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W W W . T C Y O N L I N E .

FMS PAPER: (11-01-2009)

Ans. (3) impotence
Ans. (4) obvious
Ans. (3) deprivation
137. The Italian Goddess of womanhood
Ans. (1) Juno
138. …………… is venision or any other meat that
Ans. (4) Pemmican
139. …………….. is a sport in which people wearing
Ans. (4) Parascending
140. Identify the old pair from the options:
Ans. (4) matador : quoits
141. Actor is to Thespian as Harlequin is to:
Ans. (4) Buskar
142. Venom is to Toxin as Venial is to:
Ans. (3) Dislike
143. Which word best refers generally to the creation
Ans. (1) Hamper
144. Which word best refers to someone who is not giving
Ans. (2) Careless
145. In which cluster all the words ignore
Ans. (2) Atheism, Agnosticism, Secularism
146. Which set of words are only nouns:
Ans. (1) analysis, praxis, thesis
147. Which set of words are only adjectives:
Ans. (2) protestant, spheroid, oratory
148. In which set each word is a noun,
Ans. (1) delegate, defeat, temporary, tertiary
149. From the options select the idiom which means:
Ans. (4) to lead with one’s chin
150. Choose the idiom from the options, which means:
Ans. (1) to hide one’s light under a bushel
151. “What’s bred in the bone will come out in the flesh?”
Ans. (2) Inherited characteristics cannot be concealed

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W W W . T C Y O N L I N E . C O M

152. “Brave men lived before Agamemnon.”

Ans. (1) Heroes need writers to commemorate them if they are to achieve eternal fame
153. In which cluster the words are in the order of the
Ans. (2) empyrean, encomium, emendation, embrocation
154. The …………….. in the dining hall was created by
Ans. (1) bonhomie, bonmot, badinage, bon viveurs
155. The outery against the revolutionary leader portrayed
Ans. (1) Factitious, Factious, Facets, Factions
156. His face wore a …………….. look when the priest
Ans. (3) Beatific, Beatified, Beatitude
157. In which cluster all the words belong to the headword: “green”
Ans. (4) all are correct
158. In which cluster all the words belong to the headword “note”.
Ans. (2) music, letter, information, observe, money, explanation
159. Six prepositions are missing in the text.
Ans. (3) in, for, to, to, for
160. Words or phrase that signal the writer’s
Ans. (2) accordingly, as a result, consequently
161. In which cluster all the ‘discourse markers’ convey:
Ans. (1) for instance, for the most part, in the same way
162. The element ‘anim’ has developed the following four
Ans. (1) animalcule, animate
163. ‘Libr’ means balance or weigh.
Ans. (2) equilibrate, Librium
164. Which quotation from the options is closest in
Ans. (1) It isn’t important to come out on top. What matters is to be the one who comes out alive (Bertolt
165. Which quotation from the options is closest in
Ans. (1) It is better to be fortunate than wise. (John, Webster)
166. Who was a ‘blue stocking”?
Ans. (1) Surekha
167. Who is a “whited sepulcher”?
Ans. (3) Reena
168. Who is in a “brown study”?
Ans. (1) Suresh
169. Who always “pulled the chestnuts out of the fire”
Ans. (4) None of these
170. Who made the “air turn blue”?
Ans. (3) Manager
171. Who is a “champagne socialist”?
Ans. (4) None of these
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W W W . T C Y O N L I N E . C O M

172. What will fall like “the wall of Jericho”?

Ans. (1) Opposing party’s arguments
173. Emerald is to May as Sapphire is to ………….
Ans. (2) July
174. Flapjack is to Macaroon as Croissant is to …………..
Ans. (1) Brioche
175. Futon is to Divan as Bench is to ………….
Ans. (4) Creepie

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