I’m losing my grip on life. I want to hold on to it much longer but my eyes are losing its sight and my lungs aren’t working properly. I tried sucking a long breath but oxygen seems too far away from me. My mind is slowly drifting away and the last thing that registered on my senses are the blurry vision of red and blue lights, scattered noises that are slowly fading from the background and the smell of her Summer Lilac perfume… Our last night together… Hold on to me forever… That was the last memory of that dreadful accident that still haunts me in my nightmares every night. How can I ever let her go if my heart and my mind is still clinging onto her memory? An accident can never replace the five years of our lives that we’ve spent together through thick and thin. That night was supposed to be the night where I’ll propose my love for her and ask her for a marriage – a marriage that will never ever take place. Not in my entire lifetime.


I woke up from that dream once again. It’s more of a dream now than a nightmare, not because I have loosened my grip on her memory but because of the realization that I can never bring back what’s lost already. “I love you Kelly, and I will always will.” I muttered as I wake myself up. It’s already seven-thirty and I’m running late for my work. I snatched up a gray shirt from my closet and pulled up my jeans. I ruffled my hair and did not attempt to comb it or anything, I like it messy than fixed. I work as an architect in my Dad’s company. I have been working there since I graduated from college and had to stop when the best part of me died along with my… Fortunately, Dad understood what I’ve been through and gave me a break for as long as I haven’t moved on yet. I truly appreciate what he did and now I’ve got to get back to him and build my life back. “Good Morning, Sir. It’s nice to have you back again!” My Dad’s secretary said as she greet me with a welcoming smile. “ Why didn’t you inform us that you’ll be coming over today?” She’s been my Dad’s secretary for four years now. She’s my Mom’s best friend back in her high school days and was the one who suggested Dad to hire her as his secretary when she had the desperate need of a job when her daughter needed an operation. “Good Morning, Teresa. I just realize my need to get back only this morning. Tell Dad that I’ll already be around starting today.” I gave a small smile and excuse myself.”

and imagined I’m at that exact time and place where that picture was taken.” . You should pay her a visit and assure her of your condition right now. “Come in. “I’m a big guy now. I’ll always remember this day. the place where you can find the peace you need for thinking. “A lot. You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for this day to arrive. Kelly. Adam.” He gave a worried look at me. “I love you.” I forced a smile. “I bet you missed me a lot. I respect your decision.” “Okay. At the back of the school building. My hands over her shoulders while her hand stretched to take the shot. I never thought I’d see you out of your apartment again” he walked closer and stretched his arm. She invited me to go there for some quiet time after all the buzz with the other students who witnessed my whole speech asking her to be my girlfriend.” “I love you too. I stood up and took his hands hugging him with a slight tap on his back. son. What I’m feeling right now is not just an ordinary feeling. I knew she’s the one I wanted to be with forever.” She whispered back. I stared at it for a brief moment. Your Mom is sick worried about you. Good to see you alive once again. finally turning to face me. Dad.” “Sorry to have you waiting. “So. A knock on my door interrupted my daydreaming. Sounds cheesy but it’s true. I walked over my desk and picked up a picture frame that holds our first picture together. She pulled out her phone from her pocket and took a picture of us right there. how are you feeling?” Kelly asked with his back turned to me. I’ve never felt this happy before and right there at that moment. he did the same.” I stepped in closer to her and hugged her from behind and whispered in her ear. Kelly.” “Why don’t you just get back with your Mom at home? No one’s taking care of you in your apartment. “I’m the happiest man alive. It is a very quiet place where nobody hangs out. Still the same old messy workplace where all the memories lingered. I love her and I’ll always love her for the rest of my life. I can take care of myself. “Hey. It was our first kiss.” “I’ll drop by later. “Good to have you back.” I head to sit on my office chair.” He laughed. The place where we stayed during late night working hours when we can’t go out for dinner because of a huge pile of paper works and designs that is due for the next day. I kissed her soft lips.2 I wandered around my office for a moment. feeling it for the first time.

