Mi wantem konkratuletem Menamuria band managers mo specially olgeta band members. Hemi wan gudfala mo quality album we oli producum wetem plante message in songs we I tokbaot ol challenges blong living, life, political corruption mo plante moa, mo how kantry blong yumi I stap change wetem fulap samting we yu save neimem we I stap disturbem or spolem yumi mo how yumi save mekem wan right choice blong rediusum olgeta issues ia. Ol citizen long 4 yia term ia yumi fesem tumas samting we I no stret, so mekem wan gudfala choice long this coming election ia, choice by decision be no by chance!! Olsem oli sing about peace mo unity long Vanuatu mo killing mo threatening we Indonesia I stap mekem over long ol wantoks blong yumi ol West Papuan mo Malukuan. Mi wantem talem se hemia nao message we yumi sud arem long music blong yumi. Be no some taem yu harem we oli tokbaot full story blong love or stilim man or woman be lucky nomo se oli no talem se karemaot trousis!! Lols...mi wantem encouragem ol musicians se plis traem sing about ol information we bae pipol I benifitlong life blong ol, music I stap olsem wan komunikesen netwok we i sendem message i hariap. Love songs I gud be not really gud tumas wetem moto blong kaontri ia Long God Yumi Stanap. Tr a e m j e n i s i m l e l e b e t tu melodies blong sounds. Happy 32nd Anniversary long Vanuatu!! Thank-you Tumas, Wan String Band Fan long Port Vila

Your Texts
n also promote them in farming projects. MOLN.J - Avunabulu. Ha! What about this story about the PMs FPA and the 3 Indonesians, look olsm ol lida blng umi lng Efate will do anythng to get investmnt to Efate even if breakng the law is an option, whereas ol lida fo mifala lng Santo oli smart tums we oli no save involve lng ol toti deals olsm. Well whats the goodness of havng a father who wakes early, dress smartly goes to wok where everybody respect hm ,yet at hom the kid hav nothing to eat and their shirt, trouses, an dress are 32 years old. Our constitution should be amended so that the decision power of an MP rests upon the people in his constituency not his voters or the executive of his party Graund mo justis paty . i sta gainem graund lo constituency blo efate rural. ceo blo havana bloc i sakem people blo efate kam suport. blo mo benifit blograund blo u.but stay away lo ol donky we oli sta ko raund wetem.g tody money. one of the prisoners entered my home, my bedrm actually and took stuff which was near my pillow he had too many things to hold so he left his weapon behind if my 1 yr old baby or i awoke during the robbery we would be dead now so i am sorry but to compensate prisoners alive or death is plain stupid, its all good to talk when it hasnt happened to you, why try to fight for them now at the end of the road why not in the beginning educating or while in gaol rehabilitation? Dear Editor, The corruption report on certain individuals within VNPF is really disturbing according to the whistle blower website TA L E M A O T. I u r g e t h e General Manager and her Human Resource Director to do the honorable thing to immediately resign or history will repeat itself. Don't deepen the injury...RESIGN NOW!! Frustrated Member Mi harem se woka blong parliament i lapat wetem one senior govt adviser blong save pulum moa revenue from husband work long municipal i bankrupt. Hemia now Malampa verses Penama silip. The lord mayor's stance for an audit on both commissioner's term is welcomed news. The report should be made public. It'll be interesting to see how the council fared financially compared to when councilors are at the helm! Concerned resident

After this, Jesus went out and saw a tax collector by the name of Levi sitting at his tax booth. "Follow me," Jesus said to him, and Levi got up, left everything and followed him. Luke 5:27-28 (NIV)

Your new daily sudoku puzzle

There is one rule: Every row, column and box of 3x3 cells must contain the numbers 1 to 9 exactly

Just a short response to the news on July 10. I'm so glad to be informed, that the Agriculture show was schedule to be held on my island. In fact, we are so glad to be well prepared for the show and shortly i've been hearing of rumours that some of our farmers have some strange animals n crops to show to the crowds on that day. So why not, just come along n join me, watch the show. What a day of rejoicing that will be. I would like to thank all sectors responsible for making it possible n real for the farmers

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CANCER {June. 22-Jult 22} Unfortunately, your personal life may suffer from a lack spare time. Money can be made if your are willing to take a chance. Avoid any over indulgences. LEO {July. 23-Aug 22} A romantic infatuation from your past may surface if you frequent places that you both used to go. VIRGO {Aug. 23-Sept. 23} You can surprise members of your family, which in turn will bring you a pat on the back. You may find that your mate is well aware of the circumstances.

LIBRA {Sept. 24-Oct 23} Get back to the comforts of cottage or home. You will have an interest in foreigners and their cultures.

CAPRICORN {Dec. 22-Jan 20} Don't be too quick to spend money. Use your ingenuity to manipulate things to get what you want.

