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Volume VII, Issue 15 Late July, 2012

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10/11 year-old Little Leaguers begin state tourney play

2nd Chance to close - refuge for abuse victims remains

Animals on the job 7, 8 & looking for a home

Page  Warren County Report Late July, 01

Read all issues in their entirety FREE on And it should also not be seen as a failure. The store had a long run in the community longer than a lot of stores and certainly provided a lot of support to this agency We, as an agency, have had an even longer run (3 years), and will continue on without the store. Exec. Dir Melissa DeDomenico-Payne

Community & business

The times they are a changin 2nd Chance going

Harmony Place will continue to service victims of domestic violence
board of directors decision to try and downsize their physical plant, reduce expenses, and close their struggling retail outlet. DeDomenico-Payne explained that rather than the kind of transitional housing Harmony Place provides on the top two floors of its sprawling 17,000 square foot space at 317 East Main Street for domestic violence refugees, the new federal emphasis is on providing permanent housing for those clients. So Harmony Place is in the midst of trying to downsize from its retail and transitional apartment-based, three-story facility, in favor of smaller accommodations for its 501-3C non-profit operation. In so doing, they would be dropping a significant portion of overhead expense. She estimates the buildings current electrical bill alone averages $,400 per month nearly $9,000 per year. In the future, housing for domestic violence victims will come from longterm residential situations identified by providers and Harmony Place will pursue those kinds of options for its clients, as well as continue on-site emergency shelter at the new location. A change, not an end So, while New Years 013 will mark the end of 18 years of discount buys to help fund Harmony Place (established in 1980 as the Warren County Council on Domestic Violence), it does not mean an end to

A Second Chance Thrift Boutique is a familiar smart shopper destination.

By Roger Bianchini Warren County Report As a long-time customer I was distressed to hear rumors of the demise of the Womens Shelters retail outlet, A Second Chance Thrift Boutique, at the intersection of East Main and Chester Street, essentially at the retail heartbeat of downtown Front Royal. What dire and dark economic future could the closing of a long-successful discount retail outlet foretell, we wondered? But apparently it is not just an economic recession, but changing retail patterns of competition, as well as altered grant priorities emphasizing permanent over the kind of transitional housing Harmony Place has offered victims of domestic violence in the past, that are at play here. AND, not to worry, those services in that changing landscape will continue, even if without the discount store that was the public face of a very private service to one group of victims in our community. Harmony Place Executive Director Melissa DeDomenico-Payne said that in its heyday The Second Chance grossed about $50,000 a year that helped provide a financial groundwork for the organizations half-million dollar plus annual operation budget. That budget garnered from a variety of federal, state and private sources supports the rescue of family members from violent, abusive and untenable domestic situations. Today DeDomenico-Payne estimates the stores gross revenues at half it peak total of a quarter million dollars, though the programs annual budget remains around the half million dollar mark. Even in its heyday it provided 45 percent, or less than half of the larger budget. Grants always provided more than half our budget, Harmo-

Customer John Lundberg conducts some business with Second Chance Manager Meghan Moeslin.
ny Places executive director says. The dip in retail store revenues coincided with, if cannot be entirely faulted on, the rise of 5 North Corridor discount retail competition led by two big-box giants, DeDomenico-Payne observed. We noticed a downturn in 007, 008, she observed of a time when not only the national economy began its greatest crisis since the Great Depression of 199, but when the two large retail big box-anchored north corridor shopping centers hit their strides. And we used to be one of two discount retail outlets here, along with The Salvation Army. Now there are the big corridor stores and other smaller outlets. And I dont begrudge others like Hospice and Goodwill, they all contribute to this community. But at the end of the day we had to step aside and look at what our primary purpose is, DeDomenicoPayne told us. That purpose, in case anyone forgot, is providing a largely federal and state funded refuge for victims of domestic abuse. Permanent vs. temp housing And it was a change in how federal programs approached funding grants for domestic abuse victims under the Obama Administration that has also played a part in Harmony Places

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Late July, 01 Warren County Report Page 3

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Harmony Place and its mission, or even an impending crisis leading to such an inevitable end. The store has been important in providing cash flow that provided a groundwork for us and our grant applications. But closing it does not mean we are in a desperate financial place but we dont want to be there either. The store closing wont close us, DeDomenico-Payne said. And it should also not be seen as a failure, she adds. The store had a long run in the community longer than a lot of stores and certainly provided a lot of support to this agency through donations and volunteerism. We, as an agency, have had an even longer run (3 years), and will continue on without the store. One of the things that makes our agency great is that we do our best to change as needed to remain responsive to our clients and our community in consideration of available resources. Its an exciting time for the shelter but we understand its hard for our

Community & business

faithful customers who have come to depend on the store over the years. Some people can only clothe their entire family by shopping here, current Second Chance Manager Meghan Moeslin observed. But assistance is still out there, and this wont be the last place of its kind to shop at. DeDomenico-Payne said that in the still-tight economy, if Harmony Place cannot unload the central downtown Front Royal building by the turn of the next fiscal year around July 013, the board may consider renting the store space out after what would be a six month vacancy. But we dont want to be a landlord. We will rent the space if we do


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not sell in the timeframe wed like to. But we wouldnt move back to reopening Second Chance at that point we are not a retail business, Harmony Places director said of what appears to be a permanent change of direction. Questions & answers While some question changing management priorities and techniques, DeDomenico-Payne says rather, it is those changing economic, competitive and grant landscapes that prompted the board decision. The store has been in decline for many years, through several different managers with differing management styles, different agency structures, different Executive Directors, etc, DeDomenico-Payne says. Recently we tried to implement several changes, including networking more with local businesses and utilizing on-line media. It became apparent that to be more competitive in consideration of todays tough business climate would take more resources with no guarantee of success and that is not something that we, as a non-profit agency, are willing to do at this time considering all factors. This decision is in no way meant to reflect on current or previous management, employees, or volunteers,

FOR SALE - 317 East Main St. is a huge sprawling 17,000 square foot space at the heart of historic downtown Front Royal. Executive Director Melissa DeDomenico-Payne (inset) assures us that Harmony Place s mission will not change due to the planned closing of the agencys discount retail outlet.
who the agency realizes often put their heart and soul into very hard work. It is not a personal but a business decision. (Harmony Place is a United Way agency and is supported by grants at the federal, state, and local levels, as well as private foundations and donations. Harmony Place is accredited by the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance, and services offered are in consideration of these accreditation standards and available funding. Executive Director Melissa DeDomenico-Paynes resume: I began as an intern for my masters degree in 1995 and became Executive Director from 1997-003 (during the period that we renovated and moved into this building) and then returned to be Executive Director in 010. In my period away from the agency, I served as Executive Director of a sexual assault program in Charlottesville, a similar program in Culpeper, a Grantwriting Coordinator in Tennessee, and the Quality Assurance/Compliance Specialist for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. I came back because the current director was retiring, I wished to return to the area, and felt like I had something to offer the agency again from my experiences and education.)

Warren County Fairgrounds announces

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Late July, 01 Warren County Report Page 5

County Report
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The 6th District debate: health care truth or dare?

Schmookler questions veracity of opponents health care allegations
Editor: Bob Goodlatte sent a grossly misleading email to Sixth District voters following the Supreme Courts decision upholding the Affordable Care Act (ACA). With leaders or misleaderslike Goodlatte telling lie after lie about Obamacare, its no wonder that half the American people tell pollsters theyre confused about that important piece of legislation. The deception from Bob Goodlatte and his Republican buddies started with phrases like death panels and government takeover of health care, and this fear-mongering dishonesty continues. No wonder so many people tell pollsters theyre against this health care reform law, yet if told whats in it, they say they strongly favor most of those measures. The demonization of ObamaCare has worked. How about the truth, for a change? No, ObamaCare does not add to the national debt. It pays for itself, according to numerous experts. Indeed, the well-respected nonpartisan Congressional Budget Officewhose job is to tell the American people how much laws and spending will cost them-- has said that over its first decade, the Affordable Care Act will reduce the deficit not raise it. No, ObamaCare is not a job-killer. Thats something Goodlatte and his Republican buddies have made up, shamelessly, while theyve systematically blocked every effort in Congress to put Americans back to work. No, this law does not make massive cuts to Medicare, as Goodlatte claims, trying to scare people who depend upon Medicare. In reality, the law slows the growth in Medicare spending by encouraging greater efficiency and eliminating waste and fraud in the program, taking nothing from the people who rely on it. The law actually enhances Medicare, closing the donut hole and adding new preventive benefits. Youd never know that from Goodlattes scaretactics and misinformation. Its blatant hypocrisy for Bob Goodlatte to lecture us about protecting Medicare and reducing the deficit when he has twice voted for the Ryan budget, which would gut Medicare in order to fund yet another big tax cut for the wealthiest Americans while ensuring huge deficits for decades to come. Instead of accepting the Supreme Courts decision and moving on, Goodlatte promises to fight to repeal the only health care reform measure Congress has been able to enact for generationseven though we Americans pay twice as much for our medical care as the citizens of any other advanced country and get a health care system that doesnt even rank in the top twenty. Its an imperfect law, but one that we need our legislators to improve and build upon, not demonize it for partisan advantage. Goodlatte concedes that we have to bring our health care costs under control. When Goodlatte claims he has an approach that could help, his constituents should ask him: So, why have you and your party done nothing about this for the past twenty years nothing but obstruct-- while youve been collecting your salary as our representative, as well as receiving federal health care benefits that are denied to many of us? Perhaps we should also ask Bob Goodlatte who exactly hes representing up there on Capitol Hill. It surely isnt the citizens, families, farmers, workers, and small-business owners of the Sixth District, who are burdened by rising health care costs and increasing insecurity about getting proper medical care. Maybe Bob Goodlattes latest message is good politics since the Republican lie machine has convinced so many people that they will be hurt, and not helped, by the Affordable Care Act. But we need members of Congress who are about more than good politics. We need them to look out for their citizens, and not peddle fearmongering lies to trick people into voting against their own self-interest. We need leaders dedicated to telling people the truth, for a change. Im promising to do just that, and I keep my promises. Andy Schmookler (The author is the Democratic nominee for Congress in Virginias Sixth Congressional District. 6th District Republican incumbent Bob Goodlattes campaign staff said the congressman is preparing a reply to Schmooklers allegations, and some related questions, that should be available for our next edition, published Aug. 3.)

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When Fleas Dont Flee extermination strategies

By Nick Thomas This has been an especially active year for annoying pests invading American homes. But lets ignore the presidential candidates that sneak into your house via the TV screen with their irritating campaign commercials, and focus on parasites of the six-legged variety fleas. They have been particularly prolific across the country this year due to a warm, moist spring. And if you have dogs or cats, even if they mostly remain inside, fleas still somehow manage to hitch a ride and set up residence in your carpet and furniture. So whats an itchy, frustrated homeowner to do? In extreme cases of infestation, some may explore the easy option first: burn down the house and collect the insurance. But for those with a sense of integrity, or no insurance, chemical treatment of the house or pet may be a better and less felonious alternative. In the case of pet treatment, this may include the use of flea collars, pills, or monthly medicine applied to the skin. Unfortunately, some of these products are proving to be ineffective this flea

season. Your next line of defense should be bathing. While this generally presents few problems for dogs, cats are an entirely different matter. Flea issues aside, many people incorrectly believe cats are like self-cleaning ovens and never need a good scrub down. Its an easy mistake to make. But just because your cousin Earl licks himself clean doesnt mean your cat will have the same success, even if it can reach places Earl cant. So occasional cat bathing is recommended, especially when there is a flea problem. But beware. Cats do have a habit of transforming from cute, fluffy, lovable fur balls into murderous bitingscratching demons when they hit the water. Along these lines, wasnt it Einstein who once said, when asked to explain relativity: Sitting with a pretty girl can make  hours seem like  minutes; bathing a cat can make  minutes seem like  hours? Or words to that affect. Heres how a typical attempt at cat bathing is likely to unfold: Step1: Find cat. This may be challenging, especially if the cat suspects a bath is imminent. Cats can be particularly resourceful when it comes to stealth tactics designed to avoid baths, so check behind the sofa, in the clothes dryer, up the chimney, in your neighbors sock drawer, Mars. Step : Place cat in sink. At this point, suddenly realizing youve forgotten the shampoo bottle, fetch it and return; Step 3: Find cat and place in sink, again; Step 4: Place cotton balls in cats ears. This is not to prevent water getting in, but to avoid fur-

ther frightening the cat from your screams; Step 5: Pour warm, soapy water over cat; Step 6: Remove cat from your head, and return to sink. Reach for towel to wipe soap and blood from face (yours); Step 7: Find cat; Step 8: Return soapy, wet, howling, scratching cat to sink. Lather, rinse, towel dry and release; Step 9: Call 911 and request blood transfusion. While waiting for ambulance, disinfect any area where excrement may have been deposited; also check if the cat left any. Assuming you recover from the ordeal, let me also offer one additional method we have used to reduce rogue fleas in our home. Place a candle in a large dish containing about a half inch of water with a squirt of detergent. Lay the pan on the floor in the room infected with fleas, and light the candle just before going to bed. The fleas, at least some of them, will be attracted to the heat, but fall into the soapy water and drown. Repeat for several nights. It works REALLY! But please note: neither the author nor this publication accepts any responsibility should someone in your house trip over the candle and set the sofa on fire, whilst fleeing from a recently bathed, vindictive cat. Nick Thomas has written for more than 200 magazines and newspapers, including the Washington Post, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, San Francisco Chronicle, and Christian Science Monitor. He can be reached at alongtheselines@

This publication is proudly printed on 100% recycled paper with soy-based ink.

