Lieutenant Scott Rossmiller Deputy Funk February 10,2012

SUBJECT: Deputy Paul Murphy

On February 7, 2012 I was conducting a SECTOR class to several deputies. As the instructor of this new software program I required all the students to bring in their County owned MDC laptops. The purpose of this was so that either myself or Deputy Scott my co-instructor could update the SECTOR software and have the I.T. department install the printer drivers required to allow the deputies to use the program in their patrol cars. One of the students on this date was Deputy Paul Murphy. I overheard a conversation he had with Deputy Scott regarding Deputy Murphy's assigned MDC. He said he didn't want anybody looking at his computer. He said there were things on there he doesn't want anybody to see. He said there are investigation files that are private. Deputy Murphy explained that he has cloned the computer's hard drive and instead of the county's hard drive he has installed his own. He said this way he can keep all of his information on the computer private. Deputy Scott assured Deputy Murphy that all we were going to do was update the SECTOR software and install the printer drivers. This work was completed and the computer returned to Deputy Murphy.

I have heard rumors about Deputy Murphy and his cloned computer drive. The rumor is that he removes the hard drive at the end of his shift and keeps it separate from the computer so that the county cannot get his drive.
Most of my knowledge from this incident is from what I overheard as I was doing other things to get the class started. I spoke to Deputy Murphy very little about it. Honestly the less I talk to Deputy Murphy the easier things are. His conspiracy theories, extreme religious views, and extreme politics aren't conducive to a positive work environment and I try to stay out of it as much as possible.

Deputy Rodger Funk