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A BYTE OF LIFE Monday, January 12, 2009

Abhay Deol plays SHARAPOVA
the urban version to miss Australian Open

The Vijay-starrer
releases today.
Director Prabhu
Deva speaks
while scouting
for the film’s
War and Peace
The above drawing and photograph is
» PAGE 11 one of the exhibits on display at The
Madras Terrace House. Children of Sri
Lankan refugees have penned and
drawn many such works that give a
glimpse of their troubled childhood,
torn between crisis and conflict.
» PAGE 03
02 NAMMA CHENNAI ERGO Monday, January 12, 2009


I t was a fiesta of the four-legged kind at the University Union Grounds in Chetpet as the 88th
and 89th dog show hosted by the Madras Canine Club unfolded on Saturday and Sunday.
Canines from around the country and even overseas made the two days a memorable moment
among dog lovers.
On the first day of the event, over 40 breeds enthralled the spectators at the show in the
‘Obedience’ round that featured canines from pugs to Pomeranians to German Shepherds and
Vengeance using vigilance Labradors. An All Breed Championship and Speciality Show adorned Day Two of the event. Kick-
A clerk stationed at the office of the City started at 11 in the morning, the day witnessed a total of 465 dogs, including 48 breeds,
Police Commissioner was recently arrested registered for the clash for the best breed of the event. ■
by the Vigilance and Anti- Corruption squad Ergo Correspondent
for accepting bribe from a retired police
inspector. Reliable sources reveal that the PHOTOS: R. RAVINDRAN
accused had deliberately detained the
pension papers of the inspector and,
therefore, the latter had trapped him.

Back to old days

Some khakis had fallen out from key posts
following the famous split involving the
state’s first family. Now that the differences
have been sorted out, the officers are
awaiting a big comeback. One such loyal
officer is eyeing a vacant top post in the
city and is expected to move his ‘petition’
soon to the resurrected politician.

Sea-sick cops
Cops attached to the floating police station
in Royapuram are facing a tough task as
many suffer from severe sea sickness. The
thought of going on rounds is sending a
chill down the spines of most khakis in the
team as they claim to be suffering from
perpetual ill-health. Moreover, their seniors
don’t pay heed to any problems, they
Monday, January 12, 2009
A prayer for peace
Violent conflicts continue in war-torn Sri Lanka, and its
impact is far-reaching, as this exhibition of drawings
showcased by refugee children portrays
LIFFY THOMAS has sketched a picture of a doc-
tor lending a sis- Some
When peace came to our Tamil ter Rs. 1,000. “I of the
homeland, there was happiness. want to become a drawings
Many coloured flags waved, peo- doctor and do- that talk
ple came out in large numbers, nate money to or-
the Yarl Devi train started run- phans who are
ning again from Jaffna to Colom- separated by anxiety,
bo. war,” reads his fear and
Our homes changed, our hopes message. memories
were high. We, who had lived as Each of these that will be
refugees, returned to our native poems and art
village. But when we thought we works are well
etched for
could have peace of mind, came supported with a ever. (Far
news of war and fear. vivid photograph left) A
Oh! When will there be peace in cident that affected them’ and of the child, taken by photogra- photograph by
peace in our country? ‘Peace’ to explain what the con- pher R. Sunder. R. Sunder
Vijayakumar, Nagavathi Anai flict-ridden region has done to Besides, there are a good num-
Refugee Camp them. ber of images at various refugee

hese are poignant words In the exhibition titled ‘Sun- camps captured by R. Sunder put
penned in Tamil by the shine in a tear drop’, each of the up for sale. The photographs are
teenager staying in one of short-listed drawings on display priced at Rs. 4,800 each. Proceeds
the 117 refugee camps set at Madras Terrace House has a from the sale will go to Organisa-
up for them in Tamil Nadu, sup- heart-breaking story to tell – trou- tion for Eelam Refugee Rehabil-
ported by an equally moving bled minds, memories and aspi- itation (OfERR), the NGO
sketch drawn by him showing the rations of childhood. organising the exhibition.
strife in his war-torn homeland. Like, K. Koneswaran has drawn ‘Sunshine in a tear drop’ will be
Around 500 Sri Lankan refugee a prison, which he describes as on display till January 18 at The
children have used their artistic the place where his people are Madras Terrace House, 15, Sri
expression to express ‘Their being caged and tortured. N. Puram, 2nd Street, Royapettah. Ph:
dreams’, ‘Their life so far’, ‘An in- Sayandhan, on the other hand, 4503 8391. ■
04 KALEIDOSCOPE ERGO Monday, January 12, 2009

Ask your query

Q: I visited the United Kingdom on a project
for my company. I saved some money from
my daily allowance. Will I have to pay income
tax when I get this money to India?
as tax saving tool –
Kadhirvel – TCS, Chennai
Answer: Kadhir, allowances will not be taxed
if you actually spend them and show proof of
expenditure by showing bills. If you get it back
in the form of physical cash it will be added to

myth or reality?
your income and taxed.
Q: I have been investing in four SIPs for the
past 2.5 years. Seeing the sensex falling so
drastically I realise I have lost quite a lot of
money, should I stop investing now?

et’s look at housing loan as a for the lender.
Saranya – CTS, Coimbatore tax-saving tool. The tax benefits
Answer: Saranya, it is better you hold on the come in two ways: The principal What If I Don’t Take a Housing
funds and let them recover unless you need component of the repayment Loan?
cash urgently. Also, the good thing is that you will give benefits under Section 80C If you don’t take a housing loan,
have used the SIP route and would benefit by (See Finergo dated 5 Jan 5 2009); and you will pay an additional income
continuing now. If you stop now then you will the interest component under Sec- tax to a maximum of Rs.50, 985 (even
loose the opportunity you get by rupee cost tion 24 up to an amount of Rs. 1.5 if you are in the highest tax bracket
averaging. lakh. Salary higher than Rs. 10 lakhs per
The major benefit thus comes year). Others will pay much lesser

