Question[1-40] – Part A [Each 1 mark] Question[41-60] – Part B [Each 2 marks] Question[61-75] – Part C [Each 4 marks]

[1 mark each]
1) A microprocessor is the heart of the microcomputer. a) Receiving input b) Performing computations. c) Storing data & instructions d) All of the above. 2) A device, which enables a microcomputer to perform the first of the above mentioned tasks is known as the input device. a) Keyboard b) Mouse c) Toggle d) All of the above. 3) The task of displaying the result computed by the microprocessor is performed by an output device, some of the commonly used output device. a) b) c) d) Cathode Ray Tube(CRT) Light-Emitting diodes(LED’S) Laser printer All of the above.

4) n instruction essentially consists of an a) Operation code b) Address of the data c) Instruction operates d) None of the above. 5) The 8085A has interrupt pins :a) TRAP, RST7.5 b) RST6.5, RST5.5 c) TNTR(pin 10) d) All of the above. 6) 8085A has 8 unidirectional signal lines :a) MSB b) HOLD,HALT c) RESET mode

d) None of the above. 7) Every microprocessor is provided with a set of registers : a) Temporary storage b) Instruction Execution c) All of these d) None of the above. 8) Registers available for temporary storage of operands or address affects the following :a) Memory space occupied by the program. b) Time of execution of the program. c) Ease of programming. d) All of the above. 9) The registers available to t he user can be further classified into :a) General purpose register b) Special purpose register c) None of these d) All of the above. 10) In 8085A microprocessor, the data size is 8-bit and address size is 16-bit. a) B-C pair b) D-E pair c) H-L pair d) All of the above. 11) Set of registers provided for some special applications. a) Accumulator b) Memory space c) All of the above d) None of the above. 12) A microprocessor to execute a program, the CPU has to do the following operations: a) Fetch the opcode b) Read a memory location for the data. c) Perform the required operation d) All of the above. 13) An instruction cycle can be defined as the sum of an instruction fetch time and the instruction execute time. a) Instruction cycle=Instruction fetch + Instruction execute. b) Memory location and deposited in the CPU’s c) Both of these d) None of the above. 14) 8085 has 5 addressing mode and are :-

a) b) c) d)

Immediate, inherent Direct Register and register indirect All of the above.

15) The microprocessor selects the peripheral through Transmit Rec Receive IOW IOR

a) b) c) d)

Read select Write select Chip select None of the above.

16) One of the following addressing modes is not possible in 8085. a) Indexed addressing b) Indirect addressing c) Direct addressing d) Indirect register address. 17) 8085 has a) One 16-bit register b) Two 16-bit register c) Three 16-bit register d) Four 16-bit register. 18) The speed of a microprocessor is usually measured by the a) Microprocessor’s throughput. b) Speed with which it performs I/P and O/P operations. c) Time required to execute a basic instruction. d) Time required to process a small operation. 19) Interrupts can be generally classified : a) Hardware interrupts b) Software interrupts c) Both of above d) All of the above. 20) 8085 microprocessor has 5 hardware interrupts : a) TRAP, RST6.5 b) RST7.5,RST5.5

c) INTR d) None of the above. 21) The data which a microprocessor needs to process, comes from devices such as a keyboard. a) Switch b) Analog-to-digital c) Digital-to-analog d) All of the above. 22) The 8085 can respond to four externally initiated operation. a) Reset, Interrupt b) Ready hold c) Memory-mapped I/O d) Memory chip a) b) c) d) c, d, both a, b, both None of the above. All of the above

23) To interconnect peripherals with the 8085 MPU, additional logic circuit, called interfacing devices. These circuits includes device such as a) buffer b) Decoder c) Encoder, latches d) All of the above. 24) The 8085 flag register has five flag. 1) Carry flag, Sign flag 2) Zero flag, Parity flag a) b) c) d) 1, 2 both 1, 3 both 2, 3 both All of the above. 3) Auxilliary Carry