SCORPIO {Oct. 24-Nov 22} AQUARIUS {Jan. 21-Feb. 19} You will meet potential new mates through You need to do your own thing and work on business. You may have a problem with making yourself the best you can be. Try to coworkers if you try to tell them what to do. curb your habits, Keep your feet on the ground, if you can. PISCES {Feb 20-Mar. 20} SAGITTARIUS {Nov. 23-Dec. 21} Romantic encounters will be full of excitement. Personal alterations will be in your best Relationships have not been the best for you interest. You will be able to get good advice lately and it's left you somewhat gun shy. Try not if you listen to close friends or relatives you to lend or borrow money today. respect.

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World News

As NelsoN MANdelA

Stars pledge their time in tribute to Mandela


Teenager killed after lying in traffic

A N 18- yeAr - old


celebrated his 94th birthday, celebrities such as Morgan Freeman and One Direction lined up to pledge their time to honour his legacy. The Mandela Day pledge campaign asked people across the country to donate 67 minutes of their time for public service in recognition of Mandela's 67 years of service. The campaign has attracted celebrity pledges from the likes of Batman star Freeman, F1 supremo Lewis Hamilton and boyband One Direction. Freeman, who appeared on Boulton & Co, told Sky News he was dedicating his 67 minutes by reading to children at a school. The actor played Mandela in the 2009 South African sports drama Invictus. UK and US chart-toppers One Direction pledged support to Mandela Day, stating: "Nelson Mandela is an icon of our time and the idea behind Nelson Mandela Day is for people to take a moment to think of other people and even pledge a little time to help."

Nelson Mandela dedicated 67 years of his life to helping others.

Eddie Izzard, a comedian and Mandela supporter, also signed his pledge. He said: "Nelson Mandela is my greatest inspiration and on July 18, his 94th birthday, is still a shining example to the world of what is possible." Izzard attempted to run a marathon every day for 27 days in May in tribute to the former South African president. Mandela Day was established following his 90th birthday celebrations held in London's Hyde Park in June 2008, with each subsequent year of his birthday marking a day dedicated to his life's work and ensuring his legacy continued. Entrepreneur Chris Ward from Blue Dot, the company responsible for the pledge book, says it gives everyone a chance to dedicate time to what Mandela represents, "doing good". He said: "Nelson Mandela has always been my greatest inspiration, the pledge book is merely a way for more people in the UK to do more good and help raise awareness of Mandela day. "Mandela proves that anything is possible and, in particular, that anything good is possible." The pledge book will be presented to the Mandela foundation in tribute to his legacy.
Sky News14

wandered into traffic and lay down in the middle of the road before being struck and killed by a car in south Auckland last night. The woman had been travelling in a vehicle on Karaka Rd in Drury before she got out and stepped into the lane about 8pm. Sergeant Paul Latham of the Counties Manukau police serious crash unit said the woman then walked in front of several vehicles before lying down in the middle of the road. She was struck and run over by another vehicle. "I haven't had a chance yet to look at the vehicle yet, but I suspect she may have sat up, but we haven't got that confirmed yet because it's so early in the investigation," Mr Latham told APNZ. Asked if the woman had been in a distressed state, Mr Latham said police had spoken to quite a few wit-

nesses and were still piecing together what had happened. "There were quite a few people around at that particular time. The problem is, at this stage, it's so early for us in regards to being able to get any exact details," he said. "The high risk is actually giving the wrong information out, which would obviously upset the family, so we have to be a little bit careful - especially with the fact that some witness statements can be conflicting. "So we need to go through it and look at the forensics to actually work out what did happen in those final moments." Serious crash investigators carried out an initial scene examination last night. The examination was completed today. Police are due to examine the vehicles tomorrow.


New evidence in phone hacking saga

A British

Dozens Killed As Zanzibar Ferry Capsizes

ferry cArryiNg More


than 250 people has capsized between the east African coast and the Zanzibar archipelago, killing at least 31 people. Po l i c e c o m m i s s i o n e r Mussa Ali Mussa said 145 people, including some foreign tourists, had been rescued but a number remain missing. The ferry, MV Skagit/ Kalama, set sail from mainland Tanzania heading for Zanzibar, Tanzania's semiautonomous islands and a popular tourist destination. "The latest count that we have is 31 people dead and 145 were rescued. We have suspended the rescue operation for the night, but we will resume it at first light in the morning," Mr Mussa said. "The passenger boat had between 250 and 300 people on board when it capsized in

representing victims of phone hacking by Rupert Murdoch's News International says a significant new email has just emerged in litigation. David Sherborne told the High Court on Wednesday that the email had been found in March by a law firm representing News International, but had only just been passed to phone hacking victims' lawyers. He described the document

as a significant ''instruction email in relation to a wellknown individual victim's phone,'' and said it should have been disclosed earlier. Sherborne told The Associated Press in a phone call that he couldn't elaborate as Judge Geoffrey Vos had barred attorneys from naming the email's sender, or subject, so as not to prejudice ongoing criminal investigations into hacking at Murdoch's publications.

