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DMC’s Contribution to Cruise Community Joint Venture

1. Build cost (what we have built so far and what we need to do to get
to Beta)

Cost to date - Nov 07 to May 08 (pre


Utilisati Mont Rate Cost

Resource on hs (£000s) (£000s)
1 6
CTO 90% 7 0.000 3.000
1 1
MD 15% 7 0.000 0.500
CSS/HTML 100% 4 2.580 0.320
Web 1
Developers 100% 4 2.580 0.320
Project 1
Manager 100% 4 2.580 0.320
Total 4.460

Additional cost to beta - June to July 08

(including cruise deals)

Utilisati Mont Rate Cost

Resource on hs (£000s) (£000s)
1 2
CTO 100% 2 0.000 0.000
MD 30% 2 0.000 6.000

CSS/HTML 100% 2 2.580 5.160

Developers 100% 2 2.580 5.160
Manager 100% 2 2.580 5.160
design 100% 1.5 6.000 9.000
Total 0.480

Assumptions - outsource rate = US$30 per hour, director's package at

DMC = £120k pa
- there is no allowance for any DMC Digital fixed costs
in this schedule
2. Commercial Agreements

We have a contract with a UK based travel technology company who run the
websites of about 45 travel agents. Of those 45 travel agents x have a live cruise
product and are viable advertising partners for our cruise deals product. We will
sign advertising agreements with the majority of these agents and receive 1
consolidated feed of deal data which is tied to our database of ships (because
the ship data comes from the same travel technology company). Therefore we
will be able to promote deals contextually on all our ship pages as well as having
a date based availability search on site.

3. Commercial Model Suitable For US Based Deals

We are building a deals engine that is capable of accepting feeds of data from a
variety of sources, including deals from US based agents to populate a date
based search (see and the contextual deals on the cruise ship pages.
These features will be exact replicas of the UK product but displayed to
consumers from the US.

4. Structured Cruise Ship Data

We have a feed of structured data on each of our c350 cruise ships that covers
the following:

• Ship description (which we are manually rewriting for SEO uniqueness)

• Facilities list (which we will be manually checking and bulking up where
• Photos
• Deck plans
• Cabin type descriptions
• Itineraries (date based cruise information including all port stops)

The cost of this data and the deals feed is £1k per month

5. Management Team

We’re bringing the following skills:

• Technology – experienced CTO and software development team

• Commerce – UK based sales team led by Commercial Director with 5 years
experience in monetising online travel traffic
• PPC/SEO Marketing – 5 years experience of running profitable PPC
campaigns with monthly budgets of up to £120k, 3 years experience of on
page and off page SEO with some recent signficant success, plus
relationship with a very successful UK based link building company