Oracle ASCP Introduction

Understanding Oracle ASCP - Data Collections


BOMs. processes the information based on certain pre-defined conditions and suggests the supply sources Within a single plan. Routings. Forecasts (ADS) Planning Data Pull loads data in Staging tables Planning ODS load brings in data in Operation Data Store Plan run loads data in Planning Data Store Recommendations are reviewed and released Requisitions. Discrete Jobs. Jobs. Reschedule POs.Oracle ASCP .a snapshot Planning engine that looks at your demand. Sales Orders. Requisitions . users can perform detailed planning for short-term and aggregate planning for long-term Can be configured to optimize in specific business environment based on resource and material constraints Items.

Inputs to ASCP engine Sales Order demand Order Management Inventory WIP/OSFM/OPM Existing supply DP/Demantra Purchasing Forecas t demand Planning Engine Item/ BOM/ Sourcing Data Collection Routing/ Resources .

Data collection modes Complete Refresh Clears all data from the planning server and then copies over information. Net Change Refresh Copies only incremental changes to business entities Targeted Refresh Clears transaction data for only the user-selected business entities and then copies the entity information over from the transaction instance Continuous Collection Automatic selection of mode of collection for each entity ● New data for each entity > threshold = Targeted refresh ● New data for each entity < threshold = Net Change refresh ● No change in data = No collection for that entity Legacy Collection .

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