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Data Sheet No.

PD 96934A

Small sized 8-pin DIP type full molded package, optimum IC for lowheight SMPS Off-timer circuit is provided on the monolithic control IC Package Outline Low start-up circuit current (10uA typ) Low circuit current at operation (1.5mA typ) Avalanche energy guaranteed MOSFET with high VDSS The built-in power MOSFET simplifies the surge absorption circuit since the MOSFET guarantees the avalanche energy. No VDSS de-rating is required. Built-in Start-up circuit (the power loss in the start-up circuit is reduced by cutting off the start-up circuit after the IC starts its operation.) Auto Burst Stand-by (realizing input power<0.1W at no load) Auto Bias Function (stable burst operation without the interference on transformer) Two operational modes by auto switching functions For normal operation: PRC mode For stand-by operation (at light load): Burst mode 8 Lead PDIP Built-in Leading Edge Blanking Function Built-in constant voltage drive circuit Key Specifications Various kinds of protection functions MOSFET RDS(ON) Pulse-by-pulse Overcurrent Protection (OCP) Type VDSS(V) MAX ACinput(V) Overload Protection with auto recovery (OLP) 23015% Overvoltage Protection with latch mode (OVP) Thermal Shutdown with latch mode (TSD) 85 to 264 IRIS-A6159 650 6



Pout(W) Note 1 7 5

IRIS-A6159 is a hybrid IC consisting of a power MOSFET and a controller IC, designed for PRC fly-back converter type SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supply) applications, applicable for PRC operation for small power SMPS. This IC realizes downsizing and standardizing of a power supply system reducing external component count and simplifying the circuit design. Note: PRC is abbreviation for Pulse Ratio Control (On-width control with fixed OFF-time).

Typical Connection Diagram

8 D D

6 NC


OCP 1 Vcc 2 GND 3 FB 4

Note 1: The pout (W) represents the thermal rating at PRC Operation. The peak power output is obtained by approximating 120 to 140% of the above listed value. When the output voltage is low and ON-duty is narrow, the Pout (W) shall become lower than that of above value.


Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta=25)

Absolute maximum ratings indicate sustained limits beyond which damage to the device may occur. All voltage parameters are absolute voltages referenced to terminals stated, all currents are defined positive into any lead. The thermal resistance and power dissipation ratings are measured under board mounted and still air conditions.

Symbol IDpeak IDMAX

Definition Drain Current *1 Maximum switching current

Terminals Max. Ratings 8-3 1.8 8-3 1.8

Units A A

EAS VOCP VCC VFB/OLP Vstartup P D1 P D2 TF Top Tstg Tch

Single pulse avalanche energy *2 O.C.P. pin Voltage Input voltage for control part F.B/O.L.P pin voltage Startup pin voltage Power dissipation for MOSFET *3 Power dissipation for control part (Control IC) *4 Internal frame temperature in operation Operating ambient temperature Storage temperature Channel temperature

8-3 1-3 2-3 4-3 5-3 8-3 2-3 -

24 -0.5~6 35 -0.5~10 -0.3~600 1.35 0.15 -20 ~ +125 -20 ~ +125 -40 ~ +125 150

mJ V V V V W W

Note Single Pulse V1-3=0.86V Ta=-20~+125 Single Pulse VDD=99V,L=20mH IL=1.8A

*5 Specified by VccICC
Refer to recommended operating temperature

*1 Refer to MOSFET A.S.O curve *2 Refer to MOSFET Tch-EAS curve *3 Refer to MOSFET Ta-PD1 curve *4 Refer to TF-PD2 curve for Control IC *5 When embedding this hybrid IC onto the printed circuit board (board size 15mm15mm)

Electrical Characteristics (for Control IC)
Electrical characteristics for control part (Ta=25, Vin=20V,unless otherwise specified)

Symbol Definition VCC(ON) Operation start voltage VCC(OFF) Operation stop voltage ICC(ON) ICC(OFF) VCC(bias) TOFF(MAX) VOCP Tbw Vburst VOLP IOLP IFB(MAX) Circuit current in operation Circuit current in non-operation Auto bias threshold voltage Vcc(bias) - Vcc(OFF) Maximum OFF time O.C.P. threshold voltage Leading edge blanking time Burst threshold voltage O.L.P. threshold voltage Out-flow current at O.L.P operation Maximum F.B. current