The crowd washed me away and when I looked back. “Come on. I knew that voice from somewhere. Mom!” I waved as I saw her sitting in the porch drinking her afternoon tea. You’re such a work-a-holic. dashed to get to the other side of the road and crossed the street. I’ll just have to fetch my car when I got there before I get back on my apartment.” “Sorry for keeping you out for a long time. I’ll make you your favourite ham and cheese sandwich to cheer you up.” “I know. And besides. “It’s good for you to stay here at home already. I wanna get back to work already. And just as I stepped my foot down the sidewalk.3 I decided I’ll just walk home since it’s not so far away from the office. I shouldn’t have done that. including me. I can’t find where the voice came from and my eyes caught sight of a dark-short-haired girl waving her hands at me as if she knows me.” I gave a big grin. I just needed some time to think and mourn –“ Mom cut me off. I heard a familiar voice called out my name. but I’m here now. That tiny little sing-song voice that seemed to register from my mind but can’t quite put a finger on it. I didn’t see her anymore. you’re stressing yourself too much.” “Being here not doing anything gets me more illness than when I’m out working. I shrugged and continued walking to the other side. “Hey. “I understand. not wanting to miss the green light and get killed by cars. I looked over my shoulder while walking. really sorry. “Adam! Thank God you’ve already decided to visit me in here. I’ve been sick worried about you. It’s been so long since I’ve been here with my Mom because usually. She stood up and reached out her hand spread wide to give me a big hug. But you don’t have to forget your family because of that. It’s good to be home. to feel me coming back to my family once again. we dine outside after work with Kelly and Dad. it’s boring.” I slung my arms on her shoulders as we walked inside. I don’t quite remember knowing a girl like her. but damn. And I am really. this time a real and wide smile for my Mom. I waited for the green light along with bunch of strangers waiting to cross the pedestrian lane.” . The green light flashed and everyone.

she’s working in here? How come I didn’t know? I glanced over my shoulder to see her. besides she can’t stay away from my mind ever since I saw her. so she just came in handy for me to finish this. “Wow. Wait – if she just worked here after my accident. It was rude but I needed my time alone. she knows my name because I’m the son of the owner of this company. so right now. So I guess we’re on different floors. I hadn’t realized that I was smiling. he still wanted me to finish. I entered the elevator and stood near the front right corner inside when I heard that familiar voice once again chatting with Hannah. My mood lightened up a bit. how far can she be? I stepped out when the door opened for fifth floor and she didn’t. She mouthed the words hello and smiled at me showing her dimple once again. She’s still bugging the insides of my head. maybe the same floor with Hannah.” She smiled and handed me the sandwich she made for me. there’s no way she could have identified my face. It’s her way of getting her mind off things since I’m not accepting even her as visitor. Oh no. Yes. She got a short. okay? Or else I’ll be the one to pin you inside this house to keep you from your work. I looked once again and she was looking at me now. She’s still lingering between my eyes even as I work on my design on this one house I’ve been working on before the accident happen. but please don’t get yourself too worked up again. she doesn’t work here. an involuntary smile. dark hair and a full bangs and a simple makeup on her face. understand that?” “Okay. one of the designers here.She got sick for working too hard after my accident. Wait . good to have it back. I knew that my client is a girl although I haven’t met her yet. “You can get back to work after you’re fine already. too. It doesn’t ring a bell. boss. I’m using that girl with a dimple as my inspiration to this design. still wondering who she is. besides we’re on the same building. 4 I already got my car from the garage back home so I decided to drive my way to the office.” I said with my mouth full of food inside. I rummage inside my head trying to recall this girl with an enthusiastic smile and a dimple on her right cheek. smiling. I missed my car. It’s still good that the client didn’t back out of this when I disappeared and after a long time. . this is the best! Never gets old. Maybe I would bump on her some time and ask her who she is.

