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July 21st, 2012 Our species today has accepted the simple fact that we are dependent on one

of our natural resources that will slowly become more and more expensive as we move forward in time, although there are some innovations that have been developed to somewhat reduce this dependence, they are only a small tear in the fabric of the resource that dictates our everyday life style. Even if each of us had the wherewithal to meet the financial demands put upon us by the few that control the resource, oil, there will come a time when the cost will overwhelm the man-in-the-street, as the controllers need more of the world currency to explore and retrieve the oil from hard to find and process the magical burning material. All across the western world the man-in-the-street is slowly awakening to the fact that the control of his existence is in the hands of some unseen entity that he really believed was a sort-of fictional character in one of William Shakespeares plays in this the man is now realizing that what he was taught to believe that war was the ultimate cruelty was but the prelude to the unmanageable cruelty of the sometimes un-seen manipulations of the powers to be that control the natural resource that lubricates the wheel of progress in his technological world. Our recent history is full of the manipulation of our politics for the flow of the black gold, where after WWI the oil entities re-drew the borders in the Middle East to facilitate its access and control, money flowed like water over a collapsed dam into certain hands an investment that at the time was consider extravagant to a few has paid dividends one million times or more over the years. Unfortunately (for the powers-to-be) above the mass of humanity the one thing that has secured their position, communications, has been let loose with a force unparallel across the world in the form of a network that seems beyond destruction the Web. This expanding network is slowly exposing the powerful hierarchy of the ones in control, as they attempt to deflect the increasing information morphing its way into

the public awareness they fumble and issue statements that are being met with the true facts of their lines and methods of rule. In some parts of our planet governments make feeble moves to control the lines of communications, moves that are soon (although sometimes slowly) pushed aside permitting the word of the masses to filter down to the ones they sought to control. The true rebel is not some hell-bent madman racing across the landscape rifle or sword waving in the air, but the rebel who spends his or her waking hours making sure that the lines of communication remain open. This rebel is the snapshot of the future, a future that demonstrates a revolution from within humanity that may seem to be ahead of its time, but never-the-less is here. Out of this revolution it is certain that a new set of leaders will emerge, and not unlike all leaders will bend to the attraction of power and sometime in the future will fall to a new process it seems to be our path through the cosmos, the new replaces the old and life goes on. Today the process involves the opening of the eyes of the people caught in the middle of the power-struggles of the elites, this process could have been a distant sign (as some say) from the scholars of the ancient Myan who chose to end their calendar on 12-21-2012, not that I believe in such things, but the date is coming closer and closer while we watch the stone walls constructed over the years by parts of our society being chipped away. Yet, before the reader reaches a pitch of extreme excitement, it must be remember the other rule of our Universe freedom diminishes as numbers increase a simple but factual part of any formula, especially true when it applies to humans. This natural law is more apparent today than ever, yet riding side saddle with this natural law is that of pretense of secrecy amongst the general population, with the natural progression of open communications is also diminishing what lurks behind the curtain of humanities future is a society that will have to adapt and learn not only the decrease of an open-ended vision of freedom but one that will adapt to a influx of information that will confuse the mind-set of its recipients. The congregation of the powerful today point at the gathering of the street-people protesting the rule of the elites calling them mobs, in this throwing their trained security forces in mass, with some getting a bit carried away killing unarmed participants of the protest conveniently following past events the politically elite throw the label terrorism about in their drive to eliminate the informed. Wait, no matter the size of our Universe, planet or local environment one must realize we exist

