Death and its Outcome

Frank Nic. Bazsika 2008©

Everyone has an opinion about the subject of death. Most have adopted their opinion based upon the teaching of others or they have developed some personal opinion or theory. But life, - this life, - is much too short to waste on speculative ideas and opinions. Some call their opinion a ‘belief’. Because we believe something that does not necessarily mean it is an actual truth. But for this subject we need and want truth! Two thousand years ago someone asked, “What is truth?” And the One that created all life Himself answered, “Thy Word is Truth” and later “And the Truth will set you free”. So if we want to live a life “free’ of inane and hopeless fears leading to a lifetime of wasted precious time on speculation, - then we must go to the source of Truth, the Bible. I am not going to quote Biblical verses and writers here; this is your job, to research and study for yourself. Purchase a study Bible and a lexicon and a good concordance book. Don’t believe me or any person but believe the answers from your own Bible study. And most of all do not twist scriptures to fit your own opinions existent prior to your study. The proper way to study the Bible is with having an open mind. Be willing to accept correction even if what you find goes against 1

everything your parents, teachers and your society has taught you. Yes, be humble. You must gather all the information on a particular subject in the Bible and put it together for a complete and honest answer. The Bible is written “here a little and there a little” on a particular subject. The Bible will interpret itself. You do not need to interpret any subject or add any personal opinions to any subject. Now you can search the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, from beginning to end, but you will not find any promise that after death anyone will be going to Heaven. Nor will anyone be going to a place of inferno fires called Hell. Actually the word ‘hell’ is an old English word meaning ‘hole in the ground’; several hundred years ago farmers put their potatoes in ‘hell’ for the winter. But it is true that when you die you will be put in ‘hell’, - that is a hole in the ground. Also you will not find anywhere in the Bible that mankind has a ‘soul’. But you will find that man is a soul. Using a lexicon to research the word used in the Bible for ‘soul’ you will find that it means a living thing. The Bible says ‘And man became a living soul’. In new age English it would be translated ‘And man became a living creature’. The idea that man has a soul is from ancient Greek philosophers and adopted by pagan religions. This philosophy has crept into so- called Christian thought. The Bible says ‘the soul that sins will die’. Yes, souls die! Before we go any further we must bring up an important thought that most people have. How do we know that the Bible is true and that its answers are true? Ah! Now we have to find out if the theory of evolution is true or did all life come into existence by a special creative act by a Supreme Being? Looks like you will have to do a lot of studying! But most people will not be willing to study what is actually important concerning their existence and future. They will just be concerned and consumed by the cares of a daily ordeal to earn a living and a pursuit of material possessions that they will leave behind when they die (though they are not thinking about the end of their existence). 2

When we purchase a new car or some appliance we receive an owner’s manual with it. The owner’s manual tells us how to safely operate the vehicle or appliance. Without a manual we would be asking others their opinion on how to operate the vehicle or appliance. Asking others how to operate the item could lead to mistakes! These ‘mistakes’ could lead to the destruction or malfunction of the item.

Now if human beings are created entities, - would not their Creator provide some kind of owner’s manual? A Book that tells them how best to operate in this lifespan that they have been given? He doesn’t leave His creation in the dark. He has provided us with the Bible, - His Word and instructions on how best to live this life for our well-being


and personal happiness.-goals to work for and achieve.

Personal owner’s manual

You have to ask yourself the following question; “Am I the result of an accident according to Evolution or am I the result of creative Intelligence that has a purpose for me”? If you are created then you will have to find out if the Bible is the actual inspired written words of a Creator. Maybe the Bible was written by crazed crackpots with twisted man-made stories based upon wild imaginations? This is what most intellectuals would have you believe. The word science means knowledge. True science does not oppose biblical statements but supports them! Ask yourself this honest question, “Was the theory of Evolution invented by men that do not want to retain any knowledge of a Creator in their philosophy”? Scientists as well as all mankind is faced with this one all imperative realization: if there is a Creator then maybe He has some rules (commands) for me to follow and I don’t want anyone telling me how to live my life. This proclivity of mankind is human nature at work. As a result of this inherent human proclivity, mankind then goes out and invents philosophies, theories, and beliefs that make it easy to 4