Page 6 Warren County Report Late July, 01

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Little League

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10-11 year old Little Leaguers begin state pool play

6. FR bats looked good in the first-scoring 4 runs on 5 hits, but FCN scored 5 in the top of the nd on 6 hits. FR rallied to tie in the bottom of the 5th on  FCN errors. FCN went ahead in top 6th on a walk and hit, but FR rallied in the home 6th after  outs. Peter Skube reached on fielders choice, Jake Dodson singled in Skube with a hit over pitchers head and Rutherford doubled to right center scoring pinch runner CJ Miller with the winning run. Jake Dodson and Jacob Good had  hits each. Game 3, 7/03/01 FCA 5 FR 4. FR waited too long with a rally that fell short in the top of the 6th. FR trailed by 3, until Peter Skube launched a -run HR to left. But FR then loaded the bases only to have the tying run thrown out at home. Game 4, 7/05/01 FR 10 FCN 5. FR batters came out swinging with 15hit attack, scoring every inning. Matt Rutherford had 3hits and Ty Clingerman and Jake Dodson each. Winning pitcher Rutherford had 7Ks and 1W in going 5 1/3 innings. FR advanced to play ELK for the District 3 championship beginning 7/09. Game 5, 7/09/01 FR11 ELK 0. Starting the District 3 playoffs in Front Royal winning pitcher Jake

Dodson pitched a GEM. 7Ks and 0W, allowing  hits in a shortened game by the mercy rule. FR broke open a close game with 7 runs in the top of the 5th. Leading hitters for FR were Ty Clingerman and Conner McCollum with  hits apiece. Game 6, 07/10/01 FR 1 ELK 0. Needing just one more victory, FR picked up where it left off against overmatched ELK, scoring 7 runs in the top of 1st inning. FR was led by McCollum and Rutherford with  hits each. Winning pitcher Rutherford needed 44 pitches to shut down ELK in notching his nd shutout.

Front Row: Matt Rutherford (.455 batting average), Jacob Dodson (.438); middle row, Jacob Good (.357), Andrew DAndrea (.600), Tyler Blakely, Peter Skube (.250), Wyatt Gill (.300), Ty Clingerman (.353); back row, Chris Miller, Conner McCollum (.526), Dylan Allison, Evan Westman (.286), Preston Hudson (.430); coaches: J.R. Kirby, Allen Smoot, Alan Rutherford, Diamond Dick Russell
Front Royals District 3, 10-11year-old Little Leaguers began round robin play in the first round of the state tournament on July 19, against District 1 Cave Spring American in Poquoson. Their July 0 game is at 10 a.m. against District 13 winner Clintwood. Round robin pool play will be finalized with the teams Saturday, July 1 game, at 4 p.m. versus District 14 champ Louisa. After a Sunday break the top two teams from each pool will begin single-elimination play for the state title. Media and tournament updates available at If readers care to help the team and league defer tournament and travel expenses, please mail a donation to: Front Royal Little League, PO Box 180, Front Royal, Va 630. Below is a summary of the teams run to the states: FR - Front Royal; FCA - Frederick County Americans; FCN - Frederick County Nationals; SB Strasburg; ELK- Elkton Game 1, 6/30/01 FR 10 SB 0. FR scored in every inning of 4 inning game, shortened by the mercy rule. FR banged out 10 hits and was led by winning pitcher Matt Rutherford, /3, Conner McCollum /3. SB had 3 hits,  by nd baseman A. Sealock. Rutherford had 7Ks and 1W in his complete game shutout. Game , 7/0/01 FR 7 FCN


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Late July, 01 Warren County Report Page 7

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Lori gets her walking papers - sent to help war zone vet
Lori now lives with a young U.S. Army couple, he suffering depression and PTSD and for whom Lori is already said to be working minor miracles. The dog will attend group therapy sessions with the wounded warriors in Fredericksburg to determine how she reacts to this populatation of younger men affected by war. It is also part of her continuing training, in this case to determine if she gives or seeks comfort. Therapy work may not be in the cards for her, Lesinsky said, representing Veterans Moving Forward. Service work, one on one, probably is what she is best suited for - working for a veteran with psychological problems. Whatever. she will do her duty wherever she is, and whoever she is able to benefit. We who met Lori over the past year knew her as a gentle and loving dog. Once again, we salute her and her kind - one of the thousands of dogs of war who assist soldiers both at home and on the battlefield.

Mary, Terri and Harry

By Kevin S. Engle Warren County Report I celebrated a birthday recently and had decided weeks before I wouldnt be going to work that day. Who wants to be at work on your birthday? Or any day for that matter? As I sat in my office at home, reflecting on my first 49 years, with hopefully at least that many to go, I got two phone calls, one from Mary and the other from Terri. That got me to thinking about a third person I wouldve liked to talk to, Harry. Mary called first. I sit next to her at work. Shes sort of my boss, but not really. I had called her earlier and left a voicemail, asking for a favor. Have a happy birthday! she said before hanging up. Thats Mary. Always saying or doing something nice for somebody else. Whether its dog watching for a friend, sharing coupons from the Sunday paper or giving people plastic Easter eggs filled with chocolate candy, shes always putting smiles on peoples faces. Every Wednesday morning, she sends out her weekly trivia contest questions. Replies are due back the next day by 6:30AM. And no cheating! The truth is, you dont have to. Give her a funny answer, like I try to when I dont know the real one, and you could still win. Prizes typically include chips, cookies or candy. She keeps me well stocked in M&Ms. Mary spends a small fortune for those prizes, but it makes her happy. And it does the same for a lot of others too. A few minutes later, Terri called. Shes my sister-in-law. I had sent her an email asking a question and she was calling back with the answer. Terri and I dont always see eye to eye, partly because Im about a foot taller than she is, but she has a good heart, always thinking of others and helping out when and where she can. After being a stay-at-home mom, she went to college and got her degree. And then it was off to Seminary. Despite some troubles learning Greek, shes now an ordained minister. Besides Greek, shes also not good at singing. Typically, shell leave me a voice mail each year with her rendition of Happy Birthday. Surely I was about to hear it now with her on the line. Luckily she forgot and I wasnt about to remind her. That was a gift in itself. After hanging up, I couldnt help but thinking about other people I knew whose name rhymed with Mary and Terri. Harry quickly came to mind. He was one of my two college roommates sophomore year. We both grew up outside of Pittsburgh and were Pirate and Steeler fans. Have you ever known someone who truly enjoyed each day? That was Harry. Despite the pressures of Organic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry, a smile was never far from his face. And when I accidentally erased part of his Earth Wind & Fire cassette one afternoon, yes cassette, those things that came before CDs and iPods, he shrugged it off. No big deal. To me, it wouldve been. After college, Harry went to medical school and specialized in sports medicine. We didnt keep in touch and I never knew where he got to. A few years ago, when emailing our other roommate, he told me Harry had passed away from cancer. He was only 36. I found a picture of him on line wearing his doctors white lab coat. He was wearing something else too. That smile. And did it surprise me to learn his colleagues had created an annual award given in his honor? Not at all. That was Harry. Our lives are changed by those who are part of them. Ive been fortunate to have these three in mine. I hope you have lots of Mary, Terri and Harrys in yours too. And dont forget Ben & Jerry. I love their Vanilla Heath Bar Crunch ice cream. Quite tasty. Very.

Engles Angle:

Lori cuts a proud figure and we who have met her are sure she will be a great aid to the war vet she is now assigned to.
By Malcolm Barr Sr. Warren County Report Lori, the golden retriever named for the first Native American soldier killed in Iraq, has been sent to help a returning veteran with post traumatic war syndrome. Lori, who many of us met as we gathered to salute all dogs of war on Memorial Day weekend at a regular Yappy Hour gathering aiding the Humane Society of Warren County, was until a week or so ago homed with retired Marine Corps colonel John D. Lesinski in Washington, VA, and became a regular visitor to Front Royal Rotary Clubs regular weekly meetings. Said Lesinsky: I miss her (Lori) greatly but she has moved on to do greater things.

Tammys 50th for the Humane Society animals

Tammy Smelsers 50th Birthday Celebration will be held Saturday, August 4, from 5 p.m. 9 p.m. at the Strasburg Ramada Inn A buffet dinner will be provided, please RSVP by July 7, to help plan the amount of food necessary. In lieu of gifts, donations to the Humane Society of Warren County are requested. Checks or cash will be accepted at the party. Call or text Jackie at 6-7301. Tammy has long helped with a cat catch, spay, release program at her own expense.

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Join s Gym Gold ow! N

New customers only. Must present coupon. Expires 7/19/2012



485 South St.

Page 8 Warren County Report Late July, 01

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Forget-Me-Not a Wagner shelter wish for older animals

or neutered and may have all of the vaccinations. For more information check and look up Warren County. Spay and Neuter. Youve probably read other articles about the feral cat population roaming the county and articles telling you that each day over 70,000 puppies and kittens are born in the U.S. As a result, every year 4-6 million animals are euthanized because there are no homes for them. You can help the HSWC control the animal population and prevent euthanasia by getting your pet spayed or neutered. Lost Dog or Cat. Call the animal shelter and neighboring county animal shelters. Also, consider getting your pet micro-chipped. This makes finding a lost animal much easier. Contact the HSWC animal shelter at (540) 635-4734 or email the shelter at info@humanesocietywarrencounty. org

General & Detail Cleaning

Affordable Pricing References Available Free Estimates Call 540-325-3688

Royal Family

By Ken Thurman Warren County Report Forget-Me-Nots are cats and dogs that have been at the shelter for 3-6 months (or longer). People have a tendency to adopt kittens and puppies overlooking some of the nicest and sweetest animals youll ever find. Take Savannah, a Domestic Short Hair Spayed Female with Brown Tabby markings. She was brought to the Humane Society of Warren County (HSWC) shelter on February 6, 01 after being found as a stray. She is estimated to be between 7 and

9 years old (pictured). Also available is Diane, a female Labrador retriever, Pit Bull Terrier mix that is well behaved and knows several commands. She loves people and is part of the shelters Good Buddy Program where a volunteer works with her several times a week to insure basic training and to give her a little attention (pictured photos are courtesy of Anna Marie Fahey) Older cats and dogs come with several advantages. They have already developed a personality, they tend to be calmer and they have out grown the rambunctious kitty and puppy stage. Also, the adoption fee is only one dollar ($1), thats right just one dollar, for the shelters longer term animals! Older animals may also have already been spayed

Bowling Center
Behind Gateway Plaze Rt. 522 So., Front Royal 540-636-3113

u Salon La Petite U

t T

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Join us!

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River Rodeo

Shenandoah River Rodeo wrap-up Riverfest next Aug. 11

tion in order to keep the river as safe and clean as possible for people to use. The organization is almost seven years old and has developed nearly 400 members many of whom fish, swim, boat or live along the river. If you missed the Rodeo and are still hoping to get down to the river before summer is over, check out the Shenandoah Riverfest event being held Saturday August 11, 10 a.m. 4 p.m. along the banks of the South Fork of the Shenandoah River at the Raymond R, Andy Guest State Park. Riverfest only costs $8 per car (regardless of how many people are inside) and there are dozens of free activities once inside for kids and adults alike. Visit for complete information. This years Riverfest will feature: FREE, unguided canoe and tube trips (children must be at least 6 years old) along the South Fork of the Shenandoah River Identifying fish, bugs rocks and gems Environmental education displays Wild animal displays and demonstrations by Wild Zafari Hands-on kids activities including face painting, wading pool fishing and much more! learning about what kind of critters inhabit the water and why Music by local talent - the Dill Pickers and the Church Street Project Great food will be available for purchase by Bundys Barbeque. The Shenandoah Riverkeeper will host a raffle that includes chances for: A Wenonah Canoe Package (Includes paddles & life vests) A weekend at Massanutten Resort for four including zip line passes An overnight at Skyland Lodge in Shenandoah National Park A Dimension Escapade Kayak -night stay in VA State Park Cabin (restrictions apply) -night stay in a VA State Park Campground River trips and more! For complete information on the partnering organizations please refer to the following web links: Shenandoah Riverkeeper - http:// Friends of the Shenandoah River State Park - http://riverparkfriends. org Shenandoah River State Park parks/and.shtml (From a release from Shenandoah Riverkeeper Jeff Kelble)

Riverfest 12 announces Paddle Art Competition

There was fun in and out of the river - Photos Alan Lehman

We have a winner
This past Saturday, 00 lucky Shenandoah River enthusiasts managed to dodge torrential rains to celebrate at the 5th annual Shenandoah River Rodeo with the non-profit Shenandoah Riverkeeper. The Rodeo is actually a name for this all day fishing contest and was started originally over a decade ago. According to tradition, on the morning of the event fishermen and guides receive this years special contest instructions and draw straws for where they will fish on the South Fork that day. Fishermen then depart for the day with their scorecards in hand and hopefully, their lucky bait. After an entire day of fishing they return to the campground in time to join their non-fishing friends for an afternoon of fun. This years fun included bluegrass by Band Uncle Henrys Favorites, line and square dancing, delicious BBQ and swimming. Shenandoah Riverkeeper is a 501(c)(3) which operates out of Boyce, VA. Shenandoah Riverkeeper patrols the river and fights pollu-