in a closed environment, a system (if you need a definition) a system than must maintain a stable yet fluid condition in order to survive, whereas if someone along the way constructs an obstacle that stops or impedes that flow causes the collapse of that system. Those today who have created a block or a situation that caused a deviation in the flow are slowly realizing the consequence of their actions, they are realizing that their attempts to hang on to their control has over balanced the system to where it is swinging back to achieve its natural condition. Hidden inside most religions, informal or organized there is an unconscious thought of hostility towards life, whereas in our frontal lobes we learn that the true religion projects a life full of joys that are pleasing to the eyes of God (pick you own form). Accompanying this is the fact that knowledge without action is an empty package in this it becomes apparent that the teaching of religion by rules and rote is by in large a hoax in this we see that your knowledge and acceptance of your indoctrination into a particular religion guarantees you abject success at the end-ofthe-day. Additionally riding inside all successful religions, in our popular history are illusions: evil men never prosper; only the brave deserve the fair; honesty if the best policy; actions speak louder than words; virtue always triumphs; a good deep is its own reward; any bad human can be reformed; religious talismans protect one from demon possession; only females understand the ancient mysterious; and the rich are doomed to unhappiness. Youre not sure of these illusions, check the news from time-to-time. Man structured as he is realizes that there are certain uncertainties into any accepted belief, shunning most of these he falls back on his teachings thinking that is not in his lifestyle to question his or her God, or demand an answer that cannot be answered. Knowing this we still permit our religions to become more and more rigid, more conforming and oppressive, creating new and sometimes large institutions along the way, objects that only reinforce the concept of the divine religion; once again pick one. Today, it appears that man has chosen a new God, wealth, and in doing so will move mountains and mole hills to achieve the position of wealth. Albeit in the creation of wealth the elite profess their acceptance of this religion or that one they subject those below them to simple obedience by playing on the fact that their previous indoctrination into this or that religion that the masses must obey the mantra, I am not the person I want to be with the hope that they will disregard the manipulations above them that are actually guiding their life and by all means do

nothing to upset the flow of lifeI chuckle. practicality!


Morality is always based on

We all know that behind all this philosophical nonsense there is a question that can be boiled down to one aspect of our nature, Why is there anything? Whereas every religious, business and governmental question has the single derivative, Who will exercise the power? Come on think about it, every alliance, combine, or complex will always chase mirages unless they go for the power all else is pure nonsense you agree, you should because that is our make up, its in our genes, or physic and whatever else you wish to label it. This is why the seemingly Occupy Movement is being deemed ineffective here in the United States, and why you see the demonstrations in other parts of the world as a hopeless gesture of the mobs as a blip on the resultant overthrow of one leader or another, look at Egypt for instance a government locked in quicksand with the only result being more violence rule of nature every disturbance must have a leader. How that leader is shaped or molded must be the result of the disturbance, problem is, how to maintain the guideline that provided his or her creation. One must be found that can maintain the supreme rule of leadership for as long as the upcoming change is necessary, where he or she must assume the irrevocable responsibility for the ruled, they are more than in a sense the husbandman, a demand the requires a selfless act of love which may only be amusing to those that are ruled. Government is a fine example, a new leader begins with the idea that they must improve on the government, after a short time they find out that government is but a hideous contrivance with a plastic memory, they shape it in a manner they feel is fitting for the time frame. But if they relax but just a moment is snaps back into an ancient pattern unfortunately it is a natural form that seems as ancient as time itself. When one peers back through history he or she sees that every Empire, Nation or people live their time and then disappear, lately due to this or that the time of a Empire seems compressed as compared to the ones that came before, we look back lets say at the collapse of the Roman Empire in a history book, where it is noted in a chapter or paragraph and think were looking at history that when you include the Roman Republic was a period of a little less than 1,000 years what we read in our history today is like watching a 10 second video clip on your TV. What is our history compared to the Romans time on our planet a little less than 20% or maybe a bit more.

It is (if you recall nothing else) important to remember, that belief can be manipulated and that it is only knowledge that is dangerous in other words believers can be guided by the invisible forces, while those who know are a bit more educated are harder to convince. Along with this rides another old axiom, every civilization must contend with an unconscious force which can block, betray or countermand almost any conscious intention of the collectivity this needs no translation. One other saying from our not so distant past is When religion and politics ride in the same cart, when the cart is driven by a living holy man, nothing can stand in their path. Scary but true, look at how hard Osama attempted to reach his divinity look at the actions of some of the religious right, they preach the word of peace tied onto the flight of a screaming arrow with nothing but death embedded on the arrowhead. If anyone questions their motives they scream heresy, it is their way and their calling as it is with other religiously bent people across the world why do you think the Jews have hung onto the holocaust for so many years, while we all know that their holocaust was and has not been the first one or even the last one in our history yet at the drop of a pin a person is labeled an anti-Semitic if they question an action by the State of Israel. While youre at consider that raw power only attracts more raw power, making the original intent of the implementation or intent of the show of raw power infinitely vulnerable to the greater powers. Unfortunately power corrupts, even to the point that it masks the user to where they no longer realize their ignorance. As a technical society we are beginning to understand that our Universe is still growing, in other words it is unfinished, in this it is still being designed and built upon, our imaging devices are slowly peeling back the tremendous distances that conceal its vastness and mystery even today the scholars released a piece of news telling us they have discovered a spiral galaxy that shouldnt exist which reminds us that were still in pre-school when it comes to our Universe. While we stumble around in our environment of learning, even though we have developed and used once technology we call nuclear, we are but babes in the woods we call for world peace and threaten those who disagree with weapons one can only conceive of were a strange breed you have to admit. It really makes not the slightest difference how advanced we believe our civilization to be, despite the developments we see around us, the complexity of our society remains just out of reach, this is especially true for those who achieved in some small