Mini Quiz from the interest component. Since

taxable income reduces to an extent
Even in the highest bracket, by not
of Rs. 1.5 lakhs, there is a huge re- taking a housing loan, you have a
The first person to send in gets a free executive duction in income tax too.So is surplus of close to Rs. One lakh at
diary housing loan a wealth creator or de- your disposal for additional invest-
Q1: FMP is the acronym for stroyer? Finerva believes that a hous- ment. Remember investments come
Flexible monthly payments ing loan is a drain on your wealth; back to you after growing. That’s
Fixed maturity plan here’s how. shift to another city. wealth creation.
First monthly payment
Floating monthly payment HRA becomes taxable Interest Outflow does not come Summary
Q2: EPS used in stock market is the acronym The minute you take a housing back Though housing loan is used by
for loan for tax benefits, the HRA com- The benefits from all the compo- most salaried people to save tax -
Equated Payment scheme ponent becomes fully taxable. This nents in Section 80C (except the which it doesn’t - it is negative on
Equally Priced Shares amount gets added to your income. children’s education fees) come wealth creation. This is because of
Earnings Per Share The irony is that as time goes on, back to us as they are investments – the structure of Section 24 of the In-
Exempted Proprietary Shares your interest component keeps com- including the housing loan principal. come Tax Act which gives the benefit
Send your answers to or SMS ing down but your HRA keeps in- But interest on the housing loan is from a housing loan form the inter-
your answers to 92813 98889. For example if you creasing with your salary. You an expense. It goes out, never to est component only. Interest being
choose A as the answer to question 1 and B as cannot claim your HRA unless you come back to us. In fact it is income an expense does not add to wealth. ■
the answer to question 2 type it as 1A2B and
send it.

Word in Word
Find out all seven-letter words that can be de-
rived using only the letters of the following
1. Diversified
2. Investment
3. Portfolio
4. Financial
5. Insurance
Answers on Page 7
Monday, January 12, 2009
Websites of the day Alert
Need a good rant? Visit this site and get it Dr. Simon Goon, head of business investments, and Ben Fisher, investment and aftercare
off your chest. specialist, will be part of the panel discussion organised by TiE, Chennai on ‘Investment
Type something to see what it looks Opportunities in the North East of England’. The sectors in focus include healthcare, life
backwards sciences, biotech, digital media, animation, renewable and wind energy. It will be held today
writebackwards/index.html at Walajah Hall, Taj Connemera at 7 p.m.

Syncing business with passion

By nurturing
tribal, folk
and native
music, this
duo has
taken their
label places

here is always a profound
fascination for treading off
the trodden path into an-
other that is less travelled.
Though, very few take the latter.
EarthSync is one such venture
and adventure. An international
music label that nurtures tribal,
folk and native music, it is a one-
of-a-kind business started by the
charismatic Sonya Mazumdar
and Yotam Agam in 2005.
Sonya Mazumdar grew up with
parents who were avid music lov-
ers and this exposed her to world In a minute
music at a very early age. The
seeds for what would be a pas-
Company: EarthSync
sion later were sowed deeply Started: 2005

then. She went on to become a

project manager and later decid- Founders: Sonya Mazumdar and
ed to start her very first business Yotam Agam
venture, EarthSync. Funding: Self
“It was pursuing a certain pas-
sion,” exclaims the Management Website:
graduate who worked with ship-
ping and oil companies before On the record: Sonya Mazumdar and Yotam Agam
turning entrepreneur, adding,
“We started EarthSync with ‘Laya
Project’ immediately after the
tsunami struck in 2004. It was a
big success, after which we offi- bring in fresh music and feel to units. This boost washed away ity, beautiful and sensitive brand ture of highest quality production
cially began the music label.” our albums. We need to identify any persisting doubts from So- and our products define it,” So- and artistic direction. Earthsync
different art forms and see where nya’s mind and she decided to nya explains. is lining up four world music al-
And the music flowed to get them from. It was challeng- dive into more such projects. bums for release in 2009. It has
EarthSync, headquartered in ing and still is. I guess that’s why “I don’t come from the music Going ahead also been asked to perform at the
Chennai, was started as a way of we love it.” business and, hence, learnt the EarthSync is self-sufficient in Perth International Art Festival
harmonising different kinds of Initially, during the production ways about it on the fly. But I nev- the sense that the label also owns this year.
world music — getting together of Laya Project, the team faced er looked at how it was done by a production house with a fully- “Our music is our USP. And all
and syncing different elements. certain uncertainties due to the others. I did it how I felt it had to equipped studio called ‘Clemen- our initial anxieties have van-
Two-and-a-half years of research ‘newness’ of the business and be done. tine Studios’ that takes care of the ished. Now it seems very normal
went into the starting of the com- how people would react to the Old lessons are not relevant in entire production package, in- to run an international music la-
pany. music. But they made no com- today’s changing industry. There cluding distribution and selling, bel,” smiles Sonya. ■
“It was quite a challenge. We promise on its quality and went is not much difficulty in branding too. (This column celebrates the spirit
had to travel all over the world to ahead with the production. the product. This music label also holds an of entrepreneurship. If you are an
build contacts and learn their When the project was released But we need to be clear about annual festival where more than entrepreneur with a successful
culture. Since we are a music la- worldwide, it was an instant suc- what kind of brand we are pro- 20 musicians are introduced on business model or know one, write
bel, it requires us to travel a lot to cess, selling more than 5,000 moting. EarthSync is a high-qual- stage, with the EarthSync signa- to us at
06 VILLAGE ERGO Monday, January 12, 2009

Blinking women
Women blink nearly twice
as much as men.