The RIVERFEST 1 Committee is sponsoring a Paddle Art Competition to help promote river awareness and RIVERFEST 1. Artists of all ages are encouraged to participate in this exciting opportunity to showcase the Shenandoah River and our local artistic talent. Paddles may be embellished in any matter or medium paint, collage, photography, mosaic, woodburning you get the idea, let your imagination be your guide. You may use one or both sides of the blade of the paddle but only one side of the paddle will be displayed. To pick up your unfinished paddle please bring $0 along with your application (download at, to the Front Royal Visitors Center located at 414 E. Main Street. Accepted forms of payment are cash and checks (made payable to The Shenandoah Riverkeeper). Completed paddles should be returned to the Visitors Center on or before June 15, 01, for judging and display leading up to RIVERFEST 1 on Saturday, August 11, 01. Judging is optional, but we would like to have all the paddles back for display to promote the upcoming RIVERFEST 1. The paddles will be displayed at the

Shenandoah River State Park in Bentonville, VA. All paddles become the property of the Riverfest Committee for fundraising purposes. There are two categories for judging: Students K-1 and Adult. Judging will be coordinated by the Blue Ridge Arts Council. One winner will be chosen in each category and awarded a Deluxe River Trip for 10, including lunch. Please indicate on the registration form if you wish for your paddle to be judged. Entry is limited to 35 paddles so get your paddle soon! The RIVERFEST 1 committee reserves the right not to display any work that is deemed inappropriate. For more information please visit . RIVERFEST 1 will be held on Saturday, August 11, 01, from 10am 4pm at the Shenandoah River, Raymond R. Andy Guest, State Park in Bentonville, VA. RIVERFEST is a free event designed to connect and reacquaint our community with the Shenandoah River. This all day event is free and open to the public and features canoe trips, environmental education displays, games, live wild animal displays, music, food and kids. In 1999, Front Royal was officially named the Canoe Capital of Virginia

The Cutting Edge

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Hair Salon
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633 N. Commerce Ave


Page 10 Warren County Report Late July, 01

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Front Royal Farmers Market hits 2012 at two locations

FR Farmers Market founder Larry Scislowicz set up near the caboose at old location off Main and Chester on a Tuesday.
By Carol Ballard Warren County Report Since June nd, the Front Royal Farmers Market has been open on Saturdays at the Warren County Government Center parking lot. However, the farmers, bakers, tree stewards, crafts persons continue to set up on Tuesdays in downtown Front Royal near the Gazebo in the Village Commons. In its fourth season, it is still wildly successful, with many folks coming to load up on locally grown, pesticide, herbicide and chemical fertilizer-free produce. Dairy products like eggs, milk and cheese, as well as flowers, plants, herbs, soy candles, natural soaps and lotions, locally raised meats and poultry and handmade crafts are again being offered. Right now, plentiful produce includes masses of many kinds of tomatoes, including Beefsteak and popular Heirloom types, summer squash, cucumbers, eggplant, peppers, pole beans; some carrots, corn, sweet and standard onions; herbs, and Swiss Chard. Larry Scislowicz, who founded the market and who owns the On Simple Grounds Farm with his wife Heather, is one of the friendly food growers. His reasons for getting the Market on its feet were also simple. He grew up in Frederick Maryland, but always loved the Blue Ridge and the Appalachians. While hiking a few years back, he discovered Front Royal and was determined to live here. In 009, he bought a two-anda-half-acre farm in Riverton to raise organic food and created the farmers market And, It has worked. Weve de-

Celia Colgazier and some good looking produce from Valley Creekside Farm
veloped a local following after four years and have a customer base, he said. Initially, he approached Downtown Front Royal, a non-profit community development group. And it became the umbrella organization for the market providing help with administration details like getting the proper permits. Their hope was to attract more people to the downtown area because often people dont realize all that can be found on Main Street. The management of the Farmers market formed a committee composed of volunteers to run and initiate more outreach programs and would very much like more volunteers. Strolling through the market is a great way to get to know the vendors-an interesting and friendly group. All of them graciously talk about their farms and backgrounds and make shopping for good food a fun experience. Cecilia Colglazier of Valley Creekside Farm told a story about seeing her chickens being chased by a black bear and is now mourning the loss of her little rooster. She specializes in Heirloom tomatoes, green beans, chard and eggs and also has French shallots, Golden, Detroit Red and sweet Candy-striped Chioggia beets when in season. Judy Strother and Becky Lee Weagle are a mother and daughter farmer team from Mighty Oak Farms. Becky said she started selling tomatoes on the roadside in front of their farm when she was young, to earn money for the movies and has come full-circle after years working in Northern Virginia in the business world. Terry Smith, The Cookie Man is proud of his Blue-Ribbon cookies, pickled beets, Lemon and blueberry/ almond pound cakes and specially created dog treats. And, Id much rather drive a team of horses than a tractor, said Liberty

Farms Mark Wastler, who relies on his Belgian draft horses to be his main power source in the garden. He has eggs, beef and vegetables. Meredith Miller of Little Sugar Naturals, who got a Dare to Dream grant from the Front Royal Womens Resource Center, was being helped out by her young daughter in the booth. William Stevens of Bills Black Earth offers big bags of earthworm castings, which mixed with dirt, perlite or pea gravel are used as fertilizer and mulch, He said they replenish the soil and eventually attract more worms to make it even richer. On Saturday, Tony Tringale of Tonys Apple Farm and Kitchen had delicious samples of his OrangeWalnut cake. He also offers apple dumplings, locally grown organic apples and berries, honey and handpressed organic apple cider. The government center location seems to be working out-people seem to think it is okay, he said, of their new location. I really appreciate the value of organic gardening, to buy locally and fresh. When I was growing up in New York, people ate seasonally. We didnt see corn in winter and food wasnt brought from thousands of miles away. I just think its a great activity for a small town. People can see friends here, and it becomes a

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We offer community service opportunities for those with leadership and managerial skills as part of our current reorganizational efforts. Since 1992, the Warren County affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International has been committed to building decent, safe, affordable housing in partnership with low-income working families in our community. Join us for a discussion of how you can help insure the continued work of this organization at 7pm on Monday, July 30, and/or 7pm on Thurs., Aug. 2, at the Samuels Public Library on Criser Rd. Front Royal. For further information,contact Richard Ziemer, president, (540)465-4853 or Bruce White, (540)635-0415

Front Royal Golf Club brings back the 4-hour round of golf. Its a fun and excellent test of golf youre sure to enjoy. Conveniently located just off I-66 at Exit 6, on Country Club Road in the beautiful and historic Shenandoah Valley. Warren County Residents Discount Warren County residents receive a 10% discount on greens and cart fees. Bring your drivers license or other proof of residency for discount. $20.00/18 holes include cart & green fees, Monday through Thursday after 3:00pm.

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1 p.m at the Warren County Government Center parking lot.. For information, visit or call Larry Scislowicz at 540-635-8413 or email Visit with a link to Facebook Vendors this year are: Cecilia Colglazier of Valley Creekside Farm, Fort Valley; Larry Scislowicz of On Simple Ground Farm, Front Royal; Becky Weagle of Mighty Oak Farms, Stanley; Mark Wastler of Liberty Farm, Bentonville; Terry Smith -The Cookie Man, Front Royal; Billie Clifton of Sunflower Cottage, Middletown; Tony Tringale of Tony Ts Apple Farm & Kitchen, Front Royal; Chuck Arnand of Main Street Bakery, Luray; Bills Black Earth, Front Royal; Bill Stevens of Bills Black Earth; Matt Lander, Justin Carrasco, Chris Dalton of Chilly Hollow Farm, Berryville; Mark Cuppett of Mountain Laurel Montessori Farm School, Flint Hill; Meredith Miller of Little Sugar Naturals, Front Royal; Henry Pickard of Front Royal/Warren County Tree Stewards, Front Royal; Melissa Ricks of Wild Hare Fiber Studio, Blue Ridge Opportunities

You might find entertainment in addition to fresh, local produce. John Kovacs and Friends go old school during a Saturday at the Front Royal Farmers Market.
social thing as well, said Lee Meyer, who describes herself as a loyal customer and volunteer. She does administration work, and is on the Markets committee. She talked about some of the day-to-day issues they face and future plans. This is first year the market management has sponsors-under the downtown FR 501C3 organization-and the money donated is used for signs, web-pages and publicity. The sponsors are: Downtown Front Royal, Inc.; Warren County Farm Bureau; Front Royal Dental Care; Americana Signs; Weathervane Graphics; and Skyline Candle Company. She added that they are work-

Tony Tringale of Tony Ts helps a customer at new Saturday location in WCGC parking lot
ing on implementing electronic card readers so they can take credit cards, as well as EBT cards so people can use food stamps. Many of the tables on both Saturday and Tuesday often look bare two hours after opening, so its suggested that folks get there early. More than 17 vendors are represented at the Market this year, positive proof that people want and appreciate the valur of locally-grown and created food and crafts. Front Royal Farmers Market schedule for this season: Tuesdays - 3 to 6:00 p.m. until Aug. 8 at the Gazebo Commons on Main St. in downtown Front Royal. The Saturday market will last until Oct. 7 and will be open f9:00 a.m. to

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Page 1 Warren County Report Late July, 01

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Questions remain about town marketing position

Mayor admits town was in the dark about current EDA recruitment efforts
fill empty buildings. We have no intention other than help the business of Front Royal. If the business community wants a different approach well take that into consideration, Darr said. Oh, by the way Perhaps the meetings most shocking moment came after the relative merits of the position had been bandied about. The EDAs McDonald told the packed Town Hall Caucus Room that she had some good news to report. She then listed seven business prospects the EDA was currently working with, from a bakery for East Main Street, to a restaurant and auto detailing shop for Chester Street (she said one of those two was hindered by current parking restrictions), to a Steak and Shake to occupy the old Hardees space, to a retailer interested in both Royal Plaza and Gateway Shopping Center locations, to a hotel developer interested in town property, to the Front Royal Diner, which noted was open and had excellent food. Then she added discussions with a commercial developer interested in purchasing an in-town shopping center, which would result in a significant capital investment toward modernization, to her list of recent EDA work to the towns benefit. Cut your nose off McDonald then revisited the story of a Dollar Tree Store owner the EDA

Town Manager Steve Burke, among other town officials, were playing to a tough crowd at times.
By Roger Bianchini Warren County Report On July 18 the Town of Front Royal hosted the fourth quarterly meeting with town business owners and others with a stake in the viability of a successful in-town economic and business environment. Among others represented at the meeting in the caucus room at town hall were the town-county Economic Development Authority, the local Chamber of Commerce and the Warren County government. It did not take long for the topic of a new marketing position the town is pondering at a cost of $50,000 annually to come up. EDA Executive Director Jennifer McDonald, with EDA board Chair Patty Wines at her side, recently blasted council for creating what would be a contracted position she stated would duplicate what the EDA has done and will continue to do in the recruitment of new business to the town. It fell on the shoulders of Town Manager Steve Burke to explain why a now partially-departed council majority felt such a marketing position necessary and why the town is continuing to pursue it. He began by stating the town wasnt trying to create a position to compete with the EDA, which he lauded for doing a good job

National Media Services owner and recent Wayside Theatre LEO award recipient Mike McCool was part of that tough local business crowd. McCool was skeptical that a new marketing staff position would accomplish what the town envisions.
for both the town and county. Burke said the towns intention is to augment recruitment efforts, focusing on smaller independent regional businesses that would compliment existing town business. Burke cited the number of empty store fronts in town, including the historic downtown East Main and Chester Streets area. Valley Finds Antiques owner Kathy Soranzo asked where the town was advertising the position. Burke replied that it had not yet been publicly advertised. Mayor Tim Darr then took the baton. He explained the position is viewed as a two-year pilot program and if found lacking, could be discontinued after the first year. Burke and Darr also later observed that if town business people and organizations thought the money could be better spent in other ways, nothing was yet set in stone. Our idea is to invest in the business community fill vacant buildings. We hear that the town is not business friendly and were working to fix that this position will help us


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Late July, 01 Warren County Report Page 13

To advertise in Warren County Report: Contact Alison at 540-551-07 or Angie Buterakos at - 540-683-9197
was recruiting to an East Main Street location. However, taken downtown for a site visit the owner was told by a downtown business rep that eight of 10 Main Street merchants did not want that kind of business on East Main Street. Bed, Bath & Beyonds Kellie Martin was incredulous, asking if a business that would attract a large amount of foot traffic had really been run out of town. Park Theater and Royal Bowling Alley owner Rich Novak then apologized for not being politically correct, before stating, Whoever said that [about the Dollar Tree] is a moron. On the same page? As the discussion wound down, Mayor Darr admitted, Apparently the EDA has a lot going on we werent aware of now we are. At issue is how such a communications gap between the town and EDA was allowed to develop. And more pointedly, what can be done about it from all sides. Also, how work to improve those communications channels will impact how the town elects to move forward with the $50,000 is has committed to improving the towns ability to recruit new business into a permitting, zoning, code and business environment that is a help, rather than a hindrance to both existing and new businesses. To hire or not to hire? One strong supporter of the independent town business recruiter was former mayor and councilman Stan Brooks. Brooks said the reality of the past decade of increased commercial development on the countys northside, with more looming for the eastside toward Linden, created a competitive and potentially adversarial relationship between the town and county. Ultimately the town will have to work independently to protect its businesses, business environment and ability to recruit new business, Brooks said. This isnt about good people and bad people its the natural sequence of things. I support this position. Put them in charge of all town economic development no offense to the EDA but it wont happen organically. The town first has to take charge of its own future, Brooks said. There is going to be competition between the town and county; hopefully it will be a friendly competition. However, Brooks added that until a new 5 North Corridor revenue sharing agreement was reached, that competition was likely to be hostile. Soranzo asked if the town didnt already have a marketing position. Burke replied that the new Visitors Center Manager has tourism marketing responsibilities and the EDA markets the community as whole. He continued that the town vision is that the new position could be more

proactive in seeking businesses to fill vacancies that would compliment the surrounding businesses. He used recruiting a bakery near other downtown food service business as an example, pointing out, We dont see this as a national recruitment effort, the EDA does that. National Media Services owner Mike McCool said that the position being discussed did not address issues such as code restrictions on parking requirements or limits on what kinds of businesses can locate in the historic district. Youve got to ID the problem first, McCool said, wondering if a marketing person could accomplish that.