manner a position of power. Once in the chair of power few realize that their day-today activity will cause a ripple in the future of humankind, others walk gently using a cautious motion along with measured words to cause but a minor disturbance in the fabric of time it is the mark of a true leader who is but a dim candle establishing the path of those he leads. It is in this leader that we find the person who understands that you cannot stop a mental epidemic, an epidemic that leaps from person to person faster than the speed-of-light with the power of a thermonuclear explosion, an epidemic that is more contagious than any disease known to mankind, one that sometimes employs brut force as it slams against the fortress constructed by the powers-to-be, while at other times slips and slithers under the same wall without betraying its presence it becomes a unstoppable plague that slits, rips and brings immeasurable fear to those who deny its existence. Unannounced with no parades of conquest it will change the face and purpose of a Nation and it people. Sitting deep within all of humanity is the simple, yet complicated is the attraction to Universal Love, while it may also be true that one cannot establish an effective political rule based on love, we understand that we need the leader to rule with a firm grip almost to the border of unbridled despotism we scream and rip our humanity to deny the likes of Hitler or Stalin, but in this we all know and understand that too much freedom breeds chaos. Some in our society rant and rave that we are different in that our land has laws, while others point to the fact that law is intended to but filter chaos, allowing some of the chaos to drip through as a controlled substance of order. Yet our free will pokes and twists the law creating in some instances rational interpretations to fit the moment, which when you examine this moment youll find that the interpretation is just a matter of convenience for this group or that one. Law as passed down even by his God to Moses has been torn apart, sifted and stretched to fit almost every event in our history although the basis remains, it reveals many interpretations. Our forefathers in the creation of the United States understood that their government could not be religious and self-assertive at the same time, whereas a religious experience needs a certain amount of spontaneity accompanied with laws that inevitably will suppress and that it would be a deadly paradox to have a country constructed without laws, whereas religious laws are made to guide or replace morality, conscience and maybe ever replace the religion by which you

think you govern. Government on the other hand is a cultural organism rift with doubt, questions and ideas, some fresh and some reused outside of the walls of religion without this liberty, tying the government to a handed down unbending law of religion a country would eventually fail from within. Leaders of any country must be taught that there exists a limit to an application of force, even the most powerful, whereas it application will most certainly lead to the leaders downfall, and might even end the countrys government it is a age old rule that law cannot be a tool of vengeance, nor can anyone hold the law as hostage, while in the same token it cannot be a shield to those that it has created. Just as the Universal Law states for every action there is a re-action, so a manmade law carries the like results man must toss around in his troubled mind that within the Universe there are situations, problems or what-have-you that do not have a solution, at the very least a solution created or provided by man. Today because of the greed and corruption of a few the West is experiencing a deep recession, whereas it is also the truth of a well know axiom that production growth and income growth go hand in hand with the success of a society, once this balance is tilted one way or the other the system will fail, as a matter of fact it cannot but help to fail. Once the balance is sideways, the path to achieving the balance is long and hard, again we see this in the history of the Romans their society collapsed because they no longer employed their production, albeit their production was the act of War and the accumulation of foreign land the population bore the brunt of their decision, a two edged sword at best in that the population demanded the end of war, some maintain a concept that should be once again become part of our society. We look back no further than one decade to see the result of the oil corporations and their push to accumulate the reserves of Iraq, and to maintain a certain amount of purpose in their governments rush to war a sideshow in Afghanistan in the name of terror war as a tool of progress has outlived it usefulness, not by anyones particular choice but by the simple reason that as a society we are changing. Yes there are still those who depend on the act of war to build their financial worth, those who drive the machine today are constructing various improvements including theyre just destroying other inanimate objects on the enemies side. Some within our borders no longer draw a distinction between guerrillas and terrorists, lumping them into a concise package and making war on them with drones that remove the human element from the battle line somehow believing that maybe

