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Combined Spell List
This spell list combines all the spells from Monte Cook’s Arcana Evolved with those presented in the Spell Treasury,. Print it out and use it as a complete resource for your magisters, greenbonds, witches, runethanes, and mage blades. For more details on the Spell Treasury,, including free previews, visit www.arcanaevolved.com.
Each spell’s descriptors are noted after the spell name. Characters of certain classes (such as greenbond, mind witch, etc.) and races (such as verrik), and those with certain feats (such as Elemental Mage, Energy Mage, etc.) will find these descriptors helpful.

Acid Splash [Ac] A globe of acid strikes your target for 1d3 points of damage. Animated Tattoo Creates a moving image on a subject’s [Fa, R] body. Assess Creature Determine the HD of one creature. Bash [Ln, Si] Caster gets a +2 competence bonus to next melee attack roll. Canny Effort Caster gains +2 competence bonus on next skill check. Clarity of Mind Grants +1 bonus to Concentration checks. Comrade’s Trail You create a magical trail only your [T] friends can see. Contact [MA, Ps] Sends mental message to creature touched. Detect Disease Detects and identifies a disease. Detect Magic Detects and identifies magical auras. Detect Poison Detects and identifies poisons. Disrupt Undead Ray deals 1d6 points of damage to [PE] undead. Enchanting Flavor Gives food better flavor and caster +2 [Fa, MA] bonus to Charisma checks against diners. Faen Glow [Fa, L] Creates magical lights. Ghost Sound Creates illusionary sounds. Glowglobe Creates nonmoving magical globe of light.
(Lesser) [Fa, L] Hygiene


his spell list identifies the spells by level and by category: simple, complex, and exotic. Only the base version of the spell is described here; for heightened or diminished effects, see the full spell descriptions in the original sources (spells from Arcana Evolved have red titles, while those from the Spell Treasury are in black). Note that this web enhancement starts on page 2; there is no page 1. The Arcana Evolved spell descriptors are as follows: A: air Ac: acid C: curse Co: cold D: darkness Dr: dragon E: earth El: electricity F: force Fa: faen Fe: fear Fi: fire G: giant L: light LD: language-dependent Ln: litorian MA: mind-affecting NE: negative energy P: plant PE: positive energy Ps: psionic R: runic* S: sonic Si: sibeccai So: soul* T: truename Tp: teleportation W: water
* New in the Spell Treasury

Ignore [MA, Ps] Keep Dry Keep Fresh Know Talent [MA, Ps]

Cleans one creature and gives +1 circumstance bonus to saves against disease. Distracted creature suffers a –5 penalty to Spot and Listen checks. One object resists water. 1 lb. of food does not spoil You learn which skill the target has the most ranks in.


Learn Heritage Light as a Feather Long Flame [Fi, L] Mental Alarm [Ps]
Minor Illusion


Minor Ward Monkey Climb [Fa] Preserve Ice [Co] Quick Boost [PE]
Read Magic [R]

Remove Minor Malady [PE]
Repair (Lesser) Saving Grace Scent Bane [Ln, Si] Seeker [Ln, Si] Sense Thoughts [MA, Ps]

Sun Bond [Ln, Si]
Touch of Weakness

Trust [MA, Ps] Warrior’s Competence [Ln] Web Splat

Conveys details about family and ancestry of subject. Negates the armor check penalty for your armor and shield. Candle, torch, or lantern burns much longer than normal. Alerts you to events. Creates illusion of nonmoving object in caster’s hand. Inscription harms those who pass it. Grant yourself a +5 bonus to one Climb check. Ice you touch will not melt. Gives +2 bonus to Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution score of one subject. Caster can read magical writing, including scrolls and runes. Remove a minor physical malady from the target touched. Repairs one small broken object and repairs 1d10 points of damage to damaged object. Provides +1 luck bonus to one type of saving throw. Negates scent ability. Caster gets a +2 competence bonus to next ranged attack roll. Reveals the location and emotional state. of any target the caster cast contact upon in the last 24 hours. You know the direction of the coming sunrise. Touch attack temporarily damages Strength by 1 point. Gain a +5 bonus to one Bluff or Diplomacy check made the next round. Gain a +1 bonus on attack roll, save, or skill check. Creates tiny glob of sticky substance.

The Runic Descriptor
Runethanes can master magic symbols better than members of any other class. They have access to all spells with the new runic descriptor. Knowledge (runes) can be used rather than Knowledge (magic) or Spellcraft when dealing with these spells. The runethane ability to sense runes applies to all of these spells, as does the erase rune ability. No other effects (such as the empower rune spell) work in conjunction with these spells.

Prestidigitation You perform minor magical tricks. Purify Food and Makes food and drink suitable for Drink [P, W] consumption. Recent Occupant Learn name and race of the last creature in the area. Sample You gather a bit of a hazardous substance safely. Sense Spell If specified spell is in effect within (Minor) the spell’s area, you become aware of it. Song of Sleep –5 penalty on Listen and Spot checks, [Fa, MA, Ps, S] and –2 penalty on saves against sleep effects. Telekinesis Caster moves 5 lb. object with his mind.
(Lesser) [Ps]

Tongue of Angels Speak Celestial. Tongue of Fiends Speak Infernal. Touch of Nausea Subject of touch attack can take only move action next turn. Transcribe Creates a page of text instantly.

Devlin’s Barb Flash [L] Pain Touch (Lesser) [NE] Weary [NE]
Raiment Reduce Weight [G]

Makes one object appropriate for the size of the person using it. Arcana Inscribed You create magical markings. [Dr, R] Audible Whisper Everyone within 100 feet can hear [S] everything you say. Brass Claw Manipulate doors, chests, latches, and [Dr, F] so on at Close range. Detect Creature Detects the aura of a specified creature type. Disorient Target rerolls initiative and is flat footed until that time. Door Warning [Dr] Caster knows when door is opened and who opened it.
Appropriate Size [Fa, G]

Creates temporary ammunition. Target is dazzled for one minute. Touch attack deals 1d3 points of damage. Target is fatigued. Changes caster’s clothing into other clothing. Reduces target’s weight by 20 lbs./caster level.

Scent Tracker Grants scent ability to caster. Predict Weather Provides details of the following day’s [Ln] weather. S] another creature’s mind. but does not dispel. Rogue’s Stab Target gains +1d6 sneak attack damage. T] future. W] concealment. and Spot. You summon a Tiny creature to deliver a message for you. Redress the effects of a detrimental spell. Precise Vision [Si] Caster gains +5 competence bonus to Spot and Search checks. [Ln. F. Target must obey one of three simple commands. E. P. You gain a +10 bonus on Handle Animal checks. Endure Elements Target creature becomes immune to [A. Grave Ward [NE] One creature/level can’t be detected by undead. Si] Redemptive Compensates for. Disrupt Reflexes Target suffers a –4 penalty to initiative [MA. Allows weapon to attack on its own with caster’s base attack bonus. L] Outlines targets in magical lights. Blessing grants two subjects a +1 inherent bonus to Diplomacy checks made in regard to each other Target can sleep even in uncomfortable conditions. Allies in 50-foot burst gain +1 bonus on attack rolls and saves against fear. Pattern of Sibyllic Reveals general outlook of a creature’s Fate [R. making them visible. Rope obeys you for 1 round/level. Create Water [W] Create two gallons of water/level. Ps] checks and –2 penalty to Reflex saves. Transforms a weapon into another. MA] Cloud the Mind [MA.Bestows +5 circumstance bonus to ance Perform checks. Faen Fires [Fa. Allies gain a +1 bonus to attack and weapon damage rolls. Instill Music Put a song of your choosing into [MA. Pebble [E] Up to three magic pebbles deal 1d6+1 points of damage when thrown. So] Obscuring Mist Cloud of vapor obscures sight and provides [A. [Ln. Mind Stab Ranged touch attack deals 1d6 points of [MA. and Tumble. Hunter’s Walk You may pass without a trace in [Si] most terrain. Inflicts 1d6 points of subdual damage +1 per level on living target. Club or quarterstaff gains +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls. Target must answer a question with a single-word answer. You make saves to deflect incoming ranged attacks. MA] Conjure Weapon (Lesser) Caster gets +5 competence bonus to Balance. Magic Ward As magic circle. Ps. Si] Inspire Courage Umbrellalike shield of force over a subject’s head protects it from natural rain. Magical Perform. MA. Detect Animals or Senses the presence of plants and Plants [Ln. Ps] Change Weapon Charm [Fa. Crystal Shard [E] Launches crystal that inflicts 1d8 + 2 points of damage. Sense Motive.4 ARCANA EVOLVED SPELL TREASURY >>> 1ST-LEVEL SPELLS Simple Acrobatics [Fa] Glamour [Fa] Illusion makes caster look attractive. You gain +10 bonus to Charisma checks in relation to target. Illusory Object Creates illusion of a static object. but affects only a single creature. Miracle Mount Summon a creature of 3 HD or less to ride. Detect Secret Doors Detects the presence of secret doors or compartments. Ps] subdual damage + 1 point/caster level. Target suffers a –4 penalty to Listen. Creates a masterwork weapon. Resistance Grants +1 resistance bonus to saves +1/5 caster levels. snow. MA] Compelling Question (Lesser) [LD. Ps] Cluatta [P. +2d4 damage. Ps] Bless Relationship [G] Blissful Sleep Blue Bolt [Fa] Calm the Beast [MA. Shelter From the Storm [F] . Touch of Fear [Fe] Subject of touch attack is shaken. (Lesser) Animal Messenger [MA. Proficiency You gain proficiency with a weapon. Discern Preference Learn the subject’s preference [MA. Ps] regarding an issue you specify. Fe. Climb. Terrakal’s Bounty 2d4 fresh berries give nourishment. Guilt [MA. Li] Compelling Command [LD. Ps] One target is denied an action. Si] animals. Jump [Si] Target gains a +10 to +30 bonus on Jump checks. MA. Ps] Animate Rope [P] Animate Weapon Arrow Deflection Bane [Dr. Oath of Speed Your land speed increases by 30 feet. Ps] Bless [Dr. Mudball [E. W] Ranged attack deals 1d8 points of damage + 1 point/caster level and blinds target. Tears of Pain [C] Target suffers –1 penalty to saves. and can change the attitude of animals and magical beasts. Enemies in 50-foot burst take –1 penalty on attack rolls and saves against fear. and hail. heal [P] 1 hit point each. W] natural weather conditions. Jump. [Ln. Safe Fall Creatures and objects in 10-foot radius fall without taking damage.