Computer geeks learn Data on over 6,000

to flirt prisoners in UK lost
Even the most quirky of computer nerds The British
can learn to flirt with finesse thanks to a Government has done
new ‘flirting course’ being offered to it again! It has lost a
budding IT engineers at Potsdam University computer memory stick
south of Berlin. The 440 students enrolled that contained the
in the Master’s degree course will learn data of more than
how to write flirtatious text messages and 6,000 prisoners in the
emails, impress people at parties and cope country, besides some
with rejection. of their medical
Reuters records. The culprit,
according to The
Telegraph, is a health
worker of the Central
World’s largest crossword built on Lancashire Primary
Care Trust. The device
tower block in Ukraine was lost last month by
The world’s biggest crossword, boasting to be more than a member of staff and
100ft high, has been put together on the side of a tower contained details on 6,360 prisoners from HMP Preston
block in Ukraine. Clues to the massive puzzle, which is 19 and was lost on December 30. It is the latest in a long
squares across and 34 squares high, have been sprinkled series of data losses to hit the Government and prison and
around major landmarks and attractions, including parks, health staff are now having to trawl records to track those
fountains, and theatres, in the historic city of Lvov. The affected down and inform them. It contains details of
literary challenge encouraged participants to test their grey some prisoners’ ailments but not full medical history, as
matter during their weekend promenades, providing them well as prisoner surnames, their age range, cell location,
with an opportunity to work out their brains and their legs prison number and clinic appointment times.
at the same time. And since the brainteaser was too huge ANI
to be penned by
hand, solutions
are lighted in
fluorescent letters Oh Grandmother, what a
at night, reports
the Telegraph. rubbery face you have!
The idea was to A Chilean man tried to steal US$ 80,000 from his
allegedly make 82-year-old grandmother by disguising his 21-year-
partakers collect old girlfriend as the elderly woman and having her
themselves withdraw money from the bank, but the plot was
outside the tower foiled. The man falsified his grandmother’s identity
block each night card and his girlfriend wore a latex mask. They
to match or might have gotten away with it if it weren’t for a
correct their bank worker who called the grandmother’s home
answers. and learned she was visiting relatives in Venezuela.
ANI Reuters

Prince Harry apologises for racist remarks

ritain’s Prince Harry Cyprus for training exercises. St.James Palace, the office
has apologised for the “Harry was making a film of Harry and his elder broth-
racial and offensive re- of his army mates using a er Prince William, issued an
marks he had made camcorder. He was talking statement saying Harry was
three years ago against two of over it – moving the shots to sorry for any offence caused
his colleagues, calling one of different individuals. But by his use of words.
them a ‘Paki’ while other as when he passed over an “Prince Harry fully under-
‘raghead’. Asian-looking soldier, he stands how offensive this
Harry, third-in-line to the stopped and zoomed in. term can be and is extremely
British throne, issued a pub- Then he said ‘And here is our sorry for any offence his
lic apology on Saturday after Paki friend’ – before moving word might cause,” a spokes-
The News of the World new- on to someone else,” the re- person for the St. James Pal-
spaper reported about him port said quoting a senior ace said.
using the offensive terms. Royal source. "He used the term without
Paki is a derogatory term for The video was available on any malice and as a nick-
Indians and Pakistanis. the newspaper’s website. name about a highly popular
The Prince, who is an Army The 24-year-old Prince made member of his platoon.
Lieutenant in the Household the second remark in Cyprus There is no question that
Cavalry’s Blues and Royals, when he called another cadet Prince Harry was in any way
made the remark in 2006 at – wearing a headscarf – a seeking to insult his friend,"
an airport departure lounge ‘raghead’, a racist term for he added. ■
as soldiers waited to travel to Arabs. PTI
Monday, January 12, 2009
Fruity nature This day, that year
Motorcyclists in Nigeria have It was on January 12, 1976 that Dame
started wearing fruit on their Agatha Christie, queen of the detective
heads to get around a story and creator of detectives Hercule
mandatory helmet law. Poirot and Miss Marple, died.

‘Star-baby-name’ fever hits Oz parents!

tar baby names like Cruz,
Shiloh and Maddox are be-
coming increasingly popu-
lar among new parents in
According to the figures re-
leased by Queensland Registry of
Births, Deaths and Marriages, ba-
bies named after those of Holly-
wood celebrities have
significantly increased last year.
The most popular celebrity ba-
by name was Cruz.
Nearly 48, babies were named
after David and Victoria Beck-
ham’s third child and 46 babies
were named Brooklyn after the
couple’s first son. Nearly 48 babies were
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s named after David and
tots’ names were also popular,
with 22 new Queenslanders
Victoria Beckham’s
named after Shiloh last year, 10 third child Cruz, the
were named Maddox and seven most popular celebrity
Another 20 were named Rocco, baby name.
after Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s
son, while three babies were
named Suri after Tom Cruise and
Katie Holmes’s daughter. increase in celebrity baby names “But now with the emergence child for the wrong reasons. “What some parents don’t real-
One couple has also named was “a sign of the times”. of a more secular society, we see “A lot of parents want to give a ise is that a name can become
their tot after Coldplay singer “We were all once part of a more and more people looking name which makes their child heavy baggage for a child in later
Chris Martin and Gwyneth Pal- more religious culture and hence up to celebrities - it’s just a nat- stand out, but naming a child af- life, especially as a lot of celebri-
trow daughter Apple. a lot of our names came from ural evolution of names,” she ter a celebrity might do the oppo- ties are focussed on for the wrong
Southern Cross University as- kings, queens, saints and heads of added. site, because it’s more a nod to reasons,” she added. ■
sociate professor of media stud- state,” the Courier Mail quoted However, Brooks said parents the celebrity than to the child ANI
ies Karen Brooks said the her as saying. should be wary not to name their themselves,” she said.

