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Avant Garde Ideals use Corporate Culture to their Advantage

2 Bargate House Bargate East Southampton SO14 2DL

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Avant Garde Ideals

Press Release
Avant Garde Ideals use Corporate Culture to their Advantage Attracting great talent to a business can be a challenge, Avant Garde Ideals have an advantage where by their Corporate Culture is unprecedented.
Southampton, Hamsphire, 20 July, 2012: Avant Garde Ideas, a start-up company in Southampton, UK have worked tirelessly at developing a business strategy that focuses on the environment and culture within their business. Corporate Culture has often been referred to by Avant Garde Ideals as the ultimate competitive advantage as it directly affects performance, company profit, internal morale, recruiting, retention and quality of service. Right Management, a global career management firm surveyed more than 900 workers throughout various industries and work environment and asked Do you plan to pursue new job opportunities as the economy improves? an astonishing 60% of people answered a confident Yes, 21% answered maybe, 6% not likely and the remaining 13% confirmed No. It is alarming to hear that more than half of individuals (60%) surveyed in this study were planning to changes jobs. Corporate Culture can be used as a unique business tool to engage people and help them to feel valued. Creating an atmosphere where people develop and are rewarded will in turn offer a high performing workforce who are happy and feel they are contributing to the growth and development of the company says Paul Weston, CEO of Avant Garde Ideals. Avant Garde Ideals are a company who break the mould in the event marketing industry; their vision incorporates being ultramodern, advanced in their event marketing and sales techniques and evolving their business model with the economy to ensure steady growth. Avant Garde Ideals are set apart from their competitors in the Southampton area by the culture they have developed internally. Enabling their suppliers and contractors to deliver on expectations set by offering resources and mentorship as they believe each and every contributor to the business can impact the performance, growth and revenue of their brand. Whether it is an independent event sales advisor or a member of our administrative team, I strongly believe every individual makes an impact and contributes in some way to the success of Avant Garde Ideals, for that reason I have implemented this Corporate Culture business strategy to encourage unity, engagement and performance adds Avant Garde Ideals CEO, Paul Weston. Avant Garde Ideals use Corporate Culture to their advantage by giving themselves a significant point of difference from many other event marketing environments. This allows the company to drive the businesses goals and increase their bottom-line.