Entangle [P] Plants entwine or slow creatures in a 20-foot-radius spread. and causes [Fa. [F] Harden Increases object’s hardness by 50% (minimum +1). aquatic creatures suffer –2 penalty to attacks. [any energy] Creature Loresight [Ps] Creates an extradimensional space you can hide things in. saves. and checks. Ps] level (can make new save each round). Wind Churn [A] Fliers spend next action staying in the air. PE] attacks. Minor Lasting Creates permanent. saves. saves. point/level. Unhand [F] Disarms subject. Touch of Disruption Touch attack deals 1d8 points of damage [NE] + 1 point/caster level. stuns. tiny. Dangersense [Ps] You become aware of hazards within 60 feet. Familiarity of Place You gain +1 bonus to saves while in (Lesser) [Dr] immediate area. Adds hardness to staff and +3 hp/level.saves. Ceremonial Conjured figures can take the place of Servants other spellcasters in ceremonies. immobile Image image. and checks upon any undead struck. Touch of Pain Subject of touch attack suffers –2 morale penalty to attacks. T] animals. Magic Armor Gives one armor harness or shield a +1 enhancement bonus. Water Roil [W] Air breathers spend next action staying afloat. MA] each round he fails to do so. Fireburst [Fi] Foes in 10-foot radius suffer 1d6 points of damage + 1d6/2 levels. Veil of Darkness [D] Creates immobile area of magic darkness. Identify Scrier Gives you the name of person scrying [Ps] on you. Illuminated Weapon imposes a –2 penalty to Weapon [L. [F] Cold Blast [Co] Ray attack deals 1d4 points of damage + 1 point of Strength damage + 1 Strength point/5 levels. Betray the Years Object becomes immune to aging [Dr. NE] 30 feet. MA] to Charisma checks in relation to target. Erase [F. [Ps] Open Lock Protect Staff [F] Provides one fact about creature touched. Shock [El] Touch attack inflicts 1d4 points of damage + 1 point of temporary Dexterity damage +1 point of Dexterity/5 levels. Si. Directed Charm Creature you choose gains +10 bonus [Fa. Vow [So] You gain +1 luck bonus/3 levels on attack and damage rolls. [LD] Chill the Soul Touch attack deals 1d6 points of damage [NE] and possible Strength damage. Stone Blast [E] Earth rips from the ground and inflicts 1d6 points of damage/2 levels on target. G] Blast of Cold Cold blast inflicts 1d6 points of damage/ [Co] 2 levels. Safe Search Caster can search an area without risk. R] Wipe away normal writing or magical writing with a caster power check. caster suffers half that amount in subdual damage. LD.WEB ENHANCEMENT >>> Heals 1d10 points of damage + 1. Ventriloquism Your voice issues from anywhere in [Fa. Magic Weapon Gives a weapon a +1 enhancement bonus. Resist Touch Adds +2 luck bonus +1/3 caster levels to touch Armor Class. Wilderness Lore One creature/level can’t be detected by [P. and checks. heals undead. Conjure Energy Conjures a creature made of energy Creature I that fights for the caster. Distraction Target takes no action for 1 round/caster [MA. Memnock’s Frigid Target must complete a specified action Enticement or suffer 1d4 points of cold damage for [Co. Charm Item Charms intelligent item. Opens one lock with caster power check. Unseen Servant An invisible magical servant is [F] summoned to do your bidding. S] Close range. and checks. magical fliers suffer –2 penalty to attacks. Resist Scrying Adds a +10 bonus to the Difficulty Class of opponent’s scry attempt. Transfer Wounds 5 Fey Storage [Fa] (Lesser) [PE] Complex Acidic Curse Inflicts 1d6 points of acid damage and [Ac] 1d4 rounds of blindness. Object Loresight Provides one fact about object touched. Harassing Weapon Weapon of force threatens target. Cloak of Diversion Grants one-half concealment. Web Strand Creates ropelike strand that is sticky on one end. Blood’s Truth Determine health of creatures within [Dr. . Fire Fan [Fi] Cone of fire deals 1d4 points of damage/level. MA] unconsciousness in 1d6 creatures. Illusory Creature Illusionary creature moves as caster (Lesser) wishes. Hated Enemy Make a creature of your type hate [MA] another creature you designate. Color Fan Cone blinds.

Earthen Claw [E] Summons a claw made of earth that attacks. Co. Weakening Ray Target takes penalty to Strength. even though it is not magical. Ps] Dry Rain [E] Rains sand down in a 20-foot radius. Helm of Warding Subject gains +5 bonus to saves against mind-affecting effects. Stone Shield [E] Nearby rock protects you as a thinking shield. granting you a +4 shield bonus to Armor Class. Fi] degrees/caster level. Ps] Diplomacy checks involving speaking. Hunter’s Boon [Si] Grants a bonus on Search checks. Destructive Grip Acid touch deals 1d6 points of damage. Varies] You set a magical alarm to warn you of intruders. Increase Weight Increases target’s weight by 20 lbs. PE] undead.6 ARCANA EVOLVED SPELL TREASURY >>> Exotic Alarm [Dr. Gusting Wind [A] Wind puts out flames. liquid. inflicting 2d6 points of damage. and inflicts 2d6 damage. cart. Ps] Eldritch Armor [F] Target has +4 armor bonus to AC. Identify With Flame Identifies creatures of a designated [Fi] type or class with harmless flame. [Dr. False Trove An item radiates magic. L] light. LD. Private ConverAllows subjects to speak without being sation [G] overheard. Control Temperature Raises or lowers temperature by 10 [A. Anavar’s AnticiNext attack against you suffers a –20 pated Attack [Ps] penalty. Beastskin (Lesser) Target gains +2 (or greater) natural [Dr. Aid Plants [P] Plants are protected from disease. PE. Bonemask Creatures of 6 HD or less are frightened [F. knocks creatures down. A] Goodwater Create water that deals damage to [Dr. L] are outlined with light and possibly blinded. Learn Secret Caster gains +5 insight bonus on next (Lesser) use of an item. Icebolt [Co] Ranged attack inflicts 2d6 points of damage + 1d6 points of cold damage + 1 point/caster level. Slip Between Sight Caster gains +5 bonus to Sneak and [G] loses all size penalties to Sneak checks. [F. Blood Spikes Inflicts 3d6 points of damage and allows subject to add +1d6 points of damage to unarmed and grapple attacks. Iced Fire [Co. Ps. . +1 missile/2 levels above 1st (max. Magic Missile [F] +1 magical missile deals 1d6 points of damage. [MA. or wagon moves as you command. Enchanted Strike One of target’s natural weapons gains [Ln. Darkvision Target can see 60 feet in total darkness. Fi] Ice bursts into flame after preset duration. Battle Healing Target is healed of 1d6 points of (Lesser) [PE] damage +1 point/caster level (maximum 10). Feral Song 2d6 HD of animals and magical beasts [Ln. Faen Motes Creatures in 10-foot-radius spread [Fa./ [Fa] caster level. Plant Armor [P] Adds +4 armor bonus to AC. [D] which provides 20% miss chance and a +5 bonus to Sneak checks. S] are fascinated. Touched target gains temporary hit points and +1 morale bonus on attacks and saves against fear. Analyze Caster learns one ability of a magic item. 5). Burning Brand Burning torch inflicts 1d6 points of [Fi] damage as a touch attack (2d6 points of damage to undead). Guide Craft A ship. Honeyed Words Grants a +4 competence bonus to Bluff. [Ac] Aid [MA. MA. Levitate [A] Willing target moves vertically as caster directs. inflicting 1d6 points of damage/round and burying targets. Glowglobe (Greater) Creates permanent nonmoving globe of [Fa. Grey Burn [Ac] Stream deals 1d8 points of acid damage/ 2 levels plus stun. [NE. up to 20 feet/round. Slips [Fa] Magical slipperiness causes items to be dropped or targets in area to fall. Si] +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls. G. Cloak of Darkness Caster is surrounded by darkness. Comprehend You understand the spoken word or Languages written languages. Ps] or shaken. True Strike [Si] Caster adds +20 insight bonus to next attack roll. Si] 2ND-LEVEL SPELLS Simple Ability Boost (Lesser) Target gets +2 enhancement bonus [Si] to highest ability score. Blinding Light [L] Target is blinded for 1 round/level. Gentle Repose Keeps corpse from decaying and extends time limit on how long it can be dead before being raised. MA. Armor Contingency Summons armor in certain conditions. Ln] armor bonus to AC. Floating Disk Magical disk can carry objects.

