Musings of Spirit Dove

Brice Johnson


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Father, around, and within and over all, Grant that we of corpor should
come to understand Thy Ways and Seasons.

Teach us to look first unto You in all things that we might better know
ourselves and Thy Will within us.

Forgive us for our slow and erring ways and lift not Thy patient, gentle
hand from our eternal lives.

We humble ourselves before Thee, knowing that there is nothing without
Thee and Thy Presence. Amen.

Spirit Dove (Brice Johnson)
The Faithist Journal



We are all spirits cloaked in mortal flesh; spirituality has nothing to do
with religion per se.

Religion is how one wishes to express ones spiritual beliefs, for our
purpose, 'spirituality' deals with the essence of that which we are, that is,
ETERNAL LIFE. We are, and always will be, spirits. No religion will ever
change that, no religion has all of the answers, nor do any of them contain the
'keys' to heaven, most, in fact, have completely confused morals as to their
true natures and destiny.

Musing of Spirit Dove is intended to be a positive forum to exchange
ideas and information as to who and what we are.

It is intended to be a positive re-inforcement of spiritual knowledge and
wisdom that has survived through the ages, which has surpassed the limited
views as held by so many so called religions.

If you're not interested in coming to grips with who and what you truly are,
then this site would not be a place for you; there are countless 'religious'
sites that you may choose from.

The Great Spirit, the Almighty, the Ever Present, Our Father, wishes only
good things for All that has been Created. The Creator, which can be found
within yourself and, indeed within all of Creation, is one of love and harmony.
Never should The Great Mystery be approached with fear or apprehension
but rather with love and appreciation.


The smallest prayer, uttered with a full heart, is always heard. You DO
NOT require any intermediary to speak upon your behalf, you are a power
unto yourself.

The Great Spirit is like unto a vast ocean, in which we are but single
molecules, but we, as small as we may be, are as important to the expression
of that vast ocean as is any other molecule. We are part and parcel of the
ALL ONE, nothing exists without that PRESENCE. It is we who should attune
ourselves and learn to live in harmony with the Ever Present. Everything that
lies within our existence, seen or unseen, is a part of the whole.
Love Eternally,
Spirit Dove
January 18, 2008


This is not a ‘religious’ forum and I don’t want to come across as just
another man spouting religious prose BUT it has been religion, whether
correct in their assumptions or not, that has in the past kept man’s morality in
Without faith in, and love for, their Creator man cannot progress.
Religions in the past have played a significant role in maintaining man’s
allegiance to ‘God,’ and this has been his sure foundation, dictating his or her
own moral decisions in everyday life.
Today, as we make the transition from one Era unto another, mankind
has become confused in his role; as the ‘old’ is being put away, being replace
by ‘new’ revelations. There is a great upheaval and misunderstanding now
but this shall pass in time.
It is not the purpose of this writing to attempt to dictate what one should
or should not believe but to remind the reader that ‘God’ or the ‘Creator’ is as
Present today and He, She or It has ever been. If you are disheartened and
confused about the turnings of the world turn within and listen to that small
voice within. Have faith and persevere.

Love, Spirit Dove



The following Reflections have been written over many years, some of
which might be of interest to you. Many are prayers, some are insights and
some seem to be answers. These ‘reflections’ will be given over time as they
are too voluminous to present in one setting.
O Je-Ho-Vih, Ever Present Great Spirit, forgive me for being so
immersed in this cloud of corporality. Surely Your little Red Star is within a
dark chamber along its road! Can it be that I am so gross, so unripe, that I
cannot see, from one moment to the next Your Goodness and Your Love?
Why do I tarry in this darkness when Your Light pervades my very being with
understanding? Why, O Father, do I hold on so tightly to the thoughts and
actions of Your lowest heavens?
You have taught me from my youth to not think of myself and yet,
moment by moment, I think of none other.
You have taught me to love and to help others, and yet, I hold back, not
knowing the way.
Even now, with the work you have put upon me, I wander about, as if
dumb to Your ways and Your creations. Must I always tread in darkness? Will
I never be a light unto Your Presence?
Teach me Father, to know Your Will and to manifest Your Ways.

Love, Spirit Dove


Thank you my ashars; my guardians, who teach and protect me night
and day.
I apologize for my slowness, for my foulness and for all things wherein I
cause you pain and travail.
Surely your work is tedious at times, especially having to deal with one
such as myself, who can be so gross and unripe in my ways and manners.
How can I make your life easier but by growing in the Father’s Light,
shunning the drujas and all manner of unclean spirit? Your work here must
be exhausting, what with such an abundance of uncleanness all about.
The Lord, our God, and our Father Jehovih know your plight and shall
provide unto you. Be happy in the tending of your flock, for in time, they too
may wear your shoes, following in your footsteps.
Thank you my brothers and sisters.

Love, Spirit Dove


Whether Lord of my region and division or whether Lord over any of the
other vast expanses of land and sea, your wisdom, your glory and your
guidance is beyond my scope of understanding.
It is only of late that I have begun to understand the system and order of
Jehovih’s universe. The magnitude and scope of your work appalls me. You
and Your predecessors have brought system and order unto earth; brought
humankind from a creature upon its belly to our mortal condition of today.
I am grateful and respectful of the work put upon your soul. Thank you
for your guidance and the Light that you bestow upon me and upon all of
those in your charge.
In Jehovih’s time, and in His Way, we shall all grow and mature to know
His Will. Blessed are you that you serve Him as you do. I am admonished at
your wisdom and power. I refrain from opening my mouth before such
servitude unto our Creator. How can I ever attain to such a high estate?
Thank you my elder brother or sister for your presence before our world
and I bid you strength to overcome and subdue the darkness of men.

Love, Spirit Dove


Blessed are you O God; upraised Son of Jehovih. We thank you for your
wisdom, your strength and your steadfastness in the Ever Present, Jehovih;
Father of us all.
Words cannot express, nor can our immature minds conceive of your
work; nor the knowledge and experience you possess in the Father’s
Perhaps you are one who has yet to experience the glories of Etherea,
but even so, if that be the case, it would be more to your credit, to have been
placed in charge of this world, which you may have sprung from.
May Jehovih and His Arch Angels ever guide you unto your way and ours.
Thank you O great one for your toil, your love, and your guidance
through those who follow your commands.
My conception and my words fail me in my attempt to honor you by
praise; because of your greatness before Jehovih I know you will forgive me
my shortness, as one would forgive his infant child. Honor, praise and glory
are unto you, worlds without end.

Love, Spirit Dove


The Ever Present Creator
There are no mortal words, no matter how eloquent or astute, that can
adequately describe You, nor Your Presence. Your Presence extends above,
beyond and within all of Your Works. We mortals cannot possibly conceive of
You in Your entirety.
We have fashioned all manner of churches, synagogues and temples to
honor and worship You; but in all cases we fall far short, erecting edifices in
mortal form and figure where none exist in fact.
There is nowhere that You can be seen or understood greater than in
Your Works. You are within All things, seen and unseen.
Thank You my Father for life, in all its forms, and for the opportunity to
experience You and Your Works now and forever.

Forgive me for my

unripeness and slowness to mature.
There is such a contrast here upon the Red Star; outstanding examples
of Your Presence for those with eyes to see.
As I write this today it is early morning, a cool breeze whispers as it
kisses my cheek. The pristine lake is calm; the reflections of the colorful
clouds ripple and shimmer as the gentle currents of air mingle with their
reflections upon its surface.
All about are the wondrous members of Your Presence, in harmony,
singing and playing before You, as if giving thanks for another glorious day.
Praise and Love be unto You Jehovih for giving of Yourself that we might
live and breathe; experiencing You and Your Works, the endless joy of Your
Let me never complain for those who are yet unripe, dumb to Your
Presence, for they miss so much by not knowing You or Your Members.
To You I am wed, now and forever.

Love, Spirit Dove



There are times, dear Father, when life here upon the Red Star seems
You have said: “Man rises and falls as regularly as the tides; that, as
soon as the light departs, darkness ensues.” It seems so but I know too that
within the darkness there is yet light, and within light there is also darkness.
Even though I feel lost and alone at times; I know that You are near at
hand, even within my very self! You, Father are my sure foundation, the light
that shall eternally guide my steps.
Even at this moment, as life bears upon my soul, and I feel alone and
helpless, I know that tomorrow will be a brighter day and I will rejoice that You
saw fit to allow me to grow in the darkness.
Forgive me Father; that I should be so weak to complain and so unripe to
even think of myself.
Fortify me to know Your Will and to forget about myself – to rejoice in the
life You have given me.
Forgive all those who know You not.

Love, Spirit Dove


Children of the Great Spirit; who oversee the earth, the Red Star:
Greetings in the Name of Jehovih, dispenser of life and motion, worlds
without end.
Even though at this time this little world, and those upon it; suffer great
darkness and travail, be it known among you that the Almighty shall prevail!
I beseech you to be steadfast in your faith and duties; be not lowered in
your ways, and forgive us for our ignorance of Jehovih and His Works.
Know then that there are some who are beginning to see the light and
that in due course, shall enter into the es worlds of the lower heavens, and
begin the foundation of ethereal knowledge upon earth and its heavens; even
now the roots of immortality are taking hold.
Be steadfast then my brothers and sisters.
Love and harmony,

Love, Spirit Dove



O little star; we call you earth;
Fashioned by the Father’s Hand.

We claim you as ours; every bit
Air, sea and land!

We draw our lines, here and there;
We battle forth in mighty wars;

We shall not relinquish that which we
Wrongfully claim as ours!

But the day will come
That even we shall come to know your Hand

And we shall be grateful
For Your loan of this wonderful land!

Until then O Father,
Be patient with Your little children
Here on this little star

As you have been eternally.
Worlds near and far.

Thank You Father.
‘How soon we forget’

Father, how soon we forget Your Presence! No sooner than have
conditions seemingly gone wrong, than we are cursing and crying out in
despair; forgetting that adversity gives us an opportunity to grow in spirit.
Forgetting too to be thankful for all the gifts You have bestowed upon us;
even life itself! For all about us are countless souls much less fortunate!
Once again Father forgive me for my shortness! I indeed float upon a
sea of self. One day, if it is Your Will, I shall overcome this world and my
endless immaturity. Perhaps then I shall be worthy of Your Love. Reach out,
through Your Sons and Daughters, and touch the souls of men, whom You
created for Your Own Glory.
Love, Spirit Dove


Within I know that whatever befalls me, or whatsoever my lessons may
be; they are good for me and intended for my growth; even so I lose sight of
Your Wisdom day by day – again Father, I ask Your forgiveness for I am yet
an infant in Your Hand.
Guide me Father, use me in whatsoever way You can; for I am Yours
now and forever! Have patience with me your infant son. Your Will shall be
Our Creator, the Great Spirit, the Ever Present, sustainer of all that is,
has always given us complete freedom of choice; in doing so we are
responsible for whatsoever we are and for whatsoever befalls us. As we can
create a heaven upon earth, so can we create hellish conditions for ourselves.
We cannot blame anything or anyone in heaven or upon the earth for our
It the past the Great Spirit allowed us to set up elaborate religions to help
us with our spiritual growth and attainment, and these have been good for us,
but today we must stand before our Creator, accepting full responsibility for
ourselves. No longer can we blame any priest, rabbi, medicine man, church,
book or set of doctrines for anything in heaven or earth. We have attained to
comprehensive judgment and we can, and must, think for ourselves. We are
responsible unto ourselves in all things.
Look around and witness the beauty and wonder of the Ever Present in
all ITS glory, not only in the fields, the streams, the mountains and the oceans
but also in man himself. What a wonder to behold! The Father loves All of His
Creations and would have it that we all love one another as well.
All of the expressions (Creations) of the Great Spirit, the Ever Present,
are perfect in their own order, only we (humankind) have been brought forth a
blank slate, to be written upon by ALL of the Father’s Creations, including our
very selves. What a wonderful gift the Father has given unto us; we have

been given our very selves to create, and in whatever way we choose. We
are therefore responsible for whatsoever we become.
Go forth in your lives rejoicing for you have LIFE, eternal life at that!
There is nothing, no conditions whatsoever that are worth lamenting over! Go
forth into the world with the knowledge that you do not have to become
ensnared in the affairs of mortals, many of whom are yet below the grades!
Be a beacon of light and life before your Creator, show the Father how
much you appreciate the LIFE given unto you by living it well. Abide by the
commandments given unto all people of old (the ten commandments) and
love your neighbor as you would love your own family.
Remember: Those who abide by the laws have no need for laws; a
people with many laws is a lawless people or they would not need such laws.
We need only to learn to love and take care of one another; all else will take
care of itself.
Love, Spirit Dove


“Freedom to think for yourself!”
We humans are unique and, unlike the other “corporeal” species we
share this planet with, have the capacity to shape our own lives in whatsoever
way we choose.
We decide where we shall live, how we shall live, what we shall wear and
what we shall eat, not to mention that we can also develop our own opinions
as to who and what we are. Perhaps the most important decision we are
allowed is our own concept of creation and our Creator.
We inhabit a corporeal (physical) body like all other animals but unlike
the other animals we are designed and engineered to surpass corporality and
continue our existence eternally. That’s a long time!
There is nothing wrong with our becoming engrossed in our corporality
and the corporeal world but it should be understood that this is only a passing
and short lived phase of our development. Life here is very brief and the
“things” we posses are of little consequence in the development of our “true”
Most people, when released from their physical constraints, are born into
their next environment completely unprepared for it, having allowed their true
nature, which is spirit to go neglected and underdeveloped. These people are
born into the es world as helpless as newborn infants, requiring constant
assistance by those who have gone on before.
Our Creator, by whatever concept you choose to represent it by, in
Infinite Wisdom, has allowed us to create our own entities in all things. You
are therefore responsible for what you make of yourself, both in this life and
the next.
You cannot cast blame unto anything upon earth or in the heavens of the
earth nor your Creator or the angels serving Creation. In this regard you are
the master of your own destiny as they give unto you only that which you

have asked, either by word or your actions.
Your religions and your ceremonies have served you well and have
helped to uplift your forefathers to live more “spiritual” lives, according to their
comprehension but today more is required of you.
In this era human kind is to develop not only the mortal part but the
immortal as well. Human kind has now attained to comprehensive judgment
and is not only able but is expected to take responsibility for your own
No longer are you to place your faith in any book, religion, church or
preacher but rather go in spirit before your Creator, asking for Light directly.
Your congregations need not be disbanded as there is power and
direction afforded to those who congregate unto the Creator but henceforth
let your congregations strive as a unit to uplift and meliorate the masses, both
within the churches and without.
It is the Will of the Great Spirit that all men live as brothers and sisters,
enjoying the world which has been given unto their keeping. As men can
create a hell upon earth so can he also create a heaven.

This is the

beginning thereof.

Love, Spirit Dove


From every quarter we’re bombarded by troubles of every description; it’s
no wonder so many go around with long faces and sullen dispositions. It’s all
too easy to get caught up in all the negativity that surrounds us.
There comes a time though that, if you’re going to survive the madness,
that you have to stop, step back and take stock of things. This might be a
good time to do just that.
Give yourself a break for a change; hop off the tread mill and slow down
the pace. If you can, locate somewhere off the beaten path, say a quiet park,
a lake or sea shore or perhaps a babbling brook or stream.
Don’t take the hustle and bustle with you. Do away with the cell phone
and laptop; leave the office and home behind you. It will be there when you
Notice the quietness away from the steady drone of the highways?
Listen to the soft murmur of the breeze rustling the leaves and grasses, the
birds singing happily unto their Creator. Notice the coolness of the air away
from the cement jungle. All is well in the world away from mans intervention.
Our Father (by whatever term you wish to use) has given unto us a
wondrous and beautiful world; a world without turmoil and troubles. It is we
who have caused it to be a stressful place to live.
It is not possible for any of us to change the world but we have it within
our reach to change how we look upon it; it is within our grasp to live a more
peaceful and harmonious existence before our Creator. We do not have to be
caught up in all of mans madness.
How does that old saying go? “Let me change that which I can and
accept that which I cannot, with the wisdom to know the difference.” That’s a
shortened version but you get the idea. The key here is to accept that which
you cannot change.
Our Native American brothers and sisters that preceded us, and

hopefully many still do, look upon creation as a living entity. They loved and
respected all things and they took only that which they were in need of,
returning prayer and thanks for what was given unto them. We can learn a
great deal from their selfless ways.
You have no doubt heard the statement that we “create our own reality,”
that is a great truth my friend. Even if you don’t ascribe to the notion that we
do ‘actually’ create our own reality I’m sure that you will admit that your
mental outlook does create your view of yourself, as well as your view of the
world. How you think dictates how you feel about things.
If you train yourself to view your fellow beings as part of that harmonious
whole, like you’re experiencing in ‘nature,’ then you can begin to view others
in a different way. They too are as much of the created ‘whole’ as are you, no
matter how ‘ripe’ or ‘unripe’ they may be.
Embrace and enjoy the world given unto your keeping; you don’t have to
own it – you can’t – but you can love the Creator and all of His creations,
including man in all his darkness and strife.
Above all don’t cast blame upon either God or the Father, nor upon even
man for man is what he is intended to be at this point in time. If you’ve
ripened beyond the confines of mortality then seek out others of like
dispensation and cleave unto one another in love and harmony unto the
Almighty. You cannot leaven the masses.
What more is there than being in harmony with the Father? He will be
your sure foundation long after this mortal world has moldered into dust.
Enjoy your time in ‘nature,’ whether it is in the forests, the mountains, the
desert, the sea shore or yes, even the cement monuments built by man.

Love eternally, Spirit Dove


To live a spiritual life does not necessarily mean that you must adhere to
any particular religious dogma; nor does it mean that you live an ethical life by
simply adhering to a set or religious beliefs.
In effect, we all live “spiritually” as we are all “spirits” cloaked in mortality,
whether we acknowledge that fact, or even for that matter, whether we
understand our own spirituality or not.
It has been aptly said of old that we are spirits experiencing mortality.
This is indeed of a truth, as it is the chief purpose of life; to develop our
spiritual entity while protected by corporeal bodies, in preparation for our birth
unto immortality.
How do we develop our spiritual selves? There is a multiplicity of
answers, not the least of which is to learn to live an ethical life.
To live an ethical life is to live your own particular “highest light,” to be
true unto yourselves and not to blindly live according to someone else’s idea
of “highest light.” No matter how exalted it may sound. To treat others as you
yourself would want to be treated. To be God-like in all your dealings.
Our Creator has given unto all of us of His Own Self our physical
existence (so called), and too He has given of His Very Spirit the spirit that we
are. We are like unto a ray of Light from His Being. We have only to seek
within to know of a truth right and wrong in all things. We therefore can live
our highest light by listening to His Voice within our own members.
Most people believe that since generally the “majority rules” that the
“majority” must surely be the highest light. But is it? If it were so then one
might believe that to follow a particular path, just because the masses do,
must be the correct path or the “highest” light. This has been proven to be
false time and time again. Just because the “masses” believe a thing does
not in anyway make it correct nor necessarily the best choice.
This does not mean that we should turn our backs upon established
avenues nor should we blindly accept new, unproven paths, as this would be

running to the opposite extreme. Each of us however, should allow ourselves
the freedom to think for ourselves; to rationalize and to make our own
judgment as to any “light” that comes unto us, irrespective of the source of
that “light.” We should never blindly follow the masses simply because that is
the accepted “norm.”
The point here is to have faith in your own inspiration and convictions.
Don’t be afraid to be different. All people who have been instrumental in
bringing forth change or sharing their “light” with others have at the onset
been branded as odd-balls, outcasts and worse. Later the same individuals
have been lauded as great leaders, full of wisdom and insight. The masses
are fickle!
“Light” can be defined as demonstrable, repeatable “fact” but even this
definition falls short in truth as we humans compile our “facts” from our own
surroundings, according to our understanding of our environment at any
particular time.

