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Ira q : Humanitarian Profile - Dec 2008

IDPs by Religion (Oct 2008) Displaced Iraqis, in thousands (as of Sep 2008, est.) Violence (Mar 2003 - 2008)
Internally Displaced Persons (Feb 2006 - Sep 2008) (as ofAssyrian Christian
31 Dec 2007)
3% Europe** 139 4.7 million Iraqis Civilians Reported Women
Total: 2.8M TURKEY 112,392
Kurd Sunni Others displaced around the
Muslim Killed per Day
Before 2006: 1.2M 3.7%
Turkey 5
world, including 2.8 Among 1,500
2006-2007: 1.6M million inside Iraq
Arab Sunni Arab Shia 75 women
Source: IDP Working Group , IOM
1 3
Muslim 31% Muslim Syrian Arab
Nineveh Erbil Source: IOM4
56.6% Republic
68% said:
106,623 62,034

1,500 Islamic
Republic 40
Ability to walk
down the street
Suleimaniya 20-50 Iraq of Iran has worsened since
2,800 *
29 2003

Mar ‘03 ‘04 ‘05 ‘06 ‘07 ‘08 64% said:
45,614 ISLAMIC Egypt Iraq Body Count figures reflect
Violence against
is increasing,
Diala documented (not estimated)
one of the reasons
136,891 REPUBLIC OF 120 Gulf States
civilian deaths from violence and
exclude combatants. For details: being less respect for
200 women’s rights

as of Sep 2008, **as of 2007
55,716 Baghdad Source: UNHCR9 , *IOM3, **UNHCR10 Source: Iraq Body Count5, Women for Women International17
• Most of the refugees outside Iraq are in Syria and • Civilians account for the majority of casualties and
Babil Wasit

Jordan and are living in urban areas such as Damascus fatalities7.

77,197 75,457
and Amman. Many are running out of money. 11 • Since 2003, 94 aid workers have been killed in Iraq (as
Kerbala • Governments in the region are struggling to cope of 27 Sep 2007); numerous others have been injured or
70,709 with huge numbers of Iraqis who have strained local kidnapped6.
Al-Qadisiya 46,523 resources and infrastructure, including schools and • Rates of violence down by 75% since mid-2007.13
25,186 health systems.11
57,716 Thi-Qar Public Distribution System (as of 1 Mar 2008) Consolidated Appeal 2009 (17 Dec 2008)
SAUDI Basrah
35,509 Dohuk Full Requirements
ARABIA Al-Muthanna
Erbil Suleimaniya
in Million USD 547M
18,331 for Iraq &
SYRIAN Nineveh 120 Food 274M the Region
IDPs Humanitarian access: ARAB Kirkuk Health for Iraq
200,000 % IDPs without assistance REPUBLIC
ISLAMIC 100 Shelter and
Non-Food Items 2008 2009
75-100 Salahuddin REPUBLIC OF
50,000 KUWAIT Education
50-75 Diala IRAN
Baghdad 80
25-50 Protection/Human Rights/Rule of Law
0 100 Km Kerbala Multi-Sector
0-25 Al-Anbar
Source: IOM , IDP Working Group
3 1
Babil Wasit 60 Coordination and
Support Services
• Humanitarian access is limited by armed • Majority of IDPs report direct threats to life, Al-Qadisiya
Economic Recovery
& Infrastructure
conflict, general insecurity and crime, and generalized violence and fear as their reasons Food Insecurity Thi-Qar
Al-Najaf Water & Sanitation
restrictions on movement. Humanitarian for fleeing1. Extremely vulnerable
Vulnerable Basrah 20
workers operate cautiously as in many cases, are • Majority of IDPs rent house, often living in % IDPs with access to PDS Al-Muthanna
deliberately targeted by armed groups1. overcrowded conditions in substandard rental without with access KUWAIT Mine Action
access 0
• 70% of IDPs highlight their need for property. Evictions are also major concern, as Source: IDP Working Group2, WFP16 SAUDI ARABIA Source: Financial Tracking System15
employment, food and adequate shelter, IDPs living in public buildings or on public land • Government set up PDS in 1996, following years of • 2009 Consolidated Appeal for Iraq and the Region
18% for improved access to water and legal are being forced to leave, and many do not have international sanctions to ensure that every citizen aims to meet immediate humanitarian needs,
aid1. another place to go1. receives a monthly food ration16. Around 12 million contribute to stabilisation and speed recovery.13
people rely heavily on PDS14. • The appeal brings unprecedented number of
Created by ReliefWeb on 18 Dec 2008 • Very limited access in Dohuk (7%), Suleimaniya humanitarian organisations together across 12
Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs - United Nations (14%) and Basrah (39%) mainly due to insecurity and countries to support Iraqis.13 – delay in transfer of PDS card to new location2.