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Page 14 Warren County Report Late July, 01

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Fishnet president belabors county over broken promise

Instead of a park, sold property now used as construction staging area
When online, the plant will provide a potential $4-million annual commercial tax revenue stream to the county. Fishnet Ministries maintains 17 acres for its ministry and shares an 1100-foot border with the county land it sold seven years ago. Andes complained that the increasing industrial usage was approved and agreed upon without any contact from county officials to its neighbor from whom the property was purchased. And the increased commercial construction traffic from the site is rubbing this man of God the wrong way. Fishnet Ministries sold this parcel of choice property to the County in good faith that it would be developed into a County Park and now it is quite clear the County has been insensitive toward our good will, generosity, kindness and cooperativeness over the years. As President of Fishnet Ministries, my wife and I are also tax paying County residents living in a nearby community to the Park. We feel insulted, abused and taken advantage of, Andes told the county. After listing six specific concerns, Andes concluded, Finally, we support the extension of Fishnet Blvd for the use of the site as a County

Whats up, guys? Fishnet President Larry Andes asked county officials, you promised us a park and weve got Zachry Construction.
By Roger Bianchini Warren County Report Fishnet Ministries President Larry Andes July 17 appearance at a Warren County Board of Supervisors pubic hearing on a seemingly mundane agenda item a right-of-way extension for Fishnet Boulevard on 19 acres sold by Fishnet to the county in 005 reminded us of a story from an old comedy. In the movie, whose name has floated out of my memory banks, an Italian race car driver in the 4-hour LeMans race rips his rearview mirror off and tosses it out his window. His shocked navigator asks What are you doing?!!? to which the driver replies, What is behind me is not important. And that seems an appropriate metaphor as Andes questioned whether county officials are living up to their end of the contractual agreement to bring the 19 acres of Fishnet property into the county park system as was promised. At issue for Andes is the leasing of a portion of the property and use of Fishnet Boulevard by Dominion

Oops, I know that heads up call to Fishnet was on my honey-do list, County Administrator Doug Stanley may have been thinking. Both Stanley and board Chairman Archie Fox took responsibility for failing to give their neighbor a heads up on temporary use of portions of the old Fishnet property as a Dominion Power construction staging area.
Power contractor Zachry Construction for use as staging and storage area for materials being used to construct the Dominion power plant not far from the new Rockland Road intersection with Route 5/340. It is an estimated $1-billion-plus construction project scheduled to take about two years to complete.

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Late July, 01 Warren County Report Page 15

To advertise in Warren County Report: Contact Alison at 540-551-07 or Angie Buterakos at - 540-683-9197
Park but we are strongly opposed to the industrial activity taking place on Fishnet Blvd. adjoining our ministry site. That scathing appraisal sent county officials scuffling to explain and apologize. Both County Administrator Doug Stanley and Board Chairman Archie Fox took personal responsibility for the failure to keep Andes appraised of county plans for the property. However, Stanley explained that the agreement with Dominion and Zachry on the temporary, if extended industrial use of the property will provide revenue to allow the county to move forward with full development of the property into its park system, including a variety of ball fields and related facilities. Stanley said the lease payments will contribute to $450,000 the county is setting aside for the final development of the property into the park system. Stanley also noted that some park development, mostly trail extensions from the adjacent county-owned golf course, have already been completed. So if somewhat slowly, the property is being developed as a park, with this slight detour into industrial use to help fund that park development. After the board unanimously approved the ROW extension, as he and his wife were leaving, Andes told the media, Of course I accept their apology. It doesnt change what happened but I appreciate their overture of concern. As for the explanation on timeframes, revenue generation and sequence of events to allow the property to finally be fully developed into the county park system, Andes added, I have no comment about that. Fishnet Ministries is a nondenominational, nonprofit organization committed to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ by teaching

Biblical principles to discourage and eliminate substance abuse, alcohol, drugs and destructive behavior, according to its mission statement. Fishnet used to host larger annual events, including two to three-day music festivals devoted to promoting its mission on the property it sold to the county.


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Page 16 Warren County Report Late July, 01

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And ironically it appears the one councilman who seems least comfortable in the political sphere, even considering himself more an anti-politician, won this first political battle of the newly-seated Front Royal Town Council.

Funk breaks vice mayor impasse Parker gets nod

Only Sayre and Tharpe vote against call to move forward in unity
councilman (heads up, Mandy). Our info was that incumbents Tom Sayre, who has been prone to rehearse for the role of mayor at Tim Darrs side over the past year or so, and Hollis Tharpe, a past unsuccessful candidate for mayor, had been maneuvering for that council majority since not too long after the election that saw three new councilmen elected. Pond-Athey-AtheyPond attorney Daryl Funk replaced Tom Conkey, who did not run for re-election. And it would be freshman Councilman Funk who would play the pivotal role in the minor political drama of the evening. Hrbek made three consecutive nominations for vice mayor, of Tom Sayre, Hollis Tharpe and Shae Parker in that order. Parker seemed to emerge as an alternative to the two frontrunners when it appeared neither Sayre nor Tharpe could garner a fourth vote of support. Sayre & a pregnant pause Perhaps unexpectedly, Hrbek began by nominating Sayre, with whom he has not always seen eye to eye from the council dais. About 15 seconds of silence followed before Sayre made eye contact with Funk two seats to his left and nodded. Funk responded by seconded Sayres nomination. With the successive roll calls beginning with the freshman councilman, Funk cast the first vote for Sayre. Hrbek and Parker followed with no votes before Sayres name was called. With Tharpe and Tewalts votes to follow, Sayre hesitated before voting against himself; perhaps anticipating two nos to follow and keeping open the possibility of re-introducing his own name in the event of a council deadlock. So, Sayres nomination was defeated 5-1. First deadlock Hrbek then nominated Tharpe. After a slightly briefer silence, Parker seconded the nomination. Funk, Sayre and Tharpe then cast yes votes; Hrbek, Parker and Tewalt voting no. With a 3-3 tie, Mayor Darr then explained on advice of counsel he would abstain because the vice mayor was supposed to be elected by his peers and that town codes prohibited the mayor from making appointments, which essentially the vice mayors selection is. So, Tharpes nomination failed due to the lack of a majority vote. Second deadlock Hrbek followed with his third

This file photo of Shae Parker is so old he was still sporting his young Robert E. Lee look - maybe hell revisit that look as vice mayor.
By Roger Bianchini Warren County Report The ego game known as selection of the vice mayor of Front Royal made for an interesting show near the conclusion of the first formal meeting of the newly-aligned Front Royal Town Council on July 9. Former Mayor Eugene Tewalt and Vice-Mayor Bret Hrbek were back in the saddle after two-year absences, following defeats in 010. They replaced most recent Vice-Mayor Chris Holloway and Carson Lauder, both defeated in the 01 May election. That the Tewalt-Hrbek for Holloway-Lauder electoral trade could mean a change of council perspective became apparent during councils final business prior to adjourning to a closed session to discuss legal matters. During their previous tenures, Tewalt and Hrbek often found themselves at odds with Holloway and Lauder on a variety of issues. The position of vice mayor carries no special honor or authority other than the responsibility of chairing meetings in the absence of the mayor and of course being first in line for the occasional ribbon-cutting stand in when the mayor cant make those ceremonial appearances. So the personal motivation for weeks of political maneuvering for the necessary votes to become vice mayor is anyones guess. Our money is on ego gratification and that little publicity push of standing in for the mayor during the occasional photo op. After all, its just a word if NOT a heartbeat away from the added prestige of being mayor. The vice mayor doesnt have right of succession should the mayor leave office by hook, crook, choice, illness or death. Town code states that any citizen could be selected by a council majority to become mayor you dont even have to be a sitting


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Late July, 01 Warren County Report Page 17

To advertise in Warren County Report: Contact Alison at 540-551-07 or Angie Buterakos at - 540-683-9197
nomination, this time of Parker. The motion was seconded by Tewalt. This time the vote was Hrbek, Parker, Tewalt for; Funk, Sayre and Tharpe against. Again the mayor abstained and again a nomination failed for lack of a positive majority. Darr then asked for a fourth nomination with no response from council. The mayor indicated he would need time to consult with the town attorney over councils inability to elect a vice mayor. Tiebreaker But as the mayor seemed poised to seek legal guidance on a deadlocked council, Funk made a motion to reconsider the nomination of Parker. Hrbek seconded the motion. Funk then completed an unusually politically astute series of moves by a freshman elected official at his first meeting. Acknowledging his positive votes for Sayre and Tharpe, Funk added, However, I believe we shouldnt start off the year on a divisive note. And I have often agreed with Mr. Parker in the past on very important votes he has taken, killing tax increases and other things I believe are important to the citizens of Front Royal. And thats why I intend to vote yes on the motion to reconsider. As Funk concluded his remarks, Tharpe and Sayre to his immediate right appeared to be swallowing a harsh dose of political medicine. And it apparently didnt go down easy, as both those vice mayors who would have been, cast dissenting votes, apparently disagreeing with Funks call for a final unifying vote to move council forward into its FY 013 session. Tharpes no vote even came after Tewalt cast the fourth and deciding vote for Parker. So Parker was elected 4-, with Sayre and Tharpe dissenting. And in the end it may have been the most logical selection, since past remarks by Parker on procedural issues indicate a detailed grasp of Roberts Rules of Order and other procedural nuances by which council conducts its meeting. And that could come in handy should Vice-Mayor Parker be called upon to chair council in Mayor Darrs absence. And ironically it appears the one councilman who seems least com-

fortable in the political sphere, even considering himself more an anti-politician, won this first political battle of the newly-seated Front Royal Town Council.

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Tyrena Faith Williams

Tyrena Faith Williams, infant daughter of Nicole Williams and Michael Davis of Front Royal, was born Monday morning and passed on Monday night. The funeral will be conducted Saturday at 11 a.m. at Maddox Funeral Home, Front Royal. Burial will follow in Nineveh Presbyterian Church Cemetery.

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Not quite a Connecticut Yankee in King Arthurs Court - but Wayside and Front Royals Theresa McGuirk fools the Brit critics

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Teresa McGuirk as Elyots young, jilted bride Sybil wowed one theater goer with her British accent and presence
The romantic comedy Private Lives by English actor and playwright Noel Coward needed a cast in America that could carry off an upper class English accent without going over the top. Players at the Wayside managed it well. Local Brits Susan OKelly, a Blue Ridge Arts Council board member, and retired journalist Malcolm Barr, Sr., agreed this was so after being invited by Waysides Warner Crocker to review, and, if necessary, critique, one of the plays dress rehearsals. We told them at the end of the rehearsal that, apart from one or two lapses (into American-ese), they had managed the accent splendidly, and were ready to go, Barr said after the opening night of Private Lives last Sunday. Of one cast member, Theresa McGuirk, OKelly and Barr asked of artistic director Crocker where did you get the English actress from? Crocker told the story after a cast party following the opening with the punchline answer, From Front Royal! To the Brits, Theresa looked like a Brit and obviously sounded like one. But so did the other cast members, except one: Leslie Putnam, who was the French maid!



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Page 18 Warren County Report Late July, 01

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Wayside Theatre

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Private Lives takes on a timeless and un-resolvable dilemma

Wayside cast does a stellar job on Cowards treatise on love & passion
Okay, Ive got this one, I assured Malcolm as we settled in for opening night. Three acts and a little over two hours later I had warmed to the task, propelled forward by stellar performances by the four lead actors in an ensemble tour d force. The accelerating pace and wit of the dialogue between a quartet of characters embroiled in the timeless theme of what makes love AND what makes love go wrong or even right for brief shining moments makes this 1930 play a favorite of both actors and audiences over the eight-plus decades since its debut. And I must say, the emotional turnaround of certain characters in the final scene caught me off guard, despite my supposed 1st Century sophistication. So, not to worry about the plays setting among the British upper class of first half the 0th Century, Private Lives still speaks to all who have loved and lost or won, over eight decades after Coward, Gertrude Lawrence, Adrianne Allen and Laurence Olivier first brought it to the London stage. The Wayside cast was superb on opening night and one would only expect them to crawl into their characters with increased comfort and dare I say, passion as the play moves towards its Aug. 11 closing night. Peter Boyer, Thomasin Savaiano, Kevin Grubb, and Theresa McGuirk join an array of actors who have embraced roles in Private Lives over the years, those include Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, Adam Rickman, Maggie Smith and Kim Cattrall and thats just in the roles of Elyot and Amanda. The play revolves around a divorced couple, Elyot and Amanda, superbly brought to life by Boyles and Savaiano, who find themselves on dueling honeymoons in adjacent rooms at a French hotel. Despite assurances of their undying spite and disdain for their former spouses to their new ones, stiff Victor and youthfully simple, yet vivacious Sybil, portrayed as the witless victims to perfection by Grubb and McGuirk, things quickly go south in Act One. Amandas prophetic I cant help but feel this is a little unfortunate and Elyots strange sense of foreboding and pending disaster are on the money. As their new spouses tidy up for dinner and the wedding night, Elyot and Amanda find the erratic passion that both began and ended their marriage is once again drawing them to each other after a five-year separation. After early signs of strain with his new wife, Sybil I hate your sheer wanton stubbornness and Id like to chop your head off with a meat axe and my favorite, If I start giving in to you now are lives will be unbearable, Elyot, like Amanda next door, finds himself alone as Victor and Sybil each seek their own isolated refuge in the hotels first-floor bar and restaurant, respectively. And impetuously and passionately, Elyot and Amanda are off to a Paris retreat to re-consummate their love Will we always bicker and fight? Amanda asks as Act Two begins. No, that too will pass, along with

As estranged couple Elyot and Amanda, Peter Boyer and Thomasin Savaiano are bending over backwards to please audiences in Noel Cowards Private Lives now appearing at Wayside Theatre July 14 through Aug. 11. Call (540) 869-1776 for reservations. All Photography by Westervelt.
By Roger Bianchini Warren County Report How am I going to review this play about marriage and divorce I have no experience with either, I thought as I prepared to view the July 14 opening night performance of Wayside Theatres production of Private Lives by famed British playwright Noel Coward. My attempts to recruit ace reviewer and estranged Brit Malcolm Barr, Sr. were floundering despite his experiences with not only the subject matter, but previous reviews of the play dating back to his early reporting days in his native England Find it, please, I begged Malcolm to hit his boxed archives for that half-century old review. No luck. Besides, Malcolm had a conflict of interest after being recruited, along with Susan OKelly, as English dialogue consultants by Director Warner Crocker.

