In this situation it is very important to design an effective interview for hiring new nurse.

The design is structured, composing both structured and behavioral questions. The people who interview and rate the applicant nurses and then use the rating sheets anchored with examples of good or bad answers to rate the given answers by the applicant nurses. The designing of such effective interview must follow these sequential steps: Step 1: Analyze the job. At first we write a job description with a list of job duties, required knowledge, skills, abilities and other qualifications. The job description may be like thisJob description for the nurses: • Registered Nurse : pediatrics, trauma and maternity • Assists the medical practitioners as their team to examine patients, administer treatment. • Observes records and reports on patients' condition and their reactions to drugs and other treatments. Job Qualification : • Must be in nursing profession as Diploma, Registered nurse or Midwife. • Capable to make communication in English language. • Friendly with computer system to record their job. Other requirements: • Minimal two years of experience to work in a hospital • Must have motivation to work as nurse. The nurses will get attractive salary, annual leave, return airplane ticket, accommodation such as housing and transportation. If you interest to work in private hospital like ours and want to apply the job vacancy above, send your resume to the E-mail: Only candidate in shortlist will get contact by them to join test recruitment nurse.

Step 2: Rate the main duties. Recognize “Assists the medical practitioners as their team to examine patients, administer treatment.” As the main duty of the nurses and then proceed to the further stages of interview.

Can you describe a situation connected with nursing that mad you angry? 14. What are some things that you have done in this respect? 15. We have all tried different ways of showing consideration for others. Have you ever been burned out? When? What did you do about it? 7. How many years do you se yourself staying with this hospital? 21. What led to your interest in nursing? 3. What type of colleague does you least like to work with? 18. Now develop a questionnaire for interviewing applicants. When you are experiencing a stressful work situation. Tell me about yourself. in a rude and haughty tone. Are there any questions that you have for me? . 6. which you knew to be top-notch and absolutely accurate? 10. Describe a challenging problem you faced on one of your clinical rotations. Do you think you will be a career nurse or eventually look for another profession? Why? 11. what would your do? 17. 2. Describe a situation in which you found yourself working with someone who was very sensitive and thin-skinned? 13. 20. What are some ways that you feel that nursing can become more professional? 16. how do you relax? 5. How did you solve the problem? 4. How would you respond if asked by the head nurse to do some of the menial tasks for patients that are normally not your responsibility? 8. Describe a situation connected with nursing that you experienced in the last year that made you angry. If you were told that the nursing field was closed and that you could not become a nurse. a doctor questioned your work. How would you respond if. Give a specific example of a time when you knew you did a good job as a nurse.Step 3: Developing interview questions. This can be used as a questionnaire. What type of nursing tasks do you find most objectionable? 19. How do you go about making a decision? 22. How do you relax when faced with stressful work situations? 9. Why did you decide to become a nurse rather than a doctor? 12. INTERVIEW QUESTIONS FOR NURSES 1.

Step 4: Create standards for answer. II. III. Step 5: Appoint the interview panel and conduct the interview. Step 2: follow the design properly.Hussam Directors of pediatrics. . Step 4: ask all applicants the entire question instead of random questioning. The interview panel consists of I. The HR director. trauma and maternity departments The nursing director Now all panel members record the answers of the applicants on scorecard and hire according to it. Now it is determine ideal answer for each question answered. To conduct an effective interview these steps must be followed: Step 1: make the interview panel fully aware about what the duties are associated with the job and qualifications it requires. Step 3: get organized that means conduct the interview as required environment. As we have the appropriate design for an effective interview it is also important to conduct an effective interview.

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