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PART ONE: ORGANIZATIONAL ASSESSMENT Directions: Accomplish this Part One of the form by carefully studying each dimension of principle and assessing your organization’s level of observance of the dimension by putting a number rating using the following scale for the column on Level of Observance: 4 -- Exemplary – My organization is fully observing this dimension and can be considered a role model for other organizations. It will never compromise this dimension. 3 -- Accomplished – My organization is observing this dimension as could be expected, given the situation it finds itself in. It regularly looks for ways to do even better in this dimension. 2 -- Developing – My organization has made attempts to observe this dimension but has not yet achieved consistent implementation. It could do much better if it can persevere and creatively find ways of improving its observance of this dimension. 1 -- With potential – My organization makes no attempt or is consciously not observing this dimension. Give a specific explanation of your rating in the column on Description. Section 1: Towards the Employees Those responsible for business policy should consider not only the interests of those affected by the activities of the business. Business shall recognize the unique position of employees as individuals with a vital stake in their work and at the same time with inherent obligations to their own families, and provide: Dimension of Principle

Level of


Based on the Code of Ethics for Business prepared by the Bishops-Businessmen’s Conference for Human Development (BBC-HD) in 1994.

For participative element so that the knowledge. For job security. wages and salary policy should be based on the right of the employees to a fair and improving standard of living. and for opportunities for fringe benefits. Section 2: Towards the Customers Business shall. safety or growth of the proper Level of Observance Description 2 . For conditions in which human potentials and relationships can be developed at all levels of the work force.Observance 1. 2. with a view to providing therein a sense of purpose and achievement. 2. 4. 3. Strive after a quality that will enable them to serve their purpose efficiently and effectively. adequate compensation for employees in cases of separation and retirement. For a fair recruitment practice that affords equal opportunity to all qualified jobseekers. in the production of goods and services: Dimension of Principle 1. 5. economic and legal pressures. irrespective of race. although rates of pay may often be determined by union. For a safe and healthy atmosphere in the work environment conducive to the physical and moral well-being and growth of the employees. and 6. age and creed. sex. For recognition that. Avoid anything that would be detrimental to the health. experience and creativity of all who work in the enterprise may contribute to the decision-making process.

and like practices. promotional. and manifest respect for human dignity. Ensure that all mass media. thereby benefiting customers/users and increasing their number. quantity. and take into account the precepts of morality and the sound cultural values of the community. Section 3: Towards The Suppliers Business shall ensure: Dimension of Principle 1. Establish an after-sales and complaints service commensurate with the kind of product or service supplied and the price paid. 6. and time agreed upon. and honored in full unless terminated or modified by mutual Level of Observance Description 3 . business shall: 4. Deliver the product or service in the quality.user or beneficiary of such goods and services. and 3. price manipulation. In its marketing arrangements. 5. Seek to apply or make use of the discoveries and inventions of science with adaptations that will improve their products or services. and avoid the creation of artificial shortages. and at a reasonable price. That the terms of all contracts be clearly stated and unambiguous. and packaging communications be informative and true.

given the circumstances. That no supplier be encouraged to commit his resources for apparently long-term purposes unless there are reasonable guarantees that the orders he receives from the business enterprise will not be terminated arbitrarily. Use their financial resources to provide goods and services responsibly and efficiently. terms of payment be strictly and fully observed.consent. provided that it does not adversely affect the security or efficiency of the business. if no specific time is agreed upon. Provide an adequate rate of return to those contributing capital to the enterprise. Section 4: Towards The Owners and Other Providers of Capital In the interest of the Owners and other Providers of Capital. 2. In general. and 3. Furnish the owners and other providers of capital such information as they may reasonably require. and 4. 3. payment should always be made promptly at the agreed time or. in all cases. Pursue the specific objectives of the Owners and other Providers of Capital provided these do not run contrary to any of the principles stated herein. and ensure the security of their investment. 2. business shall: 1. as quickly as may be reasonable. and that. 4 . That abuse of economic power in dealing with a smaller concern be avoided.

Level of Observance Description 5 . national and international interests. Pay proper regard to the environmental and social consequences of their business activity. To participate in the discussion of proposed legislation and/or its implementation affecting sectoral. to research. and 2. 4. regional. Do their best to ensure that the way they deploy their resources benefits society in general and does not conflict with the needs and reasonable aspiration of the communities in the areas where they operate. and not sacrifice safety or efficiency in the interest of short term profitability. and to the financing of social development projects. with special attention to the duty if renewing resources where possible and minimizing waste and pollution. 3. realizing that they are utilizing to an important degree the nation’s resources. it is the duty of business: Dimension of Principle 1. Take regular stock of their response to the basic needs of society and thus ensure that these needs are taken into account in all policy-making decisions. As corporate citizens make such contributions as their resources will allow. Section 6: Towards Society in General Businessmen shall recognize in their decision-making the interest of the general public and. shall: Dimension of Principle Level of Description Observance 1.Section 5: Towards The Local and National Government Although it is the responsibility of government to enact legislation and formulate implementing policies and programs. To propose sound policies in the use of human and material resources. development and application of indigenous technology. 2.

Schein. what. Consider the human and social costs of mechanization and technology.5.g. Teehankee.g.. etc. Establish a policy allowing employees. Dimension of Principle (Section and Number) Personal Action Plan 6 . Enumerate the steps and explain each step in your personal action plan. Give details on who. Section 2. PART TWO: PERSONAL ACTION PLAN Directions: Choose a dimension of principle in Part One (e. within reasonable limits. #3) where you would like to consider influencing your organization to encourage it to improve its observance of the dimension. 6. Nielsen.). explain how you will use approaches learned in class (e.. Where appropriate. Trevino. to contribute to the public and community service during the work time. when and where.

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