This design is like the design buried on my memory from my high school days. Good luck. I’m almost done with it and I can meet this wonderful client later. she’s in your Dad’s office having small talk. puzzled.” Surprisingly. that was a miracle. she just knows me from somewhere and it seems to me that I knew her also from a long time ago that I cannot recall. “Well. Alicia! “Alicia. It’s good for her to wait that long for you to finish that but now she’s giving the deadline and she’s going to get it by the end of the day. She looked so different now with her hair cut short with a full bangs. Someone knocked on my door and I gave the permission to come in. 5 There was another knock on the door and gave my permission to come in. Call and tell her to come by and I’ll personally hand it to her and give my thanks for being patient in waiting for me and the design to get finished. my head snapped back into reality and I knew I would know that voice from somewhere. I just came by to tell you that. I bet she would like it. It’s so pretty now that any lady would like to live in that house immediately after seeing it. I haven’t recognized it until now that I looked at each strokes carefully. But one thing’s for sure.” “Apparently. She knew me not because she’s working here and because she’s not at all working in here either. surprisingly Hannah. He seems to know her and I wonder if you know her too.” “Thanks. I guess I should finish this now and meet her personally. My eyes are still buried on the paper for the finishing touches.” I smiled as she walked out of the door. My hands seemed to be working on its own right now. Who’s my client. the dimpled-girl on the elevator – she’s my best friend. My child hood andhigh school best friend… “Hi Adam!” the familiar voice greeted and right there in that moment. Sir. Maybe you could figure that out later. Wait – this is nearly the design Alicia and I made way back.I was just looking at her face in the elevator and hadn’t seemed to notice if she’s wearing a uniform. I looked up to see her face once again – that face from the other side of the road. It’s been months now since the client gave you that work and she’s wondering if it’s already done by now. you may go. She didn’t give any key points on how I should design her house but I bet she’d like it. I was nearly finished. really? Well. “Good morning. Sir Adam. . with the dimpled-lady as my inspiration. is that you?” I asked.

A lot.” She looked sad. She ran her fingers on my drawing “So.” I stood up to gesture her on the chair in front of my table. When I met her. you know. “You don’t know how hurt I am right now. now looking at her picture on my desk. “I’m sorry. it’s been thirteen years since you left and we were kids back then. You cut your hair short. “I know. It’s just that – you’ve changed. but I recognised your voice but I can’t quite point who owned that cute little voice. I lost her. I closed my eyes and sucked a long breath and huff it out. that’s what she wanted you to do. Although there are some alterations that made it more beautiful than when we draw that house back when we were in still kids – “ she trailed off. is this my house?” “You’re my client?” I asked. my mind is quarrelling inside rummaging about who you are and I was unsuccessful until I saw this drawing and heard your voice that snapped my memory back into me.” I said. It took all your might to recall who I was. “Hey. my whole world died with her. And – “ She cut me off. It’s not my fault you cut your hair short. I understand the pain you’re experiencing right now…” she looked at me with pain in her eyes. I cannot blame you for forgetting.” “Well.” “I was glad you still remembered that. “Yep. “Don’t be sad. Even the memories of my past got buried…” I looked down at my drawing fighting back the tears forming in my eyes. it’s never going to happen.” “I’m sorry. everything that I had seemed to drop from me and my whole world circled around her so when she left me. .” She popped the ‘p’ and then carry on with a small smile “Why did you draw the dream house we had back then?” “I don’t know.” “I was your muse?” she chuckled “You barely even know who I was this morning. I almost forgot. I lost my life. We’re supposed to get married in Rome – the place where her dream wedding took place – but now … Now. She’s not happy seeing you ruin your life. I was actually using you as my muse this morning. I hadn’t even realized I didn’t offer her to take a seat. My hands drew that and I was shocked when I saw it – “ I said. “Sorry. I can see that in your puzzled eyes whenever you see me. defensively “Well. Have a seat.” She frowned. Adam. wide-eyed from shock. You need to move on. “You’ve forgotten all about me ever since you left your old home. finally!” she said smiling. she wanted you to get your life back to normal. She wanted you to be happy and right now.“Yes. but still smiled at me like it’s nothing. there’s something more “But I wasn’t glad you forgot me. She won’t be back.” “Cute? You think my voice is cute?” she lifted one eyebrow to me and she walked towards the table. I haven’t recognised you from our first and second meeting. I don’t know. You seem to be a part of me.

