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Different Designs One System

The Otji-Toilet In Namibia water is a scarce resource and local sources can't meet the growing demand. In some parts the water must be taken from over 110 m of depth. This can only be done with an enormous energy input and has as consequence an increasingly falling groundwater level.

Problem - Water Scarcity

The Otji-Toilet offers an ecological and economical alternative an innovative system that helps saving water and money.

Water for People YES!

The Otji-Toilet Water for Toilets NO!

IMPACTS Hygienic Sanitation Health Improvement Minimized Running Costs Poverty Reduction Simple System - Easy Maintenance Local product Job creation Environmental friendly Sustainable Independent from Water Net Cost efficient Independent from Sewage Cost efficient Independent from Electricity Net Cost efficient

The Otji-Toilet is a reasonable, hygienic, long-term solution for a higher living comfort now and in the future The Otji-Toilet

A perforated container under the toilet pot separates solid from liquid. The solid stays in the bin while the liquid runs through a perforated concrete panel under the bin, from where it filtrates into the ground. After approximately six months the container is filled up with solid. Using a hook, it can easily be moved to the drying area of the installation without entering the tank. There, it will dry out completely and then reduce volume and weight while a second bin is collecting the droppings under the toilet pot. After another six months, when the second bin is full, the dry solid will be removed from the first container, which can be used again for the next turn. Access is gained by a black metal lid on the backside. The toilet will never fill up, neither with solid nor with liquid. The 2m3 concrete tank under the toilet is big enough to store up to three bins, in case of more than 10 users. Due to the perforated concrete panel, the tank stays clean and hygienic all the time. A sun based ventilation system at the back of the toilet provides fresh air, which keeps it dry and ensures an odorless use.

The Otji-Toilet saves you up to 40.000,- N$ within 20 years. This is enough to build a house

Cost Comparison
N$ 59,500 56,000 52,500 49,000 45,500 42,000 38,500 35,000 31,500 28,000 24,500 21,000 17,500 14,000 10,500 7,000 3,500 0 2,049,3,936,3,600,8,211,3,936,4,900,13,738,11,313,4,097,Flush-Toilet 28,951,- N$

Only Toiletslllll

OTJI-TOILET 9,585,- N$

OTJI-TOILET/Solarventilation 17,047,- N$

FLUSH-TOILET 58,099,- N$

Calculation for 3000 plots (costs per plot) Installation (1): Water line, 2 water towers, sewage line, connection fee, room of 1.2 m2, and plumbing; the Otji-Toilet doesnt need to be built with all these additional aspects. Installation (2): To get the household water (for bathroom, kitchen, washing etc.) the following is needed: Water line, water tower, connection, and plumbing. Running costs (fees, maintenance and water consumption) are calculated with an inflation rate of 7% per year. Later, the house can be equipped with a water connection for kitchen and bathroom. As there is no sewage system needed, the total costs still remain lower compared to the installation of a flush-toilet.

80,500 77,000 73,500 70,000 66,500 63,000 59,500 56,000 52,500 49,000 45,500 42,000 38,500 35,000 31,500 28,000 24,500 21,000 17,500 14,000 10,500 7,000 3,500 0 OTJI-TOILET

Household water 20 y.

Toilet + Bathllll

Install. (2)

Flush Water 20 y. Maintenan. 20 y. Fees 20 years

Install. (1)

35,937,- N$

80,365,- N$

The Otji-Toilet Inside the house: A simple solar operated ventilation system can be installed, so that the toilet can be built indoors, providing modern living comfort. The solar panel on the roof saves in 3-4 hours enough energy to feed an accumulator and a connected fan for 24 hours of ventilation. This system works completely independent from water and electricity networks everywhere!
Solar panel

Accumulator Fan

The latest technology for modern lifestyle

Comfortable living standards to affordable prices