equal strength, especially if this group happens to be of a different religious faith. Today we see the country of Syria being ripped about by a civil war, just as we witnessed in Libya last year, amongst the sidelines we find many of our citizens that dont know where Syria is, or for that matter could really care all they see is that a brown skinned race on the other side of the Atlantic in the Middle East (wherever that is) are killing each other they hold their cheering behind closed doors that is until the favorite pet of the United States Israel jumps into the fray and these same few want to send in B-52s dropping bunker busters all over the place. Our civilization today is heavily dependant on a number of our natural resources, the one most demanding and costly in terms of revenue and the loss of human life is oil, riding alongside with oil on an equally pale horse is electricity, and not too far behind both the galloping steeds on another pale horse, water. Unfortunately or naturally this dependence that we all share has upset the scale of life, our balance of existence is skewed, in this we are now seeing that it will take a long-hard pull to return to a life of balance what has to be done? Im not equipped to provide a single or even a multitude of solutions, besides any one else that makes the attempt will be branded a liberal its only natural, while most hang on to their conservative ways remember the only constant in our Universe is change. Water if the only thing that sustains all life on this planet, although oil and electricity are late comers to the races they have temporarily outstripped the value of the third one, although it is slowly closing the gap. There will come a time in our future when water which we take for granted in some parts of our world will sooner than we believe become as valuable as the other two and shortly thereafter run far ahead in both scarcity and value. When you sit back and examine value of oil you must realize or consider that a certain number of entities depend entirely on it for the profit it generates, profits that produce enormous pots of wealth in order that these entities can further their presence in your and my life. Close your eyes for a minute or two and try to imagine if something or someone was to reduce the amount of oil or in some manner our dependence of its importance in our daily existence. These same entities will do everything in their power to maintain the value of their investment and that huge pot of gold it represents, anything is an accurate word in what theyll do to maintain their position, including but not limited to assassinations. It is important to remember

the first and most important rule in profit is the rule of Supply and Demand where profit is limited by that necessity which is available in the least amount, whereas the demand increases the profit on the least amount available it is these two rules that strictly control the amount of oil in the market place at any one given time a fact of trade as old as time itself. Today it is not enough that there maybe a high fluctuation in oil availability or even a reduced price per barrel, whereas it is the conversion of that crude into a useable product at various refineries scattered across the globe, and the shipment of that refined product regions of the world with the highest demand in other words if every American reduced his or her consumption by 50%, the price at local gas station would in all likelihood not follow suit, why? The refineries in the USA would simply ship their product to lets say China where the demand is much higher and a greater profit is gained, it is called capitalism. Our other addiction is to the new devices that a great many of us parade around with, little digital machines that along with our much bigger machines allow us to waltz across the other invention that permits our access to information beyond our limited imagination, consequently we ignore most of it but there is one hitch, all these little machines and their supporting networks demand copious amounts of electricity and I mean lots of it to manufacture or produce this we either consume resources such as that dirty coal that is supposed to be causing the Climate Change, and then there are some power producing facilities that are fired by our first addiction oil, and in the minds of many the supreme evil of all of mankind nuclear generated power plants. If you have any doubt that electricity is not an addiction, exist a day or two without itit may be that you believe labeling it an addiction is wrong, and that it is not an addiction but a necessity for life, tell that to the Nomads of Mongolia or the people who live in the Amazon. There is no argument that it is a mainstay in our day-to-day existence, where the debate gets real loud is in the fact that we believe it will be around forever and that its abundance will only grow with out demand we use nearly four times as much as our parents did only 40 years ago. Our demand is to be expected to grow, for one reason our population is growing, the other being our way of life and our demands on it have morphed into a direction the majority of us did not expect consequently the demand has now created a new set of parameters, these new demands have pushed our technology outside of the simple rules of electricity, where we are dependent on a infrastructure that is sorely inadequate and will fail in many situations.