Oh God. while passing and head inside Dad’s office “I need to talk to her.” She didn’t wait for me to respond.” She just smiled and I head back to my lair. I shouldn’t have done that.” She called out with a smile spreading across her face. why didn’t you tell me it was her?” I said as I sat on the couch. “Thanks. “Hey. what did I just do? “I’m sorry. See you there. she walked out of the room with a frown in her face. you know that?” I said sarcastically and went out to get back to Hannah and she handed it to me. I can’t say no to her. Alicia. *ring ring* “Hello. But it was all my fault.” “Dad.” “I know. this is Ali speaking. I should have never shouted at you like that. Terra Mia. You don’t need to speak to me if you don’t want to. . you have to move on and let go. Ali? Why does she call herself Ali? “Hey.” she muttered in a hushed voice “But I know exactly how you’re feeling and I’m telling this to you because I’m concerned about what you’re doing with your life and at some point.“But you don’t need to throw your life away just because she’s gone –“ I cut her off scowling at her “You don’t understand what I’m feeling! You can’t just tell me to let her go! You don’t know how hurt I am from losing her! I love her. she’s my life she’s my everything! You can’t tell me what I want to do with my life!” She stared at me in horror.” “You don’t need to do that out of guilt.” I called over to her desk. Ughhh!! 6 “Hannah.” I hung up before she could protest. I need to speak to you.” The voice from the other line said. give me Alicia’s number. you know that.” “You’re really a big help sometimes. “She asked me not to tell you. “I was rude yesterday. I was shouting from anger. I should have never minded your personal life – “ I cut her off immediately “Meet me nine o’clock.” She said with a light tone of voice that she seemed to hide the sadness out of it.

playing the edge of the mug. “Hope you’re not mad at me because of yesterday. The waiter interrupted for a second delivering our order and left immediately. She was a very kind and sweet woman. “We said sorry for like a hundred times now. . She had a hint of sadness but kept her face in a smile again. Forget about it it’s not so important at all. “Oh that – you caught that huh?” she beamed “It’s nothing. “I’m sorry. here’s your blue print. It’s my fault. Alicia. I hope you liked it.” I told her pleadingly.” “I know there’s something about it. not eat and jump out of a building but nothing seems to work out. she ordered Coco Loco and I ordered black coffee. “But you don’t even know it was me. I tried to kill myself by overdosing but I wasn’t successful. it’s alright with me. “Can I ask you something?” I asked her before bringing up my query. I waited before he left and started the conversation. I cut my wrist.” She said with a small hint of smile at the corner of her mouth.” She teased and laughed. “What do you mean when you said you know exactly how I’m feeling?” I waited for her reaction. Tell me. I was only fourteen back then and they left me an orphan to my Aunt. My aunt talked to me.” “I was a wreck.” She laughed but there’s sadness in it.” “Well.” I smiled genuinely. so how come you thought I was beautiful? Liar. If you don’t wanna talk about it. I kinda thought that you did the waiting so I need to make it up to you and make it as beautiful as you. I know you’re still hurt and we can’t deny that. “By the way. “My Mom and Dad – they died in a car accident after you left” she trailed off. I hated the world for it and I felt the same exact feeling you were feeling then and now. The waiter approached us. “I know. I thought you’d never come. I tried to laugh with her. Stop it. She told me about how I tried to kill myself but was unsuccessful in every attempt and said there’s a meaning behind all of that. “Um – sure?” she said doubtfully as if sensing something from the tone I used.” I handed her the whole of it.“Alicia. “Thanks so much for doing it.” “I’m not mad at you.” I gestured her to have a sit. I know you have this huge problem and all but you still finished it even though you don’t even know who your client was.” She eyed at me for a moment and waited for my reaction.” I muttered with a comforting voice. And it’s weird.