live their lives the way they choose to. It’s easy, - it’s the easy way out. But if they are wrong, - then they missed the purpose and ultimate goal of their existence. But if YOU are different, if you want to know and know that you know that you have a purpose for living and have a future after this life,-perhaps a fantastic eternal goal,- then you must seek and find the answers! You must study and prove that the Bible is the actual words of your Creator. Does the Bible predict any thing before it happened? And did it happen exactly as the Bible said it would? Prophecy is a vital proof of the existence of a Creator Being. Study past fulfillment of prophecy. Watch End Time prophecy as it is fulfilled in your life time! Use the true facts of history and science to prove the Noachian Flood, that life begets life of the same species and that Christ and the Apostles actually did exist and so did the other personalities mentioned in scripture. Now getting back to the subject of death,-you are going to die. Everyone you know will die one day. I will die. The fact of life is that death comes to everyone. There is no going to Heaven or Hell. No coming back as someone else or as some other living creature. You did not exist before in some other life. When you die your conscious thoughts cease. Your body will be placed in the ground and you will return to dust because that is what you are composed of; dirt you are and dirt you will return to. You can’t communicate with dead people because they no longer exist in any manner of existence. They are gone! What does the Bible say about those that claim that they can talk to the dead? The Bible tells us that these are the spirits of demons, - fallen angels, - that deceive humans into believing false ideas because they don’t want humans to achieve the purpose of their created existence! They hate their Creator and want to destroy His Plan for mankind and mankind itself! They will fail in their diabolical scheme but yet they are busy at work.


The Bible tells us emphatically not to listen to mediums, astrologers, or witches. Those that practice such were ordered to be put to death by the Creator in ancient Israel! That isn’t a harsh verdict, but a fair one. That is because these practices inspired by demons destroy and hide from mankind the glorious purpose of their existence. So you can’t send a message to your departed aunt or uncle. You can’t pray to some ‘saint’ in heaven. There is no one secretly watching over you that have gone over to the other side! No human being has gone to Heaven ever and there are no ‘departed’ humans in Heaven now. The only One that has ever ascended to Heaven is He that came down from Heaven, - Jesus Christ! And neither do you need to follow the signs of the Zodiac to lay out your life! These practices are quite frankly to be inane,-and of the devil. But because of death that does not mean that you and mankind in general have no hope! There is hope. And that hope is based upon guaranteed promises according to a grand Purpose that the majority of people have not been aware of for millennium. By studying the Bible with an honest and open mind you will come to know and understand your created purpose and ultimate goal. You see, humans are not going to Heaven. Heaven is coming to earth. Jesus brought a ‘gospel’, - Good News about a coming Kingdom of God that is going to rule the earth. This kingdom will be a world ruling government of God and His saints that will rule the earth. It will bring peace to mankind and pave the way for a future of universal rule that will stretch out into the universe for all of eternity.


To rule in this kingdom you will need to have eternal life. You will need to be composed of a spiritual body that is not subject to decay and death. Our present bodies are gradually wearing down so that they eventually give out and death takes its toll upon us. What is the most important aspect of our being? It is our person, our character and personality, our mind, - this is what makes us ‘us’! And the Creator promises us a resurrection to life at some point. The Bible speaks of three different resurrections for mankind. And these are as follows:“The First Resurrection called the Resurrection of The Just”. These are the people that the Creator has worked with in this life to help them qualify for positions of rulership in his coming kingdom. These are the people that the Bible calls saints. They will be resurrected to life when He returns to set up the Kingdom Of God. In this group you will find Abraham, Moses, King David, Elijah, John the Baptist, Paul, Peter, and many more Just people mentioned in the pages of the Bible. Then those saints still living when He returns will be caught up into the sky (not Heaven) to meet their King and the prior existing saints that were resurrected to life. Those saints still living will be changed instantaneously into spiritually composed bodies that can never die 7

again! Then with Christ and the armies of Heaven the saints will descend to the Mount of Olivet outside Jerusalem and begin the establishment of a new God World Order. This Kingdom will rule and show humans for a thousand years how to live peaceful and happy lives here on earth! Mankind and God’s Government will be busy for a thousand years making this earth become and exist as a paradise. So what person wants to go to Heaven and lay around on a cloud for eternity playing the same tune over and over again on a harp when all the action will be taking place here on earth!? There will be no boredom in this future world! “The Second Resurrection called the White Throne Judgment”. The 1st Resurrection will be composed of a very small number of people that have ever lived. The 2nd Resurrection will be the general mass resurrection of the countless millions and even billions of people that lived and died since the creation. These people will be resurrected after the thousand year period of God’s Kingdom here on earth. They will be resurrected to human life and existence to a paradise created here on earth that took a thousand years to create by the saints and God’s Government. They will have one hundred years to be instructed in the truthful way of God’s instruction and will live towards qualifying for entrance into God’s


