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This piece is for a choir of sixteen or thirty-two people. If the latter then each part should be doubled. Capitalised words may be sung, lower case words spoken. Pronunciations are flexible, for example; minute as my-newt or min-it. No option is superior, including unique interpretations, for example; min-oot or my-nut-e. Performers with specific timings should keep to this as strictly as possible. Performers with flexible timings, for example: one word every 1 - 2 seconds, may speak/sing a word every 1 or 2 seconds including a single exclusive time choice or the plethora of timings in-between 1 and 2 seconds. Stopwatches should only be used in parts nine through sixteen. Parts one through eight do not require a stopwatch. The minimum performance duration is twenty minutes and thirty-two seconds, but due to the indeterminate timings in some parts, the final extent may be longer.


a t A M a a a t r S a S I S r a

a a a I a a a G a I I A I S a a I I a

a a a I a a a Q M a

a a U a H T I A r b M E a I a M a

a I S U I V a G U c P O I a r a

I a a S V T I s S d s a a U M a a a

I a a A U a I a a a a

a a U a S a a M a a a a I S r U A a S r a a a

a a S a A a

a I A A a a a M a I a U a r a a U S I r I a

a a a p a a a s a d S A I r a a

a a a r I a a a a f A a a M a a

a a a a a a a a a I a M a r a a

a a A E P a a a a a H R a M a a

p U B T M a a a a a B S a r a I

m S a C a a S M U a O a a M a a

a I

a M I A

a M a

a r a



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PART NINE ONE WORD EVERY 7 SECONDS President ebullient disasters disappear uncovered existence overrated Education overcoats paintwork snowflake shepherds wellheads directing parabolas dissipate destroyed headscarf courtyard abundance struggles cigarette preparing generator thrusting reclining Bollywood overalled stitching mushrooms garnished celebrate hamburger practises erstwhile prescient explosive backwards dialectic milkshake visioning merchants spreading interview important operation situation preparing scrubland Kahramana clapboard regularly monuments cupboards prevailed beautiful aftermath shoulders mountains Operation residents commander Fertility lollipops Primaries expelling wingspans cathedral tasteless Cameraman Wednesday sixteenth strangely screaming precision advisable communist childhood organised according gesturing pigtailed spiritual Satversme Argentina Futaleuf reclining answering questions something guarantee alleyways ceasefire negotiate solutions backwards reversing speedboat smugglers innocence detainees cigarette thousands cigarette stupidity cigarette bastardise cigarette demanding economies farthings fortunate subjected agreement meanwhile agreement establish supervise wonderful President riverbank expectant blindfold guardians Gyanendra president creations attentive eradicate sprouting newsprint dispenser observers treatment effectual tribunals seductive worsening awareness religious headscarf harboured repressed afternoon corridors Countdown countries countries statement refreshed Medallist taekwondo president suspended uncertain liquidity framework consumers surprised sensation screaming classroom somewhere militants backpacks satisfied important guerrilla adoration energetic described character drunkenly Carinthia ecosystem wholesale promising labyrinth copyright copyright filmmaker crocodile underfoot postcards aftermath wholesome territory suntanned suitcases questions corridors procedure municipal denounced impounded vaccinate Australia colleague stimulate cardboard specially microwave flavoured concealed congealed afternoon

PART TEN ONE WORD EVERY 9 - 10 SECONDS prediction shattering unassuming stretching vulnerable understand

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PART ELEVEN INSTRUCTED TIMINGS [0`00``] [1`08``] [1`59``] [2`50``] [3`41``] [4`32``] [5`24``] [6`15``] [7`06``] [7`58``] [8`49``] [9`41``] [10`32``] [11`15``] [12`06``] [12`58``] [13`49``] [14`41``] [15`32``] [16`24``] [17`15``] [18`06``] [18`58``] journalists transparent businessmen calligraphy voluntarily Anniversary anniversary comfortably co-operative lubricating exhibitions perspective attributing declaration performance provocative struckapart Afghanistan condolences restaurants anonymously netherworld fibronectin [0`34``] [1`25``] [2`16``] [3`07``] [3`58``] [4`49``] [5`41``] [6`32``] [7`24``] [8`15``] [9`06``] [9`58``] [10`41``] [11`32``] [12`24``] [13`15``] [14`06``] alternative journalists metrosexual generations inhabitants politicians Shotlisting Palestinian worshippers counterfeit festivities pointillist vivaciously supervising executioner alternative choreography ricocheting temperature Afghanistan overpowered inoffensive beautifully [0`51``] [1`42``] [2`33``] [3`24``] [4`15``] [5`06``] [5`58``] [6`49``] [7`41``] [8`32``] [9`24``] [10`15``] [10`58``] [11`49``] [12`41``] [13`32``] [14`24``] [15`15``] [16`06``] [16`58``] [17`49``] [18`41``] [19`32``] Danilicheva seventeenth punctuating apocalyptic approaching approaching smouldering presidential confections possibility anniversary pessimistic candlestick commitments inspiration performance Bombardment competitive Christopher Afghanistan deliberation Peacekeeper possessions

[14`58``] [15`49``] [16`41``] [17`32``] [18`24``] [19`15``]


[0`01``] [1`22``] [2`44``] [4`06``] [5`28``] [6`50``] [8`12``] [9`34``] [10`56``] [12`18``] [13`40``] [15`02``] [16`24``] [17`46``] [19`08``]

withstanding professional gynecomastia refrigerator organisation investigates identifiable construction Negotiations verification increasingly professional concentrated intermittent institutions


[0`02``] [1`34``] [3`08``] [4`42``] [6`16``] [7`50``] [9`24``] [10`58``] [12`32``] [14`06``] [15`40``] [17`14``] [18`48``]

Stabilisation stabilisation traditionally commemoration verifications establishment encapsulating personalities extraordinary motorcyclists reproductions controversial photographers


[4`06``] [8`12``] [12`18``] [16`24``] [20`30``]

infinitesimal contraventions implementation Schwarzenegger congratulation




[10`16``] [20`32]

transformational nanotechnologist

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