” “Thanks.” “But – I can’t. You have all your life to take it step by step.” “I know how hard this is for you. Letting me live after all those stupid suicide attempts is a message that I have a lot to live for. “Do you really think she’d be happy if I let her go just like that?” “You are holding her back. changing the topic. I was fourteen and I was easily persuaded by her words. So I always try my super best whenever I enter the operating room. “By the way.” “So this is a persuasion?” I asked.” “How did you moved on?” I asked. “God doesn’t want me to die just yet. her name is Kelly.“Um –“ I don’t quite know what to say. It’s just. sometimes it’s just not in your hands whether that person will live or not. “Because I wanted to save lives and you know. it’s fine. You’re just making it hard for her to see you do something like that to yourself.” “It’s not actually a persuasion but – if you could call it that way. It wasn’t easy but I have to try. prolong their lives for their loved one. She said that my parents won’t be happy seeing me throw my life away and I should be thankful now that they are already in a safe place. But then you asked so I answered. standing strong and persuading you to do the same for… her. And it’s just hard seeing them go like that. She said that God is sending me on a mission to live for my parents and just not die yet.” She grinned and I knew she was trying to persuade me in getting my life back. You can let her go and not forgetting at the same time. “My Aunt helped me. She smiled for a moment then continued.” 7 . But you know.” She looked at me with a sad expression “She’s somewhere out there watching you and you’re making her sad knowing that she can never again comfort you at times when you needed her comfort.” “Why Doctor?” I asked. Alicia.” “Wow. I promised her that she’ll be the only one for the rest of my life. It’s hard to lose someone you really love and I can’t bear to see people crying and going through where I’ve been so I decide to take that as a career. It helped but there’s a huge hole in my heart that is beyond repair. You’re a really good person. So here I am. I pray every night for courage and strength. Adam. Every Sunday we go to church and let me talk to Father for counselling. That was so awesome of you. I knew what my parents wanted for me so I graduated a valedictorian in high school and graduated from college and became a Doctor.

asking why I didn’t come to work today. a full grown man acting like toddler losing his toy car. You shouldn’t beat yourself up. Don’t make it hard for me. Letting go doesn’t mean forgetting. it’s already twelve thirty. “Adam.Lying there across my bed makes me think about our earlier conversation and it makes my heart sink to think of everything that she’d been through when she was still so young and here I am. I tried to reach her with my hand. I know I was between the line of sleep and consciousness so I wasn’t awake at all but I’m fully aware of everything I was thinking. Kelly. I was out for the half of the day and it’s a good thing that I already finished my work the other day so I won’t have to worry for being absent today. “I love you. No words come out. I would recognize that voice even with my eyes wide shut. Adam. it’s the only way you can let me go.” She smiled at me and tears prickled down my eyes. I wanna call her back but no sound came out.” I whispered before I drift off. My phone is ringing impatiently. They’re worried about me. I thought about everything she said and I was practically fighting with my heart and mind. I love you so much. just like what Alicia said. I tried answering back but my voice left me.” Finally. ‘Letting go doesn’t actually mean forgetting’. Go on with your life. I love you and I always will. I picked up my phone that already stopped ringing. Some were from Dad and Mom and the others were from Alicia. the words came out in a soft hush. But this is no child matter.” a familiar voice called me.” I lay there staring at her and her image slowly fading in the background and all that was left there is the curtain dancing with the blowing wind and the sunlight peeking through the open windows. I’ll be fine. “Adam. I’ll always be here guiding you. Fifteen missed calls and twenty-five text messages. she’s not a toy that a little boy lost. “I’ll keep you in my heart forever. She’s right beside me but I can’t reach her. I love you.” she called again with her sweet voice and I can smell her perfume in the air. I half-opened my eyes and peeked at the clock. “I know that. I texted my parents first telling them that I slept half the day and I just woke up then apologize for making them worry. I was awake all night fighting with my mind. she’s so beautiful. Her long black hair trailing at her back and her face so peaceful and she was just. My heart is telling me that I can’t just let go of the promise I made to Kelly but my mind kept telling me that it shouldn’t be viewed that way. “Adam. I called Alicia. Kelly. “Hello?” .

