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Semester Project Development of a Presentation to 9th Grade Students

Assigned: Friday February 4, 2012 Intermediate deadline: Friday, March 2, 2012 (group member names) Intermediate deadline: Friday, March 23, 2012 (project topic) Due: Friday, Apr 27, 2012

Project description
The project has 2 components: the group page development and an individual memo.

Group component
You and your team members (3 per group) are to create a web-page or wiki centered on a civil engineering project of your choice. Examples can be: a construction project such as a football stadium or a water treatment plant, a water storage dam, renovation of a tunnel or waterway, renovation of an airport runway, etc. You can focus on an entire project or just a sub-set of that project. While the details of content and presentation will vary depending on your choice of projects, you should: Provide an overall description of the project, including its importance to society. Major challenges faced in design, construction, implementation. Any new engineering innovations used or developed in the project. Must address at least 3 different civil engineering specialties and as much as possible how they interacted to bring the project to completion. In other words, you cannot just focus on the structural engineering component of a stadium what were the transportation challenges? Geotechnical? Construction? Include active links to additional information that can be found in other sites. Provide a list of references for the information on your site using Chicago style. Provide information about the members of the team the creators of the site!

The site should be informative and visually interesting. Multiple media should be used at a minimum text and graphics. Depending on your project, it may be possible to incorporate slide shows or video. Your target audience includes both non-technical visitors (high-school students) as well as lower-level engineering students who would be interested in some technical content (think about the material you can currently understand based on your engineering education).

Individual component
In order to evaluate individual contributions and learning, each member of the team will also write a short memo (no more than 350 words) describing: individual contribution to the page development, and

what you found/discovered that was the most interesting/surprising about your project.

At the bottom of the memo, you will provide a complete list of your team members as well as the web-address of your web-page/wiki (which should be an active link!). As a second page, you will attach a peer evaluation form, where you provide feedback on all the members of your team. This evaluation form will be posted near the end of the course.

The details
You may use any freely available web-page or wiki development site. For example, you could use Google Sites. You must make sure you can provide access to me and the graders to view your site by the submission deadline. You will submit only an electronic copy of your INDIVIDUAL memo via eLearning. Only one file can be uploaded per assignment, so remember to merge your memo with the evaluation form before submission. Submitting a paper to the web site will constitute your electronic signature to the Aggie Honor Code Academic Integrity Statement: On my honor, as an Aggie, I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this academic work."