As a consequence it often occurs that as our perception

changes so do our “facts.”
In summation, remember that Creator (by whatever Name of definition
you choose to use) is “Ever Present,” is, by definition, within and over all
creation, seen and unseen. The “Creator” is within each of us as we in turn
are a part and parcel of Creation. We are inseparable, without the Presence
of the ALL ONE neither we, nor anything else, would exist. You have only to
seek and you shall find; you have only to ask and it shall be given unto you.
In all things you should question the source and purpose of that which
comes to you, even that which comes of the Father. Know of a truth that that
which serves the “self” of man is of the lesser light. But inspiration which
serves the melioration and upliftment of mankind is of the “higher light.”
Love, Spirit Dove


an inspired work
given unto the inhabitants of earth,
for this, the Kosmon Era.

Oahspe serves no especial religion, church, or group of people upon the
earth today. It is given unto all people.
E-o-ih (the Creator) had said: “I created man blank, as to good and evil,
and gave him liberty; and, I gave liberty also to the spirits of the dead. But
these spirits set themselves up as Gods (and leaders of men); and to glorify
themselves used (and use) mortals in their own way. For they found that
mortals could be turned to good or evil, to war or to peace, to virtue or to lust,
according to the inspiration of the angels watching over them.
But in this I provided a remedy also, and without abridging liberty, which
was, that the “Gods” in contention for mortal souls, should fall out and
ultimately destroy their own heavenly kingdoms, wherefrom angels and
mortals should escape from bondage.”
“I am as near the corporean (the physical man of earth) as I am to the
es’sean (the spiritual man of the emancipated heavens;) let them disown their
kings and Gods, and whosoever has a kingdom to glorify; and they shall
espouse Me, for I AM Ever Present. For this, all people shall do, either on
earth or in heaven. My kingdoms are not by violence or by war, but by liberty
to every soul; and whoso practices peace, and love, and liberty unto others, is
My chosen. They are on the way to everlasting resurrection.”
We, born of earth, are in effect, angels in embryo. It is the role of humans
to develop their own entities. This is best accomplished while we are
protected by the cloak of mortality, afterwards, when we are born into the “es”
world, it becomes much more difficult, as all of our emotions and aspirations

are laid bare and are difficult to overcome.
As we are easily led and misled in our current state of being, so, likewise,
are we easily deceived upon our entrance into the es world and we can be
led and misled by unscrupulous masters there too.
The best defense against this is to open your understanding unto whom
and what you are while yet protected by the womb of your “physical” body.
You must learn to think for yourself!
At this stage of our development we are in essence a dual entity; being
an eternal being encapsulated within a gross, seemingly “material” body. It is
a mistake at this point in our development to emphasize too much on either
The “material” and the “spiritual” aspects of our being are very much like
two opposite extremes poised upon a fulcrum, much as though upon a teeter
totter. Too much emphasis on either causes an opposite effect upon the other.
It is prudent to strive for a balance between our spiritual selves and our
material selves. Unfortunately though, most people tend to spend the bulk of
their effort and aspiration upon the physical only, which has led to not only a
lack of spiritual development but to considerable darkness among the
peoples of the earth as well.
This is neither a good, nor a bad thing of itself. We are simply what we
have made of ourselves at this time in the course of our development. We are
a product of not only our past (our ancestors) but also a product of the
present with its multitude of unseen influences. This is no more than the ebb
and flow of human/spiritual development.
What is important now, at the beginning of the Kosmon Era (the time of
spiritual enlightenment upon earth) is that we begin to recognize that we are
much more than mere mortals, having a beginning and an end, but rather that
we are also spiritual beings, boundless and eternal like unto our Creator.


Love, Spirit Dove


The early stage of any world begins deep within the recesses of space.
First, the swirling of ethereal winds, much as upon the earth with the
formation of hurricanes and tornadoes, eddy currents ensue, causing the
general rotation of the ‘winds.’
Throughout all of creation there are sub-atomic sized needles of energy,
called needles of corpor.

These ‘needles’ are so small they cannot be

detected by any device we currently posses. They each have what can be
called, although incorrectly, a positive and a negative end.
In their natural state they are scattered at random and therefore do not
constitute any particular ‘charge.’ As they are ‘gathered’ by the action of the
vortexian winds they are amassed within the center of the swirling vortex and
in time become sufficiently dense to begin creating what we call light.
At this stage of development these miniature worlds in formation are
carried at random along the prevailing currents of the universe until ‘attracted’
within a stronger vortex. Depending to a great measure on how ‘mature’
these formations are at the time of that attraction foretells their ultimate orbit
or destruction.
There are countless millions of these would-be worlds being created and
dissipated daily. Very few of these attain to any significant development, some
lasting only briefly and some for hundreds of years before their lines of force
are broken and they return once again into the subliminal regions of space as
Once of sufficient mass to cast light and shadow these miniature worlds
streak through the heavens, with glowing gasses and nebulae, their vortexian
trails showing the general outline of their currents. In time, if they are allowed
to continue, they are taken up within the ‘master’ vortex of a sun-planet and
take their place as another world in formation. After thousands of years and
billions of miles they eventually collect sufficient ‘material’ to assume mass,

molten masses of fire and gasses created by the action of what we call
As they take shape they are fluid in their action but continue to become
globular, undulating with the pulsations of their vortex. After millions of years
they that survive assume the various forms of planets we are familiar with, as
well as millions of others we are not yet familiar with.
Due to the action of creation within the vortex the ‘tails’ eventually turn
within themselves and the entire ‘force’ becomes a true globe and the planet
within assumes this same general shape.
It is the action of this ‘vortexian’ energy that is responsible for virtually all
of the manifestations we currently consider as being separate ‘things,’ such
as heat, light, gravity, magnetism and, yes, even weather.
The vortex rotates the planet within it by its action, generally from west to
east. The vortex undulates both vertically as well as horizontally and apparent
‘rivers’ of energy ensue within the vortex proper, causing disturbances and
eddies, which we have come to know as fronts. It is the action of these ‘fronts’
and the variations in velocities that create the ‘winds’ and the apparent ‘cold’
and ‘heat,’ et cetera.
It is the vortexian energy which created the earth and maintains it that
produces what seems to be the attraction of gravity, which in reality is the
pressing of the vortex from external to internal. It is the vortexian energy that
produces both the light and heat (or lack of it) we experience. It is responsible
for what we call electricity (Vortexya in motion) and magnetism (Vortexya at
rest.) Were the lines of vortexian force to be broken our world would instantly
return to dissolution and be seen no more in the universe.
This is, of course, a very simplified explanation of our world’s creation;
more shall be said in future issues concerning the various aspects of creation.


Wars, rumours of wars and pestilences in diverse places is common
place today. One cannot pick up a newspaper, turn on the radio or watch
television without being inundated with the news of it occurring someplace.
We, of America are very fortunate to currently be spared this horrific
experience upon our own soil. How long this will last is anyone’s guess.
Everyone is fearful of the murder, mayhem and madness associated with
war, of this there is no doubt. No one who has not experienced it first hand
can truly know just how horrible it really is. And, no one can say with great
certainty just what he or she will do when confronted with it.
My words here will most likely have little impact upon the dastardly reality
of war should it occur but perhaps my words can add a little comfort, as well
as to pass along some of the Father’s commandments.
Those of you who place your faith in the Ever Present will not necessarily
be spared the pangs of warfare; that would be too much of a miracle but
those who remain faithful to the Creator and His commandments will be more
likely to be directed and comforted by the presence of His angels of Light.
As I have said repeatedly in my writings; corporeal life (what we consider
as physical) is in truth non existent. Only our true selves, the spirit, is life.
Spirit cannot be killed. By the loss of our corporeal bodies we do not die as to
Because most of us have put most of our emphasis and effort at
cultivating the physical aspect of ourselves we have created a false reality.
Life, without spiritual development, is pointless and without meaning.
It is not too late to begin shifting our thoughts, prayers and aspirations to
the Almighty and to the development of our true natures; the eternal and
limitless spirit.
The following are direct quotes from the pages of Oahspe, which has
been given unto our keeping for this, the Era of Kosmon. Perhaps these will

shed some light unto how war should be viewed.
“Judgment is rendered against every nation and all people in the world
who carry on war, or who are accessory to war, whereby any man, woman or
child, created alive by the Almighty, is slain, in defense of any king, or other
ruler, or in defense of any country or government in all the world.
And, whether war is offensive or defensive, My judgment is against those
who aid or abet war, and against the kings or other rulers who are parties to
war, willingly, knowingly, or otherwise.
And I judge him guilty also who is general, commodore, captain,
sergeant or private that engages in war or takes part therein, aiding, abetting,
or otherwise, whereby any man, woman or child created alive by the Almighty,
is slain or caused to suffer death.”
“This is the bondage I put upon all such as obey not My commandments;
They shall not rise above the first resurrection in heaven (which lies upon the
earth), while war remains upon the earth. Even though their bondage is a
hundred years, or a thousand or more years, yet this, My judgment shall not
be put aside.
Neither shall any king, nor other ruler in all the world, impress as a
soldier any man who is unwilling to engage in war. And whosoever obeys not
My judgment shall not escape this bondage.
Neither will I consider the prayers of any king or other ruler, or any nation
or people, who engage in war, offensive or defensive, or who aid or abet war
in any way whatsoever.
But I will abandon all such people; and My Lords shall abandon them;
and My holy angels shall abandon them also.
And they shall be abandoned unto their own harvest of evil spirits, and to
all manner of drujas (low grade spirits).
And they shall be afflicted with assassinations and intriguers and
despoilers, and with anarchy and riots and destruction.

And they shall be made to understand that whomsoever the Almighty
created alive is sacred upon the earth; and that whosoever heeds not these,
My commandments, sins against the Almighty.
Behold, it is not sufficient apology for them to say: An evil king or other
ruler, will come upon my country and possess it!
I say unto you O man: All countries and peoples are Mine. Live in peace
and righteousness, having faith in Me.
Behold, your God has come in this era to put away old things, and to
give unto you the kingdoms of the Almighty, as they are His exalted heavens.
Heed the judgment of God; you cannot stay the Hand of the Almighty.”
These are very strong words indeed but what has been said, has been
said; it is up to each of us to accept or reject them as we see fit. In this, as in
all things, we the inhabitants of the corporeal earth have freedom to choose
and thereby are responsible for our actions or inactions.

Love, Spirit Dove


What is reality? Have you ever examined yourself and the world in which
you live? Not just a passing examination but an in depth consideration of
what constitutes reality? Your reality!
Anyone who has taken even a rudimentary science course understands
that the material world is not solid by any stretch of the imagination, being
constructed of atoms and molecules and other “stuff,” which the scientific
world is just now becoming aware of. Looking into the “micro” world is much
like looking into a telescope only in reverse.
You and I are able to “sense” the world about us because of our ability to
see, hear, smell and taste, all of which are operating on the molecular level,
all of which are extremely limited in their range of reception.

Your Attitude Creates Your Reality

Any eventuality can be seen from more than one perspective and how
one views it is predicated mostly upon what his or her life’s experience
dictates should be the reaction to it.
Each of us has ‘programmed’ ourselves to go through life ‘judging’ our
surroundings, and indeed ourselves, by the ‘learned’ judgments and
prejudges of our own particular life’s experiences.
This is a ‘normal’ human function but it is not necessarily the best
approach to life. The more ‘open’ a person can become to the limitless
possibilities of reality the more full life will be.
The more a person trains him or herself to ‘think for themselves’, the
more opportunities become available to them for advancement. They are
less apt to be caught up in a snare of either physical or spiritual ignorance.
This doesn’t mean that we should abandon common sense and run after
every new whim that comes our way but it does mean that we should be

‘open’ to new possibilities and yes, even revelations.
The Creator has instilled in each of us the ability to reason, to think for
ourselves and to rationalize on virtually everything.
We are not supposed to simply accept without question what ‘reality’ is or
Judge all things, even your own concept of your Creator. We should
never close ourselves off to the limitless possibilities that the Creator has put
before us. Either now or in the eons of time that lie before us.
As stated in the heading: “Your attitude creates your reality,” this is
understood by most everyone but how many people understand this in
Individually and collectively we create our own reality day by day and
moment by moment. We can reverse those seemingly negative aspects of life
by how we ‘think.’ Sounds absurd? Does it really? Think about it for a
When you walk down the street do you look upon your neighbors with
scorn, disrespect and even with a certain amount of fear and distrust? Or, do
you view them as part of the Ever Present, another molecule like yourself of
His infinite Presence? You and I, and ALL things, human and otherwise, are
expressions of Creation, both physical (so-called) as well as spiritual.
What you


becomes your reality. That is an absolute, irrefutable fact.

If you practice happy, positive thoughts those attributes will in time become
your demeanor. And, the opposite is equally true. I’ll grant you that in today’s
society it is increasingly difficult to maintain a positive attitude but it is not
What you


not only dictates your sense of happiness and well-being

but it also determines your overall health and mental fitness. Your


towards life, and your role in it, is paramount in your physical and spiritual
Just as a prayer, uttered meaningfully by many people holds great power,

so does the collective consciousness of a people, whether they be of a
church, community or a nation, hold great power in the creation of ‘reality.’
YOU are the instrument of your own reality; you and your neighbors are
collectively the instruments of the church, the community or the nations
‘reality.’ As man can create a heaven upon earth, so can he create a hell.
What are we creating?
Nothing is more important than being one with the Father and in
Harmony with ALL of His Creations. This is not only a religious truth but it is a
reality of life. The Creator is Ever Present and is within All of His Creations.
Be content within the vessel that has been provided for this part of the journey.

Love, Spirit Dove


O Great Spirit, that which has created and sustains all things, I pray unto
You for Your Light and Guidance, not only for myself but for all those who
listen unto Your Voice.
In Your infinite Wisdom You allow all of Your creations to grow in their
own way, and in their own time. I understand this fact my Father and I beg for
Your forgiveness for speaking out against anything of Your making. I know
Your Will is freedom in all things.
I implore You Father to teach me patience, perseverance and love for all
of Your creations, as it is sorely difficult in this day to maintain those attributes.
I know that it is not Your Will that such conditions should prevail upon earth as
it now exists.
You have given unto man a beautiful world, full of richness and
goodness; a world with plenty for all but Your sons and daughters are caught
up in their animal selves, and they see not the goodness of Your Hand. Verily,
they are creating a hell for themselves and their fellow men.
I would say: forgive them but then I know that there is nothing to forgive.
You allow all things to run their course, and that in time all things will be made
aright. I trust in Your Wisdom. And I pray that I will always understand this.
You have said that You would bring those of us who have faith in You
together. When shall the beginning of this become manifest upon the
corporeal earth? Is it yet too early? Are there still too few of us to make it so?
Are You gathering together Your legions of new born spirits beyond our veil?
Teach me patience my Father! Teach me to ignore self and especially the
conditions of earth, having faith in You.
I am Your servant my Father, now and forever. Your Will be done. Put
upon me what You Will, now and forever.



O Great Spirit
Whose Breath gives life to all the world,
hear me! I am small and weak,
I need Your strength and wisdom.

Let me walk in beauty, and make my eyes
ever behold the red and purple sunset.
Make my hands respect the things You have made
and my ears sharp to hear Your Voice…..
Make me always ready to come to You
with clean hands and straight eyes.

So when life fades as the fading sunset,
my spirit may come to You without shame.


Without attempting to get into the little known dynamics of our planets
forces, suffice it to say that I believe that those ‘forces’ which create
hurricanes can be broken at the time and place where they originate.
It is my belief that there are forces external to the earth that not only
created but maintains the earth and that what has been heretofore attributed
to ‘gravity’ does not exist in the mean.
This ‘force’ not only accomplishes these actions but also manifests itself
as our global weather, to mention only a fraction of its functions. Weather per
se is not the ‘force’ but is, in fact, only a manifestation of the currents of air
and temperature moved by the action of this ‘force.’
In short, it appears as though the speed and frictional conditions of these
currents cause eddies to ensue, much as one might observe in the fluidity of
water. The circumstances are much the same, only in this case the action
involves molecules of air rather than water.
It is my belief that if high pressure, inert gases were exploded high
enough and with sufficient expansion above the region of the formation of this
rotational force that the lines of force generating the hurricane could and
would be broken, thereby destroying it before it was allowed sufficient time
and rotational velocity to become a hurricane.
Thank you for letting me to share this ‘belief’ with you. With the recent
crop of hurricanes and the tremendous loss of life and property we’ve
experienced, what do you have to lose by investigating my claim?


What is respect? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary it is to
hold something in a high or special regard; or in a state of high esteem.
Somehow this definition just doesn’t seem to go far enough to explain
what ‘respect’ is nor does it impart the importance of being respectful.
Without respect this world becomes a cold and indifferent place in which
to live; we tend to loose our priorities, our values, as well as our perspective
as to what is important.
Without self-respect we quickly fall into slovenliness, laziness and into a
general state of anarchy, becoming a worthless people. Other societies that
have preceded us have come and gone essentially because of this.
Without respect for our fellow men we become mistrusting and
distrusting, becoming num to the needs and desires of others we share this
world with. Apathy quickly sets in and we no longer concern ourselves over
the welfare of others. Psychologically it is well known that distrust and
misunderstanding over a period of time inevitably turns into hatred and
malevolence, which furthers the advancement of anarchy.
Without respect for our Earth we tend to misuse and abuse its material
abundance and damage its environment by littering and pilfering. Who is
going to care and protect it if we don’t? The earth and its bounty have been
given unto our keeping. Shouldn’t we respect it?
We’ve spoken about the lack of respect for all the obvious things, self,
our planet and our fellow men but what about the root of this lack of respect?
With any great people from time immemorial those societies that
withstood the test of time have been those that have maintained their faith in
a power greater than themselves. That is a faith in God or in their Creator,
irregardless of what name or concept they professed. That ‘faith’ sustained
them and taught them to ‘respect’ all things; to appreciate that which the
Creator has provided. Without that ‘respect’ man alone is weak in every

It is not the purpose of this writing to expound any particular belief but to
help to reacquaint you with the fact that you cannot sustain yourselves or
your world without faith and respect for your Creator and all that which has
been given unto you.
Beginning today try looking at yourself and your world with a loving eye
and strive to be respectful of all ‘things,’ including your very ‘self’ You may be
surprised at how much happier you will feel and how much more you will
appreciate all the aspects of your existence.

Love, Spirit Dove


Driving across Georgia yesterday I was listening to the radio; a public
radio station I think. The topic was pretty much one of bashing the cigarette
It seems to be proven that the ‘industry’ has taken advantage of the
‘addiction’ that their product produces. There’s little dispute about that;
however, where does the ‘industries’ responsibility end and the consumers
I am not writing to defend smoking nor the manufacturers of these
products. It is a vial product and I can think of no positive thing to say about it.
As a matter of fact I began smoking when I was fifteen, a tender and
uninformed age; however, I was not coerced into smoking, either by the
‘industries’ advertising or by my peers per se. Actually, I was amused by the
silliness of some of their ads where they depicted young athletes puffing
smoke into their lungs or lovely men and women joyfully going about their
activities while poisoning themselves with smoke.
I began smoking because I conceived myself looking cool and adult-like.
I began drinking for the same reason; even acquiring a fake I.D. at an early
age. That’s ignorance and stupidity, not coercion.
When I was growing up it was common to see people in the movies and
most everywhere smoking, as if it were perfectly okay and the ‘cool’ thing to
do. You don’t see that so much today. And even though you can blame the
‘industry’ to some extent regarding this, it was John Q Public that took up
smoking; they had a choice as so did I.
Choice, that’s a biggie! We humans are often not given enough credit for
knowing right from wrong. Like in my case; I knew from the very beginning
that smoking was obviously an unhealthy thing to do but I didn’t care. I did it
anyway. Why should the cigarette industry suffer anymore than they have for
my own decision?

