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THE K-1 COOKBOOK WITH HEAVY SYRUP _ BEST BEFORE 7/15/95 NET WT.8 OZ. FROM COOK TO COOK Cooking and cusine is a gateway into any culture. Traditions and history are shared by breaking bread with old or new friends. The nomadic history of the Kirghiz people is preserved through certain foods like sari mai (clarified butter that will keep longer than fresh butter and so is easier to travel with) and lepushka (round flat bread made in a frying pan over heat that does not need to rise before baking). The people are tied together through the national dishes such as besh barmak and monti; everyone makes these dishes, everyone eats these dishes. The idea of ‘going to be a guest’ is very important here, maybe because these’s not much else to do in the evenings. For this reason food is given more respect and importance. Keep in mind that in a place where products are hard to come by, the best cook is one who knows how to substitute. If you don't have basil, don't worry about it, use some other green thing. Some recipes have been adapted from the Fannie Farmer Cookbook, Bantam Books. Happy Cooking! B yF_ CONTENTS L_INFORMATION a. regional foods: what's where, when b..nutritional values c. healthy and food safety d. conversion charts CANNING Ft E WINTER a. the process b. recipes E IIL, RECIPES a, national dishes b. potato recipes c. meat dishes d. vegetarian dishes e. salads f, soups B. eggs h. breads i. rice |. pasta k. sweet things