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Late July, 01 Warren County Report Page 19

To advertise in Warren County Report: Contact Alison at 540-551-07 or Angie Buterakos at - 540-683-9197
Leslie Putnam, Victor and Sybil soon find themselves in an unexpected encounter revolving around relative perceptions and attitudes toward what has happened to them since their respective marriages, as Elyot and Amanda exit stage right to a rousing and deserved ovation. The nature of the beast Director Crocker has chosen some pearls of wisdom on the nature of love and marriage to preface

Wayside Theatre
his comments in the Private Lives program. I would be remiss, not to repeat them: A long marriage is two people trying to dance a duet and two solos at the same time. Anne Taylor Fleming. In the early years, you fight because you dont understand each other. In the later years, you fight because you do. Joan Didion A man in love is incomplete until he has married. Then hes finished. Zsa Zsa Gabor. And finally from an unknown source, the definition of Spouse: someone who will stand by you through all the trouble you wouldnt have had if youd stayed single. For information on the plays schedule and reservations call (540) 869-1776 bring someone you love, or at least used to. And lest I forget, a speical nod to the stage crew for their quick turnarounds between not two, but three acts.

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Spurned honeymooners Sybil (Teresa McGuirk) and Victor (Kevin Grubb) have been driven to drink early in Noel Cowards Private Lives now at Middletowns Wayside Theatre through Aug. 11.
our passion, Elyot surmises. Lets just say that Act Twos love scene between Elyot and Amanda was nearly censored as too risqu on the opinion of British royalty prior the 1930 opening. But that up side of their passion soon reverts to the downside, violent and alcohol-fueled combat. I hate you, Amanda reminds Elyot with a second knee to Elyots groin as they conclude wrecking their apartment overlooking the Eiffel Tower as of all things, Victor and Sybil enter stage right to witness the conclusion of the carnage. Act Three sees the reunited quarter of newlyweds and fugitive divorcees trying to hash things out. Did it ever occur to you that being purposefully flippant covers true embarrassment, Elyot asks an unsympathetic Victor. Nursing his wounds of the previous nights battle, Elyot adds, I will NOT marry Amanda she is a wicked and evil woman! Perhaps fueled by the coffee provided by the plays only other character, the French maid played by

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Page 0 Warren County Report Late July, 01

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Minus the candidate, Romney campaign bus hit East Main Street, Front Royal, around lunchtime on July 9.

Romneys mobile Virginia campaign command post lands in Front Royal

From left, WC Republican Committee members Tony Elar, Susan Consway, Mark Kay Clark, Daryl Funk and Steve Kurtz show their presidential preference.

He was there in spirit - but his body was in Colorado, I was informed. New 18th District state Rep. Mike Webert speaks to locals gathered to show their support for Mitt Romney - Webert joked that he was encroaching on Beverly Sherwoods 29th District, which begins on the northside of East Main Street - the 18th is on the other side of the street.

WC Republican Committee Secretary Mary Kay Clark aboard the Romney space capsule - state of the art, man.

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Late July, 01 Warren County Report Page 1

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Page  Warren County Report Late July, 01

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Pop culture

Fifty Shades... is attracting many (young) women readers in Warren County and the world - but can it be about religion?

Exploring the Fifty Shades phenomena

Rather than mommy porn, can it be about religion and male domination?
familiar with the book, but without much interest in reading it. So, whats this book that the Washington Post headlined as Mommy porn all about anyway? From what I understand, its about male domination of the female sex that is graphically portrayed throughout the book. Bondage and S&M highlight the first of the series. For me, Fifty Shades ... recalled the years-long government ban on D.H. Lawrences Lady Chatterleys Lover and Fanny Hill in the middle of the last century in the U.K. The prohibition placed on these novels, of course, added to their allure, particularly for teen-age boys. A few public libraries in the U.S. have disallowed Fifty Shades... on their shelves. Notably, one county library in Florida banned it, then changed its mind. There has been no announced ban in Front Royal, and none is anticipated. One of my post-graduate friends heading to New York University from Virginia Tech, and aiming at a career in publishing, confirmed that the trilogy definitely doesnt qualify as great literature, but I enjoyed the series and thought the books were entertaining summer reads. She was shocked by the number of people offended by the books (I didnt find any). While they feature numerous sex fetishes (or so they tell me), the genre, she said, is certainly not the first of its kind you can go to any used book store and buy equally trashy mommy porn romance novels. She also said: Theres a difference between a good read and a good book, adding: This is not a good book. A young Front Royal mother of a two-year-old daughter - college graduate and widely read - agreed the books are entertaining. Shes read all three. She was one of six young women in her work area whod read at least one of the volumes. One guy in the age group I wound up canvassing said he was familiar with the trilogy but hadnt read any of the books. Another said he couldnt be less interested and two older guys, one of them an author, had never heard of it. On Main Street last Friday night, I posed my questions (Have you heard of Fifty Shades... and, if so, have you read it?) outside Vino E Formaggio. A woman outside my frame of reference (the 0-40 age group) volunteered that her book club had talked about the books but didnt (yet?) own a copy. The college-age daughter of a well-known town couple said shed just about finished reading all three

By Malcolm Barr Sr. Warren County Report E L James Fifty Shades of Grey and its two companion volumes are outselling fellow Brit J.K. Rowlings Harry Potter series around the world and probably in Front Royal, but dont line up at the Samuels Public Library to grab one - youll be waiting for a year! Librarian Nicky Lynch said there are two copies available of the first of the hot new volumes, but the wait list is approaching 30 and counting. Has she read the book? No, said Lynch, and neither have I. Couldnt get one at the library and missed my chance at the Good Life book shop on Main Street. Meanwhile, a week ago, books # and #3 were arriving, and owner John Yulish was about to order more of Book #1.

How to review a book by only seeing its cover? Difficult, but a few excerpts available on line indicate that this international best seller - unlike the Potter books - is inexcusably poorly written (by a television executive, mother of two, no less) but it has appealed to the masses of those between 0 and 40, mainly women. My informal survey of workplaces, friends, acquaintances, scholars and the hoi polloi indicate that few young women have not read the book(s) and few men - among them old fogies like me and the managing editor of this newspaper (careful, Malcolm - RB) have read it. Some told me they hadnt even heard of it (guilty as charged RB). As I write this, my 7-yearold USAF son in Germany phoned home. Up on most stuff of interest to the younger generation, he was typical of his civilian brethren - vaguely


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Read all issues in their entirety FREE on Quinn suggests that the Fifty Shades phenomena is about religion. Not religion in the conventional sense of the word, but in how we are redefining faith practices today as more and more people, especially women, shun man-made traditions and yet continue to yearn for religious experiences.

Late July, 01 Warren County Report Page 3

Pop culture
that sold more than 10 million copies in just a few weeks. Meanwhile, absent the immediate availability of Fifty Shades of Grey at Samuels Public library, for a REAL racy read I recommend Penguin Publishings updated and expanded - Sex Over 50 by Joel E. Block, PhD. Its well written, too! (In addition to being a contributing writer to Warren County Report, Malcolm Barr, Sr. is a retired journalist and author, and lives in Rockland. Like J.K. Rowling and E L James, he is British by birth.)

volumes and found them terrific. Her mother demurred, saying she hadnt read the book(s). The daughter felt the series was not well written. Meanwhile, last weekends Washington Post paperback best seller (fiction) list has Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, and Fifty Shades Freed, in win, place and show positions respectively. In a June 16 column, veteran Post columnist Sally Quinn wrote: The mystics say you can find God anywhere. I believe many (mostly women over 30) have found him in Fifty Shades of Grey. Explaining the storyline - a chronicle of the relationship between the dominating male - Christian - and a submissive college graduate - Anastasia - Quinn notes that the trilogy has been mulled by many writers who have debated whether this is a setback for women, to be attracted to a submissive relationship, or a breakthrough - to be able to openly read and discuss a book so sexually explicit that it is often referred to in the media

as mommy porn. Quinn suggests, uniquely, that the Fifty Shades phenomena is about religion. Not religion in the conventional sense of the word, but in how we are redefining faith practices today as more and more people, especially women, shun man-made traditions

and yet continue to yearn for religious experiences. Hmmm. As a longtime admirer of journalist Quinn and her husband, former Post editor Ben Bradlee (of Watergate fame), it was her column On Faith that drew my attention to this book

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Page 4 Warren County Report Late July, 01

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As November looms things start to get really WEIRD

Repubs greet a Romney bus; Dems greet the right-wing political fringe
Leo who? Leo refused, became agitated apparently with both Schmookler (for seeking sources) and me (for seeking his identity) and soon left the headquarters, cameraman in tow. After a short pause I followed Leo out and found him being interviewed by his own cameraman a few doors up. I snapped a few photos, which led Leos interview cameraman to start filming me, photographing them. Photos taken, I again approached Leo and asked for a last name. He wont give me his e-mail, so Im not giving you my name, Leo explained. But Im not with him, I gestured back to Dem headquarters and Schmookler, adding, Im a simple reporter. More an ideologue, a third man accompanying Leos group commented. Im sure youd know about ideologues, I retorted, later wishing Id said, Yea, Im an ideologue for truth, justice and the American way, before ripping off my mundane Clark Kent exchange with the Democratic 6th District candidate.

The Grand Opening of WC Democratic campaign headquarters started calmly, with friends and candidates meeting, mingling and chowing down at the food table - umm, food ...
By Roger Bianchini Warren County Report While Republicans had a pretty tame presidential campaign kick off with a visit from the state Romney campaign bus, which local Republican Committee members and 18th District Del Mike Webert greeted on East Main Street near the Gazebo on July 9, Democrats had a different and MUCH weirder experience two days earlier. About a half block up East Main from where the Romney bus would park two days later, Dems gathered on Saturday afternoon for the official opening of their campaign headquarters. Shortly after we arrived to document the opening we overheard a man pointed out to us by staff as the person who stopped by two days earlier to tell campaign staffers that

Say what?!!? 6th District Democratic candidate Andy Schmookler, right, and Linda Allen react to Leo Noble Morton the IIs assertion that President Obama is mandating sterilization of all college age women.
President Obama is a fascist, cornering 6th District Democratic candidate Andy Schmookler. We sidled up to catch a man identifying himself as Leo confronting Schmookler over what he alleged where the U.S. presidents efforts to sterilize all college age women, an apparent take-the-ball-and-runwith-it reference to inclusion of funding for reproductive tube-tying surgery for women as part of affordable health care legislation (Leo and others of his extremist political mindset apparently have a difficult time processing the concept of choice versus must on a number of medical and social fronts). Schmookler responded by asking for his source on such a notion as forced sterilization, leading to a pregnant pause during which I asked Leo for his last name so I could accurately attribute his part of the

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Warren County Report

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Late July, 01 Warren County Report Page 5

To advertise in Warren County Report: Contact Alison at 540-551-07 or Angie Buterakos at - 540-683-9197
program of college-age girls, as well as other right-wing religious fantasyland notions like euthanizing grandmothers and cutting $500-billion from Medicare (see photos). We later caught a shot of Leo retreating, placards under arm, into the comforting womb of the Faithful and True store at the west end of the block. We also caught a shot of Front Royal Mayor Tim Darr reading an article posted in the window of Faithful and True urging people NOT to be conned into being organ donors because someone probably Obama and the Democrats are harvesting organs from non-fatally injured and living human subjects. Apparently from the worldview of one downtown business, it isnt BIG oil or BIG banking or BIG health insurance corporate power we have to fear, but rather BIG organ harvesting capitalists (I saw that movie about 30 years ago, it was called Coma). And as weird as all the above was, the weirdness was FAR from over. Showing your ass and your child After having been unhappily distracted from schmoozing candidate Schmookler and other Dems at the pleasantly stocked food table for actual work on what I assumed would

be a fluff Saturday afternoon assignment, I retreated inside toward the snacks. Shortly I heard Democratic pollster and blogger Ben Tribbett of the Not Larry Sabato blog address the potential impact of new voter ID laws and state Senator Adam Ebbin further rally the troops leading up to remarks from Schmookler, who is challenging Republican incum-

And then there was the protective mom and her politically-precocious 13 year old peek a boo, I see you.
reporters shirt to reveal my Superman logo beneath. But instead, I played it cool and not quite as quick as I was 60 seconds after the fact. Anyway, I later got some additional shots of Leo flashing some placards alleging all kinds of horrible liberal fascist things, including the aforementioned forced sterilization




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Page 6 Warren County Report Late July, 01

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To advertise in Warren County Report: Contact Alison at 540-551-07 or Angie Buterakos at - 540-683-9197
What a good Catholic mother, a Catholic friend later commented upon hearing the story. No trespass notice After what was apparently Leos later identified as Leo Noble Morton II third or fourth confrontational visit to Democratic headquarters, filming cameraman in tow, the local Democratic Committee filed a No Trespass notice against Leo Noble Morton II. A similar notice would likely be filed against the woman who brought her daughter to the July 7 event, but staff have yet to find out that womans name. For his part, besides handling his space invaders with diplomacy, he called for U.S. Congressional campaigns marked by more factual information, instead of partisan spindoctoring (see Schmookler letter to editor on R-6th incumbent Bob Goodlattes letter to constituents regarding the Affordable Care Act). What chance does a Democrat suggesting more truth in politicking have in rural, central Virginia ? I dont know, you tell me.