In my opinion there are far too many laws and “do’s” and “don’ts”
purportedly protecting the masses in this era. There’s an old saying that I feel
has great merit, and that is that a society with many laws is a lawless society.
There’s probably a lot of truth in that statement. It is the people, NOT any
particular industry that is at fault.
There is a ‘natural’ downward spiral in mans morality and sense of
values in this era and you can ban every conceivable ‘bad’ thing, outlawing
this, that, and the other but society will continue to partake of these things
until they, themselves begin to rebuild their own moral fiber. All the ‘laws’ in
the world will not alter this.
Everywhere you look, in virtually every aspect of our existence crime,
corruption and moral decadence is prominent. There is no simplistic solution
to this.

Love, Spirit Dove


At various stages in life most of us pause, even if only momentarily, to
take stock of where we’ve been, where we’re at, and where we’re going.
These ‘pauses’ often signal a turning point in life, perhaps ushering in an
alteration of our direction, or at the least, an affirmation that we are on the
right road.
In my opinion these ‘pauses’ are a necessary part of our continued
growth toward spiritual maturity. It is often a time in which ‘meditation’
becomes an intricate part of life but can, if we’re not careful, lead to our being
led by (or inspired by) various ‘spiritual’ factions, some of which may not
necessarily have our best interest at heart.
The Father has given unto us the precious gift of life, which He has given
unto many of His creations, but unlike the other ‘corporeal’ creatures we
share this plateau with; He created us as a ‘blank,’ having no ‘natural’
understanding of our environment. We come forth with no especial attributes
except for the basic animal instincts of ‘self.’ Did you know that the ancient
word for self was sa’tan? How many of us serve ‘self’ daily?
Looking back over the years I recall many such ‘pauses’ in my own life,
some of which were fruitful, some of which were not. But I’ve learned from all
those years that even mistakes are opportunities to learn and to grow. No
matter where you’re at along your particular road it’s never too late to change
your direction; or, for that matter, to remain steadfast in your endeavors.
I doubt that anyone’s life is (or has been) one of steady growth toward
any particular goal, be it spiritual or physical. I know my life certainly has not
been. My life has undulated from highs to lows and back again. But each
undulation has served to ‘teach’ me a lesson in one way or another. Haven’t
you found that to be true?
It is not my place in these various writings to set myself up as a ‘teacher’
nor as a ‘preacher’ but rather to impart to you that which has come unto me

over the years. It is not my claim that these things are ‘channeled’ per se but
then, in the same breath, I say that all things come unto us from without. We,
of ourselves create no new thoughts or ideas but each of us is like unto a
vessel which attracts like unto like.
Everyone is capable of light from not only the Ever Present but from all of
His Creations. It is up to us to discern whether the light received will help to
meliorate the human condition or is, in contradistinction, in the service of
sa’tan. It is always better to receive our inspiration directly whenever possible,
but in any case it is always the message and not the messenger that is of
The ‘message’ that I am inspired to pass along in this writing is one of
balance. Balance in all things.
At this juncture in our development we are dual entities, being both
spiritual and (so called) physical (of which there is no such thing in fact.) And,
because we are such, we would be out of balance should we be too much of
either condition.
Spirituality and corporality is much like being on the opposite ends of a
teeter-totter, ourselves being the fulcrum between the two. Too much of either
will throw our lives out of balance. Think about that if you will and see if that
makes sense to you.
It is my hope that those of you, who are inspired by these writings,
whether you’ve come upon them through the various newsletters or on the
internet, contact me that we might form an alliance of affiliation.
There is much that can be done in this era to promote love and affiliation
among those who seek these things, chief of which is to work collectively
toward establishing communities serving the Great Spirit. The Father has
spoken unto the masses, saying: Those who choose Me I choose also and in
the Kosmon Era (the present time) I shall bring them together.
Love, Spirit Dove


Like unto the ebb and flow of the oceans, cycle after cycle, generation
after generation, life comes forth upon the corporeal earth, spends its allotted
time, and is then taken forth into the realm of spirit. No one can stay the Hand
of the Almighty.
This corporeal earth serves much as an incubator, if you will, for the
spiritual or angelic man. We are protected and nurtured within our corporeal
environment, allowing us stability that we may grow and develop in our own
way, prior to our birth into everlasting life.
This earth is not unique, there are countless other corporeal worlds
scattered throughout the universe, serving the same purpose.
As with the early days of mans history, when the various peoples were
separated by vast expanses of water, so too are we separated by vast
expanses of space; this is so that man cannot readily interfere with one
another’s progress toward spiritual development.
All corporeal systems are caused to travel along predetermined
roadways. These roadways carry the corporeal worlds within and among
various influences. These influences give rise to the various cycles and
conditions experienced by man.
No two worlds are created exactly alike, nor do they experience the
various cycles in the same way, each posses its own uniqueness and
purpose. It is the Creator that is the key to the harmony of the whole.
The earth has recently entered into another such ‘cycle’ and is beginning
to experience the changes being brought about by the new season dawning
upon it. It is aptly said: “A new age is upon us.”
The coming era(s) will usher in many changes upon the earth and its
heavens, most notably of which will be mans understanding of himself and his
true nature.
In the past, man has been preoccupied with his corporeal self, but in the

future, he shall come to understand immortality as well as mortality.
Because man has now attained to comprehensive judgment, the
heavens are being opened unto his understanding.
There will be many new revelations coming forth, but it will be up to man
to sift through these to determine which of them will meliorate the condition of
man, and uplift him unto spiritual enlightenment.
It has been said that it is the journey and not the destination that is
important. This is so, but in our case, there is no destination, as our journey is
forever and ever, worlds without end.
Enjoy the journey, with it’s never ending cycles and seasons. Pause in
each meadow, valley, or mountain and enjoy what the Creator has placed
before you. You are an angel in development and your life is just beginning.
You shall exist long after this your birthplace, the earth, has moldered away.

Love, Spirit Dove


Countless blessings touch our lives moment by moment. How many of
us take the time to observe and appreciate them?
Like so many, I have fumbled and stumbled through life, missing so
much of what the Father has bestowed upon us. It has taken the greatest gift
of all, my precious Wandering Star, to cause me to take note of life, in all its
The Great Spirit resides within all of His Creations, and He can be
observed by simply opening ones self unto His Creations. From the smallest
microscopic entity, to the limitless expanses of the universe, the Presence of
the Almighty is there; all are infused with life, motion and spirit because He
expresses His existence through them. Without the Presence of the Almighty,
none can exist.
Far upon a near-by hill, covered with trees, bushes, vines and brambles,
I see a small, yellow flower, with her petals spread wide, smiling at the golden
sun. I can hear her praises from here; “Thank you Father for allowing me this
time, this time to enjoy my friends the trees, bushes, vines and brambles. I
shall never complain that I am alone for I shall never be truly alone with Your
Presence all about me.
The smiling, yellow face, waving in harmony with the song of the wind, is
far more a tribute unto the Almighty than the mightiest man who is blind to
that which he tramples beneath his boot. From sun to sun, the tiny flower is a
glory unto everyone.
Beneath her outstretched leaves, ants are busy toiling; taking in their
stores for the coming winter; while above her is the honeybee, partaking of
her succulent nectar. All are in harmony, all are singing their praises to the
Great Mystery, the Great I AM.
From the outstretched limbs of the gently swaying trees, birds of
gorgeous array sing, as they hop merrily from limb to limb, while others are

taking to wing. The woods are full of life indeed, all are provided for, none has
A group of white-tailed deer can be seen, silently making their way to the
evening glen, while avoiding their predators den, a covey of quail, a brood of
bushy-tailed foxes, quietly but happily make their way through the tall grasses.
The woods are truly alive and none has need for any of man’s contrivances.
From sun to sun, the day is a gift unto everyone. From its golden hue,
glistening upon the morning dew, to the reds, orange and blues, as the close
of day ensues. How can anyone but marvel at all that lies around?
Mother earth brings forth her abundance that we might partake of her
bounty but how many take the time to thank her? How many take the time to
protect her? She gives so much, and asks so little but we constantly abuse
her. God forgive the wastefulness of men, the wanton destruction of her gifts.
Mother earth and our Father, the Great Spirit give of themselves day by
day, moment by moment but we are so busy with our own selfish ways that
few of us even take notice. Praise be unto all of Creation, thank you for
allowing us to sing and dance before you. Not all men will always be so
unmindful, for a new day dawns tomorrow, a time when perhaps there will be
less sorrow.

Love, Spirit Dove


Do you remember the commercial a few years back, the Native American
with tears in his eyes, languishing over litter? We should all have our
handkerchiefs out now.
Liter though, as unsightly as it is, is, in my opinion, only one indication of
a continued downward spiral in American morals and self-respect.
From every quarter, graft, corruption and a general disrespect for the
rules that govern our people are rampant. Like a serpent, the populace is
turning upon itself, biting to death this great land.
Ancient prophesy has foretold that the demise of American would come
from within. It would appear as though this is of a truth coming to pass.
What can you and I do to stem this flood of spiritual and moral
decadence? Unfortunately, absolutely nothing!
Oh, there are small groups here and there that pray in a positive way for
change, but their prayers are like unto a whisper in a strong wind. It is too late
to stay this avalanche of spiritual darkness thrust upon the masses, both in
America, and around the world.
Is there any hope? Yes, indeed! There is. Those of us, who remain
faithful to the Great Spirit, to the Creator, by whatsoever name you choose,
can find inner peace and guidance, both in this life and the next. We do not
have to blindly follow the masses.
It has been suggested that we “come out from among the world’s people,
and found a kingdom unto ourselves.” This can be accomplished in many
ways! This does not necessarily mean that we need to physically become a
separate people, although this would certainly be ideal and may become a
reality in time.
For now, however, we can begin to affiliate with one another by whatever
means is available to us, this “Newsletter” being one of those avenues.
This newsletter is intended to be for the people, by the people and of the

people. Please, let us hear from you and your thoughts on how to proceed.

Love, Spirit Dove


Do you find yourself pensive and easily angered? Are you so engrossed
in the affairs of life that you have forgotten to enjoy your existence? If so,
you’re certainly not alone but you can do something about it.
With today’s turmoil, it’s easy to loose one’s perspective of what life
should, and should not be, that realization in itself can be the firs step toward
First, you should realize that happiness and inner peace cannot be
obtained by external stimulation alone; people, places and things in
themselves cannot provide this. It’s only obtainable by an inward feeling of
well-being, a feeling of being in harmony with yourself, the Creator, and your
There are several factors, which promote harmony; the chief of which is
how you yourself process your place within the scheme of things. If you think
positive, happy thoughts, chances are you will be positive and happy, no
matter what circumstances surround your life.
Many books have been written, many pulpits have been manned, and
many psychologists’ couches have been filled, attempting to assist humans in
coping with life’s problems; they all have bits and pieces of light but none, it
would seem, have the total picture. Many of these ‘would be’ benefactors
have, in actuality, only served to further confuse people.
The truth, as it were, is oftentimes disguised by its very simplicity. Look
about you at the so-called ‘natural’ world; does any of the rest of creation
require elaborate rules and regulations? Does it require churches, hospitals,
and a legal system that boggles the mind? No, of course not! Only man has
complicated his existence upon the earth, the rest of creation lives in
harmony with it.
It would be foolish to admonish the affairs of mortals; mortals will
continue to spiral downward into darkness, as they have not the light of

heaven within them, but you don’t have to follow the crowd! You can obtain
spiritual light from within our own members.
You don’t have to become a recluse, trying to escape from the darkness,
nor do you have to join mans multiplicity of churches; neither of these will
bring you the light of the Father. The light of the Father is as close as your
own very self. Seek within.
Take time out of your activities to just be still. Mediate; contemplate all
the wondrous gifts that have been bestowed upon you. Life itself is a miracle;
the odds of you even being here to enjoy living are astronomical.
When you start your day tomorrow, remove the scowl, replace it with a
smile. When you greet your fellow travelers, take the time to speak; be
cheerful and uplifting, don’t be passive or hateful. Trust me; what you put out
there will come back to you many fold; and what you put out there IS catching.
Take the time to look about you; look beyond your follow men (and
women) and see the glory and the beauty of our Fathers Hand all about you.
Open your mind and your heart to the angels that serve the Almighty; they are
all about us, every moment of the day and night. You don’t have to allow dark
thoughts to enter you mind; replace them with positive, up-lifting thoughts. Be
like the ‘natural’ creations, all of these fill their place according to the Fathers
Will, so can you. Listen to the Voice within.
Do not put your thoughts and desires upon things of the earth, all these
molder and pass away, and none can be taken beyond the veil of life; place
your trust and your love unto the Father, Creator of all things, seen, and
The light of the Father is everywhere present, none more so than within
your own soul. Be silent and bathe in its glow of spiritual understanding.

Love, Spirit Dove

For many years, there have been numerous writings presented to the
world in an attempt to awaken the populace to our ETERNAL NATURE; it
would seem that many have begun to accept this fact, especially those who
frequent this site.
Now that we understand that we survive the physical envelope, and that
many of our friends and relatives, who have gone on, are still present. We
must exercise caution and discretion as to how we approach and use this
The famed revelations given unto us by Oahspe relates that humankind,
when confronted by change, tend to run from one extreme to another, and our
spiritual understanding is no different.
We are cautioned that; as more and more people put away the religions
of old, accepting the presence of our departed kindred as a normal
circumstance, that subjective spiritualism will become the new order of things.
Since we will be dealing directly with those who have survived mortality,
we may tend to accept what they have to say, rather than use our own
judgment in matters of both the earth and its heavens.
Just because a person has left his or her corporeal raiment, does not
automatically make them any wiser or better informed. It would be foolish of
us to pay much more attention to them than we would anyone else yet
cloaked in mortality.
It should be remembered that, except in very, very rare circumstances,
NO angels commissioned by God or his Lords ever deal with individual
mortals, but rather come in groups, dealing with groups upon the earth plane.
If you are communicating with individual ‘spirits,’ you are dealing with
those who have yet to join the united forces of God and his angels. That is an
indisputable fact! Use extreme caution my friend.
At this stage of our spiritual development, as well as it will be with our

early entrance into the next sphere, we are (and will be) easily guided and
miss-guided by those who act as our guides and familiars. Many of these
people DO NOT have our best interest at heart, and shall lead us off into
abstruse directions for a long time to come, even if they do not actually intend
Our sure foundation lies within the Creator, the Great Spirit, (or whatever
term you wish to use) for expressing the EVER PRESENT, CREATOR OF
ALL, none other, save His God or Lords, are of any benefit to us except those
commissioned by them to direct the affairs of mortals and angels alike. They
do not, and will not, come as individuals to individuals.
All of us are allowed total freedom in all things, including what we do with
our newly acquired understanding, but please know that whatever you take
unto yourself, you shall ultimately be responsible for; know too that the place
of heaven and earth are within the keeping of God, his Lords and their angels
of light. A selfless act is a selfless act, but be aware whether it be of God or
simply something perpetrated by misinformed spirits.

Love, Spirit Dove


Our Creator, the Great Spirit, Who is the sustainer of all that is, has
always given us complete freedom of choice, in doing so we are responsible
for whatsoever we are and for whatsoever befalls us. As we can create a
heaven upon earth, so can we create hellish conditions for ourselves. We
cannot blame anything or anyone in heaven or upon the earth for our
In the past, the Great Spirit allowed us to set up elaborate religions to
help us with our spiritual growth and attainment, and these have been good
for us, but today we must stand before our Creator, accepting full
responsibility for ourselves. No longer can we blame any priest, rabbi,
medicine man, church, book, or set of doctrines, for anything else in heaven
or earth. We have attained to comprehensive judgment and we can, and must,
think for ourselves. We are responsible unto ourselves in all things.
Look around, and witness the beauty and wonder of the Ever Present, in
all ITS glory, not only in the fields, the streams, the mountains, the oceans
and deserts, but also in man himself. What a wonder to behold! The Father
loves All of His Creations, and would have it that we all love one another as
All of the expressions (Creations) of the Great Spirit, the Ever Present,
are perfect in their own order, only we (humankind) have been brought forth a
blank slate, to be written upon by ALL of the Father’s Creations, including our
very selves. What a wonderful gift the Father has given unto us; we have
been given our very selves to create, and in whatever way we choose. We
are therefore responsible for whatsoever we become.
Go forth in your lives, rejoicing, for you have LIFE, eternal life at that!
There is nothing, no conditions whatsoever that are worth lamenting over! Go
forth into the world with the knowledge that you do not have to become
ensnared in the affairs of mortals, some of whom are yet below the grades!

Be a beacon of light and life before your Creator; show the Father how
much you appreciate the LIFE given unto you by living it well. Abide by the
commandments given unto all people of old (the Ten Commandments) and
love your neighbor as you would love your own family.
Remember: Those who abide by the laws have no need for laws; a
people with many laws are a lawless people, or they would not need such
laws. We need only to learn to love and take care of one another; all else will
take care of itself.

Love, Spirit Dove


Elusive, hard to find but we all seek it.
Many years ago a close friend of mine made the statement that one
cannot find happiness by seeking it in people, places, or things. Over the
years, the truth of that statement has rung true time and time again.
I suppose happiness means different things to different people but to me
it is defined as s state of well being. An inward expression; sometimes quiet
and subdued and at other times, a raging fire of glowing warmth.
How does one obtain to this state? There is no one solitary answer to
this age-old question, but there are signposts along the way.
Many of us have sought for happiness and fulfillment by searching for it
within our circle of family and friends. How disappointing it is to find that these
relationships are but an illusion of happiness. Like you, they are but people,
seeking their own development and direction along their life’s pathway. You
cannot base your life, or your happiness upon them.
The same is true of your commitment to a church or other organization.
Yes, you can find affiliation and companionship there too but you cannot find
true happiness, based solely upon your relationship with them.
You can travel the world over, going to most exotic and wonderful places;
experiencing all that life has to offer, and yet feel empty, lonely, and devoid of
You can engross yourself with producing all manner of wealth, owning all
that the physical plane has to offer, but still not find happiness, or even
fulfillment withal.
Happiness cannot be found in people, places or things, no matter how
much they mean to you, or how close your relationship is to them. That is a
simple fact of life.
So where does that leave us? After a lifetime of living, it has become
painfully clear that all the ‘things’ we have sought after in our quest for

happiness are but evanescent, having no substance in fact. If we cannot find
it with our family, our friends, our church, or our possessions, where do we go
from here?
From the earliest days, our Creator has given us signs, symbols and
subtle directions regarding who we are, what we are, and what is expected of
us. From this we have created elaborate systems of belief, and codes of
conduct, creating a multiplicity of churches, religious dogmas, and systems of
‘faith,’ ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous, none of which have brought
us peace, harmony, or even good will towards one another. So how do we
find it?
First, do not make yourself a slave to anything of earth. All ‘things’ of
earth have a beginning and an end. You, however, are eternal and will exist
beyond the earth itself. Put yourself into the proper perspective.
Place your ‘faith’ in your Creator. ‘CREATION’ is everywhere Present, and
is not off in some remote ‘somewhere.’ Your Creator is here with you today,
as in the early days of the earth, as will it be long after the earth exists no
You do not require a church, or a ‘Saviour’ to speak in your behalf! The
EVER PRESENT is with you every moment of your life, you have only to open
yourself unto that PRESENCE.
Man (the true man which is spirit) develops the opposite of the ‘physical’
man (the cloak within which the spiritual man is developing). We develop and
find happiness and fulfillment by giving that which has been given unto us,
whether it is talent, ability, wealth of spiritual light. The more you give, the
more you receive!
You do not have to dress in finery to approach your Creator, nor do you
have to pray for the things of the earth. The Father knows before you ask of
what you have need of. You do not have to consult the spirits remaining upon
the earth to assist or direct you either. Take your church congregations and
go forth, giving of yourselves that which the Father has freely given unto you

for the benefit of all. (In the days to come, this shall become manifest upon
earth; this is a prophesy given unto us by our Father.)
Inner peace and harmony shall follow, and you will indeed find true
happiness that nothing can destroy, in this life or in the next.

