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Boost user and IT efficiency with collaborative applications

deployed on a security-rich, high-performance platform

IBM Lotus Domino 7

Increase efficiency with a feature-rich Version 7 of Lotus Domino software
Highlights messaging and collaboration platform simplifies administration and expands
When you’re faced with shrinking bud- support for industry standards, so you
■ Provides flexibility — deploy gets, smaller staffs and rapid changes can implement and administer collab-
on your choice of a variety in your business environment, you must orative applications more efficiently.
of hardware platforms and find ways to leverage existing applica- Enhanced performance and improved
operating systems tion and IT assets to help reduce costs. server scalability mean you can deploy
And to help increase responsiveness messaging and collaboration solutions
■ Makes it possible to improve
and productivity, you need to facilitate using fewer resources. And advanced
server performance by
collaboration among employees, security and mail management features
supporting more users with
customers, partners and suppliers. can help you control information access
fewer resources
and limit unwanted mail.
■ Helps reduce time and cost to Take your collaboration capabilities
deploy and manage software far beyond messaging. IBM Lotus® Extend the reach of applications
by providing advanced Domino® server software includes Continue to leverage your invest-
administration features integrated messaging and directory ments in infrastructure and skills,
services that provide world-class while extending your collaboration
■ Leverages Web services and e-mail, calendar and scheduling solutions. Lotus Domino software is
open standards to extend
capabilities, discussion databases known for backward compatibility
existing IBM Lotus Domino
and address books in a unified, easy- and smooth upgrades. Greater sup-
applications to RSS feeds and
to-manage architecture. With Lotus port for open standards and Web
to Java EE and Microsoft .NET
Domino software you can build and1
services in Version 7 lets you reuse
run collaborative solutions — such as Lotus Domino application investments
■ Offers the option to use IBM project management tracking and over a much broader domain. You
DB2 Universal Database customer support processes — that can extend existing Lotus Domino
software as a data store to can help your organization be more applications to include Java™ Platform,
consolidate Lotus Domino responsive and productive. Enterprise Edition (Java EE) frameworks
enterprise data and Microsoft® .NET environments.
With Lotus Domino 7.0.2 software,
you can make information in a Lotus
Domino database accessible through
Really Simple Syndication (RSS) ser-
vices. You’ll be able to more efficiently
publish frequently revised material, such
as announcements, press releases,
policy updates and alerts.

Other new capabilities in Version 7.0.2
allow you to use Lotus Domino soft-
ware as a corporate server for Web
logs (blogs) — online journals that allow
users to actively collaborate with col-
leagues, customers and suppliers
about projects, proposals or new pro-
ducts. You can customize the look and
feel of your blog — without technical
By simply filling out a form, a Lotus Domino 7.0.2 software administrator can make Lotus Domino
expertise or application development
databases accessible via RSS readers and news aggregators.
software — and post blog entries and
comments using Lotus Notes® soft- Make the most of your IT infrastructure and without becoming dependent on
ware or a Web browser. Use the infrastructure you already have. specific hardware or software. You
With Lotus Domino software, you have also can choose the client access that
a choice of hardware platforms and is right for your infrastructure environ-
operating systems, including a number ment and needs. In addition to the
of 64-bit options. This gives you the Lotus Notes client, you can use a Web
flexibility to deploy your messaging browser client, an Internet client or a
and collaboration infrastructure without supported mobile device. And you
overhauling your entire environment can even opt to use Microsoft, Linux®
or Apple Macintosh workstations.

Support more users with improved Facilitate administration and minimize
IBM Lotus Domino server
performance and scalability software deployment costs software options
Typically with Lotus Domino 7 software, Server downtime costs money and
• Version 7 runs on IBM AIX ®,
you can support more users with fewer hinders productivity. You need a solid
IBM i5/OS ®, IBM z/OS ®, select
server and network resources. A Lotus server infrastructure that enables reli-
Linux options, Microsoft Windows®
Domino 7 server can use up to 25 per- able access to the applications and
2000, Windows 2003 and Sun
cent fewer CPU resources than a Lotus information your employees need to
Solaris platforms.
Domino 6.5 server, and Lotus Domino 7 do their jobs effectively. Version 7
• Version 7.0.2 adds support for
software can support up to 80 percent offers new diagnostic tools and auto-
Windows 2003 Server R2 Standard
more NotesBench mail users on the
nomic capabilities to complement
x64 Edition and Enterprise x64
same server hardware — as indicated high-availability features such as
Edition, and both 32-bit and
by performance metrics from the IBM advanced clustering.
64-bit versions of Novell SUSE
development lab. If you can consolidate
Lotus Domino software includes Enterprise Linux 10 software.
more users onto the same hardware,
you can often reduce your total cost powerful tools to manage your infra-