My best buddy

director Steve
Hardy holds the
interactive robot
buddy Joebot, a
finalist at the 8th
Annual Last
Gadget Standing

Word-in-word answers event at the Las


T he following 32 words can be made from

the letters in diversified: 1.defiers; 2.dei-
fied; 3.deifier; 4.deifiers; 5.deifies; 6.derides;
The following 3 words can be made from
the letters in portfolio:
Center during
the 2009
7.derisive; 8. derived; 9.derives; 10.desired; 1.oilproof; 2.portfolio; 3.rooftop Consumer
11.devised; 12.deviser; 13.diverse; 14.diver- The following 2 words can be made from Electronics Show
sified; 15.divider; 16.dividers; 17.divides; the letters in financial: on Saturday, in
18.edified; 19.edifier; 20.edifiers; 21.edifies;; 2.finical Las Vegas,
22.fireside; 23.redivide; 24.redivides; 25.rei- The following 24 words can be made from Nevada.
fied; 26.reifies; 27.resided; 28.revised; the letters in insurance: AFP
rifed; 30.verified; 31.verifies; 32.versified 1.aneurin; 2.aneurins; 3.arcsine; 4.arse-
The following 16 words can be made from nic; 5.canines; 6.canners; 7.cannier;
the letters in investment: 1.emetins; 2.emi- nies; 9.crannies; 10.cunners; 11.encinas;
nent; 3.intense; 4.intents; 5.invents; 12.insaner; 13.insnare;;
vestment; 7.misevent; 8.mittens; 9.sentient; 15.nancies; 16.narcein; 17.narceins;
10.sentiment; 11.smitten; 12.tennies; ances; 19.nuisance; 20.saucier; 21.scanner;
13.tennist; 14.tensive; 15.venines; 22.scunner; 23.sunnier; 24.unrisen
08 SPORT ERGO Monday, January 12, 2009

Pak players waiting for ICL dues

The Pakistani cricketers of the Lahore Badshah team that won the Indian Cricket
League (ICL) this season are still waiting for their prize money and other dues
totalling around from 40 million rupees. Some of the players who played for the
Lahore team confirmed that they still have to get the payment for winning the
ICL Twenty20 championship plus other individual bonuses.

We did not back-stab Pietersen:

Insisting that Kevin Pietersen had
the backing of his teammates
during the spat with sacked coach
Peter Moores, England pacer
Steve Harmison has said reports of
players back-stabbing their former
skipper were “rubbish and
“Andrew Flintoff, Andrew Strauss,
myself and other senior England players stand
accused of stabbing our former captain, Kevin
Pietersen, in the back over the split with our former
coach, Peter Moores, which has ended up costing
two good men their jobs. The first thing I need to do
is refute that accusation completely. It simply isn’t
true,” Harmison wrote in his column in the Daily
Mail. “I can say without a moment’s hesitation that
both Fred (Flintoff) and I supported Kevin as our
captain and our leader, Strauss has already made his
backing for Kevin quite clear and any suggestion
that we turned against him when Hugh Morris, the
managing director of England cricket, rang us for our
views over the crisis is rubbish. The idea that we told
Morris that we supported Peter Moores ahead of
Kevin is nonsense. To my mind, the only people who
have stabbed Kevin in the back are those who chose
to leak the information that he had promised to quit
the captaincy for the tour to West Indies if Peter
remained as coach.”

TTFI to hire video analysts

Top Indian players on Sunday hailed the Table
Tennis Federation of India’s decision to hire the
services of specialised video analysts to help paddlers
in their preparation for the 2010 Commonwealth
Games. TTFI will place a final proposal before the
government and other specifications, including the
estimated budget for the project, would be finalised
later this month.
Olympian Achanta Sharath Kamal hailed the
initiative as an important stride towards
professionalism. “I should say, this is a move towards
professionalising the game in the country, which is
very important if we want to improve our

performance in the international arena. Still we are
quite amateurish in our attitude towards sports like
table tennis. This should change immediately and we
must adopt the scientific means like this to improve
our performance level,” Sharath, who plays for the
Super Division club San Sebastian in the Spanish
League, said. “Video analysis is an integral part of

pulls out of
the game nowadays. I think, such specialised
software would definitely help
our players to hone their skills in
the run up to the Commonwealth
Games,” 26-year-old Sharath said.
The new system, which is

estimated to cost Rs. 1.5 lakh, will
analyse the players’ performance
during the training sessions as
well as the matches and dissect
their techniques to help them in ascertaining the
deficiencies and rectify them. Another Olympian

paddler Neha Aggarwal praised the TTFI’s decision
and said, “This is a welcome step. If it happens, the
system will surely help us to understand the
problems accurately and will add to our
Monday, January 12, 2009

It is our desire to continue to support the event (Chennai Open) for another
five years. The TNTA (Tamil Nadu Tennis Association) has been working
towards this goal and the event will remain in Chennai. Importantly, the event will
have a title sponsor, besides the eight sponsors, headed by the state government.
M. A .Alagappan, Vice President, TNTA

and yawn
Missing biggies and many injuries made for a very dull Chennai Open
SHALINI SHAH the announcement that Scheuttler happy, getting not just tennis players withdrew with a wrist injury. (“What but also the like of Vishwanathan
did you do with that handshake, Som- Anand and actors Bharath and Arjun.

