Junior. Junior. Junior. Just one more year until I’m a senior.

No shit, i’m gonna be a senior next year. The journey to upperclass-dom has been, honestly.. boring. When you’re a squirt in elementary and middle school you think your so cool, and that you know everything. The only thing we could actually call ours were the fucking mosquito bites on our chests we called boobs, and the boys, well they just stunk. Test, test, test, exam, test, test exam. Boring, boring, boring. Well, my personal discovery of the wonder plant was helpful in spicing up this loser life. Weed, Mary Jane, Black, whatever you want to call it, that shit makes my life. Don’t fucking judge though, cause I ain’t no pot head. And then they dropped the fucking atomic bomb on our asses. Our school board decided it would be ‘economically sound‘ to merge the two smallest high schools in the district. This was a new issue, new school, meant new people, which meant even if you had attended Forks High School with the same mundane people, for, forever. It doesn’t matter, everything changes. Everyone is new meat, everyone is subject to the inevitable change that will have to happen. I looked at my clock and groaned, 6:30 shit. My body is in no way prepared to deal with the loss of sleep I will have to give up. When Forks and La Push High Schools joined, to avoid the elitists fights that would break out if they shoved us all into one school, or vice versa, they built a new facility for us to utilize . So thirty

minutes outside of Forks, twenty-eight point two minutes from La Push stood the brand spanking new Forks-La Push Unity High School. In other words, it’s a drive. A drive requiring me to wake up at fucking six thirty to even get to school on time. I stared at my green ceiling for what seemed like hours not wanting to leave my bed. I finally swung my legs over the side of the bed and padded softly to the bathroom, leaving the warm sanctuary of my plush bed. I turned the faucet and a steady stream of cold water flowed from the spout, as I waited I glanced up and met my reflection in the mirror. Damn I look rough, I thought to myself. As steam billowed over the shower curtain I sighed and stepped into the scalding water. Scrubbing my body with my fifty dollar soap and my seventy-five dollar luffa, I started to think about all the things that this new school will bring me. New teachers, just more of the same old pain in the ass perverts I have already been dealing with, I thought, thinking back to my sophomore year gym teacher, Coach Clapp. It still gave me the fucking creeps to think about that one time I left him cop a feel on my ass so I wouldn’t have to lift a fucking finger in gym the whole semester. Gross. New friends, I always think about how fucking-a awesome it would be to have a group of five or six friends that I could do everything with. And new boys, Ah, I like the sound of that. No one at Forks had ever caught me eye, well permanently I should say. I mean there were a couple boys here and there, i’m not a slut or anything but I like to have fun. I have rules, standards. Qualifications include money, sports, grades, and age. Boys I become involved with have to be older than me. I am a strong believer in the theory that girls mature faster than boys. So any boy my age would ,according to this theory, be more immature than me. But if I date

boys from the grades ahead of me then we will be balanced seeing as girls mature faster than boys, and I would already be at their maturity level. My logic may be shallow and seemingly pointless but it is logic. Humming along with Jay-Z while he rapped in Big Pimpin’ , I stepped out of shower onto a blue, fluffy rug, and wrapped a huge white towel around my body tucking it in under my armpits. I heard a loud bang, soon after followed a crash, and then a muffled, Shit . Laughing I called out, “Dad, what happened?” “Just tripped and stubbed my fucking toe on the dresser.” He mumbled just loud enough for me to hear. “Well,” I paused, “Are you gonna be okay?” I asked peeking around the corner to see him sitting on the edge of his bed holding his foot in his hand. “Ew Dad, how are you even flexible enough to have your foot that close to you face?” Shuddering I scampered down the long hallway to my room passing the countless other doors leading to empty rooms, we had six bedrooms but only occupied three. Knocking on one of the doors as I passed and yelled, “Emmett get your ass up!” hearing a laugh from Dad and the soft “Bitch” from Emmett, I closed my door with a click, and opened my closet and peered in. Hmm, what to wear, I need to make a good impression. One of few good things about this whole duo school situation was, the co-principles, being relatively scatter brained haven’t decided on set rules , which means no dress code as of yet. I’m not modest, I am not self conscious, I have a body and I’m not afraid to show it off. This is an ever occurring conversation with Emmett. His need to be my macho -two minute older- big brother is overbearing, but I love him for it. Even now in September it’s cold in Forks so I won’t be showing but so much skin today. Doc’s, Levi’s, and my starched long