Solution to your Sudoku puzzle

Survivors from the tragedy rough seas." Government spokesman Yusuf Chunda said a foreigner was among those killed, but it was not clear how many others had been on board the vessel. "One foreigner, a woman, is among the dead. Thirteen other foreigners were rescued and are in hospital," he said. Earlier, police said the vessel was carrying 250 adult passengers and 31 children when it capsized near Chumbe island, west of Zanzibar. Zanzibar police spokesman Mohammed Mhina said many passengers were missing but added "we don't know how many of them sank with the boat". "Almost the entire boat has been submerged in water ... only a small part of the boat is now visible," he said. More than 200 people were killed when a crowded ferry sank in September off the coast of east Africa in the worst maritime disaster in the history of Zanzibar.
Sky News


800 22, TON PER


Free delivery within Vila area only

Elluk Road Nambatri Port Vila Call us on 22670 / 26080 Mob: 5395978/5596734 or email us at

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World News


US praying for rain as drought worsens

crisis which seems certain to get worse before it gets better. A swathe of the US has been declared a disaster zone after weeks of record-breaking temperatures and minimal rainfall. There is no relief in sight with weather forecasters predicting it will be weeks before significant downpours arrive. A senior White House official told Sky News that Americans should beware being ripped off by those trying to take advantage of the drought. The US is the world's largest producer of corn and farmers face losing entire crops unless significant rainfall arrives. The price of corn is rising with huge potential consequences for food and energy markets. It will force up the cost of feed for cattle, leading to fears that prices on the supermarket shelves could also go up. But Michael Scuse, the US Under-Secretary for agriculture, told Sky News that the lag on corn supplies means high street prices should not be affected for up to a year. He said: "Anyone who is seeing large increases in prices now should start asking some questions. "We should not see an increase for some time and if we do it should not be that much." Mr Vilsack echoed his words: "If people are beginning to see food price increases now, it is not in any way, shape, or form, related to the drought. "And we should be very careful to keep an eye on that to make sure that people do not take advantage of a very difficult and painful situation." In Indiana, one of the worst affected areas, 80% of the state is already suffering drought with the rest not far behind. Farmer John Scott told Sky News: "It is terrible. Right now we're at the level where we have the potential for a Katrina-style disaster unless significant rain storms come through." Mr Scott added: "There are areas out here where there will be 100% loss." Indiana has suffered the driest period in its history and officials say the public has responded well to requests to conserve water. Forecasters say a high pressure weather system over the Rocky Mountains and central US is responsible for the dry weather. It shows no sign of moving.
Sky News

AmericA's top Agriculture

official has admitted he gets on his knees and prays for an end to the country's worst drought in 50 years. To m V i l s a c k , w h o is President Obama's Agriculture Secretary, told reporters at the White House: "I get on my knees every day and I'm saying an extra prayer now. "If I had a rain prayer or rain dance I could do, I would do it." Mr Vilsack had briefed Mr Obama on the scale of the


Assad 'losing control' as UN holds Syria vote


the united nAtions

Security Council will vote later on a new resolution for Syria as it continues its attempt to end the escalating violence. The ballot had been due to take place on Wednesday but was postponed after a bombing in Damascus which killed three key members of Syrian President Bashar al Assad's regime. With the White House declaring Syria is "spinning out of control", direct talks between US President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin have again failed to reach a consensus on imposing sanctions. United Nations secretary general Ban Ki-moon has been meeting with China's president to try to persuade him to back the new resolution to resolve the crisis. There has been no commentary of how the meeting went - except an acknowledgement on the Foreign Ministry website that there was "an exchange of views on Syria". China and Russia have so far refused to back a binding resolution threatening sanctions against Syria if it fails to pull back its heavy weapons. Mr Ban was always due to come to Beijing this week for a Chinese-African co-operation forum. But inevitably, during meetings with President Hu

Fired Christchurch teacher wins $18k


c hristchurch

Ban Ki-Moon and Hu Jintao

Jintao and Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi, Syria had to come up. As far as China is concerned, it wants Syria publicly at least - to remain the 'elephant in the room'. This is in stark contrast to Russia's style, with its foreign minister Sergei Lavrov accusing the West of 'blackmail' by linking the prolonging of an observer mission to sanctions within a new resolution. There is still no indication that China is prepared to shift on a draft resolution supported by Western powers, which would impose non-military sanctions against Mr Assad's regime if it fails to withdraw troops and heavy weapons from populated areas within 10 days. This is a key demand of Kofi Annan's plan. It is tied to Chapter 7 of the United Nations Charter which could eventually allow the use of force to end the conflict. Although there does not appear to be an appetite to use force by countries like Britain, America and France, Russia is concerned about being dragged into backing military intervention like it was in Libya. Moscow's rival proposal calls for the "immediate implementation" of Mr Annan's plan and guidelines for a political transition approved at a meeting of foreign ministers in Geneva last month. It makes no mention of sanctions. Mr Lavrov said Wednesday's deadly bombing in Damascus was evidence of the West inciting the Syrian opposition, arguing that a proposed UN resolution amounted to support for the rebels and would lead to more bloodshed. The mandate for the 300-strong UN observer force in Syria expires on Friday and the Security Council must decide by then whether to extend it. The unarmed observers were authorised for 90 days to monitor a ceasefire. In a commentary in the People's Daily, a mouthpiece of the Communist Party, a recent editorial said: "The life of Syria's current political leadership can only be determined by the Syrian people. This is an internal matter and the international community should respect that." Sky News


