Mobile Testing Services

Agenda Why Testing… Overview Service Offerings Mobile Application Testing Value Add to Clients Excellence | Partnership | Commitment .

Why Testing… Knowingly making Wrong  Decisions Excellence | Partnership | Commitment .

Why Testing… Compromising Quality Excellence | Partnership | Commitment .

Overview A little about us Excellence | Partnership | Commitment .

Service Offerings Mobile Testing Application Testing Conformance Testing Installation & Activation Testing Value Added Testing WAP & Application Testing Message Services Testing Field Testing Network Testing Connectivity Testing Multimedia & Application Testing UI Testing File Format Testing Excellence | Partnership | Commitment .

Standalone applications reside in the device and do not interface with external systems. Mobile applications can be classified into standalone applications and enterprise applications. Conversely. Excellence | Partnership | Commitment . enterprise applications interface with external systems through Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) or Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and are built to perform resource-intensive transactions that are typical of corporate computing environments.Service Offerings Mobile Application Testing Mobile Application Testing is a technique to verify that the applications residing on a mobile device works as expected.

Need for Mobile Application Testing Rendering of images positioning on screen due to difference in display of Mobile Mobile devices have different application runtimes Verify application performance for all desired configurations of hardware Applications compatibility testing with WAP-enabled as well as HTTPenabled devices Measure the performance of applications for various network bandwidths Determine the network traffic level at which gateway capabilities will impact the performance of the mobile application Excellence | Partnership | Commitment .

Graphic User Interface and compatibility tests Data and content tests Performance Testing by executing multiple applications concurrently • • • Excellence | Partnership | Commitment . The test cases are written by experienced mobile test experts to cover the following aspects of an application on a mobile device: • Understanding and examining the user flows alienated as the basic. alternate and exceptional flows of applications on a device.Mobile Application Testing How we do it Testing of mobile applications is done by manual execution of test cases and visual verification of the results.

features and VAS compliance testing Customizing handsets for various specific markets…. Micro level analysis To ensure brand pull and market goodwill via customer satisfaction and acceptance To ensure quality of products and services offered in the market Excellence | Partnership | Commitment . analysis. customization for better performance Application.Value Add to Clients Hardware & software quality checks.

Excellence | Partnership | Commitment .

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