We not only depend on it as our source for our luminance at night, but our water supply is reinforced with electric pumps and our waste systems purify the waste with other devices, our gas stations use it to transfer the fuel for our cars, the ATM machines suck off a bit when you access your bank for some of our currency, traffic control, air-traffic control and every item used to zip your conversations and written words across miles and miles of communications infrastructure, to name just a few of its uses yes it has become a necessary piece of our life to be sure. In our demand for this invisible, but sometimes shocking presence, we seldom consider that most of the structures or technology that zips that invisible force into your morning coffee pot is moving along infrastructure that is years old, or decades old and that even before it perks your coffee a great deal of it is lost to an age old axiom we in the field call IR loss, which simply means the wire it travels across has resistance, this resistance impedes the flow (depending on the voltage value) a certain amount which in turn creates friction, the friction is converted to heat and is bled out of the wire all this is creates a small amount of the transmitted electricity to decrease whereas instead of a sub-station receiving the original amount from its creation source the value is less, I (current), R (resistance) IR loss in its simplest terms. Notice that when the demand increases the current I increases, therefore the IR increases face it, it is simply physics in other words your coffee pot may now be operating on the lower edge of its operating specifications, which means that it might not last longer as the voltage dips and the element inside the machine has to work harder to heat your morning go-juice. In some parts of this world water is the supreme wealth of the dry and parched land, while in other regions it is as common as the air we breathe, and soon even in those parts it will become a much sought after natural resource, water never truly disappears whereas the cycle that involves evaporation and finally rainfall is never ending, that is except when the wind currents and the tidal currents change and the regions that are used to receiving a portion of the cycle move the process and as were now seeing in parts of our planet the change is shifting our weather patterns causing a bit of a panic amongst our population. We all know and understand the Water is the creator of all life on this Blue Marble or any marble, just as we know that Hydrogen is the most common of all the elements in our Universe, the secret to water is the 2nd half of its creation Oxygen, a by product of our first organisms, and now that our civilization is marching willy-nilly

across our resource rich planet clearing vast forests for their wood, and to eventually plant crops, one would be led to believe were creating a situation that will slowly lead to our demise. All of us hide behind the mantra we label progress which by itself is a protective mechanism to shield us from the terrors of our future, in other words as we climb from our status as cave dwellers the ends justify the means, only in this case were not actually examining what we think the end is, although our end goal is to roam the heavens and maybe meet another civilization out there! That is if we survive our own masterful path of progress? In the beginning of our short but colorful history, we notice that our growth has been based on our necessity, which in effect meant the least amount utilized, thereby our most favorable conditions were dictated by our chase for more, held in check by our actual needs. We dont have that natural border any more, what we do have are the elite (corporations) dictating out growth by the rampant greed and their desire more and more from our natural resources to secure bigger profit in turn with those profits buying their way into the cycle of countries with the eventual political control over its people and the natural resources on this or that county. Since time began for Homo sapiens our inner most being is an unconscious belief that we live in a logical world, yet as we all know our world spins around but a small amount of logic, in other words what we expect from our existence is not always what we receive we learn that there will also be those in power, whereas the mandate for that power has always been a measured thing, and that even though one object or thing of power is removed another one of equal strength will soon slide into the position. And in this we learn that walking about on this planet there will always be those who have and those who have not. Although what weve seen lately in some lands is the accumulation of too many years of the abuse of this hierarchy, consequently revolutions have been born. In the United States and other western countries there is a change being brought about by the abuse of those who control the currency of many abuse mind you that has driven the world economy deep into an almost unrecoverable depression. In life there is a pattern, whereas much like our expansive Universe there can be found symmetry, elegance, and grace qualities that some have grown to respect and admire, things like the changing of the seasons, the way in which a towering wave will sweep along the sand, and a beautiful flower will open its petals in the dawn

to draw in the suns rays, or the branch of a fir tree that protects those who seek shelter in the midst of a storm. We helpless humans try to emulate these simple patterns in our life, chasing the rhythms, the flickering sun light, any and all forms that provide us with comfort, peace and yes sometimes solitude, we seek these in our goal to achieve the ultimate perfection, even though we realize that once achieved the perfection we seek death is not to far behind. That my friend is our life, someone once told me, Dont be in too much of a rush to duplicate your neighbor, for isnt it true that they have problems you havent considered. Then again, free will is not our choice, but it dictates our survival. Choice! Have a good day!