Love, Spirit Dove



Lord of my region and division, your wisdom and guidance are beyond
my scope of understanding.
It is only of late that I have begun to understand the system and order of
Jehovih’s universe.
I am grateful and respectful for the work put upon your soul.
Thank you for your guidance, and for the light that you bestow upon me;
your unworthy subject.
In Jehovih’s time, and in His way, we shall all grow and mature to know
His Will. Blessed are you that you serve Him as you do. I am admonished at
your wisdom and power. I fain from opening my mouth before such servitude
unto our Creator. How can I ever attain to your high estate?
Thank you my elder brother for your presence before our world and I bid
you strength to overcome the darkness of men.

Love, Spirit Dove


There is such a contrast here upon the Red Star (the earth), outstanding
examples for those with eyes to see.
It is early morn, a cool breeze whispers as it kisses my cheek. The lake
is calm, the reflection of the colorful clouds scattered across the blue-sky
ripple, as the gentle currents of air mingle with their reflections.
All about are the wondrous members of our Father, in harmony, singing
and playing before Him, as if thanking Him for another glorious day.
Praise be to You Father for giving of Yourself, that we might live and
breathe, experiencing Your Works, the endless joy of Your Hand.
Let me never complain for those who are yet unripe, dumb to Your
Presence, for they miss so much by not knowing You, or Your members.
To You I am wed, now and forever.

Love, Spirit Dove


Recently my attention was drawn to an obvious, but often overlooked
phenomenon; the synchronization of occurrences in our daily lives. Have you
ever looked back over the circumstances of your life and found how things
just seem to have fallen into place in a natural order, often without your even
attempting to arrange them?
What got me to thinking about this is that Wandering Star and I recently
drove to a neighboring state, but we decided (for some reason) to leave extra
early and, come to find out later, had we left as we had originally planned, we
would most likely have been involved in a most horrific auto accident. What
(or who) inspired us to leave those few minutes early? We are certainly
thankful that they did!
Later that evening, my wife, and I began to consider the many and varied
circumstances that have taken place over the past several years that
changed, and often times surprisingly, affected our lives. We came to the
realization that we are not always the Captain of our ship, that in most
instances, our lives seem to evolve more by our choices than by our design.
We would all like to think that we are our own masters, but are we really?
We have been informed, through various writings (such as Oahspe), that we
attract the kind of spirits that we ourselves manifest. That seems to be so,
and these ‘unseen’ influences do seem to inspire our choices by their
proximity, but they cannot cause us to accept their inspirations, as we have
total freedom of choice in all things.
How are these ‘entities’ attracted to us? They are attracted in various
ways, the most obvious of which being by our own actions and interests, but
they are also attracted by the thoughts that emanate from us every moment
of the day and night.
Few people realize that our thoughts are not as private as we would like
to think; even our rambling, uncontrolled thoughts float from us as distorted

colors and patterns that can be ‘picked up’ by others. Many people, both seen
and unseen, have a degree of ‘physic’ ability and often they can pick up these
thoughts, even if they do not fully realize what they are ‘tuning’ into.
When we concentrate and direct our thoughts (such as in prayer) they no
longer float randomly from us but can be directed literally to anyone, to
anything, and to any place upon the earth or in the heavens, they are
unlimited either in their scope or their ability, to not only communicate, but to
create as well. We need to learn to control our thoughts.
Since we constantly broadcast our inner most thoughts and feelings, the
bound spirits that are within our sphere of influence very often answer us.
These spirits are not necessarily trying to ‘control’ us but, like in the case of
our related ‘familiar spirits,’ may think that they have our best interest at heart,
whether they actually do or not is often debatable.
It may be difficult to accept that we have so little control over ourselves,
but we actually do have considerable control, if you acknowledge the one
attribute that Creator has bestowed upon us, namely total freedom of choice
in all things. That is also the chief reason why we are responsible for
whatsoever we make of ourselves, or what befalls us, as we know right from
wrong; we are capable of making responsible choices. We can accept, or
reject, any of the myriad choices that we are subjected to moment-bymoment.
The influences of which I am speaking are a common occurrence, and
affect each of us in various ways, and to various degrees. Whether we
acknowledge it or not, we are all subjected to them. To some, it is only a
vague prompting, to others it becomes a total and complete ‘take-over,’ in
these cases the host can become completely controlled by the spiritual realm.
This is the basis of all the debase actions perpetrated by the ‘so-called’ evil
people in the world.
Having laid the foregoing foundation, it is not difficult to see in retrospect
how our lives have been influenced and directed by ‘unseen’ hands. We are

not exactly ‘puppets’ but all of us follow their inspiration as surely as the night
follows the day. As with us, and our trip out of town, had we not un-wittedly
heeded that ‘suggestion,’ we might well not have been here writing this to you
We need not concern ourselves too much regarding the spiritual
influences about us but we must, at all times, make the wisest, most informed
decisions we can by keeping the Father’s Commandments and directions
before us. We must not allow ourselves to be ‘ruled’ by those in the unseen
realms, nor should we consult them regarding the affairs of either heaven or
earth, but we must be careful of what we ask for, privately or publicly, as ‘what
we put out there WILL return to us in some way or measure.’ More often than
not, what we seek will come to pass but what we seek is often not what is
best for us.
If you will, would you please consider how your own life has been altered
in some way, and let us know some of your own experiences. With even a
little thought, it won’t be difficult to see how various ‘synchronicities’ have
come into play.
The subject of ‘spiritual influence’ is almost unlimited and there are many
aspects of it that we can discuss in future articles. May we hear from you?

Love, Spirit Dove and Wandering Star


Earth is likened unto a portal;
from everlasting to everlasting.

Like the rise and fall of the tides, life, in all its forms, is brought forth upon
the earth, spends it allotted time, and is ushered off into the ‘unseen’ realms
prepared for it. Nothing can stay the Hand of the Almighty, Creator,
dispensator, and dissipater of worlds beyond number.
“Look about you O man; can you create the smallest living thing? Can
you bring forth life? Can you cause the wind to blow, the oceans to course,
the mountains to rise and fall; can you cause the earth to bring forth in
abundance or decline in decadence? What right do you have to proclaim your
sovereignty over My creations?”
The earth is a sacred place, given unto us all by our Creator, it abounds
in beauty and abundance; there is a sufficiency of all things for the inhabitants
of the earth, we have only to take care of it and one another.
It is man himself that has made the earth a place of strife and contention,
a place of wars, pestilence, hunger, and need. It is you O man, which has
brought about the conditions that prevail upon this beautiful world. The time
has arrived when we must all take responsibility for ourselves and for the
world in which we live.
While it is true that most men are followers, there are sufficient leaders,
even in this day, which can lead our people unto the age of Spiritual
Enlightenment, come forth; listen to the Voice of the Almighty speaking within
your souls. No longer should we allow ourselves to be led by corrupt
politicians and men of greed.
This earth has been given unto us all for our joy, and to fulfil the needs of
its entire people, not just the affluent, and those in power and pre-eminence.
There is ample room and bounty for all if we will but share with one another.
The Father has given unto each of us certain talents, abilities and

material wealth, but it was not given unto us for our exclusive use, rather it
was given to extend our usefulness and responsibility unto our fellow man.
We are up lifted by our up lifting those within our reach. To some the
Father has given the power to up lift but a few, to others, the power to up lift
many, even the entire world. You are judged according to how you use the
excellences that have been given unto you; you will not be held guiltless if
you do not heed the Fathers commands.
The heading of this says it all; that which constitutes our being has
always existed, having been amalgamated into its present form that we might
develop and perfect our selves, and our brothers and sisters, prior to our birth
unto our eternal journeys.
The earth is truly a portal from Ever Lasting to Ever Lasting; it is here that
we are focalized into our very selves; it is not a place for us to become
owners, nor is it a place for us to covet, acquiring its riches unto ourselves.
No one can own the earth, for it belongs to our Creator, it is on loan to us for
our brief stay. We are its stewards and guardians. Use it wisely and return
unto it that which you have taken by giving thanks unto the Almighty, if not
rebuilding that which you have destroyed.

Love eternally, Spirit Dove


Thank you for your patience, and your understanding. How great a toil it
must be, over seeing this restless world, and its heavens. And you, my Lords,
who are endlessly tending to the affairs of mortals, what loving toil you have
taken upon yourselves. Glory be unto you all – now and always – Great E-OIh has chosen wisely.
I would ask forgiveness for my unripeness and my slowness unto growth,
but I perceive it is unnecessary. Time and experience shall bring forth flower
and fruit in due season – worlds without end.
I am nearing the autumn of my corporeal experience. I fear not my
unfoldment unto reality. Blessed be the angels who serve you and Creator. All
is well.
Give thanks, my brothers and sisters, for all that has been bestowed by
Great Spirit, and those beyond us, in His endless heavens.

Love eternally Spirit Dove
Apr 1980


what do you suppose he would say?
Perhaps it would be:
“I am sufficient unto my own creations!”

Man has fashioned unto himself a multitude of religions, each having its
own unique interpretation of our Creator, His creations, and what lies beyond
our current existence. Each of these ‘religions’ have their own set of doctrines
and sacred writings, and most of them purport to have the ‘keys’ to heaven,
claiming the exclusive dominion over our spiritual salvation; is it any wonder
that we have become so confused about our spirituality?
According to the mid-2005 census by the Encyclopedia Britannica, there
was (at that time) at least nineteen separate and distinct religions, serving six
different segments of the worlds people, with a myriad of sub-religions under
each branch. When you compound that by all the various teachings
presented by each of these ‘religions,’ there is no wonder that we are
confused about spiritual truth. How does one choose?
Added to all of this, is the fact that the religions of the world have lost
touch, if they indeed ever had any, with what the various terms mean
concerning heaven, the Creator, His God, Lords and the countless legions of
angels residing within the heavens, and upon the corporeal earth. None
seems to understand the structure and scope of the heavens, let alone the
various functions of its population.
It is customary in this era, to classify various terms as meaning the same
thing, for an example, it is often, but erroneously, said that the Creator, God,
Lord, and Lord-God refer to the same thing, when in reality they do not, nor
did they ever, anymore than a Saviour or “our Lord” mean the same thing. It
will not be until man learns the hierarchy of the heavens (and beyond) that he
will be able to make intelligent decisions and observations concerning
‘spiritual truth.’ Man is still very immature spiritually speaking.

I’m not going to try to validate my claims at this time, but for the sake of
clarity, I will attempt to briefly explain the differences in some of these basic









misinterpretations of the information that has been handed down to him for
his education and spiritual advancement. It is no wonder that humankind
knows so little about himself or creation!
Briefly, the Creator is the Ever Present Energy that pervades all of the
universe, both the seen and the unseen. The Creator is unfathomable by men
or angels; you shall never see the Creator as you might see a mortal or an
angel, but you can see the Creator by observing the countless manifestations
of His Presence; we ourselves are as an atom within His Existence. All things,
both seen and unseen are manifestations of His Presence, and nothing exists
without Him. It is interesting to note that ‘He’ is used in a masculine sense,
since ‘He’ is considered our Father, whereas the earth is generally considered
our Mother, the feminine gender, whereas there is no gender with either in
God, on the other hand, is an angel, a one-time mortal, who has risen
through the spiritual ranks, attaining to the rank of “God,” having been
instated by the Will of the Creator to oversee the earth, and its bound
heavens for one cycle of the earth, which is generally around three thousand
years. God answers to the Archangels, who, in turn, are commissioned by the
Creator to oversee the travel and development of the earth along its roadway
through the universe. There are many offices and duties of the heavens
beyond the earth, far too many to explain in this writing.
The Lord(s) are lower in rank and are subservient to God, having been
instated by the prevailing God (or Goddess), to oversee a segment of the
physical earth. That is where the term; landlord originates for they are truly in
charge of a given area of the earth and its people. In the very early days of
the earth, when its population was sparse, some ‘Lords’ were commission to
take on some of the duties of “God” in their particular dominion, and were,

therefore, entitled Lord-Gods.
An angel is simply any spirit; (we ourselves are, in fact, angels in
development.) Generally speaking, when we think of an ‘angel’ we think of
someone who has had considerable experience in the spirit world, and our
conception is ‘usually’ that they are under the commission of either the ‘Lord,’
or ‘God,’ which is often the case, but simply being an ‘angel’ does not
necessarily mean that they are.
The duties and responsibilities of angels are far too varied and numerous
to even attempt to explain. Suffice it to say that there are ample opportunities
for us to involve ourselves upon our entrance into the spiritual realms; there
will be plenty for us to do.
Many people today are beginning to question their (our) spirituality and
have begun to reconsider and evaluate the teachings of their various religions.
This is a good thing and marks the beginning of the ‘Era of Spiritual
Enlightenment,’ which we are now embarking upon. In the many years that lie
ahead we shall come to understand the true nature and purpose of our
existence. Man is now capable of comprehensive judgment and the heavens
are being opened unto him. This writing is but one of the many stepping
stones, and there will be many more to follow. To those who are inspired unto
spiritual understanding the pathway will become well marked. He who seeks
shall find.
Seek within and listen to the inspiration of the Creator and His angels.
We can all attain to His Voice in one form or another; to some it shall be weak
and hard to discern, but given time, it can become a power with direction and
purpose. To others the inspiration of the heavens upon their souls shall come
in many ways, perhaps upon the wind, gently rustling the trees, perhaps upon
the waters or within a summer’s rain.
Take time to meditate, take time out of your busy schedule, and simply
listen to the silence. The Creator, His God, their Lords, and the legions of
angels that serve them are at hand to help you and to direct your steps.

Turn a deaf ear to the dark angels all about you that are ignorant of the
Ever Presence of the Almighty. Smile and the world will smile with you. Laugh
and your laughter will wash away your cares. Even though the earth is in
turmoil, the Father and His angels are with us and they are our sure
foundation. Seek their guidance and consolation.

Love eternally, Spirit Dove


With all of the turmoil that is currently going on in the world, it is no
wonder that many people feel anxious and vexed about life; one can easily
loose sight of their spiritual priorities amid all of the conflicting statements and
It is well that we should be informed, but we should not become too
engrossed in the affairs of mortals; it is far too easy to become mired down by
the atrocities and absorbedness perpetrated by mortals.
It is important that we maintain our faith in the Ever Present Creator, and
pay as little attention as possible to the disharmony and spiritual darkness
displayed by men. The Father, and all those who serve him, is our sure
foundation, now and forever. Always keep that in mind and be grounded by
His Presence.
There is so much beauty and harmony displayed all about us, why not
dwell upon these, rather than the disharmony emanating from the men of
darkness. There is much for us to love and appreciate in our daily lives; take
the time to bring them into focus, let them be your guiding light. The smallest
expression of the Father is more wondrous and majestic than all of the
rhetoric arising from the entire mortal plane.
Wandering Star and I arose before the sun, which is our usual routine,
and drove to a neighboring café for breakfast. During our trip, we enjoyed the
matchless beauty of the suns rays, mingling among the straggling clouds,
crowning the endless array of autumn colors of the changing season. No
mortal artist could ever duplicate such a scene! Only our Creator, in all His
matchless beauty, can ever display such magnificence.
It is generally known that the most spiritually profound time of day is a
half an hour before sunrise; it is at this time that a clear channel, if you will, is
established betwixt the mortal and immortal worlds. God and His angels often
use this time to impart spiritual inspiration to us; it is wise to meditate at this

time, listening to what is given in love and harmony. Be still and listen to the
silence within.
Wandering Star and I are fortunate to reside in an area where ‘natural’
beauty still exists but the Creator’s Majesty can be found most anywhere, if
one will seek to find it; even within the contrivances of men the Father’s Hand
can be seen. Those with eyes have only to see it. The Father’s Presence
abounds within all of His Creations, great or small.
Why am I writing this? It is simply to remind you that nothing of men’s
fabrication is of any importance whatsoever when it comes to matters
pertaining to spirit. “It really doesn’t matter” what man thinks or what he
expounds. Our relationship to our Creator is the only matter of importance.
Life, which is of and by spirit, can be lived in happiness and bliss only IF
we live our lives in concert and in harmony with the Father’s Will.
I AM THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA, says the Creator; I Am the
Beginning and the End! In no other way can you find fulfillment, unless you
seek the Father first, and then strive to fulfil His mandates. The Father has
provided all that we require and has filled our cup to the brim with good
things; if life tastes bitter, it is only that we have partaken of the bitterness of
men’s darkness.
We hope that you are experiencing peace, joy and happiness in your
lives and that you are one with the Almighty.