sleeve, white, button up Polo shirt with a brown horse was my pick. Simple, sexy -in the she’s not a slut, she can dress kind of way-, and put together is what I was going for. But not so put together that it looks like I have a stick shoved up my very round derrière. My butt is by far my best asset. Thick, juicy, fat, hot, bangin’, all mindless adjectives for my said- thick ass. I don’t mind though. I mean, look with your eyes not with your hands dude, or be met with my brothers fist. I opened my door to a Emmett about to knock. “What a fucking jock.” He accused, looking at my outfit as I looked at his. “Shit.” I went from his eyes to his Doc’s, Levi’s, and starched long sleeve, white, button up Polo shirt with a brown horse. “Well, I’m not changing, just put on your red short sleeve we bought last week and those black Vans.” I simplified as I wandered into the bathroom. Emmett stomped in after me, complaining. “But I don’t want to change.” He whined, snatching the tube of Crest from my fingers. I rolled my eyes. “Seriously, Emmett we don’t have time for this, I need fucking gasoline, my shits on E.” I replied, straightening my hair. My poor baby hasn’t gotten a drop of golden energy in days. “Yeah well you should have handled that yesterday.” He retorted snarkily. I slapped the back of his head, smirking as a pained “Fuck.” dropped from his lips. “Come on, Em we gotta go.” I grabbed his hand and pulled him from the bathroom. We clomped down the long stair case to the foyer then down the hall to the kitchen. “Pop-tarts?” I asked as I opened the pantry. I turned to face a pointed look. Right, protein shakes.

“Good morning, my beautiful children.” Dad boomed as he came and kissed my side of my head. “Morning Daddy.” “Mornin’ Pops.” Emmett said as he slurped noisily on his Muscle Milk. Slapping Emmett on the back he asked, “Emmett, son don’t you think you’re fit enough? Why don’t you lay off of the protein shakes, a little carbs won’t hurt.” He said eyeing the blender in front of Emmett. “I tried to tell him Daddy, but he didn’t listen to me.” I added, pouting, my bottom lip jutting out a little. Emmett scoffed loudly. “Thats bull shit. Quit your lying.” He retorted. I looked down at the granite counters to keep from blowing my cover, and couldn’t help the smile that slipped onto to my lips when I heard the resounding smack to the back of Emmett’s head. “Don’t talk to your sister like that boy.” Dad said as he sat down to the table. I grabbed my bag, slinging it over my shoulder, walked up to Dad and kissed him on his cheek. Then turned to Emmett. “We gotta bounce, Biotch.” I voiced as I walked to the back door. “Why doesn’t she ever get smacked when she cusses?” Emmett asked. “Have you ever known me to hit your sister, for anything?” Was my Dads only answer. Emmett hmped and followed me out the back door. Pulling my keys out I unlocked the doors and stepped onto the step bar before settling myself into the driver side.

“Oh Baby, I missed you.” I spoke softly to my Mercedes Benz G550 SUV caressing the dashboard. The left side of the suv dipped as Emmett roughly sat in the passenger seat. “Be gentle got dammit, you’ll pop a fucking tire.” I scowled in his direction before backing out of the driveway. “Biggie, Biggie, Biggie can’t you see, sometimes your words just hypnotize me.” Blared through the speakers as Emmett turned the volume button to the right. The base vibrated our bodies in our seats, and I smiled ,loving it. I had recently come to appreciate the smooth steady beat of nineties rap. Biggie Smalls, Tupac Shakur, Puff, all of the nineties kings. I shifted into park and pulled the key from the ignition as I looked at my brother. “I got slurpees, you got pipes.” He nodded, reached for the door handle and then turned back to look at me. “You got a couple extra green stamps for papers?” He asked with a sly grin on his face. I rolled my eyes. “I got a few at home. It’s gonna cost you though, next time I need a bag your picking up the fucking tab.” I barked over my shoulder and open the door and stepped in to 7-11. You’d think it was fucking eighty degrees outside the way they were pumping the a/c in this joint. “Yal know its fucking forty-six degrees outside and it feels like its warmer out there than it is in here. Now what kinda sense does that make?” I voiced to the familiar cashiers. One with short brown hair and scruffy facial hair scurried off to the corner where I presumed was the thermostat. “Fucking idiots.” I mumbled under my breath. Hearing the jingle, jangle of the cluster of brass bells above the door and the heavy clomp of feet ,and deep voice following I assumed Emmett had finally decided to move his ass. “Mmm, Cherry, Coke, Pina Colada, or Blue Frost by ... Powerade?” Cherry always cherry, no exceptions.

