Integrate people and business processes with browser-based access to messaging, collaboration and PIM capabilities

IBM Lotus Domino Web Access 7
Deliver Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino capabilities on the Web Whether at home, traveling or using ■ Leverages the latest Web browser technologies to access industry-leading e-mail, calendar, personal information management (PIM) and collaboration capabilities ■ Supports a variety of Web browser options — on Microsoft Windows, on Linux and now on Apple Macintosh systems ■ Helps reduce total cost of ownership and enhance productivity through high performance and rapid, no-touch deployment — with a minimal need for training ■ Provides a security-rich environment to help protect business-critical information shared workstations, your employees require flexible, fast access to corporate and personal information to make better decisions and collaborate more effectively — and, ultimately, make your business more responsive while saving time and money. IBM Lotus Domino Web Access 7
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whether they are using their own workstations, Internet kiosks or PCs that belong to other users. You can provide your mobile workforce with offline capabilities that expand their access to key information and applications, so they can maintain a high level of productivity. Help save time and money with new levels of scalability and performance Speed response times on your servers and workstations. The Lotus Domino Web Access 7 mail template has been engineered to increase server scalability and use fewer server resources to help boost performance on workstations and servers. Using NotesBench workloads, performance metrics demonstrate that Lotus Domino 7 server can support up to 50 percent more Lotus Domino Web Access users on the same


software provides a feature-rich Web client for IBM Lotus Domino server software — IBM’s reliable, enterpriseclass messaging and collaboration platform — that is built to improve user and administrator productivity and to help reduce your total cost of ownership. With Lotus Domino Web Access software, you can equip your employees with capabilities similar to those included in IBM Lotus Notes client software, delivered through a Web browser. Employees can send encrypted rich text e-mail, schedule meetings, manage tasks and collaborate with colleagues —

server hardware as Version 6.5.x, with up to a 20 percent reduction in CPU usage.1 With client-side performance enhancements in Versions 6.5.4 and 7, users have reported an improved response time of up to 40 percent.2

Collaborate with ease, using integrated instant messaging Allow employees to see who’s available for real-time collaboration, without having to switch applications. Lotus Domino Web Access 7 software can provide visual indicators that show presence awareness — wherever a contact name appears in the in-box, calendar and address book. For example, employees using Lotus Domino Web Access for e-mail can immediately initiate online conversations by simply clicking on any live name in their in-boxes. Users have a similar capability when using their Web browsers to work with team discussion and reference database application templates supplied with Lotus Domino software.3

Improve usability with an enhanced user interface In response to user feedback, IBM has enhanced the user interface in Lotus Domino Web Access 7 software. Presence awareness icons appear next to colleague names. Menus are available in more places on the screen and can be displayed in cascaded style. And at the top of the screen, a graphical status bar displays the percentage of your mail quota you have used. With Lotus Domino Web Access 7 software, you can sort your in-box by subject and use attention indicators to help prioritize your mail messages. Attention indicators are visual cues that indicate whether you are the only recipient of a message, one of a

few recipients or one of many recipients. With limited time to respond to e-mail messages, you can use this new feature to rapidly identify which messages may be more likely to require your immediate attention. This can help your employees to be more responsive and your organization to be more productive. Act quickly to increase efficiency and responsiveness on daily tasks Help employees save time and manage their daily tasks more efficiently with enhanced calendar and mail capabilities. Features offered by Lotus Domino Web Access 7 software include: • A single-click follow-up function that makes it easy to mark an e-mail message to indicate further action is warranted. • Quick mail rules that allow you to let Lotus Domino Web Access software automatically process e-mail that meets specified criteria — by deleting it, changing its priority or moving it to a folder. Using advanced mail and calendar features delivered through a Web browser, Lotus Domino Web Access 7 software users can: • View mail threads from within a message. • Create personalized stationery to use when composing e-mail.

Lotus Domino Web Access 7 software provides an enhanced user interface to help improve user productivity.