teacher has been awarded nearly $18,000 in compensation after she was fired from her job at a foreignlanguage school for ''reasons she knew nothing about". In a decision released yesterday, the Employment Relations Authority (ERA) ruled that Canterbury College unjustifiably dismissed Brenda Benge from her job as an English teacher in 2009. A year after she had last been working for the college, Benge's hours were cut from 23 a week to 15 after another teacher took over her classes while she was on leave. It appeared the reason behind the change was that Benge fell out of favour with the college's owner, Sue-Ann Wang. ERA member Helen Doyle ruled that Benge had been promised fulltime work and was disadvantaged by the cutting of her hours. ''Ms Wang had become unhappy for some reason at Ms Benge and in all likelihood this led to decision about who should get the teaching hours at the College ... Ms Benge has a personal grievance of disadvantage,'' she said. One month after her

hours were cut, Benge was told there was no more work for her. College director David Pepperle told the authority he had said there was no more work for Benge ''for the following week'', but Doyle rejected that explanation. ''If [dismissal] was not the intention of the college they took absolutely no steps to advise her of the correct situation,'' she said. Doyle ruled that Benge was unjustifiably dismissed by the college ''for reasons that she knew nothing about'' and that the college had breached good-faith obligations and the obligation to act fairly and reasonably. ''She was dismissed before there was a proper attempt made to resolve her issues about her hours,'' Doyle said. Benge was awarded $9090 for lost wages as a result of her hours being cut, $727 for loss of a holiday pay entitlement and $181 for loss of KiwiSaver benefits. She received a further $8000 in compensation for humiliation and loss of dignity caused by the unfair dismissal.
Fairfax NZ News

One killed, over 90 injured at India car factory

o ne
person wAs killed


Boy hit by lightning at beach

boy in

and scores injured in clashes between workers and managers at a Maruti Suzuki plant, the company said today. Maruti Suzuki spokesman Puneet Dhawan said protesting workers at the Manesar p l an t i n n o rt h e r n I n d ia attacked senior officials and started a fire at the plant. Labour unrest cost the com-

pany more than $500 million in lost production in 2011. "The police have taken charge of the premises," Dhawan said. "One body was recovered from the premises, it is charred beyond recognition." The factory, which has a capacity of 550,000 vehicles a year and accounts for around a third of Maruti's

total output, will remain closed today, the company said. Shares in the carmaker, controlled by Japan's Suzuki Motor Corp, fell as much as 8.2% in early trade. At least 90 officials were sent to hospital with injuries, Dhawan said. The protest by a workers' union at the factory is over a disciplinary issue involving an employee.

"To resolve the issue amicably, members of the senior management met the union. During the talks, the workers attacked the members of the senior management, executives and managers," Maruti said in the statement issued late on Wednesday. There was no immediate comment from the workers' union.
Sky News

A 14-yeAr-old

Puerto Rico has been struck by lightn in g at a p op u lar tourist beach in the Caribbean island's western region. Police say Daniel Quinones Martell was struck this morning (NZT) while in the water at Sandy Beach in the town of Rincon. Police say Quinones lost consciousness and has been

taken to a hospital. Officials at Good Samaritan Hospital say they can't release any details about the boy or his condition unless authorised to do so by his family. Police say they have no further information. The teen is from the town of Cabo Rojo in southwestern Puerto Rico.

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Toyota Corolla 1.6 litres; Price: 550,000VT Contact: Ofce 25966/ Mobile: 7744807



750,000VT (neg); Call 5666610


Hyundai Bus-H100 Extras: 15 inch Mags wheels; Good condition. Price: 750,000VT Contact: Ofce 25966/ Mobile: 7744807 (21/7/12)


Good condition,48,000vatu Pls ph,5545000
== (28/07/12)

Suzuki Samurai 1.3 litres-4 WD ; Price : 550,000VT Contact: Ofce 25966/ Mobile: 7744807 (21/7/12)

irthday Greetings B
Wao, You turn 8 today 20 July 2012. Wish you a VERY HAPPY 8TH BIRTHDAY. It is our prayer that God will direct you through all paths through life. May bright be your future. Love and best wishes & hugs from: Sasha, Mum & Dad

Heavy duty as used by surf rescue Includes trailer and cover 1.7 Million Vatu Ph: 774 6495 (24/07/12)

Diego Ngwele Uran Cain

To my one and only son:


Older Model, 4x4 Wagon, straight solid body, Good Tyres, Reliable, Power steering, Tinted Electric Windows. Vt 495,000. Call 5550777 (27/07/12)


5 tone Price: 1,350M Contact: Ofce 25966/ Mobile: 7744807

To our dearest daughter:

Natasha Woi Uran Cain


In excellent condition Only 23,500 km 2.2 million VT Please phone 569 5530 Or 590 8611 (25/07/12)