. I was just. jump over low fences and pick all the flowers in our neighbours’ gardens. “Yes. She insisted that she will drive because it was a surprise. It took ten minutes before we stopped arguing and then Iet her have it. She would be happy if I make my life happy. Something ached inside of me but it’s not like the one I’ve been experiencing before. I’m doing this for you Kelly.” I don’t know but I just seem happy to see her again. maybe?” “You talked to whom?” she asked.” “Of course she love you.“Adam! Where were you? Your parents are worried about you! You haven’t killed yourself yet. “Of course not. I’ll take you somewhere I’m sure you’ll enjoy. I know you’ve been sleeping the whole day off. Although I can feel it. See you later. I smiled and I know she wanted me to rebuild my life. It’s been six months now since I last saw her and it made my heart jump just seeing the sight of her. “Kelly. I’m hurting her by wasting my life and that’s the only thing that keeps her from happiness. Kelly? Your girlfriend?” I was surprised when she said ‘girlfriend’. And – she said she love me. Ever since we were little kids. climb big trees and sneak up to climb the roof. 8 At first I don’t know where we’re going because she won’t tell me so I just sat there at the front seat of her car. And you were right about everything you said. We easily got along because she doesn’t want to play Barbie dolls and other girl stuffs. idiot!” she said playfully. “Come on. we used to argue a lot about who will do this or do that. get up now sleepy head. We do most of the guy stuffs. I talked to her last night or this morning. Kelly. “Bye.” I laughed. I’m happy. have you?” I chuckled then replied. “You mean.” “Just make sure I’ll enjoy that.” Until now I was still talking to her like she’s just around. And she win the argument most of the time because she’s the kind of girl who never gives up until she wins.” I answered with a delighted voice. And then I realized that she just said the words of Alicia and at that moment I believed her. the bigger part of me is in a good mood that I haven’t felt in along time. I’ve known her since I was three because we’re neighbours and she wants to play with my robot and toy cars. “I’m sorry for hurting you like that.

She’s beautiful and she’s a very strong woman.” I was surprised to hear that she still know how to read my expression. We pulled up in front of a big house that is not really familiar to me and there is a huge grassy field beside it. “I know every single one of them.” “Why are you visiting those elderly? You don’t even know them. she looked like a girl now than she did way back. What were you thinking?” We sat for a moment inside her car before stepping out. “No-nothing really important.” we entered the house and it’s quiet “I’ve been visiting here for four years now and talking to each of them. curious. and now here she is. They’re probably in the dining hall eating their afternoon meal. I can never get a grip on all the changes. Adam. that old friendship has never been brought back and I know it hurts her that I totally forgot all about her and felt guilty for it. She changed a lot after how many years and surprisingly. I thought so also but I didn’t tell you because you might laugh at me. So. I know you. Are we going out or what? Where are we anyway?” “Home for the aged.” “Come on. I wasn’t there to make it all okay. Something’s bothering you. That’s how stupid I am. “I’ll tell you some other time. Tears prickled down my face and I apologize to her.” I asked. trying to bring back the life out of me just like what she does for a living.” “Four years? How’d you come across this place?” “My Mom brought me here when I was a kid when I shouted at them for not buying me a doll. I was on the other side of the globe forgetting every bit of memory I had with her until she showed up. silly.We grew up together and became best friends up until high school right before I left my old home and up until then. I am such a selfish idiot. “Hey.” “No money to buy a doll?” . I felt very sad about not being beside her when she was left alone by her parents. I practically know them. I could have make things better with her and give her my shoulder to cry on or crack some silly jokes to make her laugh and sneak out to the roof to look up to the sky and talk to the stars as if they were her parents guiding over her. I visit here a lot.” “I thought you don’t like dolls?” “Well. hey!” she snapped her fingers in front of me interrupting me and my thoughts that I haven’t realized I’ve been staring in blank space for so long “I’m worried about you sometimes. But no. So she brought me here to make me realize how lucky I am to have parents and those elderly people had been thrown there by their children and ask me if I would do the same thing if they didn’t give me the doll I want because they don’t have money to buy it.