Anything else other than cherry would be an insult to my fortyeight ounce Thor collectors king SLURPEE cup. Oh-fucking-yeah. I filled up and sauntered back to the front and set my cup on the counter. “Refill, forty-eight ounce. Ring me up bitch.” A small smile crossed the face of my newly acquired cohort. “Bella, Bella. It’s on me kid. It’s your first day back to hell. Good luck kid.” Maggie winked at me as she slid my cup back across the counter towards me. “What would I do with out you, huh?” I teased, strolling to the door, then stopped short. “Hey 75 on 2, ight?” I hollered to Mags, tossing bills back in her direction. I heard a contented sigh and slid through the door being held open by Emmett. “You ready Baby?” I smiled and nodded up at him. Ever since we watch ‘Dirty Dancing’ when we were seven and he became obsessed with the likeness of my and the character Baby’s hair he started calling me that. A nickname that stuck with the kids all through elementary school and the first two years of middle school. Then on the first day of eighth grade when I grew a rack, the “Awe, Baby”‘s changed to “Mmm, Baby” which led to a LOT of fights involving Emmett followed by a LOT of suspensions which were then followed by a few short conversations, which was followed by my dad shoving his Amex into my hand and dropping me in front a Victoria’s Secret. Mumbling “Mother fuckin’ estrogen.” We laugh about it now, but it was mortifying at the time to say the least. The loud rumble then soft pur of the suv was a quiet sound that filled up the silence of the cab, as Emmett pumped gas. “Baby, I just want to say sorry now.” Emmett said,climbing into the seat. “It’s a new school, and there is gonna be a hell of a

lot of new fuck ups in your face. Talking to you, looking at you, and we both know a few of them are gonna get fucking grabby.” He paused, and inhaled heavily. “And we both also know that I’m gonna have to break some fucking bones in order to keep nasty fucking grubby hands off of you, so make sure you tell me if you,” he paused again trying to find words “if you, decide you wanna make a go with somebody let me know, because if I don’t know, and I see some grab ass,” he paused again, “any grab ass then I’m bringing rain. You get that right?” He finished finally facing me fully. I sighed. “Yeah, Ali, I dig.” I answered. Emmett’s uncontrollable need to be a overwhelming, overbearing big brother is just that, uncontrollable. I don’t blame him, and I try my best not to be mad, because he just can’t help it. The drive to Unity was on a pretty much forgotten stretch of highway. Surrounded by trees of both sides, it was green, brown, green. Grass then trunks, then leaves. Green then brown, then green. It was beautiful in a really depressing, slit your fucking wrists kinda way. The old, well traveled asphalt was grey, faded from the smooth black it once was. Warped and cracked it seemed to go on for ever, the dashed white lines sectioning off the lanes. I hummed with the Crooked Teeth that flowed from the speakers. Yeah I know, Biggie and Death for Cab Cutie. Rap versus Alternative. Im versatile, what can I say. There were slew of other cars driving in the direction we were, and just about none going in the opposite direction. I drummed my fingers against the steering wheel in anticipation. A warm hand slid over my hand that rested on the shifter.

“Whatchu thinking about Baby?” Staring into my eyes as he squeezed my hand. “Fucking twin telepathy is in overdrive today huh?” I took my eyes off the rode briefly to glance at him. “Nothings the matter Ali, it’s just that well you know what’s his face went to La Push, so..” I dropped off avoiding Emmett’s gaze. He inhaled sharply. “Fucking Black.” I winced slightly as he spat out the name. “Yeah, Black. Jacob Black.” What a fucking man. Like we’re talking a mans man. I gave myself a mental rundown. Six fucking seven feet tall, that’s like a whole foot and a couple inches taller than me. Long, really long, really, really, really long pin straight black hair. All that, tan skin, tapered v-necks, jeans and motorcycle boots, make up one screaming orgasm. Not ashamed. I was pulled from my hazy pre-o fantasy by Emmett smacking my shoulder. “What the hell E?” I yelled, momentarily slamming on the brakes. “I didn’t want you to miss the turn.” He admitted, laughing loudly. Sure enough, the turn I needed to make was in the farthermost right lane and because of fantasy orgasm land I was in the farthermost left lane. “Fuck.” I cut across three lanes of traffic and made the turn, I flipped the bird to all the honking horns. Emmett was hysterical next to me, laughing his fucking ass off. “Shut the fuck up.” I whipped into a parking space and took a deep relaxing breath. Emmett was already outside, shaking and patting the wrinkles in his jeans. Just then the thundering rumble of a sparkling red motorcycle rolled behind the truck and pulled into the space next to me. I looked in my peripheral vision and stopped breathing. Jacob Fucking Black.

