[109] Jesús, Tu eres bello

A E 1. Jesús, Tu eres bello, D A Tú eres más deseable F#m C#m Que el mundo y sus deleites. Bm E Fino_eres, dulce y fiel. A E Señor, Tu belleza D A Excede lo más bello. F#m C#m Gentil, Tú eres tierno, Bm E A Radiante, encantador. A E 2. Al contemplarte, Cristo, D A Me atraes por completo. F#m C#m No puedo alejarme, Bm E Descanso en Tu paz. A E Y mientras pasa el tiempo, D A Yo vivo en Tu presencia, F#m C#m Tan santa e inigualable, Bm E A Mirando allí tu faz. A E 3. Te doy toda mi vida, D A Pues sólo Tú eres digno, F#m C#m No hay nada, no hay nadie, Bm E ¡Te anhelo solo a Ti! A E Que mis días sean tuyos, D A Mi corazón te ame; F#m C#m Por Tu abundante gracia, Bm E A Te adore y sirva a Ti.

[109] Lord Jesus, You're lovely
A E 1. Lord Jesus, You're lovely. D A You're more to be desired, F#m C#m Than any earthly pleasure. Bm E You're fine, beyond compare. A E Lord Jesus, Your beauty D A Does far exceed all others. F#m C#m You're comely and You're tender. Bm E You're radiant and You're fair. A E 2. When I behold You Jesus, D A You draw my heart completely. F#m C#m I cannot turn away Lord, Bm E I rest in Your embrace; A E And time is gone there's only D A Your holy, matchless presence F#m C#m Abiding in You, gazing Bm E A Upon Your glorious face. A E 3. I give my life to You Lord, D A For You alone are worthy. F#m C#m There's nothing and there's no one Bm E That I desire but You. A E May all my days be Yours, Lord, D A My heart be given to love You, F#m C#m To treasure and to serve You Bm E A By Your sufficient grace.

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