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Title : The Benefits of ICT to the Malaysian. I. Introduction Definition of ICT A.

According to Rose (2005) the definition of ICT (information and communications technology - or technologies) is a term that includes any communication device or application of technologies that conclude radio, television, telephone, computer and network, hardware and software, satellite systems and so on. ICT has become significant because it helps people in their education, working environment and social.


Finally, ICT also make big impact in our social life. A. Social networking 1. Anderson (2009) defines the term social networking as referring to “the networked tools that allow people to meet, interact and share ideas, artifacts and interests with each other”. . 2. We are able to communicate with people very easily using computers, mobile phones, etc. We can become part of online social networks, making friends with people from all over the world. 3. The finding of Burson-Marsteller Asia Pasific in 2011 indicated that 64.7% or 16,900,000 of 26,160,256 Malaysia population are internet user. There are many social networking sites that can be access in Malaysia. According to Kent (2011), the top 5 social networking sites in Malaysia that become hits are 1. Facebook 75.5%, 2. Yahoo 56.5%, 3. Blogspot 42.4%, 4. 21.8% and 5. MSN 19.7%. B. Online Shopping 1. Computers and Internet connections mean that many of the tasks that involved us leaving the house, for example, shopping for music, clothes or food, can now be done on-line. 2. Online shopping gives us more choice of products and saves us time. It is also great from those who are unable to get out of the house easily, such as the elderly, or the disabled.

5 million Internet Buyers been estimated. The most product that been purchased online is Travel (included air tickets) that took 82. Kent (2011) give the statistics from IDC Malaysia that in the year 2010 there are about 8. In the year 2012 10. B. There are about 56.9 million Internet Buyers that been involved in Online Shopping. Benefits of ICT make our life excellent.3.21% of Internet Buyers. Conclusion A. . Life is not at best without ICT.35% of Internet User that not using Internet to do shopping because of safety issue.

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