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1x06 – The Long Con

(James ‘Sawyer’ Ford Centric)

Previously on LOST:

1) Walt going missing in the jungle.

2) Sawyer, Michael, Claire and Luke getting on the helicopter.
3) Locke coming out of the jungle and saying “They said they
were coming for us”.
4) The helicopter taking off.
5) Locke, Sayid, Sun, Jin and Boone returning to the beach
and seeing the helicopter taking off.
6) Jin collapsing on the beach.

Flashback. Interior. Hotel Room. Night.

The light is turned off in the room as we see the hotel door
open and a man and woman walk in. They are in the middle of
kissing as the door swings close and the man flicks the light on.
We see that it is Sawyer. Sawyer leads the girl over to the bed
and she falls on top of him, kissing him. Just as they are about
to go further a phone rings and Sawyer gets up from the bed
and goes over to his jacket which is lying over a chair in the
corner of the room. Sawyer takes his cell phone out of the
jacket pocket and answers it.


Man On Phone:
You busy?

Yeah actually, I’m with Sally.

Man On Phone:
Oh? Well tough shit, I’m coming round.

The man hangs up the phone and Sawyer turns to look at Sally.

I’m sorry, babe.
It’s alright.

She stands up and walks over to the door. She opens it and
turns back to Sawyer.

Gimme a call, alright?

She walks out of door but before it closes a man walks into the
room. The man looks down the corridor as Sally walks away
and he whistles.

Whoa! She’s a looker.

What do you want, Hibbs?

It’s time.

Time for what?

The Tampa job...

The camera pans round to Sawyer’s face as the flashback

sound is heard...

Interior. Helicopter. Night.

The camera shows the outside of the helicopter flying through

a storm before cutting to the inside. The camera is focused on
Sawyers face as we see Claire, Luke and Michael in the back.
Michael has his head in his hands.

Yo, dude. What’s wrong Mike?
(Looking up) What do you think is wrong with me? I just left my
son! On some god-forsaken island in the middle of know where.

Don’t worry, they’ll probably have found him by now. He’ll be
on the next flight.

Yeah, and how long is that gunna take? I have to get back to
Walt! I’m all he has.

Michael takes out a photo of him and Walt and looks at it as

Claire puts her hand on his shoulder.

Don’t worry Claire, its gunna be okay.

Claire smiles reassuringly as the camera cuts to:

Interior. Unknown Location. Night.

We see a room cast in darkness with only moonlight

illuminating it. We can hear someone moving around in the
room but we don’t know who it is. The person suddenly moves
forward and begins to bang on the door loudly. The camera
pans to the person’s face and we see it is Walt!

Daaaaaaaaaaad! Daaadddd! Let me out!

The camera zooms into Walt’s face as it smashes to black.

Commercial Break

Exterior. Beach. Night.

The camera opens up to show several people grouped around

Jin lying on the beach. We see Sun, Jack, Kate and Sayid
grouped around him.
Jiiiiiiiiiiinnn! Oh my god Jin!

Sun, please move back. It’s going to be okay.

Kate takes Sun around the shoulders and gently guides her

What’s wrong with him, Jack?

I dunno, I’ve never seen anything like this before. He has a rash
on his neck and chest which is spreading by the moment.

And... is he going to be ok?

Not helping Sayid!

Well then, what can I do to help?

Go and find some people, get them to look through the
suitcases. I need some medicine.

Sayid nods and rushes off as the camera cuts to:

Interior. Helicopter. Night.

The camera is on Luke this time who is sat beside Claire. Claire
seam’s to be asleep.

So tell me, Howard, what’s your story?

What you mean?
Like, how did you pick up my call? Where did you come from?
And where are you taking us?

I work in a listening station monitoring phone calls. That’s how I
managed to pick up your call. I came from... Fiji. And that’s
where I’m taking you too. Anything else you wanna know?

How long is it going to take us to get to Fiji?

I dunno, about an hour or two.

The camera pans over to Sawyer’s face as the flashback sound

is heard...

Interior. Cafe. Day.

We see Sawyer and the man Hibbs sitting down in a cafe. A

woman is stood over them taking their order.

I’ll have a beer and a chicken sandwich please, doll.

And you, sir?

Erm... I’ll just have the same, thanks.

The camera pans up to show the woman and we realise is it

Diane Janssen, the woman with the tumour from Jack’s
flashback. Diane walks off leaving us with Sawyer and Hibbs.

So how’re we going to do this then?

I’ll fill you in on all of the details later. In private. But first, I
want you too look at this.
Hibbs takes out a pamphlet and hands it to Sawyer as Diane
walks back over and gives them their food and drinks. She
walks off as Sawyer picks up the pamphlet and looks at it.

What’s Mittelos Bioscience?

Have a look for yourself.

Hibbs smiles at Sawyer who begins to look through the

pamphlet as Hibbs takes a bit of his sandwich. The flashback
sound is heard...

Exterior. Beach. Night.

We see Sayid and Hurley running over to Jack with bags in their

Dude, we got medicine!

They hand the bags to Jack who begins to look through them.
After a moment he gives up.

What? What is it?

It’s not there! There’s nothing I can do for him.