Eternal Kingdom as the saints Resurrection One.

did for

In this future life they will have neither demons to mislead them nor any devious teachings of false doctrines and theories perpetrated by men that cannot tolerate the existence of a Creator in their teachings. All their teachers will be qualified saints to teach them. And if they should think of doing something contrary to the right way they will hear a voice saying “This is the Way, walk in it”. They will have God’s spirit to strengthen themselves to help themselves to do what is right. No more wars. No violence or crime. No diseases. Families that are strong and united. No divorce or broken homes. No voting for government positions or representatives. No politics. No man made religious teachings or false philosophies. Even the nature of wild animals will be changed to be peaceful so as not to harm other animals or people. No pollution. Clean air and pure waters. A fruitful paradise of green and beauty!

So you should not be worrying about some loved one that died. They will have a chance to live in this paradise when they are resurrected and a goal and a purpose will be presented to them. 9

Since the period of the Second Resurrection will be in a peaceful time of God’s Government with God’s spirit freely given to them and no demons to wrongly influence them, these people later can enter God’s eternal Kingdom after qualification but have lesser positions of rulership than the saints. That is because the saints qualified in this life filled with the evil and deceit of demons and the cruelties of mankind’s governments. “The Third Resurrection called the Resurrection to Damnation”. These are the people that have come to know and understand God’s Way and purpose but openly and of free-will reject it. They have come to know this Way in their first life or after the second resurrection but they will not submit to God’s Government. They do not want God to guide and rule them. They want no part with God. Everyone in God’s Plan will be given a chance at some point in time. But those that reject it will come up after the second resurrection time period takes place before a White Throne and be judged. Those that reject God’s Way will be cast into a lake of fire and consumed. They will be burned up and cease to exist forever. They will not burn and suffer for eternity. They will just be destroyed. They will not be around to make others miserable and be miserable themselves. That’s it for them. They were given a fair chance and all the help they could have asked for but chose this fate for themselves. God does not want this for any human but wishes for all to enter His Kingdom. But there will be those that will be like Satan and the demons and hate God’s Way and this is their future. So the Bible teaches us that we need a resurrection from our graves, - a change from our physical makeup, - to a new existence in a body that can never grow old or weak or sick. And after the resurrections, God the Father will come down to the earth and a new earth and heavens will be created. Earth will become the Headquarters of the universe. Mankind now composed of an eternal spiritual self10

inherent life source will go out into the vastness of space with the power to create and rule the universe as a member of the God FamilyKingdom! So in conclusion we come to know and understand that we should not be unduly upset and filled with worry about death. Yes we all have to die or be changed from this physical existence at some point but we don’t have to be dead forever. We can be saved from death and be given eternal life! Now go and study and prove what needs to be proved. Do not believe me or any man even if he can perform miracles and bring down fire from heaven. Prove all things and hold fast to that which is good and true. Seek the Truth and you will be free. Yes you will be free!
Frank Nic. Bazsika 2008, 2012 ©

Author’s Personal Note; No one wants to die and that includes me! As we get older we come to realize that ‘our time is coming’ and we remember our loved ones and friends that have died. I enjoy the new mornings and fresh outdoors,-the animals and birds,-I love life. My family, friends and pets,-I love them beyond the description of words. Life is like a football game,-or other sport game,-you love the challenge presented for each game and you go out and compete and give your best effort to win. You may get beat up or roughed up,-but you keep fighting. You don’t always win but you know you gave your best and you come back stronger for the next game’s battle. But the time comes when you realize you can’t go out on the field any longer and younger athletes take your place. And you are remembered by how you played and lived,-by how you lived. I don’t worry so much about dying because I learned The Truth and have hope based upon that Truth that I will live again. My worries consist of my love ones and concerns for their lives,-my pets and care 11

for them. I don’t want anyone that cares for me to worry or cry over me; we will meet up again. If you love me I would ask of you to do your best and make me proud of you and your accomplishments. Give me a smile for when we meet again!

“I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd gives his life for the sheep” (Jn.10:11)


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