Love eternally, Wandering Star and Spirit Dove


Wandering Star and I were just commenting on how fast the days seem
to come and go, now that we are in our so-called Golden Years. Obviously,
the days are not flowing any more rapidly, but they certainly do seem to have
sped up.
It is not that either of us feels any disparagement regarding the time we
have remaining, quite the contrary, we are both looking forward to the change,
and to the adventure of embarking upon another phase of our existence.
There is, of course, a certain amount of apprehension at facing the unknown,
but we feel comforted that, since the Father has always provided a way for us,
He will continue to do so as we progress.
Looking back, there is so much that has transpired during our lifetimes,
not only regarding our own personal lives, but also with the world, and its
peoples. The people of today proclaim, as I am sure many that preceded us
did, that we live in a most ‘modern’ world, full of wonders, even with its
inherent complications. I guess it is no wonder that the people of this era feel
the same way, what with all the so-called advancements we have witnessed
during our short tenure.
Time, we are told, runs in cycles, and that in reality, there is nothing ‘new
under the sun,’ while that may very well be true, it is difficult to visualize some
of what we’ve experienced as having occurred before; I’m sure it has
someplace, and at some time, even though probably not in quite the same
I spent much of my early youth in a part of the country (America) that
was slow in attaining to the developments of other parts of the country, which
allowed me the opportunity to experience, and appreciate how life was spent
in even earlier times than my actual years.
It is still vivid in my recollection how we, as a family, a large family I might
add, worked and played together. We arose before daybreak to the rooster’s

crow, and were busied with our various chores; milking cows, gathering eggs
and the like, while the ‘women’ prepared breakfast. What a breakfast it would
be too! Ham; bacon and eggs, as well as biscuits and gravy were not
unusual; not to mention fresh milk, jelly and jams and often fried potatoes. I
can still smell the luscious aroma.
As a family, we worked the fields, tended the animals, and generally took
care of the many duties required to operate a pretty much self-sufficient, rural
farm, situated in the hills of Kentucky. We were not wealthy by any stretch of
the imagination but somehow we always seemed to manage. We were not
especially a ‘religious’ family either but all of us were keenly aware of our
relationship to ‘Mother Earth’ and to a higher, Creative force, which I later
came to understand by the many names affixed to it. Thanks to Wandering
Star, and my various associations with the native peoples of this great land, I
have adopted the terms ‘Great Spirit’ or ‘Great Mystery’ but this force is
known throughout the world by many names.
Up until then, life was very basic, but improved as ‘modern’
improvements began to arrive in their area, notably electricity and the
telephone. My grand parents (with whom I was staying) did not acquire
running water, indoor plumbing, nor gas or propane until after their home
burned and they moved closer to town.
During those early years, I can still recall my astonishment at witnessing
my first black and white television, and how I was mesmerized by it since,
until then, I had only listened to the wonderful stories crackling from the family
radio. Our usual entertainment was listening to the adults playing homemade
musical instruments and singing on the front porch, while we youngsters
played together in the yard.
Another moment in time that left an impression on me was when my
grand parents acquired their first telephone, and how everyone on the party
line would listen in on everyone else’s conversations. Our ring was two shorts,
and a long, produced when anyone on the line cranked their phones handle

the proper sequence. It was quite a conversation piece for some time, until
the practice became somewhat annoying.
Even though life was often difficult, it was also very rewarding, as most
everyone looked out for everyone else; you could always count on your
friends and neighbors to help you out in your time of need. It was a very
different society than that which we share today! Men and women in those
days said what they meant, and meant what they said; they were mostly selfreliant, honorable, and hard working people whose word was their bond.
Overall, it was a much richer and happier life than we observe today.
There are so many wonderful memories that I could share with you about
that bygone era, but then, this is not an autobiography, but an attempt to
compare the ‘then,’ with the ‘now.’ There are significant differences, and most
people of today, those who have not experienced these things for themselves,
haven’t the foggiest idea of how society’s basic values have changed over
these relatively few years. ‘More,’ definitely does not mean better!
Many people in this country seem to place too much importance on their
‘physical’ existence, rather than their ‘spiritual.’ I suspect that they are not
used to having an intimate relationship with their Creator. Many have lost their
‘oneness’ with Him; the ‘earth’ is, in many instances, all that they know,
especially if they no longer live close to, or rely on, the Father’s Presence in
their daily lives.
My wife, Wandering Star, spent most of her formative years living on the
Cherokee reservation in North Carolina; it is here that she too learned to live
close to the land, being taught the traditional ways of the Native Americans of
her tribe, who followed the commandments of the Great Spirit. All of the
Father’s Creations are sacred to them, and many continue to live in concert
with His creations.
Those who have left the old ways, be it Native American or traditional
country culture, have lost a great deal by forgetting our natural relationship
with the Creator and the land. So-called ‘modern’ culture has come to rely

upon man’s contrivances, rather than placing their faith and trust in the Ever
Present Creator.
Admittedly, it is very difficult to maintain a positive and joyous demeanor
as we confront the world we live in today but ‘what is out there, does not have
to reside in here!’ Even though we cannot change the world out there, we
CAN change what is in here, we can change our views, our attitude, and how
we react to our experiences.
Our attitude dictates not only how we feel about the world but it also
dictates our sense of happiness and well-being. We should train ourselves to
view the Creator’s Hand within all things; we should strive to see the good
and the positive rather than the bad and the negative. We do not have to be
burdened by the burdens of the world. We should keep in mind that ALL
THINGS, even our fellowmen, are a part of, and an expression of the Ever
Present Creator.
As we confront the world, let’s put a smile upon our face, have a kind
word for those we meet, and be willing to help not only those in need but
everyone that comes within our reach. As negative attitudes are catching, so
are positive attitudes. If we continue to exhibit happiness and pleasantness
unto others these attributes will, in time, become our natural bent and others
will follow suit by being pleasant to us as well. As one person can change, so
can the entire world. What and how we think is much like a prayer and
everyone receives it, whether it is realized or not. The collective thoughts of
the masses truly create our reality.
The years of my life have passed steadily by, one after another, and life
has been full; school, military service, business executive, trade specialist,
electronics technician; raising a family, loosing a wife through divorce, loosing
a son to drugs, and two daughters to marriage and, all the while, seeking
spiritual truth, understanding, and the ‘right road’ unto eternal life. My cup has
truly been filled to the brim!
Now, that I am in my final years, I am even more blessed; the Great Spirit

has bestowed unto me a help-mate in the form of Wandering Star, has
allowed me to glimpse into the realms of spirit, and has inspired me to write
about what I have learned, both of immortality, as well as mortality. Thank You
It is difficult to look upon the world that we live in and maintain a positive
attitude; there are so many factions at work, so many people pulling in
diverse directions. With such a lack of harmony amongst mortals today, it is
no wonder that there is unhappiness and unrest. Everywhere you look; there
is dissention among the peoples of the earth. It takes an effort to seek within
and find contentment and harmony, but our faith and trust in the Great Spirit
can, and will see us through.
Even though our world is being shaken to its very core with darkness and
inhumanity, there is, and shall always be HOPE, so long as there are those
who love, respect and follow the Father’s Commandments.
We have been told, that we cannot leaven the whole mass, that we
cannot change the world; but we can change ourselves. We do not have to
follow the crowd, rather we can assume responsibility for our own spiritual
salvation, and open the door to spiritual enlightenment and guidance; it is
available to those who will seek it, and are willing to accept responsibility for
their own ‘whatsoever’ they are.
Many trials and tribulations shall issue forth in the years that lie ahead,
we cannot avoid them, but the angels of light, that serve the Creator, shall
come forth to guide us, and are, in fact, at our doorstep this day. Strive to be
one with the Father and live your highest light in all things and they shall be
there to guide you.
The Father did not go away from His Creations; He IS Ever Present, and
within ALL of His Creations. He is as near to you as is your breath of life. Call
upon Him and He shall give unto you light, and hope, and happiness of heart,
no matter how dark the world may become. Place your faith in the Father and
seek the kingdoms of God, for they are your sure foundation, now and forever.

Love eternally, Wandering Star and Spirit Dove


A lot of ‘religions’ would have you to believe that there is only ‘one’ way to
salvation, and that is that you follow their particular teachings. This is not all
together correct.
I say that because, even though most ‘religions have the general
direction correct, they do not take into account that everyone evolves and
develops in different ways, and at different rates.
As with the “Ten Commandments,” which most everyone is familiar with,
these are guidelines that should be followed by all people, but how many
people actually think about, let alone follow, those golden rules?
Most Christians believe that the Ten Commandments originated with
Moses, and are the exclusive directions of their many branches of Christianity.
Again, that is not entirely correct.
Commandments handed down by the Lords in charge of the various
divisions of the earth, were, in essence, the same as those we possess today
but structured to suit the various levels of development of the peoples they
were given unto at the time.
The ‘rules’ are basically the same everywhere, and are the foundation for
how we are to conduct our lives. If everyone would follow those
‘commandments,’ what a wonderful place this earth would be!
Having alluded to the obvious, let’s consider how these ‘laws’ impact our
lives, even back to the time of Zarathustra, when the ‘word’ first became
manifest among mortals through the Lord-God of that era.
“The Voice was, The Great Spirit, The I AM. Zarathustra, being all pure,
taught that to be a Faithist in the Voice, as it comes to the pure, was the
highest that a man could attain.
Zarathustra taught that to build up one’s own faith in the I AM would
produce the highest happiness.
The Great Spirit spoke unto Zarathustra, saying: Some have I created

with faith in men, some faith in spirits, and some with faith in Me only. Let
those who have faith in men, have faith in men; those who have faith in spirits,
have faith in spirits; and, those who have faith in Me, have faith in Me. The
latter are Mine. What is Mine, I will gather together.
Mine shall be a people by themselves, of themselves. Mine have no
Gods but Me. Mine have no idols nor images of Me. Mine bow down not
before idols. And Mine covenant in My Name secretly.
Mine remember the four sacred days of the moon, Mine honor their
parents; Mine kill nothing that I have created alive; Mine do not commit
adultery, nor do they steal, or tell lies; nor do they covenant anything upon
earth. Mine return good unto all men.
Sound familiar? Essentially, in order to live happily and to grow in spirit
one must first, and foremost, have faith in the Creator. It is by, and through
the Ever Presence of the Creator that all things exist.
One should not covenant anything on the physical plane but love and
respect all things, knowing that all things belong to the Great Spirit. One
should love and respect all life; as none can create life, no one has the right
to take it for any reason.
Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself. Try to uplift your
fellow-man with a smile, a kind word and by lending a helping hand. You ‘are’
your brother’s keeper.
Keep yourself and your world clean; your body is the temple of your
developing spirit and the world is the wondrous place given unto your keeping
for a while. Both belong to the Great Spirit, and are on loan to you.
I’m sure that all of this sounds like lofty, unobtainable goals, but I assure
you that spiritual bliss can be obtained, and that you can find peace, harmony,
and happiness while living upon the corporeal earth, but you must ‘give’ in
order to receive.
Did you notice the statement: “What are Mine, I will gather together?”
This was not a hap-hazard statement, but is quite literal. There will come a

day, in the not too distant future, when those who have “faith” in the Ever
Present shall begin to gravitate together. Even though it doesn’t seem like it
today, there are a few out there that are ready, willing and able to begin
putting away the things of the earth and begin re-learning how to live together
in harmony.
I believe that the first prerequisite, beyond having faith in the Almighty, is
to learn to accept others as they are. None of us are perfect, far from it, and
none of us have all of the answers.
We need to be tolerant and forgiving of others apparent short-comings.
Surely we have short comings too? (Smile). Any community of two or more
people will necessarily take on a unique personality, exemplifying its
members. We need to seek out those that best fulfill our own aspirations. As
no two people are exactly alike, so too, no two communities will be exactly
Naturally any ‘spiritual’ community will exemplify its particular priorities,
but the more ‘open’ and diverse a community can be towards its members,
the more potential it will possess in becoming a lasting entity. Many
‘communities’ of the past have been too rigid, often having ‘leaders’ that set
too high a standard for its membership. This is one chef reason so many have
Community minded or no, each of us can enjoy the life that has been
given unto us by extending the same courtesy and joy unto others as we
ourselves would want to receive. Good luck and love in your endeavors.

Love, Spirit Dove


given unto man:
OF ZARATHUSTRA; first mortal to set down the ‘word’ as given by our
Creator, through the Lord and his attending angels.

Zarathustra, being all pure, taught that to build up man’s own faith in the I
AM would produce the greatest happiness.
Zarathustra taught that each self must learn to build up itself in love and
wisdom, and after them, trusting in the I AM.
As the Voice came to Zarathustra he perceived that the I AM must have
a name in order to be distinguished by men.
Zarathustra said, Or (Light) Mazd (entity of light), and he called the
‘Highest Known’ Or’mazd, being The Person, The All Master.
Or’mazd spoke to Zarathustra, saying: Some have I created with desire
to dance, some with desire to sing, some with desire to pray.
Some have I created with faith in men, some with faith in spirits, some
with faith in Me only.
Let those who have faith in men, have faith in men; let those who have
faith in spirits, have faith in spirits; let those who have faith in Me, have faith in
Me. The last are Mine. What is Mine I will gather together.
Mine shall be a people by themselves, of themselves.



Mine have no Gods but Me.
Mine have neither idols nor images of Me.
Mine bow down not before idols.
Mine covenant in My Name secretly.
Mine remember the four sacred days of the moon.
Mine honor their parents.
Mine kill nothing I have made alive.
Mine commit not adultery.
Mine steal not, nor tell lies; nor covet anything.
Mine return good unto all men.
Zarathustra taught these words, and those who were followers styled
themselves Zarathustrians.
Or’mazd spoke to Zarathustra, saying: Take the ten suggestions: What
are they?
Zarathustra said: My flesh is not my own substance, but Or’mazd’s. How
then can I claim the ten suggestions? These, then, are not the Zarathustrian
Law. They are the Or’mazdian Law. All things come from Him. All things are
OF EA-WA-TAH, born of the tribe of Honga (of North America); taller than
other men, with a bright shining face like that of new copper.
Eawahtah said: I am Your servant, O Great Spirit. What shall I call You,
that the tribes of men be no longer distrustful? Then answered the Creator:
Call Me after the wind O Eawahtah!
Eawahtah said: How after the wind? The Great Spirit said: Come with Me,
My son. Then Eawahtah walked along and came to a place where the wind
blew in the leaves.
The Creator said: Tell Me, My son, what does the wind say in the leaves?
And answered Eawahtah: E! Then the Creator took Eawahtah to the big sea

water, and asked: What does the wind in the water say, My son?
And Eawahtah answered: Go! Then the Creator took Eawahtah to the
high crags, the rocks above the clouds, piercing, where the wind whistled;
and He said: What says the wind, My son? And Eawahtah answered: Quim!
And the Great Spirit said: Call Me Egoquim, O my son. I AM three in
One; the earth and all that’s in the earth and on the earth, and all the stars
and moon and sun; they are one of My members. And the air above the earth,
the Atontea, is another member of My Person. And higher yet; in the high
place above the air, is the ether; the great penetrator; and that is the third
member of My Person. I AM everywhere, far and near; all things your eye
sees; all things your ear hears are of Me and in Me.
Whatsoever is one with Me has no hard labor. Behold the flowers of the
field; I color them. Behold the ant and the honeybee; I lead them; the bird I
teach how to build.
Man alone is stubborn, setting up ways of his own. O that he could learn
to be one with Me! To move and labor with Me! Then spoke Eawahtah,
saying: Holy Egoquim! I will go and teach man, give him Your words; make
him understand.
Eawahtah inquired: What shall I say; how shall I teach the sons and
daughters of men; give me a synopsis?
Egoquim answered Eawahtah, saying: One Great Person, even Egoquim,
Creator and Ruler over all in heaven and earth.
Him shall you have and no other God, nor Lord, nor idol, nor man, nor
angel, to worship, forever!
Him shall you love above all things in heaven above, or on the earth, or
in the waters of the earth!
And you shall teach Him to your children, and command them to teach
Him to their children, and so on forever!
And you shall swear against all other Gods, and Lords, and idols, to
serve them not forever! And the same to your children, and to their children,

and so on forever!
And this is the first Egoquim Law.
And you shall deal unto all men, and women and children, as justly and
as kindly as to your own mother, out of whose breast you were fed when you
were helpless and of no strength.
Teaching this to your children and to their children after them, forever.
And this is the second Egoquim Law.
And to the sick and helpless; to the stranger and the man that comes
from afar; to the widow who is destitute; to the child that has no father; you
shall be both father and mother to them; and take them into your house and
feed them; and give them skins and cloth to wear; and if they be lost you shall
go with them and show them the way.
Commanding these things unto your children and to their children after
them, forever!
And this is the third Egoquim Law.
And you shall not tell lies; nor speak falsely against any man, nor woman,
nor child; nor break your word of promise, even though death may come upon
you to induce you otherwise.
Unchangeable as the setting and rising sun shall be the word of your
And you shall command this to your children and to their children after
them, forever!
And this is the fourth Egoquim Law.
And you shall not take and posses that which is another’s; nor allow
neither your children to do so, nor their children after them, forever.
Which is the fifth Egoquim law.
And you shall respect the times of woman; and when she is bearing unto
you, you shall not lie with her; nor give her heavy labor, nor angry words, nor
fret her; but be obedient to her, doing whatsoever she asks you to do, for it is
her time, and she is your queen.

Teaching this to your young men and to your young women, and to theirs
that come after them, forever; for their young is begotten of Me, and I will
have them shapely, and strong and brave!
Which is the sixth Egoquim Law.
You shall labor six days, but on the seventh day it is the moons day, and
you shall not labor, nor hunt, nor fish, but go to the alter of your Creator and
dance and sing before Me; and sit in silence to hear My words, which I speak
into the souls of men, and of women and children.
Teaching this to your children, and to their children that come after them,
This is the seventh Egoquim Law.
You shall restore the rites and ceremonies of Choe-pan and Annubia-pan
but the part I swear you shall not restore; which is: You shall not flatten the
head to make a seer, a Haonga, to drive the judgment of the brain away to
the prophetic regions.
Teaching these things to your children and to their children after them,
Which is the eighth Egoquim Law.
Then rose up Eawahtah, saying: I am Your servant! Lead me, for I am
going in Your Name, even to the end of the world!
OF MOSES; who brought forth the Ten Commandments unto the
When the Israelites traveled forth among the different tribes, they were
beset to know what Lord or what God they worshipped, and by what Lord or
what God they were led forth.
The Light of wisdom and words came to Moses to say to the nations,
Alas, His Name, Whom we worship, man dare not utter.
Within the commune families, were certain signs and passwords
belonging to the different degrees. There were also oral rules of life and
worship, but these were kept secret from the multitude, but the instruction of

the commune fathers to the families was by this method made to harmonize
all the people.
For general behavior, Moses gave ten commands, which were not only
made public, but incumbent on the commune fathers to teach orally to their
respective families. The following are the commandments thus taught, that is
to say:
I AM the I AM that brought you out of Egypt.
(1) You shall have neither Gods nor Lords but the I AM.
(2) You shall not make any image of the I AM out of anything that is in
heaven above, or on the earth beneath, or in the waters.
(3) You shall not bow down before idols or images, or anything having
the form of anything in heaven, or on the earth, or in the waters. You shall not
speak My Name in public, for I will not hold him guiltless that gives it to
idolaters and lovers of evil.
(4) Remember the sacred days and keep them holy. Six days shall you
labor; but the seventh day is the Sa’abbadha.
(5) Honor your father and mother.
(6) You shall not kill (any living thing.)
(7) You shall not commit adultery.
(8) You shall not steal;
(9) Nor bear false witness;
(10) Nor covet anything that is another’s.

Editors Note: The following is the origin of the name of the I AM, as given
unto the Israelites.
God said: As in the olden time man named all things according to their
own spoken words and sounds uttered, so in the days of Thor came to the
Ghans the written words of everything on earth and in heaven.
When man had written the name of all things, one only had he not written,
even the name of his Creator.