hennai’s most high-profile dev,” the lucky finalist was asked.) The rain came in uninvited, as is
sporting event seemed a little This when earlier in the tournament usually the custom every year. Most
off-colour if nothing else. Yes, top-seed Nikolay Davydenko, too, re- matches got postponed to next after-
India’s own Somdev Dev Var- tired hurt. noon (including the aforementioned
man made it to the finals. But then, The usual fanfare was there. So was Moya fiasco).
for tennis novices (like yours truly), the bunch of people hovering outside If tennis got boring, the giant
what’s most attractive is the star pow- to spot someone who looks like he/ screen proved entertainment for the
er and the chance to say “I saw Na- she has an extra ticket to give away or thumb-twiddlers.
dal!” to anyone who might care. sell. Many got a fair share of the Sug- A very bored Gautham seated in a
Most big players were knocked out arfree freebies being distributed like row in front of us got a ‘Gautham,
or withdrew citing injured wrists and sweetmeats in a festival inside. The please stop dreaming and watch the
heels. Moya lost to Somdev, fuming Volvos perched inside got a fair share tennis’ SMS sprawled on the board
till the very end how the organisers of attention, too, while food stalls like for everyone to see from a mischie-
favoured the home boy by holding a Pathankot and Frankie probably did a vous friend during the doubles semi-
match in the sweltering Chennai af- year’s business in a week. final match between Wawrinka-
ternoon. A lot of disappointment for Missing this time, quite thankfully, Scherrer and Allegro-Tecau. “I wasn’t
kids used to yelling “Moya, soya!” was the cheerleading trio that’s been sleeping,” explained an embarrassed
Just when spectators were waiting seen prancing around since the last Gautham. It’s okay Gautham; if you
for an interesting semi-final between couple of years. were nodding off, you probably we-
Somdev and Rainer Schuettler came Autograph-hunters went home ren’t alone. ■

Russian’s shoulder to keep holder from

Australian Open

aria Sharapova will not surgery in October. “I am very injury hampered her progress in
defend her title at the sorry to announce that I am not the second half of the year and
Australian Open next going to be able to defend my title the last match she played for the
week after withdrawing at this year’s Australian Open,” year was in Montreal in August.
from the year’s opening grand Sharapova said in a Tennis Aus- Tournament Director Craig Ti-
slam tournament, officials said tralia statement. “My shoulder is ley said he was disappointed for
on Sunday. The Russian world doing great, but I just started Sharapova. “She played some
number nine advised tourna- training a few weeks ago and I am amazing tennis on Rod Laver Are-
ment officials that she was not just not near the level I need to be na last year and I know she has
confident of her fitness levels af- to compete at the highest levels.” been working around the clock to
ter a shoulder surgery late last Sharapova did not drop a set try and get back from the shoul-
year. on the way to winning her third der injury. In the end, time beat
The 21-year-old was hindered grand slam in Australia last Janu- her this year,” he said in the state-
by a right shoulder injury much ary. She went on to win her first ment. The Australian Open gets

of last season and skipped the 18 matches of the season and re- under way in Melbourne on Janu-
Beijing Olympics and the US claimed her world number one ary 19. ■
Open before having arthroscopic ranking in May. But the shoulder AFP
10 FLICK ERGO Monday, January 12, 2009

I’m in love again

Amy Winehouse has openly declared
that she is in love and is “off drugs for
good.” The ‘Rehab’ hitmaker, married
to jailbird Blake Fielder-Civil, was said
to have paired up with budding actor
Josh Bowman.

Devdas, again
This time, however, he’s an urban, city guy

arat Chandra Chattopadhyaya’s novel from a different background altogether,”
Devdas has been explored by various adds the actor.
filmmakers, but actor Abhay Deol says The idea of the film, which is Abhay’s brain-
his modern-day interpretation of the child, is different. But will this version of the
book, Dev D, is different. classic click with the audience?
“It’s not a verbal film; it’s very heavy on “Dev D adopts an unusual and contempo-
music. If I compile my dialogues delivered in rary approach and I think that is exactly what
the film, not more than four pages will be will work for the film, because it will be like a
covered,” says Abhay. revelation for people. It’s always good to turn
“Devdas has been made before, but this a stereotype image and experiment with it.”
one has a very new, fresh and out-of-the-box The film will be introducing two new actors
approach. Nobody had ever thought of mak- as the new age Paro and Chandramukhi.
ing Devdas this contemporary way,” he “Mahi and Kalki were very nice to work
adds. with. They were so professional that it didn’t
Dev D, which is set to release on February seem they are making their debut with this
6, is directed by Anurag Kashyap and boasts film. Very sweet, very honest with their work
of 18 tracks, including Rajasthani, Punjabi and very hardworking,” Abhay says.
and Awadhi folk numbers compiled by mu- Deviating from his present profession, the
sic director Amit Trivedi. experimental actor is all set to don the hat of a
Speaking on his current project, Abhay producer. He will be producing a film called
says: “When I read the book I realised that Junction, which will be directed by Atul Sab-
Devdas had streaks of arrogance and posses- harwal.
siveness. We kept those features and made However, Abhay maintains that his acting
the character very urban, a city guy.” career will not take a backseat because of his
“It’s a deep character, but I did not newfound role.
have to work a lot on my body, look “I will continue acting in films for sure,” he
and attitude because the role did not breaks in. After Dev D, Abhay will be seen in
require me to portray a character Dev Benegal’s yet-to-be-titled film. ■

Dev D adopts an unusual and contemporary approach

and I think that is exactly what will work for the film,
because it will be like a revelation for people. It’s
always good to turn a stereotype image and
experiment with it.

‘Am I mad to call my anti- Almost

terrorism drama Jehad!’ famous
S aif Ali Khan’s films have a tendency to go
nameless until the last minute.
The latest is a Rensil d’Silva-directed terrorist
Actor Tom Cruise has
revealed that his
two-year-old daughter
thriller, which is produced by Karan Johar and Suri with Katie Holmes
has Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Viveik almost stormed the
Oberoi and Om Puri in lead roles. stage during her
Nearing completion, the film has no title yet. mother’s performance
This week, sections of the media were abuzz of All My Sons on
with reports that Rensil’s film has finally found Katie Holmes with daughter Broadway.
a title, Jehad. Suri. GETTY IMAGES Cruise and Suri have
Rensil is appalled by these reports. “Am I been to see the play
mad to call my anti-terrorism drama Jehad? regularly, and the actor admits he has seen it more than 30
What signal will it send out to the audience? times since it debuted in September 2008.
Please don’t believe such rumours. Jehad was a But on the recent show, Suri almost made her unannounced
name suggested by Kareena and Saif. I am debut.
certainly not going by that title. Suddenly “I was watching with Suri from the wings and I could see her
everyone thinks it’s called Jehad. Considering feet creeping out onto the stage. I realised she was going
the current climate, that’s a really onstage. Then she got on the floor and she was going to crawl
inappropriate title.” onstage, and I’m quietly clinging onto her dress,” Contactmusic
So what is Rensil going to call his film? quoted him as saying.
“I’ve no clue. And I can’t put it to public “So I picked her up and said, ‘You can’t go onstage,’ and she
Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor star in vote because that would give away the title. said, ‘Why?’,” he added. ■
Rensil d’Silva’s terrorist thriller But it’s certainly not Jehad. ■ ANI
Monday, January 12, 2009
Singer K.J. Yesudas
turns 69
Dr. Kattesseri Joseph Yesudas, one of
the finest voices India has seen,
celebrated his birthday on Sunday.