25) Counters and time delays can be designed using . a) Software b) CPI c) Instruction d) All of the above. 26) The 8085 code can be assembled by using a program called a : a) Cross-assembler b) Cross-compiler c) Cross-interpret d) All of the above. 27) The 8085 microprocessor has two pins available for I/O communication.



a) 1, 2 both b) 1 only c) 2 only. d) All of these 28) The ______ is a program that allows then user to test and debug the object file. a) Assembler b) Loader c) Debugger d) None of the above. 29) It is a program that takes the object file generate by the assembler program. a) Loading b) Loader c) Debugger d) All of the above. 30) The part of 8255 can be programmed for any other mode by writing a single control word into the a) Port b) Control Logic c) Set/Reset d) Register. 31) A microprocessor is a multipurpose, programmable, clock driven, register-based electronic device (T/F) 32) Read instructions from a storage device called memory. 33) A typical programmable machine can be represented with 4 component: microprocessor, memory, Input/Output device, application. (T/F) 34) The physical components of this system are called the hardware. (T/F) (T/F)

35) A set of instructions written for the microprocessor to perform a task is called an application. (T/F) 36) A set of instructions written for the microprocessor to perform a task is called a program. i. (T/F) 37) The microprocessor applications are classified primarily into 3 categories : reprogrammable system and embedded system. (T/F)

38) The first microprocessor was introduced by Intel Corporation in 1971.


39) 4 bit microprocessor (Intel) introduced were ROCKWELL International ‘s (PPS4). (T/F) 40) Intel’s 8086 and 80286, Motorola’s M 68000 and Zilog’s Z8000 are some of the most powerful-16-bit microprocessor are not available today. (T/F)

[2 Marks Questions] 41) List the four categories of 8085 instructions that manipulate data : a) b) c) d) (i) Opcode : MOV (ii) Opcode : MOV (iii) Opcode : MOV (iv) Opcode : MOV and and and and operand : A,H operand : H,L operand : B,C operand : D,E

42) Hex codes for the following instructions, identify the opcodes and operands and show the order of entering the code in memory. a) Hex code 305220 opcode = STA operands = 2050 H b) Hex code 305020 opcode = STA operands = 2070 H c) Hex code 325020 opcode = STA operands = 2050 H d) None of the above 43) A proven that check all I/0 device & that is there any device that needs servicing is known as a) Spoofing b) Synchronization c) Spooling d) Polling 44) Which of the following is an integral 8086 instruction. a) Reset all b) push all c) aDd bx,25000 d) and ax,dx

45) DAD re instruction mean a) Add the content of specified reg. to center of HL & store the result in HL b) Add 8 bit data given in inst” to center of one & store the result in reg c) Add 10 bit data given in inst to contact of HL & stout the result in HL d) None of the above 46) SBB R where R in register a) Subtract reg. & borrow from acc b) Subtract the contents of veg c) Both a & b d) None of the above 47) The instruction in which intent of acc are change binary value to its equivalent 4 bit BCD a) DCR b) DCX c) DCC d) DAA 48) The instruction in which content of specified reg. in exerted with acc & result in placed in acc a) XRA M b) XRI Data c) XRA d) XRAR 49) Instruction then sets the carry flag a) STC b) STR c) CY set d) Set CY 50) In restart instruction content of PC are saved to a) Memory b) Stack

c) Register d) All of above 51) SPHL instruction is a a) Stack instruction b) Machine control instruction c) Both a & b d) None of above 52) Pop Report & Push R1 are a) Reg indirect b) Reg. direct c) Register d) Indirect 53) Instruction that avoids unnecessary jumps to terminate the prog a) NOP b) HLT c) ei d) OI 54) Translate Byte into is denoted as a) X change b) X lat c) LDS d) LEA 55) Mov ah, (SI)+DISP is a a) Direct aad made b) Direct relative add. Mode c) Reg. Indirect Add mode d) Immediate add mode 56) Mov (BX) (SI) + Disp , AH is ______add mode a) Base index b) Relative base index