It’s on the tip of my tongue” she was snapping her fingers a if that would make her remember my name. “Hi Adam.” I followed her to a large dining hall and saw bunch of elderly. “Come on Elena.” “Oh. When they look up. 9 After dinner.” “No problem. I’m forgetting thing already. “His name is Adam. Ali. Adam Grey. Come on. don’t know what to respond so I just had to ask again. Wow. What will you say?” she looked at all of them as if trying to tell them something. wait. She knows me? Alicia talked about me. You just said my name is Adam Grey. Thank you. We talked to each one of them asking how they were doing and they all are fun to talk to. I’ll just check on them upstairs. finish your food first. welcome to our house!” they all chorused. Elena shouted and said. Adam. they all waved at her as if she’s their life-long best friend. “Why didn’t you tell me you wanted to play with dolls?” I bumped her shoulders and she snorted.. “Ali!” One lady stood up. we helped tuck all of them to bed and head to the receiving area. “Don’t worry Elena.” I looked up to raise an eyebrow to Alicia and she’s holding back a giggle.” She walked her back to her chair and whispered her something. “Thanks for all your help today.” “Oh. Um. Is that. I think I’m sick.” She smiled at me and excused herself “I’ll leave you two here. “I remembered! His name is Adam! Adam Prey? Or it’s Adam Fay? I forgot it again! Oh my. You remembered just fine. Ali.” I chuckled and head towards her. I enjoyed the experience. don’t spill it. I know his name. “He’s my friend here.” .” I said. she must be in seventy-five or something? “Who’s that handsome man?” She chuckled and said.. They all liked you.“They didn’t tell me that Dad lost his job and was saving the money to last until he found another one. one of the caretakers here “And you too.” Shanna said. Let’s get inside. That’s very nice of you to know my name. Let me think. I forgot his name again. “Because you’ll laugh at me. Before I could respond.

I wouldn’t be sitting here in front of you telling you these things. At night I usually think of you and wondered how things would have worked out if you were there to help me out. I didn’t know it’d be so much fun. when we were in the car. Those obstacles are the recipes to make a strong person. Her son left her here when he had his own family and he seemed to forget all about her already.” I said looking up at the sky again to avoid her gaze although I know her eyes were still shut “About how badly I hurt you.” “I was thinking about you. I’ll show you the most wonderful place here. I understood what it all meant. you just needed to .” “I know. You always wanted to have a sibling.” “Oh. I messed up and I’m sorry. you enjoyed it?” Alicia asked as soon as Shanna left. “Elena was one of the first people I knew before she even had the Alzheimer’s. I mean – by leaving you without a friend when you needed one. “I don’t know.“So.” “What do you mean?” she flicked her eyes open and sat down to face me. “How could you forget me like that?” I looked down at her and her eyes are closed. “Yes. I live a happy life right now and what happened to me is just the start of a new chapter of my life that lead me to my success and happiness.” “Come on. I know.” “But I’m the closest thing you have for a sister. And most important of all. And you. But you know.” “You mean when I was really down and wrecked? Yeah. “Maybe both of you have the same reason. He didn’t visit her even for a single time after he dropped her in here.” “What were you thinking earlier? I mean. looking up at the sky. I wouldn’t have known what my purpose in life was.” She tugged me out and I followed her up the stairs and out the small door to a roof top. You see.” “How could he even forget her?” I asked. He’s her mom. “If you were there to comfort and tell me everything’s gonna be fine. We sat down on a bench and I let her head rest on my lap so she can look at the sky.” “I’m not done yet.” Good thing she’s not done yet because I have no response “Everything happens for a reason and after every storm comes the rainbow. I wouldn’t have known that when life knocks you down on your knees.” “It’s a different thing.” I answered. Alicia. all you gotta do is call Him because you’re in the perfect position to pray.