Energy Lash [F] Creates whip of energy that inflicts 1d6 points of damage +1 / 2 levels. Subtle Steps [Ln] Caster gains +5 competence bonus to Sneak checks.Conjures a creature made of energy ture II [any energy] that fights for the caster. Conjure Energy Crea. P] Wooden objects warp and become useless. deals 2d4 damage for 1 round + 1 round/3 levels. S] Phantom Trap Creates a false trap that befuddles [MA. Shatter [S] Sonic attack bursts brittle objects. Plunge Deep to Weapon bypasses +1 damage reduction/ the Core 5 levels. T] You keep track of the conditions affecting your comrades. or ship. Energy Blade Creates blade that makes touch attacks [any energy] and inflicts 1d8 damage + 1 point/2 caster levels. Greenspy [P] Plant stores sights and sounds for caster to experience later. [G. Your gaze fascinates creatures in a 10-foot-radius spread. MA. Wicked Barb [P] Thorn inflicts 1d6 points of damage + 1/caster level for 1 round/3 caster levels. MA. Welter [F] One creature/level is shaken and must make a Balance check or fall prone. Flaming Sphere Rolling ball of fire deals 2d6 points of [Fi] damage. [Dr] 7 Mist Bank [A] Mojh Eye [Dr. inflicts 1d6 points of damage/level on anything in water. boat. W] Heats water in 10-foot radius to boiling. Form of the Master Target creature is enlarged. Protective Charm One creature/level will not attack [Fa. Sealed Door (Lesser) Makes door very difficult to open. (Lesser) [G. Secret of Flame [F] . dispels a shimmering shield or called shield. Earth Burst [E] Transforms small rock into a bomb that inflicts 1d6 points of damage/caster level. Bypass Ward [R] Suppresses magical traps. Woodbane [C. Shieldbreaker Allows one weapon to ignore or break shields. Undaunted Fixture Affix two objects together. S] Tree’s song grants +10 bonus to Survival and Knowledge (nature) checks. See Invisibility Caster can see invisible creatures and objects.WEB ENHANCEMENT >>> 20-foot cloud obscures vision. Startling Touch Touch attack inflicts 1 point of Wisdom [MA. Eldritch Web [F] Creates magic web that entangles creatures. Acid Arrow [Ac] Target fire explodes in fireworks or smoke. Spell’s Edge (Lesser) Athame has storied within it a touchattack spell. Ps] Complex An arrow of acid strikes your target. wagon. Zone of Truth Creatures in a 20-foot radius are [MA. Remove Fear Suppresses fear or gives a +4 bonus on [MA. Ps] compelled to tell the truth. Ps] thieves. Thief Ward Hide and Move Silently checks are made at a –10 penalty. Enhance Magical Adds +1 bonus to caster’s spells’ saving Flow (Lesser) throw DCs. Si] Grant Quarter [G] Puts one helpless or willing creature/ (Bonds of Mercy) level into an extradimensional prison. seals. Peace Up to 1d6 creatures stop fighting. +10). which it inflicts with one strike. Nimbus of Health Gain 1d10 temporary hp +1/level [PE. Barksong [P. Eagle Form You change yourself into an eagle. wards. Boil [Fi. reducing [E. and touch-triggered runes. W] movement through area by half and requiring Balance checks. Ps. Ps] saves against fear for one subject +1/ 4 levels. Ps] damage and stuns for 1 round. Status [PE. Drain Away Speed Reduces Medium (or smaller) (Lesser) [Fa] humanoid’s speed by 30 feet. Power Craft Provides source of locomotion to cart. Ps] (max. MA] caster. Muddy Ground Changes earth to mud.

Mark of Fire Subject has +2 Dexterity bonus plus (Lesser) [Fi. [MA. Bear’s Endurance +4 enhancement bonus to Constitution (Lesser) [Ln.8 ARCANA EVOLVED SPELL TREASURY >>> Heartglow Foes within 10 feet suffer a –1 penalty [L. Read Mind [MA. Soul Weapon Weapon’s threat range and critical [F. Cat’s Grace +4 enhancement bonus to Dexterity for (Lesser) one minute/level. Staff Focus Caster gains +2 bonus with ranged touch attacks wielding staff. Deadly Spray [Dr] Effect that is a line becomes a cone. Sense Spell Learn if spells you name are in effect (Lesser) within Close range. and 1d8 temporary hit points. providing a number of abilities. inflicting 1d6 points of damage/2 levels. Advance Poison Increases the save DC of a poison by [NE. Mark of Frost Subject has +1 bonus to Armor Class (Lesser) [Co. PE] to attack rolls. Vermin Infestation A swarm of bats. saves. Magnetism Magic Sling [F] Blast of sound breaks solid objects or damages crystalline creatures. Si] Empower Rune [R] Empower Spell [F] Forge Inherited Bond Fox’s Cunning (Lesser) [Ln. R] Protects allies from caster’s spells of 3rd level or lower. Scream [S] Target suffers 1d8 points of sonic damage +1 point of temporary Constitution damage +1 Constitution point/5 caster levels. Play the Fool Makes casters believe spells were [MA. T] Intelligence. Caster’s next spell either is treated as cast 2 caster levels higher than normal or inflicts +1d6 additional points of damage. [Ln. (Lesser) [G. 5d6). rats. Augury You learn whether an action will be good or bad. Ps] Eagle’s Splendor (Lesser) [Ln. R] Armor Class plus lightning attack. saving throws. Silent Sound [S] Ranged touch attack inflicts 1d6 points of sonic damage/level (max. R] other power. Shield Companion Animates shield to defend you. Caster’s hand becomes magnetic. Shrapnel Globe Creates sphere that explodes. Si] Goodweapon [Dr. . dealing damage over time. Missile Ward [A] Grants DR 10/magic (or 10/+1) against ranged weapons. Dreaded Freeze Target is motionless for 1 round. PE] +4 enhancement bonus to Charisma for one minute/level. Hoarfrost [Co. dealing damage over time. Static Veil +1 bonus per level to Will save against scrying attempts. Mark of Air Subject has +2 Dexterity bonus plus (Lesser) [A. Ps] effective when they were not. or spiders attacks all creatures in its area. Silent Sheath [S. Sound Burst [S] Exotic Acuminate Your hand becomes a +1 weapon that inflicts 1d8 + 1 points of damage. Spectral Hand [F] Ghostly hand delivers your touch spells. granting you a +2 bonus to Strength. Makes one rune invested. Si] Target makes no sound. Master’s Reduction Reduces one animal in size. Shape Wood [P] A piece of wood is shaped as you desire. Idiocy Target takes a 1d6–1 penalty to [Fa. Si] for one minute/level. Death Touch [NE] Dying creature is killed. You and a relative gain a +1 bonus to attacks. automatically confirms critical hits. Mark of Earth Subject has +2 Strength bonus plus (Lesser) [E. W] other power. and checks. Ps] Reveals surface thoughts of target. L] Creatures in 10-foot radius are dazed for 1d4 rounds. Oathlands An area is warded against (or benefits) [PE or NE] undead. Bull’s Strength +4 enhancement bonus to Strength for (Lesser) [Ln. R] other power. and checks. Divert Charge Redirects movement of a charging attacker. Mark Allies [G. +4 enhancement bonus to Intelligence for one minute/level. Location Loresight Provides one fact about current location. Wild Stealth [P] Grants +10 bonus to Sneak checks outdoors. Heat Metal [G. Weapon bypasses damage reduction of certain creatures. G] Metal objects get very cold. Wisdom. Tree Shape [P] You assume the form of a tree. F] Metal objects get very hot. Recall Tale Gives details on a particular subject. Wolf Form [Si] Caster magically takes on the form of a wolf. Mark of Water Subject has +2 Constitution bonus plus (Lesser) [R. R] other power. So] multipliers increase. Si] one minute/level. Si] Mirror Image Creates eight decoy duplicates of you. MA. Yoke Helpless target moves with caster. Charisma. Ps. [Ps] Magical sling picks up and hurls item. +1 caster level. R] plus other power. Mark of Lightning Subject has +1 deflection bonus to (Lesser) [El. Si] Dazzlesphere [Fa. Si] 2 points. Scrytalk Allows verbal communication between scried and scrier.

Share Armor [Dr] Caster transfers natural armor to subject. Grant Senses 9 3RD-LEVEL SPELLS Simple Arcane Sight (Lesser) Continual detect magic effect. enemies get a –1 penalty. MA. Giant’s Curse Foe suffers a –4 penalty to attack small[C. . One creature/caster level can take only limited actions and suffers a –2 penalty to AC.WEB ENHANCEMENT >>> Gives intelligent item ability to see and hear. Earthbond [E. NE. Legacy Stores a soundless image of you that’s programmed to activate when properly triggered. T] Dream Learning Sleeping creature you touch studies [MA. Earth’s Clutches [E] Stone hands reach up and grasp at touched foe. Day’s Light [L] Bright light fills 60-foot-radius area. damages fire creatures. Ps] most rolls. Hand of Battle [F] Touch attack inflicts 1d6 points of force damage/caster level. MA] Conjure Repast Creates food and water for three humans/level for one day. Pierce [F] Bolt of energy destroys force protections and inflicts 1d8+1 points of damage per caster level (max. 1d8+10). Compelling Question Target must answer a question. Fa. damage. Ps. Piper’s Walk All creatures within 100 feet + 10 feet/ [LD. Seeming of Form [Fa] Object seems like something else. and Reflex saves. S] level are captivated and will follow you. Contagion [any element] Quench [W] Repair (Greater) Slow Extinguishes nonmagical fires. Infusion of Will Up to four creatures are freed from [Ps] paralysis. Grant Speech Gives intelligent item ability to speak. may be slowed. Ps. Protection From Protects target against 12 points/level Elements of specified elemental type. Guided Strike [Si] Next attack gains +20 bonus. Meld Into Stone You and your gear merge with stone. Ps] a subject of your choice while asleep. [C. G] larger than 6 inches. Stun Item Intelligent item is stunned for 1 round/ level. Hunter’s Shelter Create an elevated extradimensional [Si] space to rest or hide in. P] Creatures in area take damage while moving. can dispel magical fire. Owl’s Wisdom +4 enhancement bonus to Wisdom for (Lesser) [Ln. Invigorate Item Increases saving throw DC of magic item by +1. Illusory Object Creates illusion of an object with (Greater) sound. attacks. +10) on a foe that strikes subject in melee. Repairs one shattered object and repairs 1d6 points of damage/caster level to damaged object. Enhance Witchery Witch gains additional use(s) or increased level for witchery power. smell. Master’s Summons Ghostly hand can lead a nearby [G] creature back to you. and temperature. Deprivation Target creature is blinded or deafened. MA. MA. Geyser [E. Sorcerous Guise [Fa] Illusion makes target look like another. Si] one minute/level. [E] Melee Arcana You and your allies get a +1 bonus on [Dr. Touched target contracts disease. W] Geyser inflicts 3d8 points of damage and knocks down foes. Small Enough Target can fit through any opening [Dr. texture. T] er creatures and a –4 penalty on Spot checks to notice them. Vivid Discharge Inflicts 2d6 points of electricity damage [El] + 1 point/level (max. (Greater) [LD. Inter [E] The ground opens up to swallow target. Lethality Denied Target inflicts subdual damage rather [MA] than normal damage on killing blow. Creation (Lesser) [G] Creates nonmagical object of vegetable matter.