MIN 16 9 9.6 0.2 7.3 0.69 200 0.7 6.5 18 227 340 28.7 6.6 135

Ratings TYP 17.5 10 10.6 8 0.77 320 0.79 7.2 26 300 790 31.2 7.3 -

MAX 19.2 11 4 50 11.6 8.7 0.86 480 0.88 7.9 35 388 1230 30 34.1 200 8 -

Units V V mA A V V sec V nsec V V A A A A V A V

Test Conditions
VCC=019.2V VCC=19.29V

VCC=14V VCC=209.6V


IST ART UP Startup current IST ART (leak) Startup circuit leakage current VCC(OVP ) ICC(H) O.V.P operation voltage Latch circuit sustaining current *6 Latch circuit release voltage *6

VCC=034.1V VCC=34.18.5V VCC=34.16.6V

VCC(La.OFF) Tj(TSD) Thermal shutdown operating temperature

*6 The latch circuit means a circuit operated O.V.P and T.S.D.

Electrical Characteristics (for MOSFET)

(Ta=25) unless otherwise specified

Symbol VDSS

Definition Drain-to-Source breakdown voltage

MIN 650 *7 -

Ratings TYP -

MAX 300 6 250 52

Units V A nsec /W

Test Conditions
ID=300A V1- 3 =0V(short) VDS =650V V1- 3 =0V(short) ID=0.4A

Drain leakage current IDSS RDS(ON) On-resistance tf Switching time ch-F Thermal resistance

Between channel and internal frame

*7 Internal frame temperature (TF) is measured at the root of the Pin 3.

A.S.O. temperature derating coefficient curve

IRIS-A6159 MOSFET A.S.O. Curve 100

Ta=25C Single Pulse


A.S.O. temperature derating coefficient[%]



Drain Current ID[A]

Drain current limit by ON resistance





ASO temperature derating shall be made by obtaining ASO Coefficient from the left curve in your use.

0 0 20 40 60 80 100 120
0.01 1 10 100 1000 Drain-to-Source Voltage VDS[V]

Internal frame temperature TF []

IRIS-A6159 A valanche energy derating curve 100

EAS temperature derating coefficient [%]





0 25 50 75 100 125 150 Channel temperature Tch [ ]

IRIS-A6159 MOSFET Ta-PD1 Curve 1.6 PD1=1.35[W] 1.4 1.2 Power dissipation PD1[W] 1 0.8 0.6 0.4 0.2 0 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 Ambient temperature Ta[]

IRIS-A6159 MIC TF-PD2 Curve 0.16


0.14 0.12 Power dissipation PD2[W] 0.1 0.08 0.06 0.04 0.02 0 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 Internal frame temperature TF[] 140

IRIS-A6159 Transient thermal resistance curve 10 Transient thermal resistance ch-a[/W]




time t [sec]




IRIS-A6159 Block Diagram

Startup 5 UVLO

Vcc 2

OVP Internal Bias Latch Delay

TSD 8 D Power MOS FET OFF Timer


7 D

PWM Latch




Burst FB

Blanking Discharge OCP 1 Source/OCP

Lead Assignments
Pin Assignment (Top View) S/OCP VCC GND FB/OLP 1 2 3 4 8 7 6 5 Drain Drain N.C. Startup

Pin No.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Symbol S/OCP VCC GND FB/OLP Startup N.C. Drain Drain

Other Functions
O.V.P. Overvoltage Protection Circuit T.S.D. Thermal Shutdown Circuit

Buffer 3 GND 4 FB/OLP

Description Source Pin/OCP Power supply Pin Ground Pin Feedback/OLP pin Startup pin Drain Pin Drain Pin

Function MOSFET source / Over current Protection Input of power supply for control circuit Ground Input of constant voltage control signal/over load protection signal Input of Startup current Not Connected MOSFET drain MOSFET drain


Case Outline
a. Type Number b. Lot Number 1st letterThe last digit of year 2nd letterMonth (1 to 9 for Jan. to Sept., O for Oct. N for Nov. D for Dec.) 3rd letterWeek 13 : Arabic numerals c. Registration Number

7 6 A6159

1 2 3 4

b c

Material of Pin : Cu Treatment of Pin : Solder plating Weight: Approx. 0.51g

Data and specifications subject to change without notice.

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