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Enhance productivity with world-class messaging

and collaboration client software

IBM Lotus Notes 7

Experience messaging and collabo- and formulas from running on your

ration in a whole new way with IBM workstation. And advanced security
Lotus® Notes® 7 software. As the options allow you to control access
■ Helps maximize employee premier integrated desktop client soft- rights from the server level all the way
responsiveness with security- ware option for use with the IBM Lotus down to an individual field on a form.
rich e-mail, calendars, instant Domino server, Lotus Notes software

messaging, discussions, delivers world-class messaging and In addition, Lotus Notes 7 software
and shared documents collaboration. Built-in capabilities now includes enhanced features that
and applications include e-mail with integrated instant help increase productivity across

messaging; calendars and schedul- your organization, including out-of-

■ Offers a choice of operating
ing; discussion forums; team rooms; the-box SAP software integration and
systems, including Linux,
reference databases; and personal dynamic collaboration features. You
Microsoft Windows and Apple
information management (PIM) tools.1 also gain more platform options, as
Macintosh options
you can now run Version 7.0.1 on
■ Facilitates collaboration Lotus Notes and Domino software Linux® desktops and Version 7.0.2 on
with blog capabilities, also provides powerful security Apple Macintosh workstations.2
presence awareness and Web features that can help minimize or
conferencing integration eliminate the impact of computer
viruses. With the Lotus Notes client,
■ Helps increase user efficiency
execution control features can help
with enhanced productivity
keep unauthorized scripts, code

■ Provides the flexibility to take

your Lotus Notes desktop with
you on a USB device

■ Enables seamless integration

with SAP enterprise resource
planning solutions
Keep your priorities organized and
on track
Keeping up with large quantities
of e-mail on a daily basis can be
time consuming. With Lotus Notes 7
software, users can better prioritize,
organize, respond to and manage
their e-mail communications. Lotus
Notes 7 software enables you to:

• Sort your in-box by subject.

• Use attention indicators to rapidly
identify which e-mail messages
were sent only to you and may
require immediate attention.
• View e-mail threads from an open
e-mail message to help manage
The Lotus Notes 7 user interface offers many visual cues to help you prioritize your e-mail messages.
large volumes of topic-related
responses, to review correspon- Personalize your Lotus Notes experience You also gain the option to color code
dence history and to track the Lotus Notes software enables you to e-mail messages from a particular
decision-making process. customize the end-user experience person — your boss or an important
• Organize your documents and mes- with individual and corporate prefer- client — or a group of people — such
sages by using the discover folders ences. And by using the welcome as a project team or internal com-
feature to find all of the folders where page wizard, you can easily create mittee. Screen and automatically
a specific document is stored. your own personal welcome page to categorize e-mail into folders using
• Stay up to date and responsive by serve as a single point of access to quick rules. And filter out spam with
using quick flags to mark e-mail frequently used resources — includ- an option to block mail from sender.
items that require fast follow-up. ing e-mail, calendars and scheduling,
instant messaging, contact lists, Web
pages and databases.

Increase efficiency with enhanced
calendar capabilities
With Lotus Notes 7 software, you can
manage your schedule and resources
more effectively as well as:

• Personalize the display of your

calendar invitations — by chairper-
son, type (meetings, appointments,
reminders, events, private entries) or
invitee status (confirmed or tenta-
tively accepted) — with easy-to-use
calendar filters.
• Process incoming calendar invita-
tions automatically, even when
there’s a conflict. Once processed,
you can view your calendar at a
To reduce calendar clutter and help increase efficiency, a calendar filter allows you to sort your
glance to determine which meet-
calendar by event type.
ings you will attend.
• Delete unnecessary items before Manage meeting rooms and resources Companies also gain the follow-
or during a specified period within more effectively ing meeting room and resources
the calendar view. This allows you Lotus Notes 7 software continues to improvements:
to clean up old calendar entries provide companies with a central-
ized rooms and resources database • A Lotus Domino server task that
monthly, quarterly or yearly.
to better manage conference rooms, helps eliminate overbookings and
Some companies and professional online meetings and audiovisual equip- increases planning efficiency and
organizations publish their calendars ment. For frequently used rooms and resource availability.
to Web sites using the iCalendar resources, users can: • Simplified and streamlined
format — an Internet standard for templates to enhance the calendar-
calendar interoperability. With Lotus • Send reminder notices to chairper- and-scheduling user experience.
Notes 7.0.2 software, you have the sons so that a room or resource can • Enhanced functionality that lets
option to easily import events from be released in the event a meeting administrators establish an end date
these sites into your Lotus Notes is canceled. for future reservations.
calendar. And you can select entries • Use integrated presence awareness • Customizable reminder notices for
from your Lotus Notes calendar and capabilities right from the rooms recurring meetings or events.
export them to the iCalendar format and resources database to commu-
for use with other software that sup- nicate with users.
ports this standard. • Transfer rooms to another person
without involving an administrator or
requiring multiple steps.