Foes have 50% miss chance against creature touched. Subject is immune to caster’s spells. Cone deals 1d8 points sonic damage/ 2 caster levels and stuns. +1 on Will saves. deaden. Conjure Energy Crea. Target becomes insubstantial and can fly slowly for two minutes/level. or dis- Displacement Dolphin Form Elan [MA. Magical dome provides shelter for 10 creatures. Caster takes on the form of a dire lion. and checks. Flight [A. Allows the use of a charged item without losing charges. S] Attack From Within (Elemental) [any element] Blast of Castigation [F] Creates 10-foot-square pit filled with acid that deals 1d6 points to those who touch it. Caster gains +5 bonus to caster power checks. Create. Target cannot be seen. Target suffers 1d6 points of damage/ caster level. Ray inflicts 1d8 points of force damage/3 caster levels for up to 1 round/level. Target can fly at speed 30 feet for its normal move rate. Ps] Eldritch Wall (Lesser) [F] Sweet Honey [LD] You gain a +30 bonus on Bluff checks.Conjures a creature made of energy ture III [any energy] that fights for the caster. 10d4) plus summons monster. Stroke deals 1d8 points of electricity. Dr] Focused Power Foil Tracer Gaseous Form [A] Godspeed Grave Touch [NE] Haven [F] Hide Spell Illusory Creature (Greater) Bolt of Conjuring Brutal Seething Surge [Ac] Carnivorous Plant Defense [P] Induce Vulnerability Invisibility [Fa] Invisibility Prohibition Choking Mists [A] Clairaudience/ Clairvoyance [Ps] Item from Beyond Lightning Stroke [El] Lion’s Form [Ln] Cliffwalker [Si] Clinging Shadows Living Edict [PE] Locate Object Comrade’s Immunity [T] Magic Armor (Greater) Magic Circle pels specific spell effect. saves. Plant attacks all foes that attack caster. Creates wall of force that can withstand 10 points of damage/caster level. One ranged attack/round aimed at caster attacks the attacker instead. and temperature. Teleport spells cannot be traced. Hide one currently active spell from magical detection. Inflicts 1d4 points of damage/level (max. Bolt deals 1d8 points of fire damage/ 2 levels and stuns. Whisper of Madness Target suffers 1d8 points of damage [A. Inflicts 2d6 damage on one target and entangles target. Dispel Magic Dispels spells on area or target. smell. 20-foot-radius cloud bank nauseates creatures. inflicting 1d6+3 points of damage. [W] Weary Touch Touch attack makes target exhausted. Touch attack paralyzes target. Complex Acid Pit [Ac] Acidic Globes [Ac] Arcane Keening [S] Arrow Reflection Art of Sound [Fa. Grants +1 armor bonus/3 caster levels (+5 max. Small elemental appears and attacks caster’s foes. MA. Provides +2 deflection bonus to AC and +2 resistance bonus to saves against outsiders. which exudes stench that sickens those nearby. You change yourself into a dolphin. Creates illusion of a creature with sound. Caster can see or hear through magical sensor far away. damage. Water Breathing Allows air-breathers to breathe water. Halts up to three undead. Touch attack/level inflicts 1d8+1 points of acid damage/level. texture. Sends object to scried subject. Unbridled Rage One creature/3 levels gains +2 bonus to [Ln. Provides direction to object of a special type or to a specific object.10 ARCANA EVOLVED SPELL TREASURY >>> Spirit of Prowess [Si] Summon Minor Elemental (Lesser) [any element] Caster gains +4 competence bonus on one attack + one attack/5 levels.). or transform sounds. Curse affects 1d6 members of target’s family. All forms of invisibility suppressed in a 5-foot/caster level radius. Warrior’s Edge Threat range of target weapon [Ln] improves. –2 Armor Class penalty. S] +2 points of Wisdom damage + 1 point Extended Charge [Dr] Family Curse [C] Fey Ward [Fa] Fire Strike [Fi] Flame Arrow [Fi] of Wisdom/5 levels. Increases speed to 60 feet and adds +2 haste bonus to Armor Class. Touched creature gains climb speed. damage/2 caster levels and stuns. . MA. Barrier keeps out fey creatures. Targets suffer double damage from one energy type. One globe/level attacks target for 1d6 points of acid damage. One creature/level gains a +2 bonus on attacks. 50 projectiles deal an extra 1d6 points of fire damage. Ps] Strength and Constitution.

Venomblade [Si] Creates weapon with poison that inflicts 1d4 Strength/1d4 Strength damage. Fe. and you gain an equal amount of temporary hit points. Temporal Venom Creates poison that disrupts target’s connection with time. Scry Retaliation Inflicts 1d6 points of damage/2 levels [F] upon scrier. Magical writings deal 6d6 points of force damage when read. MA] Exhausting Ray [NE] Explosive Runes [F. Winter’s Kiss [P] Reduces size or blights growth of normal plants. Sorcerous Blast Blast inflicts 1d6 points of damage/ [any element] caster level. Storm Fury [A. R] reads it. Touch of the Your touch deals 1d6 points of damage/ Vampire [NE] 2 levels. +1 bonus to Armor Class. Reflects ray spells back at their caster. Blind the Mind [MA. Tracer Caster always knows distance and direction to object of the spell. Remove Disease [PE] Removes one disease from target. Ps] Object in your hands appears in subject’s hands. You heal 2d6 points of damage upon those you touch. Creates an item that lets a creature contact you mentally. P. Target becomes encumbered. Suggestion [LD. Steal Health [NE] Target suffers 3d8 points of damage. Memnock’s Frozen Burst [Co] 11 Forcebeam [F] Glyph of Warding (Lesser) [R] Grant Mobility Healing Aura [PE] Just Reversal Kin Link [T] Litorian Claws [Ln] Exotic Alikaba’s Gift [T] Alikaba’s Theft [T] Altered Shape Battlespeed [Ln. Starfade You wink in and out of sight. Phantom Steed [F] You conjure a quasi-real steed. Reflects enchantment back at caster. Target weapon cannot inflict damage. Target struck by ranged touch attack becomes exhausted or fatigued. Vengeful Shield Attackers suffer 1d6 points of force [F] damage when they strike you. Sibeccai Bite [Si] Makes sibeccai bite capable of inflicting damage as weapons. Touch attack deals 3d8 points of damage +1 point/level. Assume form of a similar creature. Searing Blast [Li] Ray deals 1d8 points of damage/2 levels. . Water Walking [W] One creature/level can walk on liquid surfaces. Object in subject’s hands appears in your hands. Caster becomes invisible to one target. One creature/level can make extra attack. G] Ritual of Life [G. El] You call lighting bolts from the sky. Target creature freezes in place for 1 round/level. Stasis Trap Magical writing traps a creature that [F. Ps] Bonds Arcane (Lesser) [F] Burden Energy Bolt [any energy] Eriador’s Permanent Levity [MA] Everlasting Terror [Dr. Sanction Staff Caster can cast touch spells through staff. and caster is healed a like amount. giving foes a 50% miss chance. Subject gains +4 bonus to saves against mind-affecting spells but cannot initiate combat. 1d6 points/level against undead. gains +1 bonus on attacks and Reflex saving throws. and +30 feet to speed. MA] Target takes a course of action suggested by caster. Mirror Shield Missive Token [LD] Pain Touch (Greater) [NE] Peaceful Weapon [F. Creates mental connection between relatives.WEB ENHANCEMENT >>> Ice globe deals 1d8 points of cold damage and stuns creatures in the area. Snare [Si] Rope or vine creates a magic trap. Allows an intelligent item to float and attack under its own power. Scales of Energy Natural armor bonus becomes [Dr] deflection bonus. R] Spurs growth or improves yield of normal plants. PE] Inflicts 1d6 points of force damage/ caster level and knocks foes down. Unknown Target is difficult to find with divinations. Effects of dragon fear become permanent. Makes litorian’s claws capable of inflicting damage as weapons. Magical trap can store a spell or deal 1d8 points of damage/2 caster levels. Inflicts 1d6 points of energy damage/ caster level.