Bang on target E
xpectations are rector in a friendly chat
high from Villu, at their studio as he
which is all set to shared interesting trivia
release today. (The about Villu, not reveal-
film’s director confirms ing much though. “It’s
this). Prior to the film’s a movie that will spread
Prabhu Deva smiled, posed, met contest winners and signed release, Prabhu Deva
met up with the winners
a lot of positive energy
and happiness in eve-
autographs at the Radio One office. However, he remained of Radio One’s Villu con-
test on Friday, as part of
ryone who watches it,”
he said. Villu is a very
tight-lipped about Villu’s plot the film’s promotional
stylish film, shot in ex-
otic locales like Switzer-
There was a lot of ex- land, Turkey and many
citement in the air at the more, he added. Shar-
Radio One office as the ing interesting anec-
Radio One team and 50 dotes behind every
winners of the Villu con- song of the movie, he
test waited for Prabhu revealed, “The song
Deva. ‘Vada Mappala’, where
The star director, how- Vadivelu does a small
ever, entered fashiona- act, is sure to keep the
bly late, almost an hour audience in splits.”
behind schedule. Prabhu On his most unfor-
Deva was welcomed gettable experience
with a glittery ‘villu’ and during the film’s mak-
the winners were ob- ing, he said, “We had to
viously delighted to travel a lot for this mo-
catch a glimpse of the vie.
Michael Jackson of In- For one particular lo-
dia. He patiently gave cation we went globe-
out the tickets to win- trotting to places like
ners and signed auto- Bangkok , Munich , Uk-
graphs. raine and Turkey and fi-
Later, RJ Arun of Ra- nally found the dream
dio One involved the di- spot in Switzerland.” ■

The song ‘Vada Mappala’, where

Vadivelu does a small act, is sure
to keep the audience in splits

Bhandarkar for TV Crowe throwing

his weight
He’s not directing anything for the small screen, though around, literally
R ussell Crowe has been
throwing his weight

F ilmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar

is all set to produce television
software for Sony Entertain-
around on the pre-production
of Nottingham so much that
Brit actress Sienna Miller has
ment. dropped out of the flick.
“But I’m certainly not directing Crowe is reportedly telling
anything on television. Where do I producers to get a new
have the time? My next feature director and demanding script
film, Jail, starts at the end of Febru- rewrites.
ary. And then I’m planning another Miller, who was supposed to
big-budget film this year which I’ll co- play Maid Marian, left the
produce. People probably presumed I production on January 9 after
was going to be directing stories for tel- she was put on hold while
evision because some of the 10 stories shooting was pushed back
assigned to us are female-centric,” Madhur from February to April.
said. “It is a mess. Russell never lost
The television wing of his firm is being run by two the weight he put on for
filmmaker friends, Ashok Pundit and Raman Kumar. Body of Evidence – and so the love scenes between him
Madhur said: The television wing of my company, and Sienna would have been laughable. He’s so old and fat
Bhandarkar Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., will be looked and she’s so young and gorgeous. It’s just . . . gross,” the
after completely by Raman and Ashok. They’ll New York Post quoted an insider as saying.
choose the directors to make these telefilms.” One producer said Crowe has to shed 35 pounds, adding:
Already on board are Suhail Tarari, Anand Rai and ‘We can’t have Robin Hood looking more like Friar Tuck.”
Javed Sayyed. ■ ■
12 ERGO Monday, January 12, 2009