The camera pans down to Jin as it fades to black.

Commercial Break

Interior. Helicopter. Night.

We see that everyone is now awake although Michael still has

his head in his hands.

Do you realise that we don’t seem to have gone anywhere?
There’s no land anywhere.

Give it a break man, let the guy do his job.

I’m just saying. I’m getting quite hungry now. We’ve been flying
for hours!

Well you quit complaining?! I’m doing you guys a favour and all
you are doing is having a go at me!

How long do you think it’ll be though?

We’re nearly there.

The camera once again focuses on Sawyer’s face as the

flashback sound is heard...

Flashback. Interior. Mittelos Bioscience. Day.

We see Sawyer sat down at a table talking to a man opposite


I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for coming into too
see us today Mr. Ford.

No at all, Mr. Watkins.

Mr. Watkins:
So, does Mr. Hibbs know yet?

Does Hibbs know that?

Mr. Watkins:
That you played him of course. Making him think that it was his
idea to do the Tampa Job. Speaking of which, did you manage
to get it?

Of course.

Sawyer holds up his brief case which he hands to Mr. Watkins.

Mr. Watkins stakes the case and opens it too look inside. We
don’t see what is inside of it though.

Mr. Watkins:
Ah thank-you, Mr. Ford. I’d like to welcome you to Mittelos

The two men shake hands as the flashback sound is heard...

Exterior. Beach. Day.

We see Jin sitting up, with Jack, Sun, Kate, Sayid and Hurley still
crowded around him.

Thank-you so much, Jack.

I didn’t do anything, Sun. He just... got better himself.

Jack smiles as Sun hugs Jin.

(Whispering) Jack, may I speak with you for a moment?

Yep, sure.

Jack and Sayid stand up and move away from the rest of the

What’s up?
When we were out, looking for food, we were surrounded by
whispering in the jungle. I saw two people, a man and a
woman, when I climbed a tree for fruit. We found two corpses in
a cave where we discovered water. Jack, we’re not alone on this
island. There are other people here. A lot more people I believe.

(Looking around at the group) You think everyone here is who
they say they are?

I don’t know. When I and Hurley were looking for medication for
you to treat Jin, we discovered the flights manifest. Hurley is in
the middle of looking through it right now.

Do you actually believe that there could be someone in our
group who wasn’t on the plane?!

The camera pans round to show the rest of the survivors on the
beach as it cuts to black.

Commercial Break.

Exterior. Beach. Day.

Hurley runs up the beach towards Jack and Sayid.


What is it Hurley? What have you found?

(Breathless) The helicopter! They’ve left...

What?! Who?!
The camera focuses on each of their faces briefly before
cutting to:

Interior. Helicopter. Day.

The camera focuses on Howard as he pilots the helicopter.

Brace yourself... we’re coming in to land.

The camera pans out to show the helicopter as it lands on a

beach. The propellers slow down and eventually stop. Howard
opens his door and gets out, followed by Sawyer. Howard opens
the side door and helps Claire down who is then followed by
Michael and Luke. They look around the beach.

Wait... this is still the island. You haven’t taken us anywhere!

The camera pans to show Howard who is stood beside Sawyer

as the flashback sound is heard...

Interior. Unknown Location. Day.

We see Sawyer sat down at a table as the door opens. A man

walks into the room and sits down opposite Sawyer.

James, nice too see you again.

You too, Tom.

Welcome to the island, James.

The camera focuses on Sawyer’s face as it cuts to black.

Next Time:

VO: With the traitor unmasked

1) Clip of Sawyer sat with Tom

VO: What will the rest of the survivors do when they realise that
three of their number is in danger?

1) Clip of Libby saying – “What about Walt?”

2) Locke, Jack, Boone and Kate walking through the jungle.
3) The monster sound in the jungle as Hurley, Nadia and
Libby look into the tree’s.

Main Cast (Order of appearance):

Sawyer – Josh Holloway
Claire Littleton – Emilie De Ravin
Luke Parsons – Eric Dane
Michael Dawson – Harold Perrineau
Jin Kwon – Daniel Dae Kim
Sun Kwon – Yunjin Kim
Jack Shepherd – Matthew Fox
Kate Austin – Evangeline Lilly
Sayid Jarrah – Naveen Andrews
Hugo ‘Hurley’ Reyes – Jorge Garcia

Guest Starring (Order of appearance):

Sally Fawns - ???
Hibbs – Robert Patrick
Howard Tolland - David Boreanaz
Walt Lloyd – Malcolm David Kelly
Diane Janssen – Beth Broderick
Mr. Watkins - ???
Tom ‘Friendly’ – M. C. Gainy

Questions Raised:

1) Where is Walt being kept?

2) Who has him locked up?
3) Why does this character Diane Janssen seem to have
connections to various characters from the plane crash?
4) What is Mittelos Bioscience?
5) What was in the case that Sawyer gave to Mr. Watkins?
6) What was the Tampa Job?
7) How did Jin get better if Jack didn’t do anything?
8) If Sawyer was already on the island, why was he with the
9) Why was he on the island initially?
10)What will happen to Claire, Michael and Luke?