Oathbind (Lesser) Compels target to perform a directive [LD. T] and skill checks. Target who harmed caster’s family begins to wither and rot. Conjure Energy Crea. Death Ward [PE] Touched creature is immune to death and negative energy effects. Strength to Strike You suffer 2 points of Strength damage [Si] but gain a +2d6 damage bonus for weapon. Ethereal Prison Imprisons one helpless or willing [T] creature on the Ethereal plane forever. Creatures in a 15-foot-radius burst behave erratically. Ps. Chains of fire hold target and inflict 2d6 points of damage. Ps] Conjure Weapon (Greater) Curse of Vengeance [C. Creates creature of the mist up to CR 5. Brother’s Revenge [C. MA. MA. Gaze of the Sibec. and mind-affecting attacks. Enhance Magical Flow Adds +2 bonus to caster’s spells’ (Greater) saving throw DCs.Conjures a creature made of energy ture IV [any energy] that fights for the caster. Elemental Trap Traps one closable object to blast the [any element] opener for 5d6 points of damage +1 point/caster level. and checks and a random –10 penalty once/day. saves. Fa] Antiplant Shell [P] Arrow Redirection Attack From Within (Energy) [any energy] Bone Tattoo [R] Bully’s Curse [C. MA] Black Mulching [P] Blooded Athame Caster and creature communicate mentally. Fi] damage to those close by or passing through it. Living Athame Athame becomes a dancing weapon. Dancing Rune [R] Touch-trigger rune animates and attacks. –4 penalty to attacks. Target speaks and understands languages. T] Bind Item [F] Bind With Plants [P] Target suffers –2 morale penalty on attacks. Foe suffers –4 penalty to attacks and –2 penalty to Armor Class against creatures of fewer Hit Dice. Sends incoming ranged attacks back at attackers. Touch attack inflicts 1d8 points of damage/caster level and dazes foe for 1 round/4 caster levels. Constricting plant holds foe helpless. Armor Class. MA. cold. NE] Binding Pact [G. . Creates +1 or better weapon. An athame becomes a wounding weapon. Curtain of Flame Opaque sheet or ring of flame deals [Dr. Ps] Tongues [G] Touch of the Tempest [A. T] you give it. making them flee. Creates barrier or hemisphere of ice. Heroism Target gains +3 bonus on attacks. Dimensional Door Caster moves up to long range [Tp] instantly.12 ARCANA EVOLVED SPELL TREASURY >>> 4TH-LEVEL SPELLS Simple Animate the Dead (Lesser) [NE] Telepathy [LD. Targets suffer 2d6 points of fire damage/ round. Remove Curse [T] Removes one curse from target. Magic items inflict 50% more damage. Ps. saves. others take 1d10 points of damage. Bestow Curse [C. Encases object in a globe of force. Plants and plant creatures cannot come within a 10-foot radius of you. Si] are lying. Heals 4d10 points of damage + 1 point/level. Complex Aerial Step [A. Feedback [El] Target suffers 1d8 + 1 points of damage/level if specified action is taken. Calls a wild radont that will help caster. W] Transfer Wounds (Greater) [PE] Wall of Ice [Co] Creates one undead creature. caster suffers half that amount in subdual damage. MA. Control Creature of the Mist [A] Create Creature of the Mist (Lesser) [A] Detect Scrying Creature of the mist obeys your commands. Touched creature is cursed (–6 penalty to an ability. +4 bonus on saves against fear. Precognitive You gain +1 insight bonus to attack Flashes [Ps] rolls. T] Burning Rain [Fi. LD. ability checks and skill checks). MA. T] Call Radont [G] Chains of Vengeance [Fi] Circle of Binding [MA] Coax Forth Power [Dr] Target creature can walk on air for 10 minutes/level. Notifies caster of attempts to scry or otherwise magically spy on caster. Targets cannot leave circle. Plants 3 HD or less die. Stamina to Defense You suffer 2 points of Constitution dam[Si] age but gain a +4 luck bonus to AC for armor. Compels caster and another to keep a pact or suffer 2 points of damage to all ability scores per day. saves.Your gaze reveals whether subjects cai [LD. Target suffers 1d6 points of damage/ caster level. Ps. and temporary hit points equal to one-half caster level. [Ln. Gaze of Terror [Fe] Gaze attack panics targets. and Reflex saving throws. W] Confusion [Fa. Gives SR 10 + level against shapechange.

S] Everlasting Charm [Fa] Expel From Lair [Dr. 2d6 points of cold damage. Caster’s next spell becomes a gaze attack. R] Mark of Lightning (Greater) [El. Subject can breathe water and has other power. Fi] Freedom of Movement Gaze of Destruction Giant Vermin [G] Grasping Mists [A] Halo of Glory [L. and checks. takes up [C. deals damage to your attackers. Inflicts 1d6 points of damage/level (10d6 max. Inflicts 1d6 points of damage/level (10d6 max. Provides direction to creature of a specific type or specific individual. Subject has damage reduction 10/magic (or 10/+1) and other power. R] Mark of Fire (Greater) [Fi. 20-foot cloud bank obscures sight. Removes poison from target’s system. MA. Stone Leg [E] Petrifies target’s leg. Ps. W] Shield of Flame and Frost [Co or Fi] Shield of magical flame protects you from cold or fire. [Dr. Oathchord Protection from Energy [any energy] Rainbow Pattern [Li. deletes. Green Friend [P] You can converse with plants to obtain information on the surroundings. Telekinesis (Greater) Caster moves 25 lb. . Knavescour Protects items with a trap that inflicts [Ac] 1d6 points of acid damage/level. Up to three vermin are enlarged and attack at your command. Inner World Target takes no actions and sees only [MA. Foretell Future Provides answer to yes/no question. Teleport Information about destination is Coordinates transferred. Id Beast Target sees a creature it fears. spiders. Teleports intruder out of area. Ps ] Neutralize Poison [PE] Magical unmoving lantern imparts a –2 penalty to foes’ attacks. Subject has resistance to cold 20 and other power./caster level [Ps] object or creature with his mind. saving throws. Fe. Hailstorm deals 3d6 points of bludgeoning damage. G] Touch drains magic and grants +1d4 temporary hit points. Subject has resistance to fire 20 and other power. slows creatures within it. Stone Arm [E] Petrifies target’s arm. Fascinates up to 24 HD of creatures. Encases target in sphere that has 100 hp/level. Exotic Aeonian Lantern [L] Apolioth’s Condemnation Arcana Evolved [Dr. 5-foot-radius emanation keeps others from hearing you speak. Subject has +3 deflection bonus to Armor Class and other power. Learn Secret Caster gains +2 insight bonus to use (Greater) object forever. Ps] Resilient Sphere (Lesser) [F] Rusting Grasp [A. T] Coldscream [Co. Touch of the Harrid 13 Vermin Purge Warrior’s Shelter [Ln] Whisper Zone [S] Flaming Corrosion [Ac. Permanently charms target. half fire. protects against sonic effects. Changes. R] Mark of Earth (Greater) [E. or adds one memory in target’s mind. Weapon [F] Eye of the Dragon Floating magical eye can scout for you. half cold. R] Mark of Water (Greater) [R. Insects. MA.)—half acid. Protects target against 20 points/level of specified energy type. Your touch rusts metal. and other vermin cannot approach closer than 10 feet. PE] Locate Creature Wildstorm of IlTarthes [Co. Ps] Fly Like an Arrow Caster moves 10× speed in a straight [Dr] line while flying. W] Modify Memory [MA.)—half sonic. Hidden Object Object can only be seen through magic glass. R] Mark of Frost (Greater) [Co. A sturdy cottage is conjured where you can rest. Burst inflicts 10d6 points of damage and entangles foes. Subject moves normally despite impediments of magic or environment. T] to 100 points of damage. Tp] Mark of Air (Greater) [A. Magically seals an agreement. Target creature gains the ability to cast spells. Transfer [Ps] Threatening Weapon of force threatens target. Ps] phantasms.WEB ENHANCEMENT >>> Fire Rupture [Fi] Target object explodes in burst that deals 1d6 points of fire damage/2 caster levels plus 3d6 points of piercing damage. Subject can fly at speed 40 and has other power. Creature gains celestial template.

So] damage/2 levels and are staggered. no matter how sealed.Conjures a creature made of energy ture V [any energy] that fights for the caster. Call forth creature you see in mirror (max. Defensive Field Caster is surrounded by protective field that absorbs up to 5 hp/level. inflicting 1d8 points of damage/ 2 levels to undead. Burning Ram [Fi] Mass of super-hot flame can bull rush or make charge attack. Summon Minor Medium elemental appears and attacks Elemental (Greater) caster’s foes. suppresses effects of a designated energy type in the area.14 ARCANA EVOLVED SPELL TREASURY >>> Lightning Rod [Any Energy] Mirror Calling (Lesser) [Varies] Mirror Spell (Lesser) Rod absorbs energy. Commune With Gain knowledge of the surrounding area Nature [E. PE] ground. Fa. Conjure Energy Crea. Creation (Greater) Creates nonmagical object of any [G] material. G. (Lesser) [Dr] Robe of Reflection Sends one type of energy damage to another creature. Slay Illusion Creates illusion that destroys other illusions. Control Undead You control actions of undead creature. Spell Resistance Target gains SR 12 + caster level. Revivification [PE] Restores temporary life to a dead creature. Sending [LD. [C. Creates barrier of stone. MA. T] (or smaller) humanoid. Warding Globes Creates one tiny globe/2 levels that [F] negates attacks of opportunity and inflicts 2d6 points of damage. Ps] You and another creature exchange messages across any distance. Discordant Chord Music you create causes creatures to [MA. Battle Healing Target is healed of 1d6 points of dam(Greater) [PE] age/caster level (maximum 15d6). Earth’s Embrace Gives caster DR 5/adamantine (or 10/+1) and creates a protective shell that wards caster from all attacks. Suppress Lesser Lower-level mage cannot cast spells. Ps. and undead suffer more. Truth’s Wings [Fi] Magical bird brings character to you. Dominate (Lesser) Caster controls actions of any Medium [MA. L. S] attack each other. Soul Burst [NE] 20-foot-radius burst inflicts 1d6 points of damage/level to living creatures only. Earthtrick [E] Transform mud to rock or vice versa. [MA] Temporary Touched creature takes on evolved level Evolution [Dr] or evolved template for 1 round/level. [any element] Touch of Dire Doom Touch attack inflicts 1d3 points of Wall of Stone [E] ability score damage to all scores. barred. MA. or locked. Subject gains 1d4 negative levels. [Dr] Aura of Trust Charm creatures within 25 feet + 5 feet/ [Fa. Thief of Spells Ends spell effects on a creature and grants them to you. Soul Fire Sworn enemies suffer 1d8 points of [Dr. L. COMPLEX Blazing Light Ray inflicts 1d8 points of damage/ [Fa. P] within one mile/level. Roses of Life [PE] Creates one magical rose/level that heals 1d8 points of damage + 1 point/caster level. Open Door Opens one door. Ps] 2 levels. Command Plants Plant creatures within Close range do [P] your bidding. Light of the Earth Light shines up through cracks in the [E. Ps. PE] caster level. Ps. Switches a noninstantaneous 3rd-level or lower spell from one target to another target . Control Water [W] Raise or lower water to affect ships and creatures in the area. 5TH-LEVEL SPELLS Simple Animal Evolution Enlarges one animal/2 levels. Spelltrap Prepares gem that is triggered by specific spell. Weapon ignores armor and natural armor. . T] Ghost Weapon [F] Mortal Bane (Lesser) [NE] Prohibitus Extradimensional travel is blocked. Woodlands Prison Helpless or willing target is imprisoned [P] forever in the forest. Enfeebled Mind Target’s Intelligence drops to 1. 8 HD).