that can compete with films like

Friday’s Query: Spiderman, Hulk etc worst is Anjadhey
because it didn’t celebrate 150th day as
Which movies would you Kuruvi celebrated, cannot relate myself
to that story, no graphics in the stunts,
nominate as the Best no duets in foreign locations
Santhosh, Wipro
and the Worst of 2008 Best movie Varanam Ayiram for Suriya
ever clever acting and worst movie
and why? Casino Royale for boring screenplay
Best movie n worst movie of the year JK Gowri Shankar, Abi, Glory RBS
Ritesh’s Nayagan. Best because I Best movie is Poo . Worst movie
appreciate people who had guts to work Sakkarakati song only helped the movie
in this project. Worse because enna to release
koduma sir edu Mohan Kumar, TCS
Jagan Capgemini, Mari HCL Best movie stylish Billa and laughing
Best movie Nayagan by JK Ritheesh and Saroja. Both are full entertainment.
worst movie Kuruvi (Mask of Zorro) Worst movie Kuruvi. Over scene over
Nivedhan, mokkai
Infoview Technologies Josh, Caliberpoint Star
Best movies Anjathey, Dasavatharam, Best: Poo (manmanam irukku) Worst: Dhana Balan from HCL Technologies has nominated
worst movie Silambaattam Kuselan (over build-up erukku) his friends as Partners in Crime. They clicked this photo
Ashik Shareef, Saran, Anbu, Tamil, Mohana, Buela, M.Rani at Kodaikanal.
HCL PMC, Meenakshi Mohan TCS
Best movie Varanam Ayiram. Worst Best movie JK Ritesh in Nayagan no
movie Kuruvi need of explanations. Worst movie is all
Geetha, Perot Systems, Hollywood movies. Because they have
Amritha, TCS wasted their time by not seeing
Best movie Subramaniapuram, story, Nayagan
screenplay, down to earth dialogue, Balaji S, TCS
music etc. is good. I watched this movie Best movie: Poo for best screenplay and
more than 5 times I can’t find any the worst movie is Aegan, it doesn’t
mistake. Worst movie was Kuruvi. No have even a single reason to say it’s a
comments film
Arun Kumar C, Congruent Solutions Pvt Ltd, V.Ravimohan, Cognizant
Suresh, Allsec Worst was Kuruvi, its all because of
Best film Dasaavatharam. Worst film unimaginable stunts done by Vijay. Best
Kuselan was Poo, the only movie dominated by a
Gopinath.R, Kalai, Gomathi, Mani, Durga, female lead
Sudha, Senthil, Vanarani PMC Pradeep Maran, TCS
Best movie Saroja because of best Best - Slumdog Millionaire for making
entertainment movie and worst movie is the whole world talk about it; Worst -
Kuruvi because of Vijay’s long jump Kuselan for hyping an individual more
Rajesh, Perot Systems than the story
Best: Dasavatharam - a complex script Senthil Kumar, P RR Donnelley Ananda Subramanian from CGSL has nominated his
with thousands of events connected Best is Subramaniapuram and the worst Citishare Operations Team as Partners in Crime. This
together which was handled with is Kuselan photo was taken at Kolli hills in Namakkal.
maturity to make even a layman Prabhu G, HCL
understand it. The best movie is Santhosh
Worst: Kuruvi - Too much of unrealistic Subramaniam and the worst movie is
heroism. Even Vijay’s die-hard fans hated Kuruvi
it Sankar S RSystems International,
Mukund SCB, Krishnamoorthy CTS
Scope International Best films: Taare Zameen Par,
Subramaniapuram, Pollathavan are the Subramaniyapuram, Dasavatharam, Poo.
best for the superb screenplay and Worst films: Silambatam, Kuruvi
Kuruvi is the worst for Vijay overacting Lakshmi.S CTS, Sivalingam.P HCL
Mahesh Rajamani, Abiyum Naanum as best which showed a
Perot Systems, true affection of a father and
Hariprasad Subramaniapuram as worst because of
T Wipro too much of tragedy
Best movie Blood Diamond, Worst movie Hema Indus Rsystems
Rab ne banaa di jodi Saroja - the best and Kuselan the worst
Harin, Wipro Asath Kani, TCS
Dasavatharam is the best movie, because
one man shows ten body languages.
Nayagan is the worst movie. J.K.Ritheesh Today’s Query:
is an example of how not act like
Seenivasan, Technip Who is your favourite Ravi C. from FSS-Tidel Park has nominated his friends
Best is Kuruvi because hero teach us to
fly like Kuruvi and the only Indian film tennis star and why? as Partners in Crime. This pic was clicked at Tidel Park.
Monday, January 12, 2009

■ Dear Siva & Poornima, With Luv,

Srinivasulu Namala, Project Wishing U Many More Happy Sangdevrekhs
Manager of HCL Technolo- Returns of the Day.May Sify Technologies, Elnet
gies, has been nominated as All Ur dreams comes
Office Angel by Mrs.Manon- true.Have a great Quarter ■ Dear Friends,
mani Kesav. ahead.Ippadikku Treatukkaga "Thanks a bunch for all the
He always carries a smiling greeting anuppum wishes, you Advees made my
face. He carries out many Colleagues Sangam:) day"
activities, but never looses his With Best Wishes, Thanks & Regards,
temper or looks disturbed. He HCM BOFA team Vasudevan.S
executes everything according Infosys
to the plan. There won’t be ■ Dear Durga,
any mismatch in the ■ Dear Shanmuganathan, Hearty Congratulations!!!
execution. That his specialty. Happy birthday to you Wish you happy Married life
Shanmugam with lots of surprises!! Keep
From the bottom of our Rocking!!
hearts, Wsihes from,
And may your good times Kalpana
multiply, Wipro Technologies
Till they’re flying off the
Belated Wishes
New Age Software and Solutions ■ Dear Anusha( AGAS),
May there always be work for
■ Hi KK, your hands to do
Its a nice feeling when u no May your purse always hold a
dat sum one likes u, coin or two;
sum 1 thinks about u, May the sun always shine on
Sum 1 needs you; your window pane
But it feelz much beter when May a rainbow be certain to
You know that someone follow each rain;
Never ever forgets your May the hand of a friend
birthday. always be near you
We never! Their hearts full of warmth
Happy birthday…may and gladness to cheer you
almighty’s best "Happy Birthday Kulli"
blessings.....many many more With Love,
happy returns of the day. Nithya, Bala,Vithya,
With Love & Regards Sharanya, Deepa, Priya,
Sundaravel.M of Sutherland. FTP GT 2007, WIPRO
doodled this Hexaware Technologies
■ Dear Vimal,
■ Dear Bhai, We wish you many more
Wish you a many more happy happy returns of the day.
returns of the day!! Have a This day is special day because
Fabulous days ahead!! it gives you for us.
Happy Married life! Insha We wish for you that
Allah! Be happy! whatever you want most in
Dnt forget Briyani Treat !!! life, it comes to you
Cheers Just the way you imagined it.
(Guess who I am) Hey this day is yours Man!
Anonymous Keep rocking and keep on
■ Dear Gautham @ Ragu, Once again we wish you a
Your life is a gift from the fantastic birthday.
Creator. Your gift back to the Kastapatu ivalavu
Creator is what you do with ezhuthirukom so at least give
your life. us chocolates
Today’s Top news Story, a hot By
and happening dude, Your Friends
celebrated his birthday with
1."Avan ean rupaai nottula iodexai theicchukkitte irukkaan?" great style on Dec 11th.... He ■ Dear Ramachandra S,
"Avan panaveekkatthai kuraikkiraanaam". was totally absorbed in high You make wishes and we ll
2.Maampoo pinjaahi maangaaya maarum,aanaa jaathippoo voltage fun and his day was pray to God for all ur wishes
jaathikkaayaaha maaruvathillai! full of colours... Hey that was to come true.
S Dheepa, You, GAUTHAM... Sorry, since Happy Birthday
Infosys no circulation for ERGO on With Regards
Sunday, We missed it. Team DTCC
Belated Birthday Wishes ... Tata Consultancy Services
Keep Smiling
14 TRAFFIC JAM ERGO Monday, January 12, 2009