Utilize blog capabilities for more
effective online communication
Popular and useful tools for online
journals, Web logs (blogs) allow users
to participate in open forums and
access bulletin boards to actively col-
laborate with colleagues, customers
and suppliers about projects, propos-
als or new products. Lotus Notes 7.0.2
software provides a prepackaged
application that enables you to:

• Post blog entries and comments

using Lotus Notes software or a
Web browser.
• Customize the look and feel of your
blog — without technical expertise or
application development software.
With Lotus Notes 7.0.2 software, your employees can share ideas and information with easy-to-use
• Set blog entries to be reviewed blog capabilities.
before publishing, with the option
Plus, with the latest improvements • Share important information by past-
to publish or remove entries at a
to the integrated instant messaging ing Lotus Notes links — for example,
specified date and time.
capabilities of Lotus Notes software, 3
document links — or Web page URLs
Collaborate in real time across your you can: directly into instant messages.
organization • Save the contents of an online
• Determine the availability of col- conversation in your mail file or
Respond immediately to business-
leagues at a glance with dynamic access previous instant messaging
critical issues and find answers
visual cues. Check presence indi- sessions easily, at any time.
fast. By collaborating in real time,
cators virtually anywhere — next to • Manage instant messaging windows
employees can be more responsive to
contact names in the in-box, calen- separately from other tasks so you
urgent issues and can make informed
dar and address book, as well as can communicate without interrup-
business decisions quickly. With
in applications such as team rooms tion while other processes, such
Lotus Notes software, you can blend
and discussions. And then simply as replication and printing, run in
presence awareness and instant mes-
click on a name to begin an the background.
saging into your daily e-mail routine.
online conversation.

By adding IBM Lotus Sametime® Take your Lotus Notes desktop with you If the destination machine has access
collaboration software, you gain the on a USB device to your company intranet, this feature
ability to create instant Web confer- Travel for business and leave your can provide a fully connected environ-
ences as well as the ability to share computer behind. With Lotus Notes ment. And for machines without virtual
presentations, documents and appli- 7.0.2 software you can copy your private network (VPN) access, you
cations. So geographically dispersed Lotus Notes desktop — not just your can still use Lotus Notes software in
teams can come together more easily files — to a Universal Serial Bus (USB) offline mode, in the same way you
and work as if in the same room. You device and plug the device into another would use your laptop on an airplane.
can also use the online whiteboard to Microsoft Windows workstation. This
® ®

brainstorm, illustrate complex ideas convenient functionality also allows Integrate Lotus Notes software with SAP

and communicate more effectively. you to: data and business processes

Managing your Web conferences is If you use both Lotus Notes software

also easier with the ability to schedule • Use the workstation of your and SAP enterprise applications,5 the

online Web meetings right from your choice, without having to install IBM Lotus Notes access for SAP solu-

Lotus Notes calendar.4 And you can Lotus Notes software. tions feature can provide additional

better control meetings by restricting • Launch Lotus Notes software easily value across your business. Built on

attendance to conference invitees only from the device and access the proven IBM technology for integration

and by including passwords. Plus, software via a desktop icon. with SAP applications, this feature

invitees can easily join your meeting • Leave no files behind inadvertently — enables you to effectively combine

by clicking on the scheduled time from the desktop shortcut will be deleted calendars and scheduling, contact

within their calendars. when the USB device is removed. management, workflow processing
and other common business tasks.

Lotus Notes software provides PIM
capabilities, workflow, security
features and offline support that com-
plements SAP application processes.
And with a single, unified interface,
employees can be more productive,
make informed decisions faster and
gain opportunities to increase effi-
ciency and reduce training costs.