• Easily include attachments in messages. 

• Forward non-mail objects such as calendar entries and contacts. • Delete a message and continue to the next item in the in-box. • Send mail from applications that support Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI), such as Microsoft ® Office software. • Save in-process meeting invitations as drafts. • Import country-specific corporate holidays. Plus, administrators can control user access to attachments, rooms, resources and online meetings.4 Protect your enterprise with leadingedge security features When you run software on a Web browser, security features matter. Lotus Domino Web Access software supports a variety of authentication options as well as encryption and digital signatures. And it provides an active content filter to help protect against potentially malicious content embedded an an e-mail message. Lotus Domino Web Access software supports reading, creating, digitally signing and verifying signatures of Lotus Notes software-based encrypted mail messages. Version 7 includes additional security options and enhanced support for Internet standards such as Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME). Users can read, encrypt, sign and verify signatures using Internet (X.509) certificates.

Lotus Domino Web Access software can help protect your enterprise security standards from being compromised, even when your employees use public or shared devices. Even if the user forgets to press the logoff button, the system can be set up to run the security-related functions of a logoff when the last browser window is closed. The standard logoff button in Lotus Domino Web Access software can clear the browser cache and the system’s temporary files directory so that user data is not left behind. Choose the operating system that’s right for your business Provide employees with access to rich messaging and collaborative functionality from an even wider variety of Web browsers. Lotus Domino Web Access 7.0.2 software supports the Firefox 1.0.x and 1.5 Web browsers from the Mozilla Corporation (on Microsoft Windows ,

Deploy and manage Lotus Domino Web Access software with ease Deliver collaborative services to your employees with rapid, no-touch deployment. With an intuitive Webbased interface, Lotus Domino Web Access software can help you reduce or avoid training costs typically associated with deploying dedicated Lotus Domino workstations. Plus, enhanced capabilities in Version 7 help make administration and management even easier. For example, administrators can easily track usage of Lotus Domino Web Access clients on their Lotus Domino servers. Empower teams with Web-based access to information, while addressing costs To become more productive, employees require fast, intuitive access to the right information — combined with effective collaboration and communication capabilities. IBM Lotus Domino Web Access 7 software delivers the flexible, function-rich, browser-based messaging and collaboration client solution your employees need to efficiently manage business-critical information, online or offline. And it provides no-touch deployment to help lower training, administration and deployment costs. For more information To learn more about IBM Lotus Domino Web Access 7 software, visit:

Linux and Apple Macintosh systems),

in addition to the Mozilla 1.7.x browser for Linux systems and the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser for Windows systems.

For supported Linux technologybased Web browsers, Lotus Domino Web Access 7 software provides new features such as drag-and-drop convenience, an enhanced user interface for attachments and offline scheduled synchronization. Plus, for the first time with Lotus Domino Web Access 7.0.2 software, Macintosh users can access rich messaging and collaborative functionality right from their desktops. 

Endnotes 1 The tests were performed using the NotesBench R6iNotes workload, defined by the table below. For more information, please visit www.notes Actions every 90 minutes Open in-box Read message Delete message Add message to in-box Send message to three recipients Send invitation to three recipients Send RSVP Close in-box R6iNotes workload 6 30 12 2 (100KB average) 2 (100KB average) 1 1 6

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2 For more details, please read the IBM developerWorks article, Lotus Domino Web Access client performance improvements, at 3 A Lotus Domino Web Access software license entitles the user to access these discussion and document library application templates. These are distinct application templates with their own Web user interface, independent of the Lotus Domino Web Access 7 template. 4 Use of integrated Web conferencing features requires a separate license of IBM Lotus Sametime® or IBM Lotus Web Conferencing software. 5 Integrated instant messaging, offline support and local archiving features are not supported on the Apple Macintosh platform. Instant messaging capabilities are available to Macintosh users with separately licensed IBM Lotus Sametime software.