Glad thats over, candidate Schmookler may have been thinking, along with supporters, from left, Sandy Wilson, Tina Hobson, and committee Chair Molly Snyder.
bent Bob Goodlatte. The winner will become our U.S. Congressional representative, replacing Frank Wolf, whose 10th District we have been gerrymandered out of. Schmookler made a rousing liberal, dare I say even a progressive speech. Schmookler revisited a theme he has brought to the media (see letter elsewhere in this issue) in his campaign, asserting a little truth in the political dialogue might be a nice change of pace for Goodlatte and other Congressional Republicans this election cycle. His off-the-cuff remarks done, Schmookler began a Q & A. First up was what appeared to be a young woman of perhaps 16 to 18 years old. She had been sitting quietly with another older woman throughout the social time. She first asked if Goodlatte wasnt being inconsistent in citing Republicans as fighting to implement a partisan ideology, while saying he would fight to change the current House status quo of partisanship over the general good. Schmookler reiterated his point about a crisis of not only politics, but of the spirit and democratic ideals of compromise for the general welfare. The girls second question alleged a statement of the president that he wouldnt want to burden his daughters with children. Didnt such a sentiment threaten the lives of future generations of unborn Americans, the girl asked? Schmookler replied that he couldnt respond to a purported statement attributed to someone else. Others present asked if the supposed quote wasnt being taken out of context or if it was an actual quote (we looked online and could find nothing comparable on either conservative or liberal websites)? An escalating pro-life harangue began with the second woman picking up the fight with the candidate. The women were directly behind me and turned to take some photos of those involved in the exchange as I had with Leo. The younger girl, now seated, lifted her hand over her face. The second, older woman (estimate late 30s, early 40s), now standing, told me I couldnt take pictures of her gesturing to her right, because she was a 13-year-old minor and her daughter. I kept my camera pointed, feeling pretty confident that minor or not, if you come to a public meeting and become involved in a public debate with a political candidate you are fair game for media attention and photos. The suddenly protective mother then stepped in front of her daughter as my cameras dying battery finally charged the flash and I got my first shot of the duo the daughters eye can be seen behind her mothers cocked elbow (see photo). The standing woman then turned her back to me, I was seated, put her ass in front of the camera and said, Take a picture of this.

Oh, its not?!!? Leo sets up across the street with messages from the dark side.
Unfortunately my flash hadnt yet recharged and I missed that golden photo op. Finally mom, daughter in tow, stormed out of the Democratic headquarters. Call the cops in Two days later after the July 9 town council meeting, I learned from FRPD, Chief Furr and Captain Werner, that following her exit the woman had headed straight up Main Street to nearby FRPD headquarters. There she attempted to get the duty officer to send a unit down to the Democratic headquarters to seize my camera. She said there were some weird guys (plural) taking photos of her underage daughter at the Democratic headquarters, Furr and Werner told me. She was informed that there was nothing in her statement that police could respond to. Unhappy with the duty officers appraisal of the situation the woman pressed her point. So the duty officer called Commonwealths Attorney Brian Madden, who confirmed there were no grounds to seize someones camera (weird guys or even weird medias) under the circumstance described. Madden confirmed that call and reply; and along with Sheriff McEathron during the Romney bus stop earlier that day confirmed that under the circumstance of a child participating in a public meeting, photos could, in fact, be taken and published.

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Late July, 01 Warren County Report Page 7

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Kid at heart named Rotarian of the Year in Linden

get ahead with their studies, while including sports and other extracurricular activities in their student lives. He encourages and directs these children to give back to their communities. In his current incarnation as a Linden Rotarian those efforts include Rotary International programs such as middle and high school Interact organizations that fight to eradicate polio or hunger worldwide. Locally, he heads a group of youngsters from R-MA whose job is to help keep the Town of Front Royal clean and tidy, in this case adopting nearby Kendrick Lane and picking up litter each week. An ordained Anglican minister, Williams, until three years ago, spent 15 consecutive summers at Camp Alkulana near Richmond, counseling inner-city and other children aged 9-15. At R-MA, he provides professional and pastoral support to dormitory staff, though he is best known, and even loved, for his disciplinary counseling to students who run into trouble on campus or elsewhere. In so doing, he developed and implemented the academys first residential life program and curriculum nine years ago. He mentors students in academics, social well being, and personal life issues. In sports, he is the academys swimming coach. Born in Winchester and proud of it, Williams is self-deprecating in describing his daily life both on the job, and outside in the local community. He uses his enthusiasm for chess by leading a group of middle schoolers from R-MA each week to a session with pupils at the E. Wilson Morrison Elementary School, using the board game as a tool to improve attitudes and thinking skills. As a faculty member at R-MA, he has taught religion since 008 and is currently teaching about world religions during the middle school summer program. From 006-010, he led an on-going international exchange program including students from R-MA and Queen Elizabeths Grammar School in the UK, involving educational, cultural and social activities. As a Rotarian, he says he does most everything asked of him, but most especially those tasks that involve kids in the community. He relates to the children as an adult who has never grown up and plans to continue to do so. Of his award, he said he was surprised and humbled.

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Linden Rotarian of the Year Michael Williams shares his award, presented by Rotary Club President Lee Ruddle (right), with his family, wife Sherry and son Alan, 10. Photo by Cindy Rodney
By Malcolm Barr Sr. Warren County Report A self-described kid at heart, 46-year-old Michael Williams this month was named Rotarian of the Year by members of Linden Rotary Club. Williams, completing his 15th year on the staff of Randolph-Macon Academy, received the award from President Lee Ruddle in only his third year as a Rotarian. R-MAs director of student life has focused much of his adulthood on improving the lives of children in need or mentoring more fortunate kids who need special attention to

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This month, J. Daniel Pond III succeeded Betsy Blauvelt as president of the Rotary Club of Front Royal. Pond, 38, is pictured here with his infant son, Sawyer, just before receiving the gavel of office. Photo by Malcolm Barr, Sr.

(540) 636-7369

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Page 8 Warren County Report Late July, 01

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Teddy Dewayne Morrow The Warren County Va. Circuit Court Grand Jury charges that on or about December 18, 2011, in the County of Warren, Teddy Dewayne Morrow, 36, of 107 Springhill Rd., Stafford, VA 22554, did unlawfully and feloniously take, steal and drive away a 1997 Ford F150 pickup truck belonging to Michael Showers, with a value of $200.00 or more.

To advertise in Warren County Report: Contact Alison at 540-551-07 or Angie Buterakos at - 540-683-9197
Tera Deigh Santmyers The Warren County Va. Circuit Court Grand Jury charges Tera Deigh Santmyers, 35, of 1018 Stuart Dr., Front Royal, VA 22630, with six counts of unlawful and felonious, wrongful and fraudulent use, disposal , concealment or embezzlement of property belonging to Castiglias Italian Eatery, with a value of $200 or more, which she had received for the benefit of said Castiglias Italian Eatery, by virtue of her fiduciary respon-sibilities, in violation of Section 18.2-111 of the Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended. Dates of the offenses range from Dec. 29, 2008 to Jan. 2, 2012.

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Late July, 01 Warren County Report Page 9

To advertise in Warren County Report: Contact Alison at 540-551-07 or Angie Buterakos at - 540-683-9197
Donald Victor Foster The Warren County Va. Circuit Court Grand Jury charges in the County of Warren, Donald Victor Foster, (Age and address information not available) with three counts of unlawful and felonious distribution of a Schedule II controlled substance, to-wit: Cocaine. Dates of the offenses are on or about March 28, 2012, April 4, 2012, and April 24, 2012 William Roy Foster The Warren County Va. Circuit Court Grand Jury charges that on or about February 7, 2012, in the County of Warren, William Roy Foster, of unknown age and address, did unlawfully and feloniously distribute a Schedule II controlled substance, to-wit: Cocaine. Helen Renee Gue The Warren County Va. Circuit Court Grand Jury charges that on or about December 21, 2011, in the County of Warren, Helen Renee Gue, 41, of 1175 Fairfax St., Stephens City, VA 22655, with the intent to defraud, did unlawfully and feloniously obtain by false pretenses or token, United States Currency, having a value of $200.00 or more, belonging to Russell S. Riley. Misty Mae Hamm

Hamm, 32, of 61 Hamms Rocky Lane, Front Royal, VA 22630, did unlawfully and feloniously drive or operate a motor vehicle during the time for which she was deprived of her right to do so because of a prior conviction for Driving While Intoxicated or a similar offense

The Warren County Va. Circuit Court Grand Jury charges that on or about March 18, 2012, in the County of Warren, Misty Mae


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Page 30 Warren County Report Late July, 01

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under any county, city or town ordinance. The accused committed this offense after having committed two prior violations during a period of ten years prior to the date of the current offense. Richard Earl Layman, Jr. The Warren County Va. Circuit Court Grand Jury charges that

To advertise in Warren County Report: Contact Alison at 540-551-07 or Angie Buterakos at - 540-683-9197
on or about March 8, 2012, in the County of Warren, Richard Earl Layman, Jr. 30, of 542 Lower Valley Rd., Strasburg, VA 22657, did unlawfully and feloniously possess a Schedule II controlled substance, to-wit: Oxycodone. Raeford Anthony Marshall The Warren County Va. Circuit Court Grand Jury charges that on or about February 4, 2012, in the County of Warren, Raeford Anthony Marshall, 29, of 6810 Highview Terrace, # 304, Prince Georges, MD 20782, did unlawfully and feloniously possess a Schedule II controlled substance, to-wit: Cocaine. Hope Margaret Dix The Warren County Va. Circuit Court Grand Jury charges that on or about May 2, 2012, in the County of Warren, Hope Margaret Dix, 24, of 9 Mechanic St., Luray, VA 22835, did unlawfully and feloniously, with the intention of converting goods or merchandise to her own use without having paid


Bear Hill Bluegrass

Sat. July 28
6 8 PM

Reliance Woods
dB ture uilde ea

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oncert! C Next August 25th

Just 4 Fun

Two Fat Butchers with Barbecue Jennerations Hair Salon doing Hair Tinsels! Miscellaneous Vendors

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Connie Smallwood 540.551.2162

Located in the grassy area in front of the Shopping Center. FREE to the public and Family friendly. No Alcohol allowed. Bring your own lawn chairs or blankets and plan on a relaxing family night of entertainment.
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the full purchase price thereof, willfully conceal the goods or merchandise of Walmart, with a value of $200.00 or more. Mary Jo Smith The Warren County Va. Circuit Court Grand Jury charges that on or about May 2, 2012, in the County of Warren, Mary Jo Smith, 41, of 6 W. Old Barn Rd., Luray, VA 22835, did unlawfully and feloniously, with the intention of converting goods or merchandise to her own use without having paid the full purchase price thereof, willfully conceal the goods or merchandise of Walmart, with a value of $200.00 or more. Michael Andrew Harris The Warren County Va. Circuit Court Grand Jury charges that on or about April 30, 2012, in the County of Warren, Michael Andrew Harris, 27, of 724 Warren Ave. Ave., Front Royal, VA 22630, did unlawfully and feloniously, with the intention of converting goods or merchandise to his own use without having paid the full purchase price thereof, willfully conceal the goods or merchandise of Kmart, having previously been

convicted of larceny or an offense deemed as larceny two or more times. Denise Marie Breeden The Warren County Va. Circuit Court Grand Jury charges that: COUNT 1: On or about December 6, 2011, in the County of Warren, Denise Marie Breeden, of unknown age and address, did by force threat or intimidation, or deception and without legal justification or excuse, seize, take, transport, or detain, the person of Mae

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Spacious 3 bed, 1.5 bath on large corner lot. Fenced yard. Detaced 2 car garage, large family room and large eat-in kitchen. Must see inside!
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Allstate of Stephens City 228 Elizabeth Drive (Beside Martins)



Listing Agent: Sam Snead

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Crouch, with intent to deprive her of her personal liberty. COUNT 2: On or about December 6, 2011, in the County of Warren, Denise Marie Breeden did unlawfully and feloniously cause bodily injury to Mae Crouch, a family or household member, with the intent to maim, disfigure, disable, or kill. Derrick Anthony Minor The Warren County Va. Circuit Court Grand Jury charges that on or about May 16, 2012, in the County of Warren, Derrick Anthony Minor 35, of 349 Blue Ridge Ave #8, Front Royal, VA 22630, did unlawfully and feloniously take, steal, and carry away the goods and chattels belonging to Kmart, having a value of less than $200.00, the accused having twice or more before been convicted for an offense deemed to be larceny.