Fuck Fuck Fuck. Okay, breathe. In, out. In, out. In, out. I twisted around and grabbed my bag from the space behind my seat. I pulled the handle , and hopped down and out of the cab. I grabbed a Camel and my lighter. I held the cigarette between my lips and made a shield with my hand as I lit the end. I inhaled deeply and noticed for the first time that a car had pulled into the space on the opposite side of Jacob’s motorcycle. Four other Quileute boys emerged and then I felt the air shift as there was a quick, brief, silence. I turned to walk away, glancing in their direction, catching a dark brown set of eyes, watching me. As I blew the smoke threw my nose I think my heart might of actually stopped when he smirked and uttered one word. “Dibs.”

I hadn’t decided if I was going to respond, but thankfully Emmett answered for me as he swung his bulky arm around my shoulders. I sighed, taking a big drag as we started walking towards the main entrance marked in big letters. The word Forks was in our own forest green, and the La Push part of Forks -La Push was in a dark drown, then under that read, UNITY in big black letters. I looked around, scoping the place out. It looks like a big, classy, city private school. Four story brick building with big white windows. It has a flower garden lining the front, a big white porch

that looked like it could wrap around the whole school. As I stood there, looking on in awe, I noticed the other, many, many other students who were also staring at the school. After about thirty seconds a loud crackle flooded through speakers mounted at either sides of the front doors. “Good Morning and Congratulations! We welcome you into the brand new halls of Forks-La Push Unity High School. Because of the unique circumstances, these circumstances being that not only is this a new school year, but we are housing you all in a new school, which means naturally there will be more confusion today than there has been on any other first day of school. So please bear with us through the struggles and back ups we are sure to encounter throughout the day. First thing this morning we would like for you all to head to the Assembly Hall. Once you enter the school there will be arrows on either side of the hallway to direct you. Have a wonderful day!” The cherry voice laughed and then the crackling started again and ended, then there was a brief silence before all the conversation picked back up. “Come on.” Emmett said resigned, obviously put out from the serious talk of school. He took hold of my hand a pulled me through the throngs of people standing outside. As we reached the stairs I stopped to stub my cigarette out and , someone shoved my back and I started to fall forward. Just as my face was about to meet asphalt someone else grabbed me, and sat me up right. I turned and started to thank mystery man when Emmett stepped in. “Get your fucking hands off of my sister son.” Emmett bellowed eyeing my rescuer’s fingers hooked into my belt loops. Wait, tan fingers. Tan fingers. Really fucking big tan fingers.

Shit. Shit. Shit. Okay game face. Bella Fucking Swan. You got this. Jacob smirked looking down at Emmett, yeah that’s right looking, down. So fucking tall. “My bad man, I saw that douche knock into her and I just grabbed what I could so she wouldn’t fall.” He explained. It sounded like bullshit but I don’t care. “Yeah whatever man, just keep your hands to your self from now on.” Emmett seethed. I crossed my arms over my chest. Trying to look indifferent, sexy, and thankful all at once. “Thanks...” I left off, pretending not to know his name. God, he is so sexy. “Jacob.” He finished, smirking. “Black, but you already knew that.” “Yeah, I did.” I admitted coyly. He smirked down at me, the corners of him mouth twitching up, fighting a smile. “But,” I said with a sigh, “I have also heard of the reputation behind that name, Jacob Black.” Saying the name like it was a taste I couldn’t quite place. I saw a simmering fire in his eyes. “Are you,” He paused pregnantly. “looking to confirm this reputation, Miss...” He dropped off in mock question, full on smiling now. “Bella.” I laughed lightly turning to face the building. Looking back over my shoulder I left him with, “Swan, but you already knew that.”

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