Restores ability score damage and lost level. Havoc [A. Quickening [P] An animal or tree is awakened and is friendly toward you. Ps] Familiarity of Place (Greater) [Dr] Giant’s Grip [G] Sends a message to a sleeping creature. T] Dreamwalk [MA. Halo of Shelter Surrounds target with energy field that [PE] absorbs 5 hp/level. Shadow Calling [NE] Tangle Void [Dr] Teleport [Tp] Teleport Block Teleport Redirect [Tp] Wall of Iron Caster gains benefits while in specific area. Energy Shroud Undead are granted a shroud of chosen [Varies] element that grants powers. undead are hurt by like amount. Questing Soul Receive the answers to yes or no [NE/PE/So] questions while in a trancelike state. E] Those in target area suffer 3d6 points of random impact damage and may shift position due to high winds and buckling earth. G] direct. inflicting 4d6+3 points of damage. Caster views creature at any distance. Kin Curse Target is compelled to kill nearest [C. MA. Makes door almost impossible to open. G. inflicts 1d6 points of damage/level.20-foot cloud bank gives –10 penalty ment [MA. Curse of Wounding 50% of attacks targeting creature that [C. Dreaded Burning Large area of water turns to acid. Molten Blast Summons a blast of hot magma that [E. PE. Doubles a giant’s Strength bonus to grapple checks and break object checks. Mists of Befuddle. and gains breath weapon. Hallowed Earth A 40-foot radius area is protected [Ps. Creates barrier of iron. Call of the Topaz Forces a creature to hold still for [T] 1 round. [C] Dismissal [G. Hunter Serpent [Dr] Energy snake hunts specific type of creature. Lion’s Eye [Ln] See things as they really are within 120 feet. Will saves. Burst of Healing All living allies within 20 feet heal 2d8 [PE] points of damage +1 point/caster level. No teleport allowed into or out of area. T] Restoration [PE. increases natural armor by +2. T] normally would miss now hit. Dragonskin [Dr] Grants +4 natural armor plus elemental resistance 10. Inferno A pillar of flame deals 1d6 points of fire [Fi. Fi] inflicts 1d6 points of damage/caster level and encases foes in rocky shell. T] Force an extraplanar creature to its home plane. Ps] on Wisdom checks. Si] Master’s Ward Giant disembodied hand keeps [F. Massive Sword Creates sword of force that attacks as you [F.WEB ENHANCEMENT >>> Disrupting Weapon [PE] Divinatory Expungement Dominate Item Drain Away Speed (Greater) [Fa] Eldritch Wall (Greater) [F] 15 Melee weapon destroys undead with Hit Dice less than your caster level. Remove Malady Cures one unwanted condition. Target creature is turned into a Small animal of 1 HD or less. Caster and others move to a distant location instantaneously. (Greater) [G. Commune With You know general status of a city’s the City [G. T] Scrying [Ps] Sealed Door (Greater) [Dr] Animate Necrosis [NE] Baleful Polymorph [C. Previous activities cannot be detected with divination magic. So] against enemies and undead for one year. (Greater) [G. G] creatures at bay. Wall of Thorns [P] Creates thick barrier of thorns that inflicts damage to anyone moving through it. Water [Ac. False Vision Illusion fools scrying attempts. Si] Gird the Warrior [F] Target gains +10 armor bonus to AC and +4 enhancement bonus to attacks and damage. Change nearby shadows into animate shadow creatures using the power of the Dark. . [PE. Devouring Swarm Summon one swarm of locusts/3 levels. MA] must obey a single command. Form of the Master Enlarges one creature/level. Magical strands grapple creatures in 20-foot-radius spread. Ps] damage/level. Dragonform [Dr] One mojh gains +4 bonus to Strength and +2 bonus to Constitution. W] Creates wall of force that can withstand 100 points of damage/caster level. T] relative. Reduces target’s speed by 40 feet. Exotic Animates a wound that attacks wounded creature. Controls all the actions of an intelligent item. Line in the Sand Those who cross a line you designate [E. Call of the Ruby Forces a creature to attack another [T] creature. Master’s Reduction One animal/level is reduced in size. Incoming or outgoing teleport has a new destination. Ps] population and can find and communicate with anyone in it.

Target is comatose for one hour/caster level. Scry Reverse You automatically scry person scrying you. Conjure Energy Crea. Ps. Conditional Spell Designated spell triggers stored spell in subject. Weariness of the Cone of energy causes creatures to Soul [NE] become exhausted. Unstoppable Energy Elemental or energy attack ignores protection magic. Lore Quest [NE/PE/Ps] Mirror Blast [F] 6TH-LEVEL SPELLS Simple Ability Boost (Greater) [Si] Arcane Sight (Greater) Beastskin (Greater) [Dr. Cursed Locale All attacks. NE/PE. Spines of Death Caster gains spines that can be used as melee or ranged weapons. Mirror Theft Pull item through a mirror to your side. causes 4–6 HD creatures to save or die. T] Quintelemental Cone inflicts 1d6 points of damage/ Blast [Varies] level of whatever type of damage target is susceptible to. Nightmare Unsettling vision deals 1d10 points of [MA. Ps. Ps] over its body. Sympathetic You create sounds that deal structural Vibration [S] damage. Purge Subject who broke an oath is forgiven. fatigues target. Spine Tendril Creates a tendril that grapples or disarms.16 ARCANA EVOLVED SPELL TREASURY >>> Seek answers from extraplanar or spiritual source. (Greater) [NE] Bloodblade [Si] Weapon inflicts 2 points of bleeding damage/round. Learn Truename Caster learns one creature’s truename. Target gains blindsight. Animate the Dead Creates one powerful undead creature. Peer Through Matter You can see through matter. Wall of Sound [S] Creates barrier of shrieking. and checks made in the affected area suffer a –2 morale penalty. NE. Overcome Force Subject becomes immune to force damage and can walk through wall of force. Freezing Sphere A frigid globe deals 1d6 points of cold [Co] damage/level. 15d6)—half force. Continual detect magic effect allows you to determine spells and magical effects as they are cast. Discorporate Target takes 1d10 points of damage/round for 1 round/caster level. P] Seeds are turned into magic ranged weapons or bombs. Warding Arcana A 10-foot-radius sphere excludes spell [Dr] effects of 3rd level or lower. . Phantom Foil Creates phantasms that negate sneak attacks. Complex Analyze Dweomer You can discern all spells and magical [Ps] properties in a number of creatures or objects. saves. [LD. automatically inflicting damage. Zone of Speed Movement through 20-foot sphere has [Fa] a maximum speed that you set. Calls monster to serve caster. Ps. MA. Snow Breath [Co] Cone of extreme cold deals 1d6 points of cold damage. Oathbind (Greater) Target is compelled to perform a quest. Ln] Blindsight Call Guardian (Lesser) Coma [MA] Target gets +8 enhancement bonus to highest ability score. Trove [Dr] You hide a magic chest on the Ethereal plane. A] acid damage/round. Soul Exchange Subject’s soul is trapped as you take [MA. solid sound that inflicts damage and hinders Listen checks. Target gains +6 (or greater) natural armor bonus to AC. P] a plant creature. Oath of Loyalty Target suffers penalties if he or she [C. and deals 1d10 points of damage to others. [MA.Conjures a creature made of energy ture VI [any energy] that fights for the caster. Vapors of Death Poisonous cloud kills creatures of 3 HD [A] or less. or cause normal plants to wither and die. Freeze [Co. Earthspeak You can communicate with unworked [E. T] damage. Fire Seeds [F. Corrosive Mists 20-foot cloud bank deals 2d6 points of [Ac. T] breaks an oath. Blast inflicts 1d6 points of damage/ caster level (max. T] Protect Soul Protects caster from soul-affecting spells and truename effects. plus undead cannot attack. Ps. LD] mineral and stone. W] Freezes five 10-foot by 10-foot by 1-foot areas of water/caster level. Ritual of Despair Deal 1d6 points of damage/level against [Dr. Shield of Light Grants a +2 armor bonus and a +1 [L] enhancement bonus to Armor Class/ 3 caster levels. Vicious Summons Summons fiendish dire weasel on a creature. Peer Into the You look at a random moment in your Future [Ps] possible future. half slashing.