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John Edward Burge The Warren County Va. Circuit Court Grand Jury charges that: COUNT 1 Having been determined to be or adjudged a Habitual Offender, and having previously been convicted of Driving While a Habitual Offender, on or about May 3, 2012, in the County of Warren, John Edward Burge, 61, of 3883 Winchester Pike #3, Front Royal, VA 22630, did unlawfully and feloniously drive on a public highway a motor vehicle or self-propelled machinery. COUNT 2 On or about May 3, 2012, in the County of Warren, John Edward Burge did knowingly, intentionally and feloniously possess controlled substance listed in Schedule II of the Drug Control Act, to-wit: Oxycodone. Ashley Dawn Cameron The Warren County Va. Circuit Court Grand Jury charges that: COUNT 1 Between April 11, 2011 through July 13, 2011 in the County of Warren, Ashley Dawn Cameron, of unknown age and address, did unlawfully and feloniously, wrongfully and fraudulently use, dispose of, conceal or embezzle property belonging to David Dill Concrete, Inc., with a value of $200.00 or more, which she had received for the benefit of said David Dill Concrete, Inc., by virtue of her fiduciary responsibilities. COUNT 2: Between July 13, 2011 through August 11, 2011 in the County of Warren, Ashley Dawn Cameron did unlawfully and feloniously, wrongfully and fraudulently use, dispose of, conceal or embezzle property belonging to David Dill Concrete, Inc., with a value of $200.00 or more, which she had received for the benefit of said David Dill Concrete, Inc., by virtue of her fiduciary responsibilities.

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By Samantha Weaver
It was German-American painter and lithographer Herm Albright who made the following sage observation: A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort. Its well-known that there were shortages of many items during World War II and caffeine was one. It was such a problem, in fact, that the chemists at Coca-Cola tried to find a substitute, even experimenting with a derivative of bat guano. The idea was nixed by an executive who was afraid of the public backlash if the truth ever came out. Just as a group of birds is called a flock, a group of frogs is called an army. Ever wonder why a barber pole has red and white stripes? Its a rather grisly tale. At one time barbers did more than cut hair; they sometimes performed marriages and baptisms, served as dentists and even performed surgery. When engaged in the medical work, any excess blood was soaked up by white towels, which were often hung up on a pole outside to dry. As the wind wrapped the towel around the pole, it created a design of red and white stripes. The 1982 film Gandhi, which was awarded eight Oscars, including the one for best picture, used a whopping 300,000 extras. Toilet paper was first introduced in the United States in 1857, but the idea didnt take off the paper being offered was evidently too much like the paper in the Sears catalog, which is what most people used at the time. The most popular perfume in the world is Chanel No. 5. *** Thought for the Day: Always forgive your enemies, but never forget their names. Robert Kennedy
2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

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Friday, July 20, 2012 All day Forecast for 22630 82 | 63 pm - 5pm Vino E Formaggio Wine Tasting. 14 E. Main Street. Always Free, Always Fun! (540) 635-81. 3pm - 11pm Firemans Carnival. Crosby Road, Front Royal. Enjoy the Annual Front Royal Firemans Carnival tonight through July 1. The Carnival is located near the Bing Crosby Stadium on Crosby Road and 8th Street. 7pm - 8pm Gazebo Gatherings. Main Street, Front Royal. Tonight is a FREE concert at the Gazebo located at Main/Chester Street. Sponsored by the Blue Ridge Arts Council (BRAC) for your summer entertainment. Tonight is: Intrepid Jazz - contemporary, yet timeless acoustical jazz. Saturday, July 21, 2012 All day Forecast for 22630 77 | 64 8am - 4pm Warren County Fair Flea Market. Warren County Fairgrounds. For more information: (540) 635-587 9am - 1pm Farmers Market. Warren County Government Center, Front Royal. Enjoy the Farmers Market today. 11am - 12pm Samuels Public Library, Front Royal. Kooky Chef Cook Through Time featuring King Arthurs Feast: Medieval Cookery - Join in celebrating all things medieval. Try unusual ingredients commonly used over 500 years ago. Enjoy recipes that you probably have never tasted. For ages 8 and up. Please register 3pm - 11pm Firemans Carnival. Crosby Road, Front Royal. Enjoy the Annual Front Royal Firemans Carnival tonight through July 1. The Carnival is located near the Bing Crosby Stadium on Crosby Road and 8th Street. 5pm - 9pm Cruise Inn. Quality Inn, Front Royal. Enjoy a car show this weekend. Sunday, July 22, 2012 All day Forecast for 22630 82 | 68 Monday, July 23, 2012 7pm - 8pm Council Meeting. County of Warren Government Center. Tuesday July 24, 2012 12:30pm - 1pm Tourism Tuesdays. 95.3 - the River radio station. Hear the latest tourism related news and events every Tuesday at 1:30! If you cant listen live check out the podcasts at 3pm - 6pm Farmers Market. Main Street, Front Royal. Enjoy the Farmers Market today near the Gazebo Parking lot. Wednesday July 25, 2012 10:15am - 11:15am Samuels Public Library, Front Royal. Its Toddler Story Time. Bring your toddler to a potpourri of simple stories, fun songs and a cute craft. Theme: Bedtime. 11am - 12pm Samuels Public Library, Front Royal Its Preschool Story Time. Come in with your preschooler for an enjoyable hour filled with amazing tales, exciting singalongs, finger plays and a nifty craft. Theme: Bedtime. 3pm - 4pm Samuels Public Library, Front Royal. EDGAR ALLAN POE COME ALIVE!! As if back from the dead .... Edgar Allen Poe comes alive. Do you like being scared? If so, join Scott Craig Jone in this horrifying portrayal of Poes best stories and poems. For ages 8 and up. Thursday, July 26, 2012 10:15am - 11:15am Samuels Public Library, Front Royal. Its Toddler Story Time. Bring your toddler to a potpourri of simple stories, fun songs and a cute craft. Theme: Bedtime. 11am - 12pm Samuels Public Library, Front Royal. Its Preschool Story Time. Come in with your preschooler for an enjoyable hour filled with amazing tales, exciting singalongs, finger plays and a nifty craft. Theme: Bedtime. 3:30pm - 4:30pm Samuels Public Library, Front Royal. Its Big Kids Story Time for Kindergarten and up. Do you enjoy stories, games and really cool crafts? Today come in and join
Beth Medved Waller, Inc
Elizabeth B. Smerman Child Development Center
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Be a Junior Ranger!
Andy Guest/Shenandoah River State Park Junior Ranger Day Camp for children 7 - 12. The Monday through Thursday program will be held July 23-26, 2012 and repeat July 30 to August 2. Sessions run from 9 am to 12 noon. Except in severe weather, activities will be outdoors and will move around the Park. This year campers will study the history, people and wild life of the area; learn basic outdoor skills; spend time rafting on the river; and look at rocks that talk. There is a $10 registration fee.

To register your child, call the Park at 540-622-6840

This program is run by the Friends of Shenandoah River State Park

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in on a Princess Tale. 4pm - 5pm Anti-Litter Council Mtg. Warren County Government Center. Friday, July 27, 2012 2pm - 3pm Samuels Public Library, Front Royal. A Call to Arms Come one, Come all!! Have you ever wondered what life was like for a knight in shining armor? Join us to explore medieval life and traditions, and check out a display of weapons and armor of the times. Presented by Medieval Fantasies Co. For the whole family. 7pm - 10pm Front Porch Style Pickin Party. Warren County Senior Center, 117 Commonwealth Ave. All levels of talent are welcome. Acoustic instruments only. 7pm - 8pm Gazebo Gatherings. Main Street, Front Royal. Tonight is a FREE concert at the Gazebo located at Main/Chester Street. Sponsored by the Blue Ridge Arts Council (BRAC) for your summer entertainment. Tonight is: Troy and Paula Haag - great song writing, mighty fine acoustic picking and close, tight harmony singing. Saturday, July 28, 2012 8am - 11am 5K Race for Liberty. Main Street, Front Royal. Today is the Warren County Ten Republicans 4th Annual 5K Race for Liberty. It begins and ends at the Gazebo located at Main and Chester Streets in Downtown Front Royal. 9am - 1pm Farmers Market. Warren County Government Center, Front Royal. Enjoy the Farmers Market today. 11am - 12pm Samuels Public Library, Front Royal. SIT AND STITCH: Grab a hook, pick up your needles and join in knitting and crocheting an assortment of fashions while chatting. For ages 9 and up. Please register. 2pm - 3pm Samuels Public Library, Front Royal. MANGA MEET UP:

To advertise in Warren County Report: Contact Alison at 540-551-07 or Angie Buterakos at - 540-683-9197
Do you like Japanese-style comics and Anime? If so, meet up with fellow fans and discuss your favorite series, movies and more. Age 10 and up. Please register. 6pm - 8pm Summer Concert. Royal Plaza Shopping Center, Front Royal. Enjoy a FREE Summer Concert Series on the grass of the Royal Plaza Shopping Center. No pets or alcohol allowed. Bring your own food/ drink/ lawn chair and enjoy the sounds of Bear Hill Blue Grass. Sponsored by Royal Plaza Association. Tuesday, July 31, 2012 12:30pm - 1pm Tourism Tuesdays. 95.3 - the River radio station. Hear the latest tourism related news and events every Tuesday at 1:30! If you cant listen live check out the podcasts at 3pm - 6pm Farmers Market. Main Street, Front Royal. Enjoy the Farmers Market today near the Gazebo Parking lot. Wednesday, August 1, 2012 8:30am - 9:30am Small Business Committee. Chamber Office. 12:30pm - 1pm Warren County Business On The River 95.3. Thursday, August 2, 2012 9am - 10am Tourism Committee. Chamber Office. 3:30pm - 4:30pm Samuels Public Library, Front Royal. Family Story Time Do you enjoy stories, games and really cool crafts? Do you want to learn about dragons? If so join in!! For all ages. Friday, August 3, 2012 1:30pm - 2:30pm Education Committee. Chamber Office. 7pm - 8pm Gazebo Gatherings. Main Street, Front Royal. Tonight is a FREE concert at the Gazebo located at Main/Chester Street. Sponsored by the Blue Ridge Arts Council

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Warren County Report

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To advertise in Warren County Report: Contact Alison at 540-551-07 or Angie Buterakos at - 540-683-9197
(BRAC) for your summer entertainment. Tonight is: Vinyl Tracks - old friends, new name-masterful mix of 60s, 70s, 80s music (formerly Glass Onion, The 8 Tracks) Saturday, August 4, 2012 9am - 1pm Farmers Market. Warren County Government Center, Front Royal. Enjoy the Farmers Market today. 1pm - 2pm Library Event. Samuels Public Library, Front Royal. TEEN SPOOKY SATURDAYS. Its movie time!! Prepare to be scared with I Am Legend. Popcorn served. Ages 13 and up. 2pm - 6pm Annual Car Show. 15 S. Royal Ave, Front Royal. Today is Jack Evans Chevrolets Annual Car
Show. Enjoy classic vehicles, live entertainment and refreshments. Food/ refreshments benefit the Front Royal Softball Association. 5pm - 9pm Cruise Inn. Quality Inn, Front Royal. Enjoy a car show this weekend.

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Warren County Report

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Public safety

After the Lansing , Michigan incidents Jane Doe [came] to the conclusion that her spiritual counselor and exorcists treatment was illegal, inappropriate, outrageous, harmful and completely contrary to the dictates of her understanding of Roman Catholic beliefs and practices.