Lotus Notes 7.0.2 software adds

two new integration capabilities to
the original five delivered with Lotus
Notes 7.0.1 software:

• Time reporting. Record your time and

submit it to SAP applications in real
The employee/manager self-service integration capability is one of seven offered by the IBM Lotus
time using the Lotus Notes calendar. Notes access for SAP solutions feature.
• Vacation/leave request. Request
• Report generation. Schedule or run Delivered as prepackaged templates,
vacation or leave time using Lotus
a report from an SAP application these seven integration capabili-
Notes calendar and e-mail capabili-
using your Lotus Notes client. ties can be easily installed on your
ties. Approved time is recorded in
• Employee/manager self-service. workstation for immediate use. No
the SAP system.
Update HR information in the additional software or programming is
• Contact management. Look up
SAP system, including names, required on the Lotus Domino server,
human resources (HR) and customer
addresses and telephone numbers, nor are changes typically required to
relationship management (CRM)
using Lotus Notes software. the SAP system. And you have the
data in the SAP system and add it to
• Meeting scheduling. Use the Lotus option to use other Lotus application
your Lotus Notes contacts database.
Notes calendar to track scheduled development tools to further custom-
• Workflow integration. View and pro-
meetings using the CRM applica- ize and extend these templates.
cess SAP solution work items from
tion in the SAP system.
your Lotus Notes mail file.

Experience general productivity Leverage a world-class messaging and For more information
enhancements for everyday efficiency collaboration platform To learn more about IBM Lotus
IBM Lotus Notes 7 software provides Together with IBM Lotus Domino Notes 7 client software, visit:
the following options to enhance server software, IBM Lotus Notes 7
employee productivity: client software delivers the reliable,

security-rich messaging and collabora-

• Save your work-in-process automati- tive environment you need to increase
cally, at a time interval of your choice employee productivity, streamline
(for example, every 15 minutes). business processes, enhance com-
• Choose specific windows to open munication and improve business
automatically when the Lotus Notes responsiveness. Integration with SAP
client starts up, or save the current enterprise applications allows organi-
window state when exiting the zations to extend and leverage their
software. existing infrastructure investments. And
• Avoid accidentally sending e-mails features and enhancements — such
with blank subject lines. A warning as expanded real-time collaboration
will prompt you to enter the informa- capabilities, blogs, more flexibility for
tion needed prior to sending. traveling users, advanced e-mail and
• Receive a confirmation prompt calendar functions, and the option to
before you exit the software. run Lotus Notes software on more
• Perform more actions using the operating systems than ever before —
secondary mouse button. provide users with immediate access
• Close all open Lotus Notes windows to the people, information and tools
with a single selection from the they need to make more informed busi-
File menu. ness decisions and to do their jobs
• Use Smart Tags within Microsoft more effectively.
word-processing software 6 to click
on a proper name to show contact
information, or preaddress a mail
memo or meeting invitation.

© Copyright IBM Corporation 2006
Lotus Software
IBM Software Group
1 Use of the team room application template requires a Lotus Notes for Collaboration client access
One Rogers Street
license. The other capabilities listed in this sentence apply to both Lotus Notes for Messaging and
Cambridge, MA 02142
Lotus Notes for Collaboration software.
2 Lotus Notes 7.0.1 software supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Update 3 and Novell SUSE Linux Produced in the United States of America
Enterprise Desktop 10 operating systems. For more details about Lotus Notes software for Linux 12-06
platforms, see Lotus Notes 7.0.2 software supports Macintosh workstations All Rights Reserved
running Mac OS X 10.4 on IBM Power PC® and Intel® processor-based machines.
IBM, the IBM logo, Domino, Lotus, Lotus Notes,
3 Lotus Notes users with active software maintenance are entitled to use the integrated presence aware- Notes, Power PC and Sametime are trademarks of
ness and instant messaging features within the Lotus Notes environment without separately licensing International Business Machines Corporation in the
IBM Lotus Sametime software. Instant messaging integration is not currently supported by Lotus Notes United States, other countries or both.
software running on Linux technology.
Intel is a trademark or registered trademark of Intel
4 Use of integrated Web conferencing features requires a separate license of IBM Lotus Sametime or Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States
IBM Lotus Web Conferencing software. and other countries.

Microsoft and Windows are trademarks of Microsoft

5 The Lotus Notes access for SAP solutions feature is available only for supported Microsoft Windows
Corporation in the United States or other countries.
operating system platforms. All users of any functionality associated with this feature are required to
hold a license that entitles them to use the applicable SAP solutions. Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in
the United States and other countries or both.
6 Lotus Notes 7 software offers integration with Microsoft Office 2003 or Office XP software through
Other company, product and service names may
Smart Tags — a Microsoft Office capability to recognize certain types of text, such as proper names.
be trademarks or service marks of others.

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