5 tone Price: 3000 000 VT Contact: Ofce 25966/ Mobile: 7744807

Your turned 9 on March 25, 2012. Since you are celebrating today, we also want to take this chance to wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. We understand it is late but we hope you dont mind our late wishes. It is our prayer that God will direct you through all parts through life May bright be your future. Love and best wishes & hugs from: Die, Mum & Dad

[12 VANUATU DAILY POST | Friday 20 July, 2012

2 bedroom partly furnished flat (beds, mattress, fridge, stove, table, chairs) 55,000vt/ month incl.vat. Contact: 7764597 (14/7/12)



Located at Fresh Wota 1. One (1) Unit vacant Fully furnished with 2 Bed Room each, Living Room, a shower and a toilet, and a big Veranda with a good view. Also located closed to USP, Bakery and 10 minis work to town. For More Information contact : Tel: 5552970/ Tel: 5682700 .


R e s i d e n t i a l - Co m m e r c i a l

2 beDrOOM

Luxury appointed 2 bedroom apartment to let. Fully furnished and self contained to an executive level, Pool, a/ con, secure parking, with magnificent harbour views. From 7,500 per night for short term or 165,000 per month long term. Contact 25462 of 5542257 for viewing. (2/08/12)

Check out website for the latest listings

Office hours: 8am-5pm Mon-Fri Ph 29014 Email: (click onto rentals)

uNIt FOr reNt

Newly buIlt 6 uNIts (Fully tIleD) FOr reNt

on the road to Blacksands between Tubura store and Fish Processing Plant. Each unit has 1 bedroom with inbuilt wardrobe, sitting room & kitchen, veranda, bathroom (toilet/shower/mirror/towel racks) and laundry all inside. Each unit has own light/water meters, clothes lines. Quiet area, fully Fenced property, VT30,000 per month. Contact 5657130 for enquires/inspections.


beDrOOM HOuse AvAIlAble FOr reNt At

GeOrGe pOMpeDIu 3

brM ApArtMeNt FOr

Nambatu. Very close to ABM. 65,000VT per month. If you are interested, please call Edna Tukor at Trading Post to arrange for an inspection.

rent: furnished, covered balcoly, carport, vetro style, 5mins walk to town, lovely aspect 85,000vt a month; suit expats ph: 5546112

prOperty FOr reNt 3 beDrOOMs

Harbour Lights Villas has a large three Bedrooms apartment available. Fully furnished in the Numba tri area overlooking the town and harbour and just five minutes into town. Quite and secure with all mod cons. Long term required 200,000 vatu per month includes some house girl and gardener. Phone Brian 7777174.


HOUSE LINI HIGHWAY - (NEAR WATERFRONT BAR & GRILL) approx. 90 sqm includes one undercover car space. Ph Jocelyn 22191 (16/7/12)

NEW! ABSOLUTE BEACH FRONT LUXURIOUS STUDIO& 2 BEDROOM APARTMENTS, 2nd Lagoon near Vila Chaumieres for short & long term rental. Self-contained, kitchen, lovely furnished, ceilingfan/ air-conditioning, Sat TV/DVD, high speedinternet, iPod docking station, deluxe bathroom, large balconies/ verandas, swimming pool, over- water deck, beach bar, in-room safe, daily house keeping, BBQ, on site parking, 24 hrs security. From 149,000vt/ month, 69,000/ week, 12,000vt/ day (all inclusive). Call TROPICANA LAGOON Beach Apartments 77 22202/5617443 email:

ApArtMeNt FOr reNt



teOMA HIllsIDe, NArpOw pOINt
2000 sq.m. block with power and water to boundary. 2,500,000VT. Tel 7758079 (24/07/12)


resIDeNCe FOr sAle

Modern two bedroom cottage of 100 square meters, solidly built with all amenities and a large 180 degree terrace. The house is in an excellent condition and outfitted with Italian ceramic tiles, screens and roller shutters and an outdoor light timer system. The property is located at Bellevue Park on a hectare of prime land, fully fenced and landscaped. Price 19.5 million vatu. Enquiries: 7740250 (2107/12)

HOuse FOr reNt; lOCAtION: rADIO HOleN
1 Bedroom with 1 sitting room, 1 kitchen, 1 toilet, 1 bathroom. Unit has own electricity & water meter. Price: 22,000 Vatu/Month. Contact: 5577390/7757390

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1 beDrOOM

Luxury appointed 1+ bedroom apartments to let. Sleeps up to 3 Fully furnished and self contained to an executive level, Pool, a/con, secure parking. Some with magnificent harbour views. From 5,500 per night for short term or 125,000 per month long term. Contact 25462 of 5542257 for viewing. (2/08/12)


lOOkING FOr 3 beDrOOM HOuse
Unfinished, In good condition Location: Nambatu Area; Price Range: VT60,000 to VT90,000. Contact Polo: 5981032 (21/07/12)

2 beDrOOMs
A 2 Bedroom Fully Furnished, Apartment available for rent at Champaign Estate. 60,000Vatu per month. Inclusive of Electricity and Water. Contact 7730834 for inspection. (17/07/12)

