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Application for revision of pension (Gen 55) History sheet Letter of Appointment for re - employment. Letter of salary revision Letter of termination from the re - employment. Copy of the pension awards.


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of fficers re_employed in a pensionableposr afer break tn service should be revised hypothelical basts on revised sarary drew at rhe date of retirementfrom the reemployed I post.,, Pe n s ion of f ic er sr e -e mp l o y e d of u n d e ra b o v e p ro vi soof secti on abof Mi nures pensi on 2 on b e re v is ed'M ont hl y a l l o w a n c e may a n d o th e r fa c i l i ti esappri cabre to reti red pubri c offi cers e rn plo- v ed t er - m s f P u b l i c rein o ' A d * ' i .i s ti ' a ti c n c i rcui ar g/zool have been deci ded.A ccordi ngry, su cho f f ic er sm ay be p a y a b l e o n l y a m o n th i y a l l o wance or.an al l ow ance equalto 50% ofthe rast receivedsalary' However it it infbrmed that the pension shail be revisedon hypotheticar entitledto relevantpost disrigarding salary the ailor.vance sarary or percentage paid chem. Fo to w ing doc um ent s h o u rd s b e s u b m i tte dto rn a k er evi se pensi ons.




I' Apprication perfected there-emproyed by officers t e r m so f s e c t i o n in Z abof Minutes n o Pension. (attached)
2' Revisedsararyparticurars and sararyconversion sheets 3 . Appoint m ent tte ro f re _ e m p l o y m e n t le 4 . Let t erof c onc lu d i n gth e s e rv i c e

r Irni/"kararne
Director General pensions of Copies:I ' secreraryyr"isrry of pubric Adminisrrarion Home and Affairs Secretary Ministryof Financ ? e 3. Auditor General
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rcersre-em oyed in terms of secti

2 a ( b of Mi nutes on P ensi ons

I I t .

Name and Address

Pension No.

Name of bank & accountNo. ,'. Pensionable post held

Date re-employrnent

Pensionable post held during re-employed period

Re-employed period

Salary source to the post during re-employed peribd (whetherby personal remunerativeadvanceaccount)

Date relinquishedthe re-employedpost


Corresponding salaryand salarysystemas per Public Administrationcircular l5/20A3


Conespondingsalaryand salarysystemas per Public Adminisrrationcircular gn0}4


Corresponding salaryand salarysystemas per Public Administration circular612006


salaryand salarysystemas Conesponding perPublic Adminisffationcircular 912007



salary Salaryscaleandcorresponding relevantto computationof at pension re-retirement

available I herebycertify that the detailsgiven are true and conect refer to the documents from officer re-employed in this office and the abovementioned ..... to

Circular Administration Publlb under retired to maynot applicable officers (This revision 55 gratuity six month under yearof age) and of drewadditional 44lg|and

Nameandpostof officer certifying Date:!

N.B. 1 . This application should fill by the Headof the relevantministry / department not by the officer re-employed. conversion. copysalary by shouldbe supponed a certified 2. Application