God said: Even that also shall you write. Then man inquired: How can I
find a word to express the Creator?
God said: Many tribes have I raised upon the earth, and, behold, they
have all written the names of all things, save only the Creator. Go to,
therefore, and write His name also.
Man said: Alas, O my God! I know no name, save the names I have
already made. If I could hear the Creator, or see Him, then could I write His
God said: You have named the wind (wh-sh!), which you have not seen.
Name then your Creator. And His name shall comprehend all things, far and
near, seen and unseen.
Then man drew a circle and called it ‘O’, for it represented that which is
without beginning or end, and which contained all within it.
Then man drew a line cutting through the circle from east to west, to
represent the light of the east traveling to the west.
Then man drew a line from below upward, cutting the circle at right
angles with the horizontal, to represent the one road of all things, from the
bottom up forever.
The first line man called ‘E,’ for it was the same as the wind speaks in the
leaves. But the second line he called ‘IH,’ for it represented that unseen shaft
that cuts all things in two.
And thus when man had completed the engraving, he called it E-O-IH!
God said: In this, your symbol, you have found the way of a true square
and the four quarters of the world.
Keep His Name and the image thereof a secret between the rab’bahs
and your God. Neither shall you utter it aloud, for it is sacred upon the earth.
Editors Note:

E-O-Ih has been transmuted into many variations over

time, however it is commonly understood as; Je-Ho-Vih, which was further
mis-stated by the Egyptians, who wrote much of what is accepted today as,

These are the doctrines as taught by Joshu (Jesus); an iesu from the
Es’ean (Essenean) tribe of Israelites.
God said: These were my doctrines, as I taught through Joshu:
You shall keep the ten commandments of Moses.
You shall not engage in war, nor abet war.
You shall eat no flesh of any animal, or fish, or bird, or fowl, or creeping
thing which Jehovih created alive.
You shall live in families (communities), after the manner of the ancient
Israelites, who held all things in common.
You shall have no king or queen, or bow down in worship to any, save
your Creator.
You shall not call on the name of angels to worship them, or to counsel
with them on the affairs of earth.
You shall love your neighbor as yourself, and do unto your fellow man as
you would have him do unto you.
You shall return good for evil and pity to them that sin.
It has been said: An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth; but I say, return
good for evil.
And if a man smites you on one cheek, turn the other unto him also.
The man shall have but one wife, and the woman but one husband.
As the children honor the father, so will the family be blessed with peace
and plenty.
Remember that all things are of Jehovih, your Creator, and you are His
Servants, to help one another.
And as much as you do these services to one another, so serve you
Behold only the virtues and wisdom in your neighbor; his faults you shall
not discover.
His matters are with his Creator.
Call not on the name of any God, or Lord in worship; but worship Jehovih

And when you pray, let it be after this manner:
Jehovih, Who rules in heaven and earth, hallowed be Thy Name,
and reverent among men. Sufficient unto me is my bread; and, as much
as I forgive those that trespass against me, so make me steadfast, to
shun temptation, for all honor and glory are Yours, worlds without end.
To visit the sick and distressed, the helpless and blind, and to relieve
them; to provide for the widow and orphan, and keep yourself unspotted
before men; these are the way of redemption.
You shall take no part in the governments of men, but observe the will of
Jehovih, being obedient unto all governments for His sake.
ALL men are the children of One Father, who is Jehovih; and whosoever
chooses Him, and keeps His commandments, is His chosen.
To preserve the seed of His chosen, you shall not wed but with the
chosen. (This was the reason for circumcision. Ed)
Contend not with any man for opinion’s sake, nor for any earthly thing.
And let your speech be for other’s joy; or open not your mouth, if your
words will give pain.
Therefore, be considerate of your speech; teaching others by gentleness
and love, to be respectful toward ALL men.
Preserve the sacred days of the rab’bahs; and the rites and ceremonies
of emethachavah.
And for three years, Joshu traveled among the Israelites, preaching and
restoring the ancient doctrines.
And there were gathered in groups, of tens and twenties and fifties, more
than two thousand Israelites, of the ancient Order of Moses, who became
steadfast followers of the teachings of Joshu.
What follows are the remnants of these ‘GOLDEN


as given in the

‘King James Version’ of the ‘Holy Bible.’
Exodus 20: And God spoke all these words saying:
I am the Lord your God, which brought you out of the land of Egypt, out
of the house of bondage.
You shall have no other gods before me. You shall not make unto
yourself any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven
above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth;
You shall not bow down yourself to them, nor serve them; for I the Lord
your God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the
children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;
And showing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my
You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will
not hold him guiltless that takes his name in vain.
Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.
Six days shall you labor, and do all your work;
But the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord your God; in it you shall
not do any work, you, nor your son, nor your daughter, your manservant, nor
your maidservant, nor your cattle, nor your stranger that is within your gates.
For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in
them is, and rested the seventh day; therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath
day, and hallowed it.
Honor your father and your mother; that your days may be long upon the
land which the Lord your God has given you.
You shall not kill. You shall not commit adultery. You shall not steal. You
shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
You shall not covet your neighbor’s house, you shall not covet your
neighbor’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his
ass, nor any thing that is your neighbor’s.

Virtually all tribes, races and peoples from the very first days of humankind upon this world have received rules and commandments suited to their
particular development and understanding. What has been given here is but a
sampling of the better known proclamations.
It is not the purpose of this writing to uphold any ‘religion’ as being that
given by the Creator. Let those who have eyes see and those with ears listen
for themselves.
ALL religions are but stepping stones leading to spiritual development
and unfoldment. None are absolutely necessary, and none will, in, or of itself,
lead you to ultimate spiritual growth. Only you, by your actions, words and
deeds unto others bring forth spiritual enlightenment and the fulfillment of the
Father’s commandments.
We are ALL of, by and sustained by the Ever Presence of the Great
Creator (by whatever name you choose.) None can gainsay His works or the
commandments handed down by His prophets. Each of us, in our quest for
spiritual enlightenment, must decide for ourselves what we choose to believe
and what we choose to accept into your daily lives. You will NOT be
condemned by WHAT you believe but rather by HOW you live.

Love and respect eternally, Spirit Dove


Hi folks; perhaps I’m speaking out of turn but I’d like to put in my two
cents, for whatever it’s worth.
I am one of the “old timers” to Oahspe; for forty years I have witnessed
people trying their best to either form a ‘new’ religion out of it or, as is often
the case, dissecting it to pieces.
Don’t get me wrong, Oahspe is a wonderful collection of writings, but it is
not wholly new nor is it infallible. It is information on many levels, that’s for
sure BUT it was never intended (in my opinion) to become just another
‘revelation’ to become worshipful.
In everyway Oahspe demands that we cleave to one another as brothers
and sisters, becoming an extended family if you will. It doesn’t make a bit of
difference how much you know, or, for that matter, how much you think you
know. What’s important is that we begin to accept one another as equals and
try our best to live and grow in harmony with the Ever Present and one
It would be naive to think that many of us are truly prepared for the ‘ideal’
community BUT it won’t come about until WE begin living together (as best as
we can) and practice loving one another. It’s putting the cart before the horse
to even think that we can begin rearing orphan children until both conditions
are right, and we ourselves have grown sufficiently to be worthy of that estate.
The Creator has promised that in this era He “will bring us together,” you can’t
force that but you can accept the Will of the Creator and approach Him with
humility, being ready to accept whatsoever is put upon us when that
inspiration is upon us.
All things are accomplished by and through Jehovih and His angels,
which we too are His angels in formation. Have faith and follow your highest
light, even if you don’t completely comprehend everything that Oahspe has
related. It doesn’t matter! What matters is what’s in your heart. Be open unto

His, and His angels inspiration.
Thanks - hope I didn’t offend anyone.

Love, Spirit Dove


It’s been a while since we last communicated; I haven’t had much to add
to the wonderful information provided by those on the net. I’m not sure if this
will go to you personally or to the whole group but I thought a brief note might
be of interest that you might like to share.
As you probably know, I live in a small RV and as such rely essentially on
propane. For the past few days I have been having some difficulties with my
hot water heater; this should have been a tip off but I ignored it.
Anyway, a couple of mornings ago I was impelled (inspired) to turn off
both my small electric space heater as well as my propane heater. This was
unusual as it was still quite cold out and I had no reason to do so except that I
felt I should.
No sooner had I done this when the whole coach was filled with the
strong odor of propane; had either of the heaters still been on I have no doubt
that I would not be here today to tell you about it.
I quickly ran outside to shut off the unit but as I opened the access door,
allowing fresh air into the compartment, an explosion ensued, sending flames
several feet into the yard. Fortunately I was not standing in front of it but off to
one side.
I have no idea what kept the inside from exploding too but I was spared
the tremendous explosion that very well could have occurred. As you might
guess I wasted no time in thanking those unseen folks for their help and
It’s beyond my understanding as to why I was spared, but this is by no
means the only time something like this has happened. It’s especially strange
to me as I don’t feel I have been especially helpful to the es world in recent
years in promoting the precepts given in the Oahspe but have always lived as
an example as best as I could.
Various people and animals come to both Gail and I for assistance from

time to time and we always know (or think we do) that our help is needed and
always attempt to give it as best as we can; perhaps this is why?
Anyway, I wanted to share this in hopes that others might become better
aware of just how closely our existence is with our brothers and sisters, not
only on this plane but that which cohabits with us.
There’s not a moment in time when we’re not influenced in some way by
the proximity of those already born into immortality. Take care to listen but
also evaluate what comes unto you for those about you may not be any
further informed than we. By the mere loss of their corporeal bodies does not
make them any wiser.
Listen and follow your ‘highest light’; if it comes to you expounding the
earth, it is of the earth and possibly serves only ‘mammon’ but if it comes to
you from on height, expounding how you might better live, help your
neighbors or meliorate the condition of the world about you, listen and act

Love to you all, Spirit Dove


The subject is ageless, and the message is timeless.
Dear family and friends,
A few weeks ago, it was discovered that I have a tumor growing within
my colon, only a few inches from the outside. The first prognosis was good;
mostly that the tumor was localized, contained, and wouldn’t be too difficult to
remove. With each succeeding visit and subsequent analysis, however, the
prospects of this being easily resolved have diminished. It now appears as
though the tumor is cancerous and has possibly involved the near-by lymph
nodes, this means that I cannot side step the chemotherapy and radiation
procedures as I had originally planned.
My first thought was to approach this in a strictly natural way, through
prayer, meditation, diet, and exercise, but now I’m convinced that I don’t have
enough time (or willpower) to accomplish this, as the tumor has a death-grip
upon my colon, causing me considerable discomfort and pain. If I had
detected the tumor sooner, there is no doubt in my mind that I would have
sought a better approach, but as it stands at this writing, I have very few
This has been, and is, a most humbling experience, knowing that this
insidious growth is flourishing within my bowels, being unable to do much
about it. I wish I had more faith in the medical profession of today but in truth,
I don’t; the only ‘faith’ that is of importance now is my faith in the Creator, and
the angels that serve Him.
With the very real prospect of dying, perhaps an even horrific demise, my
‘faith’ is being called into play in a very poignant way. There is much ‘soulsearching’ and any facades that I may have had have been torn away,
bearing the full truth of my spiritual understanding. I am truly thankful for
having spent a lifetime in search of spiritual light, which makes the possible
transition from mortality to immortality more easily accepted.

The message that has flowed from my pen these many years has always
emphasized ‘faith’ faith in an Ever Present, an all inclusive Great Spirit,
Creator, giver and sustainer of all things, seen and unseen. My writings have
never upheld any religion as being the only ‘true’ word of either God or of the
Organized religion, in my opinion, is not necessary in order to be one
with, and in harmony with, the Great Spirit; it is having faith in the Father, and
the angels that are in harmony with Him, that is of paramount importance. If
you feel that organized religion is necessary to your own development and
direction then, by all means, pursue that course. The Father is within all of His
It is not my intention to make this a ‘forum’ to expound my own personal
beliefs, they are of little importance, but perhaps some of my reflections may
inspire a few of you to stop and examine your own spirituality; we are, after all,
spirits experiencing our corporality and not the reverse. We are, and always
will be spiritual entities.
Our lives, in this state, are short at best; our corporality (our physical
existence) has been given unto us in order to protect and nurture us until we
are born into immortality. Most of us place far too much emphasis and
importance upon the physical and ignore the spiritual, that is, until the end of
mortality seems imminent. We surely do pay attention then, don’t we?
It is important that you listen to that small voice within your own
members; listen to it and live your own personal ‘highest light’; ignore those
impulses (inspirations) that would lead you away from love and harmony. The
Father is within ALL things and if you are in harmony with Him, you are in
harmony with all things. This is an eternal axiom.
Most everyone acknowledges the unlimited power or prayer but few
people realize that our thoughts are powerful of and by themselves. Our
thoughts emanate from us all of the time, but it is when we concentrate those
thought forms into action, such as during prayer, that they take on a life and

action of their own. Prayer (thought in action) can accomplish all things.
Thought forms are not limited in scope or distance, but can and do travel to
whomsoever they are directed, whether upon the physical earth or unto the
highest heavens.
All of us can cultivate mastery over our thoughts and over ourselves;
many religious practitioners throughout the world have exhibited some
mastery over their thoughts, and have wrought many so- called miracles in
doing so. All things are possible through prayer and meditation! Moreover,
place or distance is of no consequence. Contemplate on this and you will
begin to understand the full import of the foregoing.
Knowing this, you may ask; why haven’t I overcome my own infirmities?
It is because I am weak in all particulars and currently lack the ability to
control my own thoughts to any degree commensurable with my
understanding; my lack of ability however, in no way lessens the spiritual
facts. You still have time to develop your own entity if you so desire.
It has come to me, in so many instances, how some people lament and
complain about what befalls them; usually this is about some supposed curse
placed upon them by God or the Creator (or so-called nature *). (* Nature; the
forces pertaining to the earth, are dumb in all particulars and do not single out
anyone or anything, neither good nor bad.) Neither the Almighty, nor His God
have ever, nor will they ever, place any burden upon any of their creations.
The Creator, by His Love, has Created us in His likeness, and wants only
good things for us. It is man himself that has created the scourges that have
befallen the world. The Father’s world is perfect; it is man’s own spiritual
imperfection that makes it a place of contention.
In summation; I can never blame anyone for my condition; it is through
my own wrong living and lack of spiritual development that I have allowed this
condition to develop and grow. It has been said of old; ‘that the rain falls upon
the just and the unjust’, it is not, nor shall it ever be, the Father’s Will; likewise
if I should be granted a longer life upon the earth, it will be through the

prayers of others, and the skilled hands of the surgeon, guided by familiar
angels, that accomplishes. It is up to God should others intervene upon my
I will always love each and every one of you for who you are and without
qualification; should it be my time to be born out of corporality, I will not return
to any of you in person, but shall help to prepare your way into the spiritual
realms as well. I shall await you with love and anticipation.
Love one another with all our heart and soul but most of all Love the
Creator and His Angels; they shall be your sure foundation throughout eternity.
Since writing this, the prognosis of my recovery has greatly improved. I
feel that this is due, in no small measure, to the prayers and well wishes of so
many people (many of whom I’ve never met). Thank you all. God bless you
for your selfless prayers; prayers DO work miracles.

Eternal love to you all, Brice, (i.e. Spirit Dove)


(This is, of course, spoken in jest, sort of)

Most everyone is aware that an infant is like a sponge, soaking up most
anything and everything it experiences.
The first prerequisite to raising a useless member of society is to live in
the worst possible environment you can muster.
That is not to say that the material world has anything to do with it per se,
as we are all aware that many of the most useless members of society come
from the affluent and well-to do segment.
What you must do is show your infant as much disrespect and
hatefulness towards others as you can manifest. Drink, smoke, and use as
much profanity as you can. After all, you want to be an example to your child.
Isn’t that right?
Never show love or tenderness to one another, especially not to the
young child in your care. After all, it’s a tough world out there and you
wouldn’t want your child to grow up being, loving and caring, now would we?
If your child wants something, be sure to buy it for them; maybe that way
you won’t have to pay any extra attention to them, and that way too, they
won’t have to learn to use their abilities; a sure way to cultivate a selfish, selfcentered person, who places value on things, rather than love and selfrespect.
Be sure that when you do pay attention to your child, that it be full of
malice, hatred and is abusive, if not physically, then definitely emotionally.
Make sure that your child is afraid of you. Everyone knows that when
someone fears, that fear will, in time, turn to hate.
It’s pretty simple really; just be your wonderful self and all the rest will fall
into place.
You can enjoy years and years enduring your wonderful prodigy and look
forward to your wonderful grand children, who are most likely learning the

same lessons you taught your child.

Love, Spirit Dove


In ages past, it was through God and his Lords that the ‘word’ and
‘wisdom’ of the Father was made manifest among the inhabitants of earth. in
this era, it is through those who have gone on before, who have returned to
us to inspire us, and lead the way unto Kosmon, the era of spiritual
enlightenment. Listen to our forefathers, for they are the light and the way.

Spirit Dove


By Helen Gleason

I see Him in the sunset with its muted crimson glow,
The Crowning of a lovely day, as oceans ebb and flow.
Not only in the mountains can His Majesty be seen,
but in a tiny leaf of gold of a spreading chestnut tree.
In fields of yellow buttercups or crimson-petalled rose,
in every plant and flower bloomed I see His love exposed.
He lives in small rivulets that flow o'er rocks and rills,
to mighty oceans' rolling tides with foaming waves He fills.
His love has made a world for us if we would only see
the treasures of the universe, and all of it is free.
I stand in awe and worship `fore His wonders grand displayed,
and praise the Mighty One Whose worlds and miracles arrayed.

It is well and good to have lofty aspirations and grand inspirations of the
Father’s Kingdom to come; learning how we might better live and serve Him,
but many of us fail to realize that we exist at this moment as part of His
Creation, and are, in fact, an expression emanating from His Presence. We
don’t have to attain to, or become anything save what we already are.
We live in this beautiful world, filled with His Presence. It’s our
responsibility to take care of this precious gift given by Him.

This world is being plundered and depleted of its life giving sustenance,
and (in my opinion) we should spend more time and energy in help to rid it of
its parasites, otherwise, those that follow us (who shall form the Fathers
Kingdom) shall have no place to build His edifice.

Love, Spirit Dove



Re your letter; Don't be too hard on yourself. It seems as there have
been many who ambled through the Faithist halls of doubt and
disillusionment, not to mention disappointment. Myself included.

Each of us have had to decide our own acceptance/rejection of the
Oahspe scene. Most (unfortunately) go the rejection route and end up floating
off to something else. To me Oahspe is very special (but I think it has become
corrupted) or, perhaps the "spirits of darkness" have done an excellent job in
thwarting would be followers. The primary problem (as I see it) is that the
readers (followers) of the Oahspe discipline tend to develop a "I know more
than you" attitude and go around trying to impress one another. That's
unfortunate as they could be doing a lot on an "unselfish" level. Oahspe is
one of many writings that bring enlightenment to us. It's neither the first (nor
the last) of such information. (In my opinion.)

Be that as it may, no matter what "doctrine" any one of us accepts to
follow, that doctrine is only as good as what use you make of it. In other
words, live your own personal highest light and do what YOU think would be
best to uplift you neighbor. Small deeds (and words of praise, not judgment)
tends to accomplish far more than any "church" ever could. Live by example not words. The churches all over the world now "sell" the words and few are
engaged in doing what they are taught. A mountain can be moved by moving
one small stone at a time. The time span of Oahspe is in millions (and
millions) of years. Don't concern yourself of what you see at arms length. The
Fathers Will IS being done and in His Own way. There are many of us
throughout time and the universe who strive to do Creators Will in whatever
way is shown minute by minute. And so are you my friend.

Don't sweat it - you have millions of years ahead of you!!! It doesn't
matter what anyone else thinks - you have only to please that which created
and sustains you, now and always.

So much for the soapbox! ha ha! I can get off on a tangent myself but it
serves little good. I find it is a full time job just keeping my own self on the
straight and narrow, without having to try to direct someone else.

Love, Spirit Dove


Those were the words spoken to me in a recent ”vision.” It is soothing to
know, beyond a doubt, the wonderful, compassionate, and loving angels that
minister unto us moment-by-moment, day by day. How can I (we) but praise
the Great Spirit for providing such wonderful companions?

It has been said that we shall not be given more than we can manage,
sometimes I wonder about that but looking back in retrospect, I must admit
that it has been so, even as difficult as it may have seemed at the time.

One but has to look about to realize that there are others who endure
far greater difficulties than ourselves, how selfish and self-centered of me to
even consider that my plight is of any consequence at all. We are all being
“tempered” every day in one way or another, some admittedly more severely
than others but all things will serve an ultimate good in time to come.

Having faith in the Almighty is the greatest shield and protection anyone
can ever have. If one truly believes in the Father, and lives his or her life to
their highest light (spiritual understanding), serving others with all their might,
their outlook will be bright and positive and they will see the beauty and
harmony in all of the Father’s works.

Your outlook, your attitude, frames your happiness, you are the product
of your own making. No two people see anything exactly alike but you can
train yourself to see the beauty and the harmony of life; if you are one of
those who go about dwelling upon only the apparent negative aspects of our
existence, you will be unhappy and will overlook all the beauty that the Father
has bestowed upon us and our world. How can you find light within a dark

If, on the other hand, you are one of the more spiritually enlightened,
who look upon the Father’s Works in wonderment and love, you will pass
though this plane in joy and lightheartedness, enjoying the life that the Great
Spirit has bestowed upon us. It is within your grasp to create your own reality,
a reality of light or darkness, happiness or sadness, spiritual growth or
corporeal decline. No one else can do it for you, it is up to you.

Love eternally,
Spirit Dove (llastop2@...)
& Wandering Star, my devoted and lovely wife
June 10th, 2008



Wandering Star and I visited the local library this weekend, which
contains an outstanding genealogy department, as well as a large section
devoted to the Native Peoples of the Americas.