Ira q : Country Profile

December, pumping of oil begins. outbreak of sectarian violence will have lasting Population
B e fore 1990
consequences, including massive displacement. Population: 30.3 million (2007)
1997 Mar – Arrival of first humanitarian shipments
1932 Iraq becomes independent state. under Oil for Food. Over next 6 years, $31b in
Nov – Saddam Hussein found guilty of crimes against Life expectancy (male): 60 years (2005)
1958 Military coup overthrows monarchy; Iraq humanity. His appeal rejected, he is hanged on 30 Dec.
humanitarian aid and equipment delivered. Source: UNDP18, UN Population Division19

declared a republic. Nov – UN SC condemns Iraq’s continued 2007 Violence continues to unravel Iraqi society. Vast
1975 Iraq and Iran sign treaty to end border disputes. non-compliance with weapons inspection regime. displacement, lack of goods and services, and insecurity Water
1998 Dec – UNSCOM withdraws from Iraq. US and UK compound vulnerability of millions. Dohuk
1979 Iraqi Vice-President Saddam Hussein takes power Mar – Launch of International Compact for Iraq. More % of households 40%
when President Al-Bakr resigns. commence targeted airstrikes.
than $30b pledged to support 5-year plan for peace with continuous source Suleimaniya
1980 Saddam voids 1975 treaty with Iran. Iran-Iraq war 1999 Mar – UN human rights rapporteur reports failure and development. of drinking water 10%
begins. UN Security Council (UN SC) repeatedly of Iraqi government to distribute humanitarian goods,
demands cease-fire, noting heavy loss of civilian lives, and its historical and ongoing violations of rights. 2008 100% Diala
violations of humanitarian law, and Iraq’s use of Dec – UN Monitoring, Verification and Inspection 54%
Commission (UNMOVIC) established to inherit the 2008 Feb – First Consolidated Appeals Process (CAP) 50
chemical weapons, etc. for Iraq seeks $265m to meet humanitarian needs over
mandate of UNSCOM. Iraq continues to deny access to
1988 Both sides agree to UN-monitored cease-fire. inspectors. the coming year. 0
Infrastructure and population centers severely Jun – Requirements revised to $274m.
damaged; vast contamination by landmines and UXO. 2000 - 2007 19 Nov – Launch of CAP 2009. Avaibility of drinking water
28 Nov – Ratification of Status of Forces Agreement
2002 Sep – At UN General Assembly, US President Bush (SOFA) by majority of Iraqi parliament.
calls for action against Iraq. Four days later, Iraq agrees 78% continuous 22% irregular
to allow unconditional weapons inspections. UK alleges Education Source: WFP16

Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction capability. 70% of schools One in five primary Base map sources:
Nov – Resolution 1441 provides Iraq final opportunity damaged by war school-aged UN Cartographic Section, GAUL.
for compliance with previous resolutions. Weapons or neglected children unable to
1 9 9 0 − 1999 (2006/2007) go to school (2008) Narrative and statistical references:
inspectors reenter Iraq. US, UK, and Spain present 1
IDP Working Group. Sep 2008. Internally Displaced Persons in Iraq -
1990 Iraq invades Kuwait. UN SC calls for full deadline to disarm completely by 17 Mar 2003. Source: UNESCO8, UNICEF12
IDP Working Group. Mar 2008. IDPs in Iraq - Update.
withdrawal and imposes economic sanctions on Iraq, 2003 17 Mar – UN suspends operations in Iraq and 3
IOM. Sep 2008. Unpublished Raw Data. Amman.
including trade and oil embargo. Food
withdraws international staff. Three days later, US-led 4
IOM. 1 Oct 2008. Emergency Needs Assessments - Monthly Report.
military action commences. Public Distribution System 5
Iraq Body Count. Sep 2008. Unpublished Raw Data.
1991 Jan – Iraq ignores UN SC deadline for withdrawal 6
NCCI. Accessed Oct 2008. NGO Coordination Committee in Iraq
28 Mar – UN appeals for $2.2b for immediate Wheat Rice Pulses Sugar Tea Veg. oil Salt
from Kuwait. US-led coalition launches military action 9kg 3kg 250g 2kg 200g 1.25kg 100g
Homepage. [].
humanitarian assistance. UNAMI. 5 Feb 2007. Humanitarian Briefing on the Crisis in Iraq.
against Iraq ("Operation Desert Storm"). 8
UNESCO. 2007. Unpublished Report. Amman.
Mar – Following retreat from Kuwait, Iraq accepts 9 Apr – US forces advance into Baghdad.


