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(Communitv Mobilization Officer)
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Additional Project Director, Project' Re-awakening Vavuniya


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VarothaYanagar, Road, Kanniya Trincomalee, Sri Lanka. Email Website

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P ublicA d mi n i s tra ti o n i rc u l a r N o : 0 6i 2006(V l l ) C My No: EST5/1126 3 Mi ni stry of P ubl i c A drni ni strati on & Home Affairs Independence Square C ol ombo07 22 Ausust.2008 S ec r et a ri eto M i n i s tri e s s Chief Secretaries ProvincialCouncilsand to Headsof Departments

Restructuring of Salariesin the Public Service in terms of the Budget Pronosals2006. Your attentionis drawn to the Public AdministrationCircular No: 06/2006 dated 25-012006 on the above subjectand the Public AdministrationCirculars issuedas amendments the to above circular.After the introductionof the SL-l-2006 salaty scale by the above circular with effect from 01.01.2006 to the All Island Servicesand to the posts for which equivalent salaries have been assigned, the officers promoted prior to the above date have received relatively a lower salary than the salary entitled to cer-tain officers promoted from the new Grade Itl to the Grade II ( formerly from Grade IIill to Grade Illl). In order to rectify the anomaly, it has been decided, to grant 3 salary increments 02) (Rs.790x3 ) of grade II to the officers, who had been promoted to grade IIll or II before .2006 and remaining in the same grade on the said date of an All tsland Serviceor in any 01.01 other post drawing equivalentsalaries remainingin the samegrade after convertingtheir salaries t o S L- l- 2 0 0 6 i f th e y h a v e fu l fi l l e dth e requi rements ven bel ow . gi (a) Shouldhave beenin receiptof a salaryon the salaryscaleof T8-6- I by 3 | - I 2-2005. (b) Should have served in a grade assigned with a salary scale of TB-5- I -2 or a correspondingsalary scale which had been in force earlier, before been prornotedto the gradeassigned with the salaryscaleof T8-6-1. ( c ) Sh o u l dh a v es e rv e dfo ra p eri od of not l essthan l 0 yearsi n the sal aryscal eof TB -5l-2 or in a salary scale corresponding it and should have earned all the salary to increments relating to the particular salary scale when the above promotion was made. Action should be taken as given below in respect of officers who have fulfilled the 03) rnentioned paragraph aboveand promotedprior to 01.01.2006 Class I of an requirements in 02 to All Island Serviceor any post assigned with the equivalentsalary,that is TB-7-l and remainedin samegrade on that prescribeddate. (a) To convertthe salaryof officersto the salaryscalerelevantto Class I on hypothetical basis by adding 3 salary increments(based on the value of grade Il or llll) based on the incremental value as applicable to the date of promotion, to the salary drawn last by officers w h i l s ti n g r a d eI l o r I I l 1 .

basis.if the salary increments on grant salaryincrements hypothetical (b) Thereafter, ' up been havesubsequently earned to 3 1 '12'2005
I placeon the salarystep relating to the Grade (c) Subsequently, with effect frorn 01.01.2006on of the ;"i;ry scale-tB-7_1 scale.ot.rponding to the salarystep' basis. hypothetical in givenaboveshouldbe adopted on salaryof class I computed the basis (04) Hypothetical 03 in paragraph and mentioned fulfilled the requirements of salaryconversion officerswho have or of scale SL-3-2006 sL-4-2006 with the salary to priorto 3l .r2.2005 u fort assigned promoted with effectfrom 0l '01'2006' of the SL- l-2006 salary

( 0 5 ) A c c o r d i n g l y , i n p l a c - i n g t h e o f f i c e r s t o w h o mRuthorities a p h o 3 ensure a b o v e i s a p p l i c a b l e . t h e p a r a g r shoulda n d 0 4 that the the salaryscaleon 01.01.2006, relevant on the relevant of salaryincrements stepentitledonly to the_number officersare placedon the specificsalary earnedon wil not bL paid for the increments The arrears earnedby them as at 3r.12.2005. please the pubric Adrninistration 03 ,"fe, purugrupi., of uasis,up to 3r.12.2005. hypothetical Administration o'3 and purugruplli and 04 0f Public circular No: 06/2006dated 25.04.2006 for (VI) dated26.06.2008 furtherclarifications' N0: 06/2006 Circular drawnby sararies present that therewould be no incre?r.in the (06) Thereis a possibility as It will not be considered an of this circular. in officersin makingconversions terms certain anomalY. and PA circular of to contrary the instructions this circular increments.paid The sarary (07) 06 installments' by sh;ta be recovered consecutive dated'26.06.200g 6r2006(vr) and Salaries cadrecommission of with the concurrence theNational is (0g) This circular issued TreasurY' andthe General

D. Sgd./ DissanaYake Secretary & Administration of Ministry Public HomeAffairs