She and I whiled away the hours; her with her avid research into our
family trees, while I immersed myself in a couple of booklets about Native
peoples beliefs and customs on both the continents. We were both enthralled
and mesmerized by the wealth of knowledge that was available. What a
wonderful way to spend a lazy Saturday morning!

An aspect of early Native existence, which we tend to overlook, is the
considerable differences in their environment as compared to that of today.
They, unlike us, were very much akin to, and completely at home in the world
about them, they lived in harmony within their environment, being native to
and a part of the forests, the plains and the mountains which they inhabited;
they were keenly aware of the Creators Presence within all things, including
their very selves. They respected and worshipped the Great Mystery in their
every action, word and deed, they did not need, nor did they require, a
special place to worship, the world was their cathedral.

In contrast, today's people no longer relate to the so-called `natural'
world but cling to the contrivances and monuments built by men; we have lost
our connective-ness to the ALL ONE, the Great Spirit, the Creator of all things.
We rely more on the affairs of mortals than upon the angels sent to oversee
and instruct us; we are dumb to our true nature and purpose. The Father and
the angels that serve Him are as present today as they have ever been but
our souls are as if covered by a stone and we cannot hear or see them
because we listen more to the impulses of the corporeal world.

It is neither my place, nor anyone's for that matter, to sit in judgment of
our fellow travelers but it does not take a genius or a gifted scholar to see the
results brought about by the societies of the world in this era; we are
obviously headed in the wrong direction! Somewhere we seem to have lost
not only our perspective but our priorities as well; it is apparent that we have
placed too much importance upon the affairs of the flesh, and too little on the
affairs of our spiritual growth!

Our Father, and the angels that serve Him, wish only good things for us,
and they stand at the forefront to help us find our way through our darkness,
but they cannot, and will not do it for us! We must seek within and listen to the
Father's Voice and follow His mandates, which are well known from time
immemorial. We must begin our own salvation by returning to our Native
ways by respecting all that the Great Spirit has bestowed upon us and by
living our `highest light' in every aspect of our lives.

It is through the young that the future of this world belongs; it is not until
we become better role models unto them, by example and not merely by
words, that they will begin to once more rise in the spiritual grades. It is not
too late to reverse the downward spiral of the future inhabitants on Mother
Earth, the future of tomorrow lies in the hands of humankind today.

Many years ago I was inspired to write a small article concerning the
youth of today but it was never widely published, perhaps this would be a
good time to include it as it is a satire of WHAT NOT TO DO regarding the
rearing of our children. We hope that you enjoy reading this but please
remember that this is only given in jest.

Love always,

Wandering Star and Spirit Dove


DEAR M------,
"A seeker along a path."

Hello M------,
I am moved by our comments, I too have traveled the road you are now
experiencing, and I can relate to the ebb and flow of your growth in

Oahspe has truly been a light in my life, and it has assisted me greatly
in determining what `life' is all about but Oahspe is not the beginning, nor is it
the end of all that there is to be learned. Life is not only in the blood, as is
stated in Oahspe, but perhaps more importantly; life is in the living.

Many people, who live by the precepts of the antiquated religions of our
fore fathers, are just as pious as anyone who has read, and purports to
understand Oahspe. What is of paramount importance is how we, as
individuals, conduct our private and public lives before the Creator, God, the
Lords, and those angels that have our growth and direction in charge.

It matters little if one can quote scripture by scripture from any of the
many and varied `books' that have been give unto us, unless they put into
practice the information contained within them. It makes no difference
whatsoever if you are able to conceive all that you are capable of conceiving
at this stage of your growth, unless you, yourself live your own personal
highest light. It takes more than `lip' service.

We each have enough on our plate, if you will, to take care of
developing our own persona before our Father and His angels; there is NO
one path that is the ONLY path unto spiritual (personal) growth.

As many people as inhabit the earth and its heavens, there are just as
many ways unto eternal life. Life is in the living, and there is no right, or wrong
way per se; there is, of course, devious paths that can, and are often followed,
but in time, ALL people CAN attain to light and growth. Unfortunately, there
will always be some (perhaps many) that choose paths that are downward,
even unto destruction, but that is their choice, whether they understand that
or no.

LOVE, WISDOM and TRUTH are available to ALL people, whether they
have read Oahspe or not. Oahspe is (in my opinion) the greatest well-spring
of information available at present (that I'm aware of) but the mere study of it
alone is next to meaningless; I can quote from it too until I am blue in the face,
but I've said nothing unless I can convey; Love, Wisdom and Truth in how life
is to be lived.

The original Ten Commandments, given unto all societies from nearly
the beginning of time upon this small world, are the benchmarks of an
upraised society. Those that live by them need not preach them. They are
part of that society. A people, with many laws, are a lawless people; people
with few laws live without the need of them, and follow their highest light
instead, they are in concert with the Creator and Creation. They need no
books, laws, or rules to live by.

Have faith in the Father in all things, living your own personal highest
light, and you shall enter the bound heavens (and beyond) fearless and full of
love, and wisdom, understanding the truth of Creation.

Spirit Dove


Recently, while talking to an acquaintance, the subject of my religion
came up. "What religion are you?" I was asked and, without giving too much
thought to the question, I replied: "I'm not religious, but I am a spiritual
person." By the dazed look I received I knew right away that my comment
had gone somewhere off in left field. This person had obviously never
considered the distinction between the two terms. Have you ever considered
this yourself?

I believe that most everyone is familiar with what `religion' is but what
about `spirituality?' I you think about it, you will probably agree that the two
terms mean very different things.

Religion is obviously an `organized' approach to worship; those who
follow any particular `religion' have agreed to follow a given set of rules,
ceremonies, and dogmas associated with that particular religion, the
understanding of `spirituality' notwithstanding. Most everyone is aware that
there are four, perhaps five basic religions prevalent in the world today, with
a myriad of sub-religions springing from these basic postulations.

If you follow any of these `religions,' you are then considered as
`belonging' to that religion. In my case, I have studied and have been
associated with many of them, and I have chosen not to `belong' to any of
them; rather, I have chosen to follow the essence of `why' these `religions'
came into being in the first place, namely spirituality.

In past eras, as well as today, man has committed unbelievable

atrocities in the name of their especial religion(s), without giving thought that
we are ALL, everyone of us, created by the same creative force, by whatever
name or concept you choose.

We are ALL `spiritual' creatures and not one person, church,
community, or nation has the right to impose either their religion or their
shortsighted wisdom upon another. It is a crime, as well as an abomination
before the Creator of us all.

As many man-tribes have come to realize; all `things' are spiritually
based but it is man alone whose `spirit, evolves beyond the so-called
physical plane. Virtually all creation is based upon the `living' Presence of
the ALL ONE Creator. It is spirit that brings PRESENCE of the Great Spirit
that brings forth life, individuality, and the existence of ALL things, animate or
inanimate, seen or unseen.

Becoming aware of one's own spiritual nature, as well as that of all
creation, is to begin to grow and evolve beyond the `physical' or `animal'
creation from which we have sprung. This is in part why we are here, to
develop not only the physical being, but the spiritual as well. The body is little
more than the current vessel in which we are traveling, but `spirit,' the real
you and I, will exist long after this world, with all its `religions' no longer exist.

Spirit Dove





I AM THE I AM THAT BROUGHT YOU OUT OF EGYPT. (The Father, the Great Spirit.)
1. You shall have neither Gods nor Lords but the I AM.
2. You shall not make any image of the I AM out of anything that is in heaven
above, or on the earth beneath, or in the waters.
3. You shall not bow down before idols or images, or anything having the
form of anything in heaven, or on the earth, or in the waters. You shall not
speak My Name in public, for I will not hold him guiltless that gives it to
idolaters and lovers of evil.
4. Remember the sacred days and keep them holy. Six days shall you labor;
but the seventh day is the Sa'abbadha.
5. Honor your father and mother.
6. You shall not kill.
7. You shall not commit adultery.
8. You shall not steal;
9. Nor bear false witness;
10. Nor covet anything that is another's.

Virtually all tribes, races and peoples, from the very first days of humankind upon this world have received these rules and commandments, suited to
their particular development and understanding. What has been given here is
but a sampling of the `better known' proclamations.

It is not the purpose of this writing to uphold any `religion' as being that
given by the Creator. Let those who have eyes see, and those with ears,
listen for themselves.

ALL religions are but stepping-stones leading to spiritual development
and unfoldment. None are absolutely necessary, and none will, in or of itself,
lead you to ultimate spiritual growth. Only you, by your actions, words and
deeds unto others, can bring forth spiritual enlightenment and the fulfillment
of the Father's Commandments.

We are ALL of, by, and sustained by, the Ever Presence of the Great
Creator (by whatever name you choose.)

None can gainsay His Works or the Commandments handed down to
us by His prophets. Each of us, in our quest for spiritual enlightenment, must
decide for ourselves what we choose to believe, and what we choose to
accept into our daily lives.

You will NOT be condemned by WHAT you believe, but rather, by HOW
you live.


Love and respect eternally,
Spirit Dove



The Voice of the Great Spirit can be heard over the oceans, the
mountains, the valleys and over all things upon the earth, its heavens, and
the great beyond, the never-ending universe. Listen to His Wisdom in all
things, and in all places; it has ever been, and it shall ever be. You do not
have to be native to any culture, but you need to live in harmony with all of
Creation, and be content with your own creation, your own, whosoever you
are; listen to the wisdom of our brothers and sisters who lived upon these
lands long before any of the other cultures and races came to subdue it.

Love eternally,
Spirit Dove



You have said it well my friend, the angels have interceded in your lives,
helping you and Chika unto the right road, placing you where you belong.
Like you, I can recite so many, many such instances, I fain from speaking,
other than to laud their works and inspiration. The ones of darkness, we
ignore and speak not of.

From the early 60's I have maintained a journal, entitled; "REFLECTIONS,"
wherein I have kept note of various prayers and, in some instances, their
answers. I have begun to post some of the ones that are not too personal on
both this site as well as the one in the Netherlands.
Rarely are these `notes' dated and, other than Wandering Star, whom I've
only shared a few, I've never shared them with anyone; may I take the liberty
to share a couple here with you?

"Father; Once again Your children have inspired the way, once again I
am reminded how You, through Your Creations, lead and guide us unto the
right way, even in such small ways, everlastingly.

Thank You Father and those who are in harmony with Your Creations
for Your guidance.


"Father, how soon we forget Your Presence! No sooner than have
conditions seemingly gone wrong, than we are cursing and crying out in
despair, forgetting that adversity gives us an opportunity to grow in spirit.

Forgetting too to be thankful for all the gifts that You have bestowed
upon us; even life itself! For all about us are countless souls much less

Once again, O Father, forgive Your son for his shortness! I indeed float
upon a sea of self! One day, if it is Your Will, I shall overcome this world, and
my endless immaturity; perhaps then I shall be worthy of Your Love.

Reach out, through Your sons and daughters, and touch the souls of
men, whom You Created for Your Own Glory.

If you think some of these submissions might help others in some way
let me know and I'll post others.

Love eternally,
Spirit Dove
October 4th, 2008



It is commonly believed that the traditional Thanksgiving we celebrate in
America began with the Colonists in 1621 however, this is only partially
correct. Thanksgiving cannot be traced to any specific event but has evolved
over time to what it is today.

While it is true that the colonists at the Plymouth Plantation did observe
a Harvest Festival with the Wampanoag Indians, this was not the origin of the
practice. The Wampanoag Indians were only one of the many tribes of Native
Americans that traditionally observed the practice of giving thanks for the
seasons harvest; the Pueblo, the Cherokee and the Creek Nations, as well as
others, regularly observed the tradition.

Most likely, the tradition was better established by the British settlers at
the Berkeley Plantation in 1619, led by Captain John Woodief, when thanks
and prayers were given by the Puritans for a healthy arrival from their trek
across the Atlantic; they too had traditionally observed a `harvest celebration'
in their native homeland.

The Harvest Festival was usually celebrated from the end of September,
to early November, and generally lasted for three days, most usually
commencing around September 29th on average. After the Thanksgiving
celebration at Plymouth in 1621, Governor William Bradford proclaimed a day
of Thanksgiving and prayer, assigning it to the last week of November.

It wasn't until President Washington issued a proclamation for a nationwide day of Thanksgiving, on November 26, 1789, that it became a religious

holiday to promote a spirit of common heritage; before this, the tradition was
observed sporadically around the last week of November.

In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln officially appointed the last Thursday of
November for the observance of Thanksgiving, as this correlated to the
anchoring of the Mayflower at Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

In 1939, President Franklin Roosevelt revised the `holiday' to be
observed a week earlier, on the fourth Thursday of November, to encourage
holiday shopping, which was adopted by a joint resolution by Congress in

While it is obviously an important holiday, especially to the early settlers
of this nation, it should, in my humble opinion, be observed every day, not for
just the `things' that we are provided with, but for life itself, and for the
opportunity we all have to become that which we were created to become.

At the least, traditional Thanksgiving should not be observed by gorging
ourselves with carnal food, but rather by prayers and fasting; it should be a
day of reflection and meditation, truly a `spiritual' day.

So many of our `holidays,' religious and otherwise, seem to have
evolved into mere `shopping' days, this is too bad for, in most instances,
these `holidays' have lost their true meaning and import. We are truly a nation
of `money-getters;' Jesus had a few unflattering things to say about that

If you will, please take a moment of your time to reflect upon the
following `prayer' of Thanksgiving that was given a few years ago, it is good
for anytime during the year. It is especially needed now that so many of our

brothers and sisters are confronted with war and pestilence. They need all of
our prayers, more than ever before.

Love eternally,
Wandering Star & Spirit Dove



It is commonly believed that the traditional thanksgiving we celebrate in
america began with the colonists in 1621 however, this is only partially correct.
Thanksgiving cannot be traced to any specific event but has evolved over
time to what it is today.

While it is true that the colonists at the plymouth plantation did
observe a harvest festival with the wampanoag indians, this was not the
origin of the practice. The wampanoag indians were only one of the many
tribes of native americans that traditionally observed the practice of giving
thanks for the seasons harvest; the pueblo , the cherokee and the creek
nations, as well as others, regularly observed the tradition.

Most likely, the tradition was better established by the british settlers
at the berkeley plantation in 1619, led by captain john woodief, when thanks
and prayers were given by the puritans for a healthy arrival from their trek
across the atlantic; they too had traditionally observed a `harvest celebration'
in their native homeland.

The harvest festival was usually celebrated from the end of september,
to early november, and generally lasted for three days, most usually
commencing around september 29th on average. After the thanksgiving
celebration at plymouth in 1621, governor william bradford proclaimed a day
of thanksgiving and prayer, assigning it to the last week of november.

It wasn't until president washington issued a proclamation for a
nation-wide day of thanksgiving, on november 26, 1789, that it became a

religious holiday to promote a spirit of common heritage; before this, the
tradition was observed sporadically around the last week of november.

In 1863, president abraham lincoln officially appointed the last
thursday of november for the observance of thanksgiving, as this correlated
to the anchoring of the mayflower at cape cod , massachusetts .

In 1939, president franklin roosevelt revised the `holiday' to be
observed a week earlier, on the fourth thursday of november, to encourage
holiday shopping, which was adopted by a joint resolution by congress in

While it is obviously an important holiday, especially to the early
settlers of this nation, it should, in my humble opinion, be observed everyday,
not for just the `things' that we are provided with, but for life itself, and for the
opportunity we all have to become that which we were created to become.

At the least, traditional thanksgiving should not be observed by
gorging ourselves with carnal food, but rather by prayers and fasting; it should
be a day of reflection and meditation, truly a `spiritual' day.

So many of our `holidays,' religious and otherwise, seem to have
evolved into mere `shopping' days, this is too bad for, in most instances,
these `holidays' have lost their true meaning and import. We are truly a nation
of `money-getters;' jesus had a few unflattering things to say about that

If You Will, Please Take A Moment Of Your Time To Reflect Upon The
Following `Prayer' Of Thanksgiving That Was Given A Few Years Ago, It Is
Good For Anytime During The Year. It Is Especially Needed Now That So

Many Of Our Brothers And Sisters Are Confronted With War And Pestilence.
They Need All Of Our Prayers, More Than Ever Before.

Love Eternally,
Wandering Star & Spirit Dove
November 23rd, 2008



Dear Creator,

Today we commemorate another mortal `Thanksgiving,' with all the
strife and spiritual darkness that abounds in this era.

It is difficult at times to be positive and happy with all the trials and
tribulations going forth this day; that is until we realize that all is within Your
keeping. All things will, in time, prove to serve an ultimate good.
We entreat You to protect and guide Your children who are in harm’s
way, comfort them that are in distress, and protect those who are the
innocent victims of man’s folly.

Beyond comprehension is Your Presence. Forgive us for our lapse of
faith in You and in ourselves as well. Your Will and Your Light shall prevail
now, and forever.

Thank You Father for all of Your gifts and blessings.

Bless those who serve You.

Spirit Dove
November 23rd, 2008



Once again, my fellow travelers, we approach the end of another `solar
year' upon the corporeal earth. We are about to celebrate the Old, as well as
the New Year’s days.

For those of you who are not familiar with these days let me give you a
brief description. As the earth plies about its roadway, chasing after the sun, it
approaches and recedes away from the sun, causing the duration of our
period of light to lengthen and shorten in relationship to its travel. In other
words, our days grow shorter in the winter and longer in the summer months.

In this hemisphere the shortest days generally occur around December
20th and December 21st, varying slightly from time to time.
At the time of the shortest days (the Winter Equinox) the earth appears to end
its furthest travel from the sun and appears to begin its return toward the sun.
These two days are essentially the same length in measured time and, from
then the days begin to lengthen, until we reach the longest days (the Summer

The shortest day is called the Old Years Day, and it is a time of
reflection upon the things that have transpired during the preceding year; a
time to ask those whom you've wronged for forgiveness, exchanging gifts of
no intrinsic value, with singing, and prayers.

With the setting of the sun on that day, you shall be purged of all
animosity and claims against every man, woman and child in the entire world.


And with the New Year’s Day, you shall rejoice and sing and dance;
mingling together old and young, even as the old year and the new year are
joined together, side by side.

As with the Old Year you reflect upon the things that transpired, so then,
shall you look unto the New Year as a blessing and a time to better yourself
and your relationships with your Creator and your fellow travelers.
These, then, are the most sacred and holy days of the year and begins the
cycle of Sabbath days which occur every seventh day thereafter.

It has been shown that it well for man to labor for six days but on the
seventh, the Sabbath, mankind should rest and partake of spiritual
communion and praise unto the Creator and His Creations, with singing and

This also places the inhabitants of earth in concert with the time and
seasons within the `bound' heavens of the earth.

The Creator has said: That mortals and angels may live and labor in
concert, behold, I have given certain days whereby large congregations on
earth may be met by My organic heavens, in reunion, mortals and angels, for
the happiness of both, and for the glory of My works.

Now, behold also, as by My Presence I inspire you, when you labor with
Me, and you are doing righteously, and with purity and love, so also is it with
you, in regard to My angels.

When you make and keep your corporeal (physical) body pure and
clean, My angels, who are pure and clean, come to you to aid you, and to
enlighten you.

And when you put away all unclean thoughts and all selfish desires,
and seek to obtain wisdom, and to learn how best you can help your fellowman, behold, My angels of light and wisdom come to you, and, by virtue of
their presence, which you see not, they inspire your soul in the light of your

Man has said: I will not be a seer, nor a prophet, nor a su'is, nor sar'gis;
verily, I will not have angels with me to teach me, or to give me any light or
knowledge under the sun.

Whatever I can attain, it shall be my own. Wiser is it for me to attain to
know, and to do things of myself, than have angels come and give to me, or
manifest through me.