UNHCR. 11 Apr 2008. Iraqi Displacement Map.
cease-fire. Economic sanctions remain in place. UN May – UN SC recognizes Coalition Authority pending [ ]
UNHCR. Accessed Oct 2008. UNHCR Statistifal Online Population
assessment mission foresees humanitarian catastrophe formation of sovereign Iraqi government. UN staff Adult milk Weaning Soap Detergent Infant formula
Database. [].
deployed to Iraq to assist humanitarian, political, and 250g cereals 250g 500g 1.8kg
in absence of ‘massive’ assistance. 800g
UNHCR. 8 Jan 2008. Press Release: UNHCR Appeals for $261 Million
Apr – UN Special Commission (UNSCOM) established to reconstruction efforts. for Iraqi Refugee Programmes in 2008.
UNICEF. 12 Feb 2008. Press Release: UNICEF appeals for $37 million

monitor and verify Iraqi compliance with weapons bans 15 Aug – Iraqi Governing Council established. to save vulnerable Iraqi children. Amman.
laid out in cease-fire. Regular inspections ensue. 19 Aug – Bomb attack on UN headquarters in Baghdad 2,200 kcal /pers./day 13
UN OCHA. 19 Nov 2008. Consolidated Appeal Process for Iraq and
the Region 2009.
May – UN Inter-Agency Humanitarian Programme kills 22 and injures more than 150. UN evacuates Food Insecurity 14
UN OCHA. 16 Jul 2008. Consolidated Appeal Process for Iraq 2008 -
established to assist vulnerable Iraqis; funding remaining staff. Food insecure people Additional food insecure people if Mid-Year Status Update.
PDS discontinued
1991–1996 totals $964m. Dec – Saddam Hussein captured by US fvorces in Tikrit. 15
UN OCHA. Accessed 17 Dec 2008. Financial Tracking Service.
2007 0.93 Million 7.4 M []
Aug – UN SC proposes limited sale of oil by Iraqi 2004 Jun – Transfer of sovereignty to Interim 3.1% 28.1% 16
WFP. 2008. Comprehensive Food Security and Vulnerability Analysis
government to finance purchase of food, medicine, and Government of Iraq. Formation of Independent 2005 4M 8.3 M in Iraq.
15.4% 47.2%
Women for Women International. Mar 2008. Stronger Women,
essential goods. Iraq refuses plan. Electoral Commission. Stronger Nations: 2008 Iraq Report.
2003 2.6 M 3.6 M 18
UNDP. 2007. Human Development Report 2007/2008.
1995 Under-5 mortality has risen from 29 to 140 2005 Jan – Estimated 8m vote in elections for 11% 26% of Iraqi population 19
UN Population Division. Accessed Dec 2008. World Population
deaths per 1000 since 1991. Poor sanitation and water Transitional National Assembly. Chronic Malnutrition (stunting) Prospects: The 2006 Revision Population Database.
treatment cause serious public health hazards. Oct – Draft Constitution adopted in nationwide 27.6
Agricultural sector is crippled by lack of supplies. FAO referendum. Disclaimers:
reports 4m at serious risk of malnutrition. Dec – Iraqis vote for Parliament. Shia-led United Iraqi 9.1
The boundaries and names shown and the designations used on all maps do

April – “Oil for Food” drafted to authorize sales of Iraqi 21.8 not imply official endorsement or acceptance by the United Nations.
Alliance emerges as winner, without absolute majority. The data and information represented originates from public sources as
oil to purchase humanitarian goods. 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007
indicated. ReliefWeb makes every effort to use the latest available data and to
2006 Feb – Bomb attack destroys the golden dome of ensure that its products are accurate, complete and timely, but no warranties
1996 May – Iraq accepts Oil for Food proposal. By the Shia Muslim Al-Askari Mosque in Samarra. Resulting
Source: WFP16 are made to this effect. Comments are welcome to