$1.5 million kidney row

A husband who donated a kidney to
his wife wants $1.5 million for it now
since the pair are divorcing.

We have our first short-listed photograph, taken sudoku

by Sathishkumar Bhoopathy (Saku) of MphasiS,
of a village festival. He calls it
Maariamman Kondam Thiruvizha, celebrated
during April-May at Sadumugai in Satyamangalam

The harvest season is

round the corner and
it’s time we made the
Click Pick column a
little more
Photographs of the
harvest festival, rural
India and little-
known rituals will be
given preference this
month. Please send
us fresh photographs,
preferably those
clicked by you on a
recent trip, to KAKURO
All photos selected for clickpick this month
will receive a gift voucher worth Rs.1,000, cour-
tesy Kantilal Diamonds (Ph: 2828 1700). Read-
ers are requested to send their addresses with
their entries.

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Sr Dy Chief Designer: J.A. Prem Kumar

Dy Chief Designer: R. Ravi Kannan
Illustrator: R. Venugopal

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Monday, January 12, 2009
Boy racer Word’s worth
A 6-year-old boy who missed the school "Jentaton" (jen-tay-shun) a rare and obsolete word
bus took the family car and drove meaning ’breakfast.’ Also, jenticulation, Jenticulate
there. is the verb, meaning ’to breakfast.’



Necessity is the mother of invention, but today your
high spirits at work will guide your innovative
methods of work. Your good mood will encourage
you to help others. As smiles are infectious, you will
find your beloved in equally pleasant mood. Cheers!


Gulp up your energy drinks as work today seems to
be hectic. Ganesha thinks you might not get the
desired private time with your beloved. A tiring day
can be winded up merrily with an impromptu
get-to-gather with colleagues at your place.


You tend you feel brave today. Personal life will be
BORN LOSER smooth and easy. Technologically speaking, today is
the best day to buy new software and if you have
already bought one recently, you may start using it
now. Overall, a cool day!
Buckle up soldier! A tough day at work. You might
have to put in a lot of efforts for mediocre tasks.
Do not worry though, blame it on the planets. Your
partner will try to cheer you up and get you back
into action again. Be happy, suggests Ganesha.
LEO JULY 21 - AUG 20
Trees of Patience bear the sweetest fruits. At work
you might feel underestimated, unappreciated and
underpaid! This is a temporary phase, patience is
the best virtue. Your partner will shower you
affection making your evening pleasant.
Just like a duck on the surface of water, you might
FREE RANGE WORKING IT OUT seem calm but underneath your rigorous efforts will
be noticed today. Knowledge increases by sharing
and that is exactly what you tend to do today, .
Health should certainly not be ignored today.
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. You
feel like sharpening you skills and fell like proving
your capabilities at work. ‘Play’ comes in when
Ganesha thinks you will have a good time with your
beloved at the movies.
All batteries need charging and so does your mind.
Take proper rest and boost yourself out of this low
energy day. You might not be able to transfer the
gush of ideas from mental computer to workstation.
Fortunately, you will have leisure time with family.
Ganesha thinks you will be in an exploration and
learning mode in your work area. Nevertheless, give
the first priority to your prime responsibilities. Since
you are feeling bright, you might want to carry this
of further with your beloved as well.
A busy day today to plan busier days ahead. Fixing
up meetings and schedules will keep you busy.
Loaded meetings naturally will result into ample
amount or research work and avid communication.
Wear your best suit to work!
PREVIOUS Ganesha finds you in high spirits and brimming with
energy today. This will definitely help you in future
ISSUE’S planning. Ganesha thinks this is the best day to
transfer your energies to the cupid. In simple words,
SOLUTIONS it’s the best day for proposing to someone.
“To do or not to do” might be your state of mind
at work today. Learn to handle pressure. In personal
life, the same confusion seems to linger. You might
not feel like sharing your feelings with your partner,
which is not at all advisable.
Predictions by Bhavesh N. Pattni
16 ! ERGO Monday, January 12, 2009

Snow for sale

Cash-strapped Alpine farmers are
raking in a fortune harvesting snow
and selling it to desperate ski slopes.

Shilpa makes a flying visit

ERGO CORRESPONDENT the media about her working in Tamil cinema, she said, “I love Chennai and I have many friends
here. Prabhu approached me for a role sometime

ctress Shilpa Shetty made her first public back but I could not do it.” Shilpa looked in quite
appearance in 2009 in Chennai on Thurs- a hurry and vanished immediately after the
day. She was here to officially unveil pop- event. If organisers were to be believed, she had
ular celebrity Sona Heiden’s store, Uniq. an immediate flight to catch.
After making the press and audience wait for an Uniq is an exclusive store for designer accesso-
hour, the 33-year-old Miss Body Perfect was ries with a range of handbags, footwear, hats,
thronged by photographers and cameramen even scarves, earrings, belly rings, bangles and anklets.
before her appearance on stage. It is located at 59/28, Kavingar Bharathidasan
After much confusion, Shilpa Shetty officially Road, Teynampet, Chennai 600 018. Ph: 044-4200
launched Uniq. Answering the sole question from 0030.■