Si] ment bonus to Strength for one minute/level. and a +2 bonus to all ability scores. Roaring Defense Grants bonus to natural armor. Shape Element Any one element conforms to caster’s [any element] wishes. and direction (Lesser) of all spells in effect within Close range. Si] ment bonus to Intelligence for one minute/level. one secondary target/level takes half damage. So] Target suffers 10 points of damage/level. panicked. Si] to life unless you die. flight [Dr. Hexing Gaze Your gaze attack renders creatures [C. Mirror Truth Creates illusion over target area. Reincarnate Dead creature is brought back to life as [PE. Emerald [T] Aid From the Future Angel’s Redoubt Antilife Shell [F. Prophetic Warning Target can succeed at one save or [MA. Freezing Claw Creates claw that makes touch attacks. Sudden Wave Creates a wave of water that sweeps [W] away creatures and objects. Transform Into Plant Caster turns into any plant with the [P] same or fewer HD. F. Nonesuch Spell Prevents one 4th-level or lower spell from being cast within 50 feet of you. 16 HD). Energy Deluge Inflicts 1d6 points of energy damage [Varies] per level (specified type. Prorogate Death Allows subject to act below its dying score and go on living after reaching its dead score. Fox’s Cunning One creature/level gains +4 enhance(Greater) [Ln. Owl’s Wisdom One creature/level gains +4 enhance(Greater) [Ln. T] force one foe to miss an attack roll automatically. S] speed. Shadow Walk You and one creature/level can move [D. or comatose. Shaped Strike [Fi] Blast of flame moves around corners and allies. Call of the Forces a creature to go home. Ritual of the Mists Sanctum or stronghold is warded with a [A. maxi[PE] mum hit points. Master’s Edict Giant disembodied hand pushes [F. NE] Arboreal Leap [P.WEB ENHANCEMENT >>> Glory of the Beast Animal gains celestial template. Fury [NE. PE] spells. Ferrod Adul You are surrounded by a null magic Vestorimin zone that affects only negative energy [Dr. Call of the Forces a creature to steal an object. Ln] freezing targets solid. Energy Sheath Adds +2 bonus to AC and inflicts 1d6 [any energy] points of damage +1 point/caster level to all touched. Si] ment bonus to Charisma for one minute/level. Chain Lightning 1d6 points of electricity damage/level to [El] first target. Glyph of Warding Magical trap can store a spell or deal (Greater) [R] 10d8 points of damage. Living creatures cannot come within 10 feet of you. [Co. Sapphire [T] Cat’s Grace One creature/level gains +4 enhance(Greater) [Ln. Gestalt Fuses two creatures into one. Si] ment bonus to Wisdom for one minute/level. NE] sickened. Sense Spell Learn the names. Move Earth [E] Dig trenches and build hills in an area up to 750 feet square. Bull’s Strength One creature/level gains +4 enhance(Greater) [Ln. Si] ment bonus to Dexterity for one minute/level. G] enemies away. Delusion [Fa] You change the appearance of a number of creatures. SR. distance. Teleport Tracer Destination of teleport is discovered [Ps] Touch of Elan Inanimate objects come to life and attack at your command. Conjures a fortified dwelling. Tp] through shadows. Devour Heart Prevents dead target from coming back [Dr. Vitrification [E] Target turns to glass. Eagle’s Splendor One creature/level gains +4 enhance(Greater) [Ln. Rouse Undead Spirit Creates one incorporeal undead [NE] creature. One creature/level gains +4 enhancement bonus to Constitution for one minute/level. Ps] Grants a target +2 luck bonus to an ability score of caster’s choice. deals 1d6 points of damage/level. (Vestorimin’s Golden Aura) Flashing Death A curtain of blades provides one-half [F] cover. Tp] Bear’s Endurance (Greater) [Ln. 15d6) out to 100 feet. T] something else. Scry Blast [F] Inflicts 1d4 points of damage/2 levels upon scried subject. Si] . You and one creature/3 levels can teleport through plants. max. Security [Dr] Area becomes proof against divination and teleportation spells. Stimulate [MA. Ln. Mirror Calling Call forth creature(s) you see in mirror (Greater) [Varies] (max. Dr] number of defensive spells. 17 Exotic Your future self aids you in the present through hit point and spell transfer. inflicting 1d4 points of damage/ caster level. Resilient Sphere Encases target in a sphere that has (Greater) [F] 200 hp/level and moves as caster directs. or saves.

Summoning Pact Summons one designated. Redemption From Undoes the effects of a negative energy Harm [PE] spell cast within 1 round. attack. willing target [Dr] to you. G] Hand of stone rises from the ground and grapples foe. T] Wisdom. inflicting the spell with each strike. Control Weather [A] Changes weather in a two-mile radius. caster suffers half that amount in subdual damage. and Dexterity. and +1 to attack rolls/2 caster levels. Song of Paralysis [S] One creature/level is paralyzed. summoning. Ps. G. P] . T] You seal an area against teleportation. Sleep of Ages Willing creature is put into comatose [G. Caustic Burst [Ac] Burst of acid inflicts 1d6 points of damage/caster level. Mind [C. So] Secret of Stone [G] Spell of Challenge [G. Turn flesh to stone or vice versa. Spirit of the Wanderer [Si] Insanity [C. Conjure Energy Crea. Create Creature Creates creature of the mist up to of the Mist [A] CR 9. Words of Undoing Enchantments and curses can be [Dr.Conjures a creature made of energy ture VII [any energy] that fights for the caster. Burning Thorns [Fi. most direct route to a specified destination is revealed to you. Complex Creates wall of thorns that also inflicts 1d6 points of fire damage to any within 10 feet. Forces creature to come to your location. Target is permanently confused. Spell’s Edge Athame has touch-attack spell stored (Greater) within it. Spirit of War [Si] Caster gains +4 to Strength. T] state and hidden from sight and divination. 7TH-LEVEL SPELLS Simple Command Metal [E] Commands a metal object as a free action to move. or other threat.18 ARCANA EVOLVED SPELL TREASURY >>> Seal Arcana [G. energy. Changestaff [P] Changes a staff into a treewardenlike creature. [E] Immunity (Lesser) The shortest. Teleport Other [Tp] Target travels instantly to a place caster designates. Ps] Target is immune to one dangerous type of spell. Call Undead [NE. or change shape. PE] broken with a caster power check. Summon Major Huge elemental appears and attacks Elemental (Lesser) caster’s foes. MA. element. and other planar travel. but cannot cast spells. Ps. Temporal Warding Precast a spell to protect you later. also harms metallic objects. Gaze of the Basilisk Gaze attack turns victims to stone. Caster makes caster power check to negate mental attacks on target. T] Mental Protection [MA. [any element] Transfer Wounds (Total) [PE] Heals all damage. Fa. T] Calls undead to appear before caster. and Charisma to 1. Constitution. Rock’s Hand [E. MA. Curse of the Chaotic Randomly lowers target’s Intelligence. Stabilize Soul [T] Revivified creature remains alive. Finger of Destruction Target suffers 5 points of damage/ [NE] caster level.

El] suffer 2d6 points of damage/round. Mirror Portal Creates one-way magic passage between two mirrors Multiple Personalities Creates second. True Lore [Ps] Ask up to one question/2 levels about any creature. Repulsion [F] Keeps creatures at bay. Flight (Mass) [A] One creature/level can fly at speed 60. enemy Resistance casters who resist spell suffer 2d6 + level in points of damage. inflicting 1d6 points of damage/level and stunning. Spell Turning Reflects back 1d4+6 levels of spells to attacking caster. Feedback Strike Foes attacking caster suffer 3d6 points of [F. this (Lesser) [PE. G. Kozo Strike [L] You shoot one light beam/round that deals 4d6 points of damage. Prohibit Kind Puts all creatures other than specified type into stasis. or 1d6 points of damage/level to undead.). W] 19 Crystal shards burst from the ground. causing things to [E.WEB ENHANCEMENT >>> Exotic Banishment [T] Force extraplanar creatures out of your home plane. Fourfold Send up to four targets to another Ostracism plane temporarily. can cast spells. S. [NE or PE. Disintegration Creatures suffer 100 points of damage. Master’s Hold Giant disembodied hand can grapple [F. Mind Screen [Dr] Illusion fools scrying attempts and direct observation for 24 hours. Ps] fall up. Extend Life Subtracts 10 years from caster’s age when determining aging effects. Heroes’ Feast Conjured meal cures diseases and [P. 10-foot cube of nonliving material vanishes. Null Magic Zone Creates a 10-foot radius where magic does not work. and appear where it ends. Futuresight [Ps] Look at a random moment in a creature’s possible future. Raise the Dead Cast seven times over seven days. Spellmaster You can shape spell areas. W] sickness. place. or object. and increase ranges. MA] permanently. [T. Tp] object to you. Si. Tp] damage/caster level. Electrified Lair Creates area where unwanted creatures [Dr. and immunity to fear. suffers 2d6 points of Constitution damage + 1 point/round. Window to You view into another location. Forcecage [F] Prison of invisible force traps all inside. Green Walk [P] Plants become animate and attack at your command. dazed. G] opponents. temporary hit points. delay effects. Fa] damage +1 point/caster level. Watery Prison Imprisons subject in a pool of water. Vengeful Spell Grants SR 12 + caster level. Scout’s Eyes [Ln] Various levitating eyes scout for you. Bonds Arcane One target creature/3 levels is frozen (Greater) [F] in place. or killed. Repel Matter Pushes inanimate objects away from [E or P] you. T] spell brings a dead creature back to life. Cross of Energy Four energy bolts inflict 1d6 points [Varies] of damage/level (15d6 max. Materia Bond You can summon a specially prepared [Ps. Illusion of Self Illusory duplicate allows you to use its [Ps] senses. Devil’s Gate [Dr] Creates doorway to hell through which one devil/round might appear. Incorporeal Form Caster becomes incorporeal. Cheat Death You send your soul away to safety rather than die. Master Creature of Controls a creature of the mist the Mist [A. Hallowed Halls Conjures an extradimensional dwelling [F] for two hours/level. opposite personality in [MA. Reverse Gravity Gravity is reversed. Ps] target that has control half the time. So] paralyzed. +1 bonus on attack rolls and Will saving throws. Teleport Attack [Tp] Creature is teleported into a solid surface. grants poison immunity. Elsewhere Crystal Eruption [E] . R. Phase Door Creates a passage through walls only the caster and allies can use. Inquisitor’s Fury Your foes are weakened. Call of the Forces creature to come to your Diamond [T] location. Ride the Lightning You fire bolt that inflicts 1d6 points of [El.