I cupped her face in both of my hands.” She stood up and get back to the door down the stairs. “You don’t have to. I can see all the hurt and the strong person in her through those lovely eyes. “Uh. I made a huge mistake.” “How’d you know?” she looked at me with wide eyes. “Hi.” I muttered. she focused her gaze on the road.” She didn’t look at me.” I whispered unknowingly as I was kissing her on her lips. you’ll know what the reason behind what happened to you. “Oh. Mom.” 10 I worked the whole week with the new client and got busy that I didn’t notice I haven’t talked to her after she dropped me off. Adam. I was about to say something when she cut me off. Soon enough.” I called out when I saw her cooking in the kitchen. Bye!” We drove in silence. Then the next second I found my lips crushed against hers and moving as if it belongs there.find that rainbow after your storm. We should go. and leaned my forehead in hers. Adam. “I’m sorry.” I looked at her deep in the eyes and it’s as if I am looking through her soul.” “You wear Summer Lilac.” I don’t know what to say. “You don’t have to say anything. “Shanna. “Kelly. I didn’t even bother call her to ask if she got home safe. Bye. hey Adam!” she hugged me and then get back to the stove. Adam. “I’m not her. “It’s her scent. She backed away from me and I understood in that instant what I have done. I decided to go to Mom after work and still have no guts to call her. the rest of the ride was silent until she pulled up in front of my apartment. “Oh. What have I done? She’s not Kelly. No one seems to want to start the conversation. Her lips are soft and I can smell her smell sifting through my nose – Summer Lilac.” I said in a low and hurt voice. “What happened to you and Alicia?” . we’re leaving I’ll see you next Sunday. That’s why you called me Kelly.

But sadly. why did you know my name?” “Oh. Unlike us. It’s so lovely. “Elena.” She narrated it in a dreamy voice as if it were a fairy tale she was telling me “She spent most of her time with you and loved your company so much. Um . “What did she say?” “She’s leaving.” I didn’t answer. You two were childhood buddies.” she said. we lost our friendship over the distance that killed the closeness between us. Am I the reason why she’s leaving? “You know Adam. I think she loves you.” “What do you mean?” . You’re her prince charming. Maybe she’ll come tomorrow. “I’ll see you later. “She’s not with me. I was v-very sad when she cut her hair off last. She said you made the design of the house that she’s going to build on that big grassy field beside this home. “What?” I frowned. She’s leaving Monday morning on a flight to Chicago.” She frowned and went on with her cross stitch “You know she talks about you a lot. dear! Is Ali with you?” she asked me with a smile. I saw how her eyes light up whenever I brought your name up to our conversation. I just sat there waiting for her to continue. she made it a point to make her feel like she still have a family in her. You did a great job designing that house. Um – is she your girlfriend? The girl she’s talking about? W-whatever. dear.” She said. Mom. But you know she really loves you and would do anything just to be near you. “She told me you were her best friend when you were younger. like a house in a fairy tale land. why would she think something’s up? “She called me this morning. “What home?” she asked me curiously.” “I need to go to the home” I muttered. hi Adam. I didn’t want to startle her thoughts and make her forget about everything. that’s what she always say when I ask him to tell me about you. Elena. she’s not the princess. uh – last month or last year? I don’t remember when but she cut it because she doesn’t want to have a long black hair just like your.” I kissed her on the cheek before I left. He said you were so handsome and a gentleman.“What made you ask that?” I asked her. Alicia and Mom are practically close since she’s always in our house when we were kids and they still manage to maintain that closeness until now I bet because Mom considered her as her own daughter and right after she knew what happened. Okay.” “Oh.

” I talked to Shanna about it and she agreed. Okay?” “Oh.“Y-you know. “Thank you for all your help. Elena. Would you mind if I threw in a party in here? Let’s make it look like a celebration before she leaves. she said you were really good and they should give you a try and they all liked your ddesigns. She loved me all these years even though she knew that I’m getting married with another girl. yes dear! That would be fun.” I don’t know what to think. Tomorrow she will be coming down here . Your past I don’t know that you drew their house I think? They’re all her friends. the. uhh.

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