1/24 45mm x 84mm VT7,500 1/16 62mm x 93mm VT10,550 1/12 84mm x 93mm VT13,000 1/8 128mm x 93mm VT15,000 1/8 Strip 260mm x 45mm VT15,000 1/6 84mm x 190mm VT19,000 1/4 128mm x 190mm VT23,000 1/4 Strip 260mm x 93mm VT23,000 1/3 84mm x 384mm VT27,500 1/2 264mm x 190mm VT33,000 2/3 172mm x 384mm VT40,000 Full Page 264mm x 384mm VT49.000 Centre Spread 564mm x 384mm VT75,000

A 2

beDrOOM uNIt FOr reNt At

Estate. Partly furnished, living room, shower & toilet and a veranda. VT 32,000 only p/m. Contact: 5374230 (17/07/12)


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4 construction contractors



- Proficiency in Metal Works - Ability to work & handle glass works - Plumber & electrician - Coordinating Construction plans & process Contact Wong Sze Sing Store P.O Box 96 Santo Tel: 36458




Project in Santo looking for Agricultural adviser and service technician with lengthy experience in silage production and use. All written application with certifications and CV to be addressed to: Project Manager PO Box 171 Santo, Vanuatu


A dv e rt P ro u d ly S p o n so r e d by Da i ly P o st

[ 14 ] vanuatu Daily Post | Friday July 20, 2012 .

Sports Feature

Why Olympic mens soccer matters

Seen as a nuisance, the quadrennial tournament breeds winners, writes Michael Cox
Who cares about the olympic soccer
tournament? This has been a common question raised across Great Britain this summer, with the indifference tested further by David Beckhams surprise omission from Stuart Pearces 18-man squad. Its a rhetorical question, but one that has a suitable answer: Brazil cares about the Olympic soccer tournament. So does Uruguay. Spain is taking it seriously too. The three most important soccer nations competing are putting 100 percent into the Olympics. Brazil, in particular, is determined to win. Argentina and Uruguay have won Olympic gold in the past, but Brazils lack of success is a source of great embarrassment. As such, the soccer competition is seen as the Olympics major event in Brazil. Thiago Silva, the worlds finest center back, is captaining the squad, while Hulk and Marcelo are the Selecaos two other overage players. Uruguay, whose nickname of La Celeste occasionally becomes La Celeste Olimpica, has the opposite motivation. It wants to continue its excellent record in the competition, having recorded famous triumphs in 1924 and 1928 prior to the advent of the World Cup. Edinson Cavani, Luis Suarez and Egidio Arevalo Rios will launch its charge. Like Brazil, who will be coached by Mano Menezes, Uruguay national team coach Oscar Tabarez will lead the Olympic squad. Its just over two weeks since Spain clinched Euro 2012, but some familiar names will be competing in the Olympics; Jordi Alba and Juan Mata were goal scorers in the final while Javi Martinez will captain the side. In Britain, however, there is less enthusiasm. Today, Olympic organizers removed more than 500,000 tickets from sale in recognition that they would go unsold. Granted, there are political difficulties in assembling a Great Britain squad from four countries that compete separately in every other soccer competition, but this should have highlighted the uniqueness of the event. Britain is only here because it is the host. Its inability to qualify for any other Olympic soccer tournament means that its inclusion might never be repeated. Besides, why were Englands European Championship representatives not considered for selection? To prevent burnout is the obvious answer, but when you see Alba, Mata and Martinez -- players who got much further in the competition than any Englishman -ready to compete, it makes less sense. The Olympic tournament doesnt overlap with the Premier League season, but its start could have been delayed by a fortnight to give the players more time to rest. In 2000, Italy won the European Under-21 Championship in the summer with Andrea Pirlo as the captain who also took home the MVP award. A similar squad traveled to the Olympics with Coach Brian Eastick had, in theory, a fine selection of players to choose from, yet many clubs refused to let their players compete. As a result, Eastick lost access to 36 players who could have helped the Three Lions cause. Until the Football Association insists on clubs releasing players for competitive fixtures, its very difficult for England to send its best team, Eastick said. The English game revolves around the clubs. In the circumstances, Eastick can be proud that his squad wasnt embarrassed in the competition. England recorded three goalless draws in the group stage before losing 1-0 to Nigeria in the quarterfinal. With such a decimated squad, Eastick decided Englands best bet was to be highly defensive. It was an understandable approach, but at a time when English soccer lacks attacking drive and creativity, it was a wasted opportunity. The main problem wasnt Eastick but the fact that England werent giving the competition enough respect. The takeaway point is simple. If you want to be a force in international soccer, you must take youth soccer seriously. At the very least, those formative years set an example that underage tournaments arent merely about creating a harmonious group and developing talent (though this should be the main focus); Its also about trying to win a trophy for your country. Englands stars see international soccer as disposable, trying to get out of friendlies and often retiring early. You dont see Xavi Hernandez, 32 with a history of Achilles problems and nothing left to win, hanging it up just yet. He has been representing Spain for 15 years -through the U-17, U-18, U-20, U-21 and U-23 levels -- and the importance of the national team was drilled into him from an early age. Its the same with Mata and Martinez. They played in the U21s when they were already World Cup winners. Lionel Messi was another who benefited from an Olympic experience. In Graham Hunters book Barca: The Making of the Greatest Team in the World, he recalls how the Barcelona hierarchy tried to prevent Messi from competing at the Olympics four years ago despite the players desperation to play. In stepped new Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola, who remembered his pride in winning Olympic gold in 1992, and sided with Messi. The rest, as they say, is history. Messi travelled to Beijing, where he combined brilliantly with Juan Riquelme, Angel di Maria and Sergio Aguero in a stunning Argentina side. He came back with a gold medal, the hunger to continue that success and, in Messis own words, an understanding that he owed Guardiola. He certainly paid back his coach over the next four years. If the Olympics are good enough for Messi, it should be good enough for every soccer player in the world.