City Transport You can teleport anywhere in a city [G] every other round. [MA. restores spell slots. Imbue Guardian Sets an eternal guardian to watch over an area. Whirlwind [A] Creates cyclone that moves as directed. Ps] to a target. Giant’s Fury [E. and armor in a 40-foot burst. Metal is transformed permanently into wood. G] Mirror Spell (Greater) Oath Cloak [Dr. T] Primal Release [Ln] Target gains +10 to Strength and ConstiMass Devastation [any element] Master’s Wrath [F. T] Portal to Another Plane [Tp] Psychic Blast [MA. Creates doorway to another plane or dimension. inflicting damage and tossing creatures and objects about. Si] tution. blind. MA. . inflicting +3d6 damage (or more). and grants Moon [Si] a +1 luck bonus to attacks. depending [MA. or kill a creature. Fi] of fire damage/round. Wave of Life [PE] Undead of lower HD than caster suffer 80 points of damage. even if [G] magically hidden. –6 to Intelligence and Charisma. +4 bonus to AC and on saves against your foes. or transports you to the possessor. shields. undead are healed 5d6 points. Burning Mists 20-foot-radius cloud deals 4d6 points [A. T] on its hit points. spell-like abilities. T] tution damage/day. Hoard Ward [Dr] Intruders into warded area are teleported to specific destination. Conjure Energy Crea. [Fa. Giant disembodied hand can attack creatures. saves. Bring Down the Heals. Ps. Wave of Death [NE] Living creatures of lower HD than caster suffer 80 points of damage. Exotic Complex Calls outsider to appear before caster. Dominate (Greater) Caster controls actions of one creature. NE. Ps] Vengeance of Nature All within 10-foot/level radius suffer 1d6 points of damage/level + elemental effect. and cannot cast spells. Chains of AntiBinds target in chains that prevent use magic of spells and abilities. and –2 to Wisdom. Kozo Blast [L] Ball of light bursts for 6d6 points of damage. +2 to Dexterity. plus immunity to mental influence. Corpse cannot become undead and cannot be raised. S.Conjures a creature made of energy ture VIII [any energy] that fights for the caster. Permanent Rest [PE. Castigation Stun. You gain DR 20/magic (or 15/+5) and immunities as your body transforms into metal. Target of ray suffers –1 penalty/2 caster levels to saves against magic. 1d6 points of damage/level against undead. Ps. PE. Switches a non-Instantaneous 7th-level or lower spell from one target to another. Fuse Line [Dr] Two subjects share traits with future offspring. Ps] Roar of Courage Grants allies fear immunity and morale [G. A specially prepared focus instantly transports the possessor to your refuge. Creatures in cone suffer 1d6 points of damage/caster level and 1d4 temporary points of Wisdom and Intelligence damage. Mark of Death Subject is immune to death effects and [NE] has other power.20 ARCANA EVOLVED SPELL TREASURY >>> 8TH-LEVEL SPELLS Simple Blacksmith’s Curse [E] Destroys all weapons. Curse of Languishing Victim suffers 1d6 points of ConstiDeath [C. Demand Sends a magical message and suggestion [LD. Unstoppable Strikes Caster makes sneak attacks with every [Si] strike. MA. All within 5-foot radius gain +8 deflection bonus to AC. Disintegration Creates an area where matter is Field disintegrated. Disguise Soul Creature appears to be other creature in respect to many spells. Ln] bonus. G] 80-foot-radius spread is hit by an earthquake. Protection From One target/4 levels gets a +8 bonus on Spells saves against spells. So] Oreskin [G. Ps. Arathan’s Spiritual Creates statue that absorbs incorporeal Soldier [PE] undead and becomes a stone golem under your control. Discern Location Locate a creature or object. Ps] Refuge [Tp] Spell Magnet Telekinetic Shield [G. and checks for allies. Rapturous Dance Target creature is forced to dance. Clone [T] Creates a duplicate of a creature. living creatures are healed 5d6 points. Warded creatures gain SR 25. Form of the Beast One creature/level takes on animal [Ln] form. Freezing Cloud [Co] Opaque cloud inflicts 3d6 points of cold damage and slows those within. Call Outsider [T] Animate Undead Legion [NE] Creates one undead creature/level.

Freedom [G. Regeneration [PE] Restores lost limbs and body parts. and removes unwanted conditions. Complex Conjure Energy Crea. this spell brings a dead creature back to life. stunned. Ps] against intrusion. controlled by you. Mind Blank Subject is protected against mind[MA. or other threat. Piercing Ice Ray of ice deals 1d6 points of cold [A. El. T] Vorpal Claws Target’s claws inflict 50 points of extra [Dr. Prismatic Arcana A wall of colorful light deals damage or [Dr] kills foes that pass through. Ritual of Binding A creature is magically held against its [C. You take on new forms. attack rolls. Storm rains acid. Slassan Warren [F] Extradimensional maze traps one creature. Polymorph Any Transform just about anything into Object [C] nearly anything else. Nature’s Ire Swarms of centipedes attack at your command. 21 9TH-LEVEL SPELLS Simple Call Guardian (Greater) Calls monster to serve you. Creates a doorway to another location. [MA.WEB ENHANCEMENT >>> Mantle of Egregious Might Subject has +4 luck bonus to Armor Class. Create Greater Creature of the Mist [A] Doorway to Elsewhere Duplicate Creates creature of the mist up to CR 12. Li] confused. Creates exact duplicate of you. MA. All creatures in range suffer 1d6 points of cumulative damage/round. So] Temporal Stasis Timelore [Dr] Trap Soul [T] . Summon 1d4+2 feral walkers. and against divinations that would reveal thoughts. lightning. saving throws. Ps. and hail. and ability scores. Ln] damage on a critical to vulnerable foes. One creature/4 levels is immune to one dangerous type of spell. Ps] will. Cast seven times over a seven-day period. NE/PE. Target is held in suspended animation permanently. G] Summon Major Elemental (Greater) [any element] Elder elemental appears and attacks your foes. G] Raise the Dead (Greater) [PE. Ps] Immunity (Greater) Perfect Health [PE] Shapechange Sphere of Deterioration Storm of the Master’s Vengeance [A. Heals all damage. Co] damage/level. Prohibitus Extradimensional travel is blocked in (Greater) [Dr] 20-foot radius. You gain warnings of impending danger or harm. Ps] affecting spells and effects. energy.Conjures a creature made of energy ture IX [any energy] that fights for you. or unconscious. T] Soul Walk [Dr. Feral Walker [P] Master’s Fury [F. Target is freed from all spells and effects of 7th level and lower. You and companions travel to the Astral plane. Dr. Utter Thrall Completely enslaves one humanoid. ability score damage. Spirit Colors Twisting colors render creatures [Fa. Traps creature’s (living or dead) soul in object. element. Wrath of Ages An area is warded for one day/level [MA. caster can force soul to answer questions. Giant disembodied hand can crush opponents.

Legacy of Eldritch You pass on spellcasting skill to a Might relative. Dobberpuhl. Fi] One Step Beyond [Ps] Sunfire Tomb [L. knocking creatures prone and detonating for massive damage. Inflicts 1d6 points of damage/caster level and special effect. making those inside impervious to attacks. Immortality [T] Target stops aging. Lord of the City You know general status of a city’s [G. Conjures a creature made of energy that fights for the caster. AC. Mists of Madness Moving mist deals 1d4 points of Wisdom [MA. Credits Written by Monte Cook and Jeffery A.22 ARCANA EVOLVED SPELL TREASURY >>> 10TH-LEVEL SPELLS Simple Curse of Damnation [C. You speed time up for yourself and can take multiple turns in a row. T] Complex Bolt of Power [F] Conjure Energy Creature X [any energy] Perfect Ward [Te] Rouse Ghostly Army [NE] Telekinesis (True) [Ps] Undo Target suffers 2d6 points of damage/ caster level. Vengeance of Spheres [Dr. Ps] population. T] Temporatorium [Dr] . Targets become nearly immune to divination. Illustrations by Michael Komarck. saves. and Ben Wootten. Imprisons target in the sun. are aware of major issues and threats. and checks. R] damage/round. Mortal Bane Subject gains 2d4 negative levels. T] Fist of the Elemental Lord [any element] Protective Shell Spirit of Triumph [Si] Summon Elemental Horde [any element] Exiles target to other plane. Creates one incorporeal undead/caster level. Orbs of fire shoot from you.montecook. Huge elemental/caster level attacks caster’s foes. T] Invoked Apocalypse Magical Fortress [Dr] Humanoid is annihilated. saves. Caster mentally moves object or creature up to 1. NE./caster level. Caster reverses one effect. Consume Soul [NE. Exotic Unconscious creature dies and caster draws power in the form of a +2 luck bonus to attacks. Creates a permanent castle or fortress to specification. Creates a huge volcanic pit that 20d6 points of damage. Grants +10 luck bonus to attacks. Squamous Pulse Halves natural armor bonus and deals [G] 1d6 points of damage/natural armor bonus point. Visit our website at www. Tp] designated spot. Scott Purdy. and checks. Hemispheric shield moves with caster.com! Magma Burst inflicts [E. Purge Akashic Erases one event or fact from the akashic Memory [Ps] memory and possibly from the memories of all people. Fi] Exotic Consume Man [Dr. damage. persists indefinitely. must (Greater) [NE] save against level drain. All in 100-foot/level radius take 10d6 points of damage/round for 1 round/level. Proofreading and Production by Sue Weinlein Cook. Shifting Sanctum Caster transfers portion of one location to [Dr] another location. Teleportation Circle teleports any creatures inside to Circle [R.000 lbs. Wish [Dr] Your desires become reality. Page Design by Lisa Chido. Anyone touching target or warded area is teleported away. Eric Lofgren. and can find and communicate with anyone in it.

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