Verily, I will not be used, by man or angels, for it would be prostituting
my flesh and my spirit to others.

Behold, my body was given to me for my own use and profit, to
establish and develop my own soul unto eternal happiness in individuality.
Alike unto all people is My Presence. I AM unto the just and the unjust; I AM
everywhere, both in darkness and in light.

Because you are in darkness, you discern me not. Because you are
imperfect in flesh and spirit, you deny Me. Because you are confounded with
inharmony, you believe not in Me.

He (or she) who has not an ear for music discovers not a tune; even as
he (or she) that is discordant denies My Person.

To the pure there is no selfishness, neither for earthly things, nor for their own
flesh and spirit.

A pure man (or woman) is as a clear glass; he (or she) can see out of
themselves, and, so, perceive My angels and Me.

Through the pure man (or woman), pure angels can see mortality as
well as spirituality. Their presence inspires men and women to understand all

As much as a man (or woman) that is not a seer, or a su'is, or a sar'gis
are the angels, as is with those that are seers, or su'is, or sar'gis.
Because you see not, nor hear angels, only proves your darkness, but proves
not the absence of angels.

To the dark, come the dark; with the dark, abide the dark, both, angels
and mortals.

More is the man of darkness ruled by angels than is the man of light.
Behold, I created you not to fill any place in all the world for your own self's

Neither gave I your flesh nor your spirit to be yours only.
These, also, shall you relinquish, saying: To You, O Creator, I give all; my
flesh, my spirit, my mind, and all my service, to be Yours forever. (You are
sufficient unto all Your Creations.)

You shall say: Appropriate me, soul and body, in whatsoever way You
can, that I may do the most good unto others, mortals and angels.
Until you attain to this, you shall not hear My Voice, nor see My Hand.

As I gave away Myself, and thus created all things, so shall you follow
in My footsteps, in order to become one with Me.

Herein lays the secret of wisdom, truth, love and power, time without

Penned from "Book of Inspiration"
By Spirit Dove
December 21st, 20089



It is rare for me to speak of myself but in this case, I am inspired to
speak out since cancer is so rampant, affecting so many people, in so many
ways. Perhaps my thoughts and observations can be of some help.

Cancer can, and does strike indiscriminately. You do not necessarily
have to be in ill health to become a victim. It seems to me from my research
that it has more to do with diet than anything else.

Cancer seems to be more prevalent in societies that have an
abundance of processed food, with little exposure to `natural' sources of
vitamins and minerals. The human body is an amazing organism and is
capable of defending itself from almost all invasions, so long as it is provided
with the necessary tools, in this case vitamins and minerals.

So much of what we purchase today has been messed with (mostly for
financial gain in one form or another) from the time it is a seedling to the time
it is offered to the public for consumption. Rarely are we allowed to receive
`natural' food, and if it IS offered, the price is ridiculously inflated.

Before I proceed with any further comments, I feel impelled to submit a
disclaimer in order to protect myself; I am not a medical doctor nor do I
present this submission in order to advise anyone what they should or should
not do concerning the subject matter. I am, however, qualified from the
standpoint that I have (and am) experiencing cancer first hand and I have
come to some basic conclusions, which are mine and mine alone.

There is no `quick fix' for cancer, it is an insidious, destructive force,
and it is present in all forms of life if the organism cannot stave it off by its

own defenses. That is why it is imperative that everyone make sure that they
are receiving all that the body requires; this is not so easy in societies that will
not provide it through their monetary exchanges, opting monetary gain over
the welfare of its people.

There are so many ails in the world today that I doubt that anything I
say will have much, if any, impact upon the subject BUT, if YOU, as an
individual, will take the time to consider my words and take YOUR life and
health into your own hands, you CAN (in my opinion) not only stop but
reverse cancer.

Make it a point to locate sources of `natural' foods, even if it means
growing your own on a small scale, or perhaps forming group gardens to
share the expense, work, and benefits of a more healthful diet.
Look into the body’s needs, I'm not a physician, nor am I a dietician but
I KNOW, beyond any doubt that the basic requisite for a healthy body it to
provide it with its needs, which includes exercise, pure water, and a good

While you are looking into this, it might be well that you look into the
natural sources of the so-called vitamin B-17, or laetrile as is sometimes
called. I do not necessarily advocate its use but it DOES seem to hold great
merit in the prevention and irradiation of cancer. I would have used it myself
had I realized early on that my colon was infected but there just simply was
not enough time to reverse the cancers growth. I was left no other option than
to proceed with the so-called medical professionals approach to its removal. I
would never wish upon anyone what I have had to endure because of this

Having said all this, I hope it will be of some value to you; it is never too
late to begin to take care of yourself and (in my opinion) sidestep cancers
hold. ALL things can be changed or altered given the tools to do so. Give
yourself a fighting chance NOW, before cancer finds a foothold within your

Since this is a `spiritual' site, I would be remiss if I didn't put in my two
cents regarding the spiritual aspects upon the subject; all things are spiritual
as a point in fact, nothing is strictly material.

All of my life I have heard people saying such things as: "Why did this
happen to me? What have I done to deserve this?" or such things as "If it is
Gods Will such and such" or "An act of God!" or perhaps, "I am blessed (or
cursed, as the case may be)." What utter nonsense these concepts are!
Neither the Creator, God, the Lords, nor the angels serving them have
anything whatsoever to do with the matter. As it has been said: "Rain falls
upon both the just and the unjust." This is a wise and insightful statement!
Neither our Father nor those that serve Him, have any desire to intervene in
the lives of mortals. It is up to us to avoid the pitfalls of both our corporeal as
well as our spiritual existence; that is part of our responsibility.

While the foregoing statement is true, there are always exceptions. In
very rare cases, angels have been commissioned from the `Godhead' to
assist mortals on an individual level but it's extremely rare and it's never for
self-sake nor for individual aggrandizement and they never make their
presence known to the mortal subject. The angels of the Godhead nearly
always come in groups, serving groups. This is a prime rule of heaven that
must be followed. If you hear someone say that God did this or that, they are
usually mistaken.

Generally speaking, few people understand that we are immersed in a
sea of souls; souls (spirits or angels, either term applies) that have been born
out of corporality and haven't sufficiently developed to inhabit places external
to the earth-plane and therefore remain, to the most part, within our proximity.

It is these `bound' spirits that we deal with from the day of our corporeal
birth to the day of our spiritual birth. These spirits inspire and direct us in our
every action throughout our corporal lives. It is to these spirits that we need
attribute our prayers as having being answered for it is they who cause the
unseen to become manifest; it is they that are attracted to those of us who
hold things in common with them, whatsoever that may be. In this case, like
DOES attract like.

If you will think about it for a moment, you will realize that the vast
majority of spirits being born into the realm of spirit (corporeal death) in this
era do not rise above the earth plane and that is chiefly why there is so much
confusion upon earth. It is caused by their diverse and often times confused
state of existence.

If you consider the kinds of people who presently reside with us, they
range from all aspects; from highly intelligent to unbelievably stupid, from
God-fearing to downright evil. You will realize too that these self same kinds
of people are those who surround us in spirit. Just the act of dying does not
alter ones personality or demeanor one iota.

All things come to us from without; we, in our current condition, are
impotent and without effect, whereas the spirits that surround us are potent
and have considerable power over our environment.


The only true salvation that we, who are yet confined to our corporeal
stature possess, is the ability to decide and choose what inspiration and/or
information we wish to accept from the multitude that comes to us every
moment of our lives. We have freedom of choice!

We have the power to choose virtually every aspect of our lives and are,
therefore responsible for whatsoever we make of ourselves. You have the
choice of where you live, what you eat, what you wear, the company you
keep, the kind of person you wish to personify and even what and how you
wish to worship and the list goes on and on. The Father has given you
complete freedom in all these things and you are therefore accountable for
what you make of yourself.

While it is true that neither the Creator, His God, the Lords nor the
angels that serve them will ever inspire us into darkness and strife, it IS very
possible that the bound spirits CAN, and often DO cause strife and havoc
among mortals but know too that they shall pay dearly for their deeds in time
to come. Nothing in heaven or upon earth goes unrewarded or unpunished in
the aggregate. Remember this too in your own life and dealings.

Have I personally been invaded by disenchanted spirits? Who knows,
perhaps, but I doubt it. I would rather choose to believe that my problems
stem from poor choices and bad judgment by not providing my temple with
the right materials to ward off my cancer. Because of my staunch belief in the
Great Spirit, it could be that there are those who would do me ill. I pray for
their sake that it is not so, even though I have already forgiven them.

I guess it really doesn't matter so long as I (and those who are inflicted
by these lowly spirits) maintain a strong faith in the Ever Present Creator and
those who serve Him. He is, and always shall be our sure foundation through

all things, both on earth and within the limitless expanses of the heavens that
lie before us. Never blame or condemn the Hands that Created you and those
who only offer love and peace throughout their tenure of servitude unto the

Love eternally,
Spirit Dove & Wandering Star



Others, much wiser than me, have said that life is but a journey, a
journey that shall ultimately carry us beyond the confines of this small world,
beyond our starry universe, and even beyond the realms that only the
highest angels have traversed. The Great Spirit, the Creator that resides
within my soul, has shown me that this is so. It is through Him that all
knowledge and all things are possible, worlds without end.

Many of the Father's children trudge through their lives as though a
great weight is cast upon them; it is as though they are traveling along a
pathway that is steep and arduous. If only they could be made to realize that
they can find joy and happiness in their lives, they do not have to live in
despair. Our Father wants only good things for His children.

Certainly, it is difficult not to worry and fret over the conditions that we
live with today, with wars, pestilences, and calamities at every quarter. The
conditions that prevail upon earth are of man's own making. As man has
created the conditions that exist upon the earth, man can change the
conditions of the world by how he lives! God knows our plight and is mindful
of our needs; He ever comes forth unto those who will listen. We must never
place the blame for the woes of the earth upon our Creator, His God or the
angels that attend them.

We cannot find spiritual peace or happiness by seeking those
Excellences within the fabric of our corporeal (physical) existence. Many
seek happiness by affiliating with their family or friends or with the members
of their churches or other organizations, while these afford some

appeasement yet they lack fulfillment. Others seek happiness by traveling to
most exotic places the world over but they too discover that those places do
not fulfill their desires.

There are untold worldly trinkets to placate and appease the desires of
man but none of these shall ever bring the peace or harmony for which he
seeks. In time these `things' shall fade away as surely as the last rays of
sunlight flitter through the forest before sunset. They are effervescent and
shall soon fade from existence.

So where do we find this sense of peace, fulfillment and happiness if it
cannot be found in people, places or things? Where do we seek to find God
if not within our family or our churches or in our myriad of organizations?

Our Creator, that has brought us forth into existence, is Ever Present,
residing within all of His Creations. This concept is very difficult, neigh
impossible for corporeal man to comprehend in its entirety. That is partly
why we have found it necessary to fabricate our various idolatries, that we
might envision Him on a `physical' level. In truth, we shall never see the
Father as we see our fellow man!

We are (each of us) a part of, and an expression of the Great Spirit,
the Ever Present. We owe our corporeal selves to His corporeal Self and our
spiritual selves (which is LIFE and motion) to His Immortal Self.

Our corporeal selves shall remain with the corporeal earth when our
time on earth comes to an end, whereas our eternal and immortal self, being
a part of the Eternal and Immortal Creator, shall live on into eternity.
Native peoples the world over have understood this concept much more

than today's so-called modern man for they resided in a closer relationship
with the Ever Present in their daily lives. They acknowledged their existence
within the scheme of things. They worshipped the Almighty in how they
conducted their lives.

Man today has lost that closeness and has forgotten his Creator; he is
caught up in the contrivances and entrapments of the so-called modern
world. It has been said, "Man shall be confounded by his own contrivances,"
and it is so!

Man has entered the age of spiritual enlightenment. Man is now
capable of comprehensive judgment and is therefore, no longer bound by
the decrees and religious dogmas set forth by his forefathers. No longer
shall he bow down to any god, lord, church, or idol save the Great Spirit, his

Peace, harmony, love, and happiness cannot be found by any
corporeal standard or measurement. These Excellences come only from
spirit and by living a spiritual life. Man must put away the things of the earth
and cleave unto his Father, seeking His Light and guidance in all things.
When man does this, the angels that are by his side shall enlighten him and
show him the way unto eternal peace, harmony, and growth, when
humankind does this, the world shall once again become a place of
happiness rather than contention. War shall be no more upon the earth.

Live in peace and love one another, the world is wide enough and
bountiful enough to sustain all of its peoples. The earth belongs to no one
but to everyone. We are all the Father's children.


Love eternally,
Spirit Dove


MAY 3rd, 2009

Good morning my dear friends,

(Please forgive my writing, using the first person but I don't know of a better
way in this case.)

We have had a lovely spring shower, the lushness of our surroundings
seem especially refreshed and invigorated as throngs of birds are singing
their praises unto one another and unto the Great Spirit. All about us `nature'
exudes a sense of harmony and happiness, how could anyone deny the
Presence of our wonderful Creator with such beauty all about us?

During these past several months, while dealing with cancer and its
after effects, I have been blessed with an opportunity to reflect upon life, and
the many aspects related to my views and priorities regarding it.
I wish to take this opportunity to thank the many of you who have accepted
and lauded my views, and to apologize to those of you whom I have offended
by them. My intentions have never been to cause pain or anguish by my

It has been my privilege during these trials to readdress my heritage, or
at least my base understanding of it; I have come full circle in many of my
concepts of self and the world in which I live.

Even though my personal views may not have changed much, my
approach as to how I extol them to my readers most certainly has. It is not my
place to condemn or criticize others approach to life, how they worship, or, for
that matter, whom they worship, that is a personal matter between
themselves and their Creator. I have been guilty of over stepping my bounds

when it comes to imposing my opinions, for this I sincerely apologize and beg
for your forgiveness.

When I was very young, I wrote an article that related to the spokes of a
wheel, where the various spokes that emanated from its hub (the earth)
represented the various religions of men and their ascension to the heavens.

Recently however, I read a quote from a Native American concerning
the same wheel and its spokes; in this case, unlike mine, it related to the
races of men living upon the peripheral of the wheel, with the various spokes
representing men's different religious approaches, all of which would
eventually arrive at the same juncture (the heavens). I like this version much
better, even though the analogy is somewhat different.

There is no one way, nor one right way to approach eternal life. We are
all finding our own path by the life that we live. No one has the right or the
responsibility to tell another what to believe or how to approach eternal life.

I have found that as we progress along life's pathway that our
perception and our concepts of reality changes with time and experience.
What we believe at one point along our journey will not necessarily be what
we believe later on.

As there are no two worlds exactly alike neither are there any two
people exactly alike in their perception or understanding and, therefore, there
is not just one-way unto salvation but there are as many ways as there are


Thank you my friends for bearing with me all these many years, I have
enjoyed expounding upon the gems of spiritual truth that have come my way
but I do apologize for my lack of consideration in doing so.

It is my hope to continue to write but in the future, it is my intention to
dwell more upon praise unto our Creator and to extol the unlimited beauty
and virtues of His existence within His Works.

I will always enjoy hearing from any of you who wish to communicate
but I suggest that you place the word "Creator" in the subject matter of your
correspondence, as I may not open it otherwise. Unfortunately, there are just
too many underdeveloped spirits upon the earth in this era, and we must be
careful what we allow into our computer as well as into our lives.

Love eternally,
Spirit Dove (llastop2@...)
& Wandering Star, my devoted and lovely wife
May 3rd, 2009




Man comes forth upon the corporeal earth, conceited, boasting of his
superiority over all of My other Creations. In his nearsightedness and with his
little understanding of himself, or the world in which he shares, he boasts of
his dominion over all that I have made.

Unto all of My Creations, I have bestowed perfection, save for man,
whom I have created a blank, devoid of understanding and of wisdom. Man
alone must develop his own entity, his own whatsoever he shall become. All
things, seen and unseen, shall write upon his soul, therefore man alone,
unlike any other of My Creations, is responsible for himself in all particulars
for he has the freedom of choice.

Through My Presence, through My direct inspiration, I inspire the spider
to weave its net, the bird to build its nest to perfection, the ant to gather in its
stores and the honeybee to live in its queendom in harmony. All My Creations,
save man, follow My Inspiration upon them and they err not.

The Lord said: "All the instinct that is in the bird, or beast, or fish, or
insect, or creeping thing, was created with them, but man was created blank;
and yet man shall attain to more subtle senses than any other living

Man inquired: "How shall man attain to these?" The Lord answered:
"Serve thy Creator by doing good unto others with all thy wisdom and

strength, and by being true to thine own highest light, and all knowledge shall
come to thee."

So the Lord left man for a season to himself; and man so loved the
earth and whatsoever ministered unto his ease, and to his flesh desires, that
he fell from his high estate. And great darkness came upon the earth. And
man cast aside his clothes, and went naked, and became carnal in his

Behold, O man, I have lain before you examples sufficient within My
Creations that you may learn and grow in wisdom... Heed My Presence within
My Works.

Behold the honeybee; "I am a worker. In a community, I live with my
brothers and sisters. I shut my eyes to things sour and bitter, and store my
house with sweet provender only. Soul of man, hear me! I am the Voice of
your Creator. Behold the harmony of my house, and the provision I make for
my newborn!"

Behold the ant, O man. "I am a worker. In a community, I live with my
brothers and sisters. Soul of man, hear me. I am the Voice of your Creator.
Behold the industry of my house, and the burdens we bear jointly into our

And of the spider, he speaks unto man; "Behold me, O man! I am one
with your Creator. By the spirit of things, I move; by the geometrical figures of
the unseen worlds, I build my house. Think not that I reason or take lessons
from other spiders; I take no lessons; I move by the spirit within me, and it
moves in concert with the spirit of things without. Hear me, spirit of man!
There are two ways to knowledge before you; one is by the soul of things,

and one is by reason only." Listen unto the Voice of the Almighty within all of
His Works, yourself included."

"As there was a time when I created every animal perfect in its order; so
also shall such a time come unto man, and now is the dawn thereof."
"As the spider leans to build her net without books and the bees to dwell in
queendom, in peace and industry, without books and written laws and
instructions as how to do this and that, even so, now is a new birth to the
generations of My people."

"By My direct inspiration upon them shall they learn to do all things
perfect, in the order of man for which I created him."

"Man shall know how to do things easily, and without the long labor of
books, and without showing, or examples."

"As of old, I commanded you to have dominion over every living thing I
created; so, now, I command you to take the earth and the waters of the earth
and the air above the earth into your dominion also."

"And you shall rule over them; to drive away the heat, and bring the
cold; to drive away the cold, and bring the heat, as you will, for the benefit of
all the living."

"To accomplish which, you shall now, first of all, adapt yourself to your
Creator, according to My highest light upon you":

"To put away your own in-harmony in your blood and flesh, and in your
soul. Opening the way for My Inspiration to come directly to you, that you may
be one with Me."

The ways and means to accomplish "putting away in-harmony in our
blood, flesh and soul" will be the subject of future 'excerpts' and will continue
in as many PARTS as are necessary to broach the subject.

Please look forward to PART TWO.

Spirit Dove
Hoyona, Yolda!
May 13, 2009

EDITOR’S NOTE: It is quite possible that Spirit Dove has written Part Two,
but if so, I have not yet seen it. If he has not yet on earth, Brice most
certainly has in the higher heavens, and we all look forward to its simple yet
profound wisdom, honesty, love and light. As far as I can tell, this was his last
spiritual message before passing onward into the next world. I wish the
greatest love and light to him, my good friend and look forward to meeting
him in person for the first time in the heavens above. (Robert Bayer)

… Never The End …


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