An ugly picture of the exorcism rites of a rogue priest

By Roger Bianchini Warren County Report Until the June 19 filing of a civil suit in the name of Jane Doe against Human Life International and the Catholic Diocese of Arlington, details of the alleged sexual abuse committed by former HLI President Father Thomas Euteneuer in his spiritual ministries and exorcism rituals, often conducted at HLI headquarters, were a matter of supposition. Now a horrifying pattern of physical, sexual and psychological abuse is a part of the public record. It is not a pretty picture and we advise those with a low tolerance for graphic detail and younger readers not to continue, but get an overview of the $3.35-million lawsuit from the story in our previous issue, also available online at The devil in who? The lawsuit states Jane Doe first sought spiritual counseling from Euteneuer on Feb. 7, 008. That the priests spiritual help soon included mild sexual touching and hugging as early as March 008 is alleged, as is Euteneuer telling Jane Doe in April 008 that he had received permission from the Diocese to perform the rite of exorcism on behalf of the Plaintiff (the rite of exorcism assumes behavioral disorders are caused by possession by demonic spirits in league with Satan, perhaps by Satan himself ). Euteneuers moves on the devils supposedly inside his spiritual client then got more aggressive, according to the complaint. On or about April 11, 008, after a particularly difficult meeting, Euteneuer began to hug the Plaintiff while saying I wish I could go a lot further. He carried the Plaintiff into a guest residence bedroom at HLI and HLIE, laid her on a bed, embraced her, touched her under her bra, and attempted to touch her under her underclothes, which the Plaintiff stopped. Euteneuer spent the entire night in bed with the Plaintiff. But the man once described as the rock star of the pro-life movement was just getting started according to the complaint: During the following weeks, during every meeting, Euteneuer became progressively persistent in touching the Plaintiff inappropriately. He kissed the corners of her mouth; stroked her legs, breasts and things, caressed her face; laid his body on top of hers; and frequently explained full, passionate kisses as blowing the Holy Spirit into her. Talk about the excesses of rock stars. Six specific occasions between April 008 and June 010 are also cited in which the priest directed the Plaintiff to undress; touched and kissed the Plaintiff on all parts of her body; and digitally (finger) penetrated the Plaintiff s vagina and directed the Plaintiff to touch his penis. Burn, baby, burn In June 009 Jane Doe told Euteneuer she had kept a journal of her time with him. At that time he convinced her to give it to him for safekeeping while she was on a family trip to Hawaii. When she returned and asked for it back, the priest told her he burned it because it would scandalize the public and harm HLI. When the priest initially refused to give the journal back, Jane Doe complained to Arlington Diocese officials but did not follow up after being told it had been destroyed. Things came to a head during a June 010 conference in Lansing, Michigan, where Father Euteneuer was representing HLI. Euteneuer invited Jane Doe, whom he had gotten hired as a fulltime HLI employee in March 010, to his room to pray over her. According to the complaint, following those prayers the exorcist priest and rock star of the prolife movement removed Jane Does clothes and re-engaged in sexual touching and digital sexual penetration, penetration the complaint alleges got increasingly rough. After the Lansing, Michigan incidents Jane Doe reached a cathartic moment, coming to the conclusion her complaint states, that her spiritual counselor and exorcists treatment was illegal, inappropriate, outrageous, harmful and completely contrary to the dictates of her understanding of Roman Catholic beliefs and practices. On July 7, 010, the lawsuit states Doe took her story to Father Creegan of the Catholic Diocese of Arlington, and gave him a detailed description of the history of her relationship with Euteneuer. Despite the information given to the Defendants, Euteneuer remained at HLI and HLIE for over two months. As reported above, Euteneuers unexplained departure from his job as president of HLI was announced about seven weeks later on Aug. 7, 010. And, according to the complaint, during this lag time, after an initial period of no contact with Doe, during which time she became increasingly distressed, confused and even suicidal, Euteneuer reinstituted his spiritual counseling of her earlier in the month he was eventually removed from HLI by Palm Beach Diocese Bishop Gerald Barbarito. Those August 010 ministries allegedly included more sexual touching of Doe, but now in what the complaint describes as an increasingly rude and angry way causing her not only emotional and spiritual, but increased physical pain as well. Crime & punishment? The week after the Euteneuer sexorcism story originally went national with the Huffington Posts February 011 posting of an early online version of our Feb. 4, 011 lead story, we asked Warren County Commonwealths Attorney Brian Madden about the potential of criminal prosecution for Euteneuers admitted imprudent decisions violating the boundaries of chastity. Madden pointed out that from his legal perspective, whether such a public confession of lapses of professional and ethical behavioral standards was made by a priest or a medical professional made absolutely no difference. He also explained that even during investigations of criminal complaints, it is sometimes determined that the behavior described, while unpleasant by some social or personal standards, may not qualify as criminal in nature. Perhaps due to concerns over a public trials impact on what the lawsuit narrative portrays as an unstable, fragile and vulnerable victim, it now appears a civil jury will be first asked to decide if Euteneuers behavior was more than simply morally reprehensible, and whether organizational superiors or church officials are civilly liable for that behavior. Madden told us while there is generally no statute of limitations on felony criminal charges, there is a oneyear limit on most misdemeanors. Online debate According to both Madden and FRPD Chief Richard Furr, no criminal investigation related to Euteneuers admission of imprudent decisions violating the bounds of chastity has yet to occur in the Front Royal, Warren County jurisdiction in which much of it is alleged to have occurred. That contradicts a post included in an extensive online debate on Euteneuers behavior, admitted or alleged, that has occurred on our website over the two weeks after our initial lawsuit story was posted. What appears to be the priests lone, certainly most vehement online supporter, has attacked Jane Doe personally and assured everyone the woman under Euteneuers spiritual care was at fault for any indiscretions, not the priest, no matter what he has admitted to. On July 11, 01 at 1:0 p.m. a person posting online as waitfortruth concluded a personally-tinged message, stating, For your further information, the case has already been reviewed in a legal setting and determined that in fact no crime (meaning no sexual assault) happened. That statement came after this opening, Uh, the point Ms. Knowit-all is that you claim he is receiving intensive counseling. My attempt to point you towards checking the facts was to correct your assertion. What can I say, you can only work with the brain God gave you I have to lower my expectations for you. As for expectations, we can only say that Ms. waitfortruth, who at times comes across like a jealous, spurned lover, has not posted truth as far a conclusion by any law enforcement agency empowered to investigate the potential criminality of any admitted or alleged behavior of Euteneuer that may have occurred in Front Royal at HLI headquarters. Both Madden and Furr noted there is not likely to be a criminal investigation unless a criminal complaint is filed by someone, one would assume the victim. Thus far no such complaint has been filed. Madden also said it would be highly unusual for any outside law enforcement agency to conduct such an investigation without his knowledge. And if you know different, waitfortruth, wed love to have the specifics. Or perhaps, you could just explain what been reviewed in a legal setting means exactly.

Rock, Punk, Thrash, Metal

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Come Talk With Congressional Candidate

Andy Schmookler
who will speak briefly about

The Real Threat to Our American Liberties

History clearly shows the terrible things that happen when power is concentrated in the hands of a few.
Andy will also answer any questions you care to bring.

Wednesday, August 1, 6:30 p.m.


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Ask Stewart
Dear Stewart, I have a couple big shade trees near my house that are hurting. Ever since we added on to the house, the foliage has gotten less dense. Could the construction have affected the tree? Harry, Front Royal Dear Harry,

To advertise in Warren County Report: Contact Alison at 540-551-07 or Angie Buterakos at - 540-683-9197
root systems of nearby trees. The feeder roots of many trees are not far below the ground surface, even for big established trees, and go out laterally well beyond the drip line of the canopy. They can be severed, crushed, or critically compressed by the heavy machinery. Since construction, your trees are probably responding to this disruption to their root systems. It might take a couple years to see how this will play out on your big, older trees, depending on the extent of the root disturbance. There are a variety of options in this situation. First, you can do nothing and just let nature take its course if you judge that the trees are far enough from the house and only moderate damage was done to the roots. Like your human body, trees have a remarkable ability to heal themselves when subjected to many types of damage. A more proactive approach would be taking special care to encourage regrowth of the feeder roots. Keep them watered during dry spells. Remove all grass and groundcovers from under the canopy so the tree does not have to compete for water and nutrients. This will promote root regrowth in the upper soil layers. Add -4 inches of mulch under the canopy to add organic matter to the soil, encouraging earthworms and other beneficial soil mechanisms. Dont pile mulch against the base of the trunk. Begin the mulch layer a couple inches out from the trunk to avoid harboring small animals and other organisms detrimental to the tree. Good luck, Harry. Im with you on your efforts!

Ask Stewart

As a card-carrying squirrel, I prefer trees dense enough to give me cover when Im getting chasedand I always am, and productive enough to give me food when Im hungryand I always am! So let me address your question. The unequivocal answer to your question isYes. The powerful machinery used for site clearance, excavation, and grading in home construction can wreak havoc on the

- Stewart

The Front Royal/Warren County Tree Steward program began in 1997 with volunteers dedicated to improving the health of trees by providing educational programs, tree planting and care demonstrations, and tree maintenance throughout the community. The group now consists of over 30 active members with several interns working toward becoming certified tree stewards from our annual All About Trees Class. Each month Stewart will answer a question from our readers. Please forward it to Stewart in care of and we may publish it in a future issue. Please visit our website at

Monday thru Sunday 10 am to 4 pm- Closed Wednesdays 1245 Progress Drive, Front Royal, VA

Humane Society of Warren County


Forget-Me-Not Adoption Special! $1 adoption fees on these featured dogs and other long term residents. Adoption fee does not include spay/neuter if dog is not already fixed. Adoption Special good through June.


Barrel Oak Winery will host a wine tasting to benefit the Humane Society of Warren County on Sunday, July 29, from 12-5pm. Cost is $10.50 per person. Please call the Humane Society for more details 540-635-4734.


Betty - 5 year old female Beagle. Betty is the most affectionate and loving dog youll ever meet!

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Boarding Kennels & Grooming

Hillbillys Junkyard
Hillbilly has what you NEED! 4381 Stonewall Jackson Hwy

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Bentonville, VA


Martins Foods 409 South St. Front Royal 540-635-2249

Wanda Snead Property Management

Serving the area for 16 years Sam Snead Realty 540-635-9753

With your help we have been able to place thousands of animals in good homes. Contact Alison @ 540-551-2072 if you would like to become a pet sponsor too!

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General & Detail Cleaning



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Competitive Pricing on Tires!
Ask about Our Exclusive Tires for a Lifetime Program!
NITROGEN GAS FILLED TIRES arent affected by changing temperatures and theyre ideal for tire monitoring system equipment found in todays vehicles. This service will: Improve fuel economy; Extend Tire Life.

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Plus 10% OFF Any Recommended Service or Repair
Additional charge for synthetic motor oil and diesel engines.
Plus any applicable tax, shop supplies and environmental fees. One coupon per visit. Coupon must be presented prior to service write-up. Offer ends 7/31/12. Not valid with any other coupons or in-store specials. Good only at MARLOW MOTOR COMPANY.

Be Road Ready!


Ask your Service Advisor about the Nitrogen-Fill Driver Protection Plan. Some of the benefits include 24 hour Emergency Towing Service, Lost Key or Lock Out Service, Tire Repair and Replacement Coverage to name a few.
Plus any applicable tax, shop supplies and environmental fees. One coupon per visit. Coupon must be presented prior to service write-up. Offer ends 7/31/12. Not valid with any other coupons or in-store specials. Good only at MARLOW MOTOR COMPANY.


Some vehicles slightly higher



Check and top-off all vital fluid levels Check and adjust tire pressure to specs Inspect light bulbs Multi-Point vehicle inspection

ANY SERVICE OR REPAIR (Max. discount $175)

10% OFF


20% OFF


Plus any applicable tax, shop supplies and environmental fees. One coupon per visit. Coupon must be presented prior to service write-up. Offer ends 7/31/12. Not valid with any other coupons or in-store specials. Good only at MARLOW MOTOR COMPANY.

175 OFF

Based on retail price. Not to exceed 10% off total parts and labor. Excludes retail parts, tires, collision/body shop parts and service. See supervisor for details.

Plus any applicable tax, shop supplies and environmental fees. One coupon per visit. Coupon must be presented prior to service write-up. Offer ends 7/31/12 Not valid with any other coupons or in-store specials. Good only at MARLOW MOTOR COMPANY.

Our Normal LOW Price Oil & Filter Change

Up to 5 quarts. Additional charge for synthetic motor oil and diesel engines
Plus any applicable tax, shop supplies and environmental fees. One coupon per visit. Coupon must be presented prior to service write-up. Offer ends 7/31/12. Not valid with any other coupons or in-store specials. Good only at MARLOW MOTOR COMPANY.

New Season, New Car Feeling!

Brake Pad Replacement Special



Plus any applicable tax, shop supplies and environmental fees. One coupon per visit. Coupon must be presented prior to service write-up. Offer ends 7/31/12. Not valid with any other coupons or in-store specials. Good only at MARLOW MOTOR COMPANY.



30k - 60k - 90k Mile Service

Plus Get 1 Day Complimentary Rental Car
($40 Value) Plus any applicable tax, shop supplies and environmental fees. One coupon per visit. Coupon must be presented prior to service write-up. Offer ends 7/31/12. Not valid with any other coupons or in-store specials. Good only at MARLOW MOTOR COMPANY.

75 OFF

Your vehicles finish really took a beating this Winter!

COMPLETE Vehicle Detailing Hand wax Hand wash ONLY $ Clean interior Clean engine compartment & trunk
Some vehicles slightly higher

Coupons by 10%
Plus any applicable tax, shop supplies and environmental fees. One coupon per visit. Coupon must be presented prior to service write-up. Offer ends 7/31/12. Not valid with any other coupons or in-store specials. Good only at MARLOW MOTOR COMPANY.

Jeep Accessory Special

Plus any applicable tax, shop supplies and environmental fees. One coupon per visit. Coupon must be presented prior to service write-up. Offer ends 7/31/12. Not valid with any other coupons or in-store specials. Good only at MARLOW MOTOR COMPANY.



10% OFF
Plus any applicable tax, shop supplies and environmental fees. One coupon per visit. Coupon must be presented prior to service write-up. Offer ends 7/31/12. Not valid with any other coupons or in-store specials. Good only at MARLOW MOTOR COMPANY.

Reg. $149.95

Accessories include parts & labor installed only in our shop.

2007 BMW X3

3.0si M3, Sunroof, Leather, Nav, Clean Carfax stk# 12Q4115A


Bought here new, serviced here, Auto, Surf Blue Pearlcoat. Clean Carfax stk# 12JP232A


stk# 123S45A



Limited. 1 Owner, Auto, 4WD, 4DR, Sun/ Moonroof, Keyless entry, Tow Pckg, Loaded!


2009 CHRYSLER TOWN & COUNTRY 4DR, 4.0L, V6, Auto, 2 DVD plyrs, Leather, Heated seats/mirrors, Loaded! stk# 12TO86A


TAX, TAGS & TITLE FEES NOT INCLUDED. $289 PROCESSING FEE not included. All vehicles subject to prior sale. 2.75% APR financing is subject to approved credit and limited to 2008 and newer model year vehicles. 2.75% APR for 72 months results in monthly payment equal to $15.09 per thousand financed. Zero down on approved credit.

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