Barcelona originally blocked Lionel Messi, left, from playing in the 2008 Olympics, but new coach Pep Guardiola let him go. Argentina won gold, and he (along with Sergio Aguero, right) returned to La Liga as a superstar. much expectation, and so the start of the Serie A season was delayed until October. In the end, Italy didnt triumph in Sydney, but it was at least given the freedom to properly compete. Theres certainly an element of chicken and egg to it, but the countries that take these competitions seriously tend to perform well in them -- and at the full international level. Spain isnt just the World and European Champions; it can also boast of being champions at the European U-19 and U-21 levels. Uruguay was the only non-European side to reach the World Cup semifinals two years ago and won the Copa America, while Brazil won the World U-20 championship last year. That tournament was a fine example of English ignorance at youth level.

vanuatu Daily Post | Friday, July 20 2012 [ 15 ]

Sports News

iaruel blong mekem trial long Premier League

Raymond Nasse i ripot Vanuatu Futbol


SportS inbrief

Berbatov stars as Man Utd win

Dimitar Berbatov delivered a timely reminder of his quality to Sir Alex Ferguson as Manchester United won 1-0 in Wednesdays friendly against Amazulu at the Moses Mabhida Stadium. Berbatov is strongly linked with a move away from Old Trafford after being restricted to a fringe role last season. AC Milan are said to be keen on luring the Bulgarian for a reported 5 million fee, while Berbatov himself has expressed his displeasure at his lack of first-team opportunities. However, he started Uniteds friendly in Durban, South Africa, and needed 20 minutes to make his mark. Operating in an attack featuring Federico Macheda and Javier Hernandez, the enigmatic forward produced a glorious through-ball to enable Macheda to open the scoring. Ferguson fielded the likes of Paul Scholes and Rio Ferdinand in an experienced starting XI, while new signing Shinji Kagawa was given a late cameo as an 89th-minute substitute.

kasem wan nara milestone bageken taem we i lukim wan long ol top kipa long Oceania Futbol Confederesen (OFC), Seloni Iaruel, bambae hemi go mekem trial blong hem long 3 profesonol klab insaed long Premier League, England. Iaruel we hemi gat 17 yia nomo hemi bin kasem eye blong sam long ol top scout blong Premier League long Australia long tua blong U23 tim i go daon long Queensland blong pripea from Olympic Kwalifaea long Niu Zealand mania Maj yia ia. Vanuatu Futbol Federesen Media Ofisa, Harry Atisson hem nao hemi bin negosietem ol rod blong Iaruel long taem ia kam kasem tede we bambae i lukim yangfala kipa ia hemi go livim drim blong hem taem hemi go mekem trial wetem Manchester City, Everton mo

president blong pVFA, Christian Kaltabang (left) i stap handem ova tiket blong plane i go long Seloni Iaruel mo Vaes president blong pVFA Saby Natonga hemi stap witnessim Stoke City long namba 2 Okis. Hemia bambae hemi fes taem eva wan OFC aelan memba kaontri hemi sendem wan kol kipa blong hem i go mekem trial wetem ol profesonol klab long Europe afta we i bin lukim ol pleia nomo oli bin stap go. Vaes President blong Port Vila Futbol Assosiesen, Saby Natonga, hemi talem long Daily Spot se hem bambae hemi follem Iaruel i go daon long England blong negosiet long bihaf blong yangfala kipa

ia mo semtaem openem toktok wetem ol klab long we lukluk i stap se oli bin soem interes plante long ol U23 pleia blong Vanuatu taem oli bin luk olgeta long Australia. Natonga hemi talem se Iaruel bambae hemi spendem 1 manis long we blong mekem trial long trifala klab ia. Sapos Iaruel hemi saksesful inaf blong winim trial blong hem, hemi shud setem wan eksampol long ol yangfala we oli interes long futbol se kol kipa tu we hemi wan posisen insaed long fil we fulap pleia oli stap ting daon long hem, hemi gat semak kaen potensol blong save karem wan pleia i go follem drim blong hem semak olsem wan difenda, straeka o midfilda. Daily Spot i andastan se Planet 107 mo Port Vila Futbol Assosiesen nao olio l mein sponsa blong trip blong yangfala kipa mo Natonga i go daon long England.