of ownership in both hardware costs structure from a central location. By

per user and administration costs. You automating repetitive administration
tasks, simplifying user management IBM Lotus Domino software
can also get a performance boost
and improving client deployment client access options
from enhanced support of Lightweight
Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) in and configuration, you can save valu- • IBM Lotus Notes client software
Lotus Domino 7 software. able time and focus on more critical on Microsoft Windows, Macintosh
tasks. Version 7 offers some notable or Linux desktops
Save costs by efficiently managing enhancements, including those • Web browsers running on Microsoft
network bandwidth utilization and described here. Windows, Linux or Macintosh sys-
storage requirements. The network tems (using IBM Lotus Domino
compression and streaming replication Lotus Domino domain monitoring
Web Access software)
capabilities of Lotus Domino software Simplify administration and reduce
• Microsoft Outlook software (using
can help reduce the amount of data monitoring and troubleshooting costs.
IBM Lotus Domino Access for
transmitted over your network. Native Lotus Domino 7 software offers a new
Microsoft Outlook software)
attachment compression and shared feature called Lotus Domino domain
• Internet clients based on Internet
design elements can help reduce monitoring. This customizable tool
Message Access Protocol (IMAP)
redundant storage requirements. automates problem determination and
or Post Office Protocol (POP3)
analysis to help administrators assess
with an IBM Lotus Domino
the overall health of Lotus Domino
WebMail client access license
servers in the enterprise and to locate
• Supported mobile devices 3
problems that may need attention.

When a problem is reported, the
Lotus Domino domain monitoring
feature suggests probable causes
and provides possible solutions. It
also displays any correlated events,
letting administrators see whether the
same problem has been reported on
other servers. Using this tool, adminis-
trators can quickly resolve issues
before they cause trouble, potentially
saving time and money.

Lotus Domino activity trends
Understand server health and predict
future software and hardware needs.
Lotus Domino 7 software incorporates
an activity trends feature that was
formerly delivered as a separate The Lotus Domino domain monitoring feature automates server monitoring and problem determination,
giving administrators the opportunity to quickly identify and rectify issues before they can cause harm.
product, IBM Tivoli® Analyzer for
Lotus Domino software. This software
technology provides data and
statistics about user activity — vital
information for administrators. And
workload balancing and change
management tools help keep your
infrastructure running optimally.

With its robust and predictive analysis tools, the Lotus Domino activity trends feature provides adminis-
trators with valuable data and statistics about user activity.

Policy-based administration A utility provided with Lotus Notes IBM Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino 7
Easily set standards and enforce IT and Domino 7.0.2 software allows software also offers native support
policies across your organization with administrators to prepare client for Web services, including a Web ser-
Lotus Domino policy-based adminis- installation kits that prepackage a vices hosting environment based on
tration. Lotus Domino 7 software Microsoft Windows account with Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP).
includes the following improvements: administrator privileges. Using this The IBM Lotus Domino Designer® 7
utility, the Lotus Notes Smart Upgrade development tool provides comple-
• Administrators have the option to feature will be able to complete an mentary enhancements such as a Web
lock down Lotus Notes desktop upgrade even if the user desktop is services design element and built-in
settings. Some companies choose locked down to prevent the installation support for Web Services Description
to prevent users from changing of additional software. Language (WSDL). Additional applica-
desktop settings in order to limit tion development enhancements in
costs and time associated with Extend Lotus Domino applications with Version 7.0.2 include:
service support calls. Web services and open standards
• Policies can be extended to include Lotus Domino software supports a • Lotus Domino Extensible Markup
mail and calendar settings stored in wide range of open standards, enabl- Language (DXL) — support for
user mail files. ing you to leverage the skills of your outlines, shared columns, shared
development teams, extend the value files and style sheets.
IBM Lotus Notes Smart of your existing applications and • Support for Java Development
Upgrade feature facilitate the development and deploy- Kit (JDK) 1.4.2 SR4.
Centrally manage the installation, ment of new solutions: • HTML API — to convert Lotus
configuration and status of a user’s Notes forms, views and docu-
machine, without visiting the desktop, • JavaServer Page (JSP) tags ments to HTML.
using the IBM Lotus Notes Smart • Java application programming • MIME API — to directly manipulate
Upgrade feature. Administrators are interfaces (APIs) data based on Multipurpose
notified through a mail-in database • JavaScript language Internet Mail Extensions (MIME).
whether the Lotus Notes software • Extensible Markup
installation or upgrade was success- Language (XML) The combination of these capabilities
ful, delayed or unsuccessful. • Microsoft Component Object can help you easily extend and
Model (COM) integrate your applications with other
Enhancements in Lotus Domino 7 systems — often with less time and
software include server cluster fail- effort, and with existing skills.
over to switch the upgrade function
to another server if the first is unavail-
able; a governor feature to limit the
number of upgrades per hour; and
reporting capabilities to identify which
users have upgraded to which versions.