c) Direct Relatives d) Relative 57) In base index add mode EA = a) Sun of center of base by + contact of index by b) Sun of contact of base Reg + content of index by + 8/16 bit displacement c) Both a & b d) None of above 58) And ,or, not ,xor are _____ operator a) Arithmetic b) Boolean c) Seg d) Ptr 59) SEG operator a) Return the distance of cable b) Res seg value of label c) Inc seg value of cable d) All of above 60) 1 GB represents a) 1 billion bytes b) 1000kb c) 230 bits d) 1024 bytes [4 Marks Question] 61) Instruction cycle can be dined as sum of a) Instruction fetch + Instruction decode b) Instruction fetch + instruction Execute c) Instruction fetch + instruction exit d) All of above 62) Disk format with memory capacity of a) 720k

b) 1200k c) Both a & b d) none of above 63) Instruction cycle use ________ m/c cycle, m/c cycles. Has ________ state a) 1-5, 3 to 6t b) 1-16, 3 to 10t c) 1-8, 3-8t d) None of above 64) Which is the write prog for strong 8 bit data in memory a) LX, H, 2000H MVI, 52H HLT b) MVI A ,52H STA HLT c) LXI,H,52 STA H HLT d. ) Both a &b 65) LZIH, 2000H MVI A, M INX H ADD M INX H MOV M,A HLT This programmed a) 2 8 bit no 2000H

b) 2 menu add c) 2 16 bit no d) 2 registers 66) LHLD. 2000H XCH G LHLD 2002H DAD D SHLD 2005 H HLT This code is for a) Add 2 16 bit no b) Exchange memo éclair c) Adding 2 8 bit no d) Loading 16 bit date 67) Which one is the correct code for finding 1st complement a) LDA 2200H CMA STA 2300H HLT b) LDA 2200H STA CMA HLT c.) CMA 2200 H STA 2300H HLT d.)

CDA 2200H STA 2300H HLT 68) Which used suits best for data transfer from 1 men block to another a) MVI C,OAH LXI H,2000H LXI D, C2000H MOV A,M STA XD INX H INX D DCP C JN b.) MVIA, OOH MVI B105H ADDC DAA DCR B JNZ HLT c.) MVIB,OOH MVI A, OOH ADD B INR B DCR C JNC X d) Can’t say

69) Hard disk is more stable then _________,:it can spun at higher rate (_________) resulting ________ readopt then that of _______ size viewer in order of ______ a) Floppy disk, 1000-3600rpm, faster, floppy, disk, GB b) Disk driver, 15000-3600rmp, slower , disk drivr, KB c) Floppy disk , 1000-3600rpm, faster, disk driver, MB d) None of above 70) Match the following a. Immediate b. Register c. Direct d. Indirect Correct option is a) ac, bd, ca, db b) ab, bd, cd, ba c) ac, ba, dc, ab d) aa, bb, cc, dd 71) Match the following instruction format a. MOV instruction b. MVI Reg, data c. LDA, 16 Bit add a) aa, bb, cc b) ac, ba, cb c) ab, ba, cc d) bc, ab, ca 72) A instruction is used to _______ the normal seq. exaction & ________ to bytes part of prog a) Break, bring b) Continuous, execute a. 2 bit add b. 3 bit add c. 1 bit add a. LDA 2050 b. MOV A, M c. MVIA, 20H d. MOV A,B

c) Break , continuous d) None of above 73) RRC rotate the contact of _____ right bus ___bit The _____ bit is sigh to ___________bit a) Accumulator, 2, ms, ls b) A accumulation, 1, Ls, ms c) Memory, 1, LS ,ms d) Register , 1 , LS, MS 74) ________Is used to connect the output device to microprocessor Data is available a the add/date best in _______ micro see a) Latch , few b) Flip flop , few c) Multiplexer , 100 d) None of above 75) The net effect of calling the following sub program in terms of prog behaviorsubprogram push ax, add ax,10 ret is to :a) Leave ax unchanged b) add 10 to ax c) Cause the program to behave is an incredible manner d) Do marching