Yohan Blake warms up for Olympics with easy victory

Yohan Blake said he is on the right path for the Olympics after winning the 100m in 9.85 seconds at a low-key meeting in Lucerne, Switzerland. The reigning world champion, 22, is considered the main threat to Usain Bolts Olympic sprint crowns. He has already beaten Bolt over 100m and 200m at the Jamaican trials. And after his win in Lucerne, he said: This is where I am supposed to be. Not many guys run 9.85. I want to remain unbeaten and thats what I am doing. Definitely I am on the right path for the Olympics, said Blake after Tuesdays victory. I didnt come here to run a quick time but its still a fast time.



Hotel Santo Supports Sanma Cricket Developmen

hotel in

Suarez blames ban on Man Utd power

Liverpool striker Luis Suarez claims Manchester Uniteds political power resulted in his ban for racially abusing Patrice Evra last season. Suarez was suspended for eight games and fined 40,000 over the October 2011 incident. The Uruguay international says the period of his trial was traumatic for he and his family, but also believes Manchester United conspired against their fierce rivals Liverpool. It was so hard what happened to me, Suarez told Uruguayan TV station RR Gol. I dont show my emotions in the field, you know, but outside I do it. I cried a lot with all the Evra stuff. The trial week was so complicated for me. My wife and I cried a lot during that week. Thats when I realised who were the people who really support me and who were the people who were with me because of their personal interest. People at the club are sure that it was a way that Man United used to put me out of the team and stop Liverpool. But in England, Man United has this political power, and you have to respect that and shut your mouth. I had to go to Manchester in a taxi for the trial. I got up at seven in the morning and I came home at nine at night. I was exhausted, I was so tired. I wanted to cry, and kick all the things around me. I came home and I wanted to do all that, but I couldnt because my daughter was at home. There were really complicated days, and then things became harder after the punishment.

Luganville, Hotel Santo has come out as Sanmas 2012 Cricket Development sponsor in the Under 15 Girls and Under 8 Mix cricket competition categories. The agreement was reached between Hotel Santo management and Sanma Cricket Development Office on Thursday 28th

June 2012. The manager and owner of Hotel Santo, Mrs Mary-Jane is pleased to assist in the development of cricket in the northern region especially Luganville. We encourage other business houses to be involved with the development of cricket in SANMA Province as this will provide opportunities for young peo-

ple both boys and girls to take up this game, said MaryJane. Eleven schools within Luganville have registered to take part in these competitions which are taking place at the Unity Park every Wednesday afternoons. The competition started on Wednesday 27th June. Over 100 girls from 11

eleven schools will be participating in this eight(8) weeks Under 15 Girls cricket competition and the finals will be held on 15th August 2012. This Cricket Outreach Development Program is funded by the European Union (EU) and the Australian Sports Outreach Program (ASOP).

2012 Sanma 2012 Senior Mens Cricket Competiton Kicks Off

W ith
the success oF the


2011 Senior Mens Cricket competition, the Sanma Cricket Development in Luganville is again organizing this competition in 2012. The competition started on Saturday 23rd June at the College de Santo cricket ground. So far a total of three clubs have registered namely, Side River Youths, Matevulu College and Tata/Talua Schools in South Santo. The Sanma Cricket Development office is expecting one more teams to register in the coming days and is inviting interested players to come to College de Santo cricket ground on Saturdays to register and join a team. On Saturday 23rd June saw the two 2011 finalists, Matevulu College and Side

Matevulu College player ready to bat River Youths playing each other in the opening match of the 2012 Senior Mens Cricket Competition. Last years winner, Matevulu College came into the competi-

tion with some new faces and cricket skills giving the first match of the competition an entertaining one. Side River Youths head, Mr Mele Ravo however came in with a very youthful team giving Matevulu College a good challenge in this opening match. Winning the toss, Side River Youths decided to field first. In the first innings of the game, Matevulu College scored 73 runs over 20 overs and Side River Youths only managed to score 43 runs all out with 3 overs to spare in the second innings. The Cricket Outreach Development Program is funded by the European Union (EU) and the Australian Government through its Sports Outreach Program (ASOP).


Amir Khan still hopeful for Danny Garcia rematch in December

Amir Khan plans to return to action in December with a rematch against Danny Garcia - despite the American claiming he will not offer it. Khan suffered his second successive defeat as the American forced a fourth-round stoppage in Las Vegas in the early hours of Sunday morning (BST). However, a bruised Khan has revealed he wants a quick return to the ring. Im looking at fighting again in December and were hoping it is against Danny Garcia, said Khan. It was the third defeat of Khans career following Breidis Prescotts shock knockout victory over the Athens Olympics silver medallist in 2008 and his points loss to Lamont Peterson in December 2011 . A looping left-hook counter from Garcia in the third round of their bout floored Khan, and despite returning to his feet the British fighter was clearly dazed. Khan recovered to see out the round, but was down twice again in the fourth before referee Kenny Bayless halted proceedings and Garcia added the WBA light-welterweight crown to his WBC title.