Lotus Domino 7.0.2 software extends
the interoperability of mail as well
as applications. When a Microsoft
Exchange server sends a rich text
message, Lotus Domino 7.0.2 soft-
ware converts the Microsoft format
called Transport Neutral Encapsulation
Format (TNEF) into readable form.
A Lotus Notes user can then read a
rich text message from a Microsoft
Outlook user.

Use IBM DB2 Universal Database
software as an optional data store
With Lotus Domino 7 software, you
can use IBM DB2 Universal Database™
software as an alternative data
store to Lotus Notes storage facility The Linux technology-based Web administration client extends the capabilities of your organization’s
Linux environment by allowing administrators to deploy Lotus Domino software capabilities from a
(NSF) on a per-database basis on Mozilla Firefox or Mozilla browser on a Linux system.
Microsoft Windows and IBM AIX
Java EE applications. Using DB2 Leverage your Linux operating
operating systems.4
software as an alternative data store system environment
IBM DB2® software integration capa- means you gain the following: If your company runs a Linux oper-
bilities enable developers to build ating system environment, you can
• DB2 access view — the ability to take advantage of the enhanced Web
applications that blend collaborative
expose Lotus Domino data in a administration client in Lotus Domino
services with structured query lan-
relational format in a DB2 database 7 server software. The Web adminis-
guage (SQL)-based relational data
and to work with that data from a tration client now provides support
stored in DB2 databases. Your com-
DB2 interface using SQL. for select Linux systems while main-
pany can consolidate its data within a
• Query view — a new type of view taining the robust features found in
common DB2 store and then integrate
that uses an SQL statement to previous releases.
it with other applications, including
define its selection criteria. The
view can include data from DB2
software-enabled Lotus Notes data-
bases or DB2 databases.5

Lotus Domino 7 software eliminates the With Lotus Domino 7 software, you For more information
need for a Microsoft Windows adminis- can archive mail by date for stream- To learn more about IBM Lotus
tration client in an infrastructure that has lined mail management. Powerful Domino 7 server software, visit:
Lotus Domino server software and antispam features can help you man-
Lotus Domino Web Access clients all age mass volumes of unwanted mail.

running on Linux technology. You can And you can use private blacklists
also run Lotus Notes 7.0.1 software and private and public whitelists. With
natively on a Linux workstation—without message disclaimers, you can add
using virtualization software — for a standard text at the end or beginning
complete messaging and collaboration of every message that is sent through
environment on the Linux platform. the Lotus Domino mail gateway.

Protect and manage your messaging Extend collaboration capabilities and
infrastructure protect your investments
You must control and protect your IBM Lotus Domino 7 software can
messaging infrastructure if you seek help your organization expand its
to provide your employees with an collaboration capabilities while lever-
efficient, safe and robust collaboration aging existing IT assets. With new and
platform. Lotus Domino 7 server soft- advanced administrative, performance
ware offers enhanced security features, and security features, Lotus Domino 7
including advanced security APIs and software can help increase productiv-
the option to use stronger encryption ity and lower total cost of ownership.
keys. Lotus Domino 7 software also And native support for Web services,
improves Lotus Notes ID management. integration with IBM DB2 Universal
Database software and enhanced
support for industry standards can
help extend the reach of rapid appli-
cation development and deployment.

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