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Rohingya, Dictators, and Democracy in Myanmar

First of all, please accept my apology for my English’s weak points, and request you to be patient in reading as I am not a professional writer, nor a politician. In Myanmar, whenever government face any political failure, she gear up pressure of persecution on Rohingya people or Islam. To do this systematically, the government gives training all of her servants including police, immigrations, officers, educators and religious monks against Islam and Muslims. Christians are also persecuted but not much like Muslims. There was an anti-Chinese riot in 1967, killed many Chinese and looted their properties, later, Burmese Buddhists look Chinese as pro-Buddhist partners, and they believe that they can make Chinese to be Theravada Buddhists easily. Muslims dedicatedly and sincerely worked for Myanmar during the Dynasties periods, colonial periods, and parliament democratic periods but in the Socialist government period, the government started to restrict Muslims rights, and cleared Muslim history especially primary sources such as ancient monuments, books, peoples who were educated. The government has been using “divide and rule policy” to make Muslims as dangerous threat for the country. Immigration’s slogan is “The earth cannot swallow population, people can swallow Myanmar population”, it applies for the Muslims only. In the government schools, Buddhist worshiprooms are installed and every morning before students start the lessons they should recite Buddhist religious saying including the Muslims students, whoever doesn’t like to recite got punishment. After 1988 demonstrations, the government has been encouraging to do Buddhist activities in every street, every quarter, and every office. As the same time, she has been warning the danger of Islam and Muslims. She uses Immigration law as the main persecution tool. It is very easy to clear all evidences of Muslims but in Arakan State, it is very difficult because there are a lot of historical monuments, records, and primary sources. So her main priority target became Arakanese Muslims called Rohingya. Firstly, she destroyed and cleared all historical monuments which proved that Rohingya are original inhabitants of Myanmar. There are still thousands of historical facts that affirmed Rohingya’s existence before British occupied Myanmar in 1826-1885. If you study Random House’s Compact Atlas of World History, page 60 and 61, you could find map of Islamic State in the Arakan. Thousands of historians wrote including Myanmar historian about Rohingya and Muslims but the government is still denying Rohingya’s existence. It is like a person who feels sun’s light and heat, then denies the existence of Sun.

How did government clear the evidences of ancient monuments of Muslims?
The Arakanese Kings with Muslim names and titles According to former Chairman of Historical Commission, Burma, Lt. Col. Ba Shin’s “Coming of Islam to Burma 1700 AD”, Min Sawmon as Solaiman Shah, the founder of Mrauk-U dynasty and his successor were greatly influenced by Islamic culture. The practice of adopting a Muslim name or title by the Arakanese kings continued for more than two hundred years (1430 – 1638). This titles which appeared in Arabic script / Persian Kufic on their coins is given below: No. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. Names of the Kings Muslim Names Narameikhla (a) Sawmon Solaiman Shah Meng Khari (a) Naranu Ali Khan Ba Saw Pru Kalima Shah Dawlya Mathu Shah Ba Saw Nyo Mohammed Shah Ran Aung Noori Shah Salimgathu Sheikh Abdullah Shah Meng Raza Ilias Shah - I Kasabadi Ilias Shah -II Meng Saw Oo Jalal Shah Thatsa Ali Shah Min Khaung Raza El-Shah Azad Min Bin (a) Min Pa Gri Zabuk Shah Min Dikha Daud Khan Min Phalaung Sikendar Shah Min Razagri Salim Shah - I Min Khamaung Hussain Shah Thiri Thudama Salim Shah - II Reigning Period 1430-1434 AD. 1434-1459 1459-1482 1482-1492 1492-1493 1493-1494 1494-1501 1501-1513 1513-1515 1515 1515-1521 1521-1531 1531-1553 1553-1555 1571-1591 1593-1612 1612-1622 1622-1637

Ref:( Lt. Col. Ba Shin, Coming of Islam to Burma 1700 AD, op. cit., P.5; Dr. Qanungo, A History of Chittagong, Vo. 1, op. cit., P. 233, 239, 250 & 271; Moshe Yegar, The Muslims of Burma, 1972, op. cit., P.19; Siddiq Khan, op. cit., PP. 248-249; Harvey, op. cit., P140; D.G.E Hall, op. cit., P.330; ABM Habibullah, Arakan in Pre-Mughal History of Bengal, JASB, 1945, PP. 34-35)

Stone structure Sandhi Khan Mosque, situated in Mintayabyin @ Kwan Lon, Mrauk-U, built in 1433 AD. The government had already destroyed it.

Stone stucture Majah Pali (a) Musa Pali Mosque, built in1513-1515. The government had already destroyed it.

(Stone stucture Majah Pali (a) Musa Pali Mosque, construcred by an Indian missionary Musa in the time of 9th king of Mrauk_U 1513-1515 A.D. It stands Maungthagon Village, Mrauk-U. It was demolished by military in about 1983.)

An ancient Kadi Mosque in Paike-thae village, Kyauktaw, found in 14th Century AD The government had already destroyed it. . The picture of Akyab’s ancient Mosque below, is Badar Mukam of Akyab. It was built 1727 A.D, hundred years before establishing of the city. Akyab was built as city and district in 1826 A.D when British conquered Arakan.

Buddhist Rakhine changed Mehrab and Member of Mosque as a worship house. They put idols there.

There are hundreds of Muslims historical monuments and documents which had already cleared; you could find those only in the books. There are many books in which they wrote against Muslims and Islam including government’ publication. Now I would like to show you some of Rakhine Bangali Awakyunetha’s attitude toward Islam and Muslims. Could you please let me show you some pictures which are uncivilized but to solve the problem, you should keep in mind their attitude.
1. means Muslims f*** their own mothers.

2. One forth of World population believes Ka’baa as Holy Place but Awakyunetha Rakhine

Buddhists make it according to their desire shown below.

3. Muslims are not allowed to eat pork but their desire is to force Muslims eating pork.

In Burmese, they wrote in this picture that these pigs are for Muslim.
4. We have been f***ing Muslims Girls; it costs only 5000 Kyat for each.

5. They insult Muslims in such an inhuman way that no human race in the World human

history insults another human race.

Pig Muslim, Penis Muslim, Mother F***er Muslim, Dog Muslim, Muslims must be driven out of this country, we don’t want dog-Muslims.
6. Not only in the online WebPages, they have been insulting Muslims and Islam but also in

daily newspapers, journals, magazines, and books too, you could find such usage. 7. The policies using by regime against Muslims and Islam are to make the Buddhist happy and get their support only.

8. I have read a lot of Buddhist religious books; I haven’t seen any kind of hatred in their

books except Awakyunetha Rakhine Buddhists’. Not only in Myanmar but also in aboard, Awakyunetha like Dr. Aye Chan have been writing against Islam and Muslims. Dr. Aye Chan called Rohingya people “Influx Viruses” in his book. Hitler killed people but he didn’t think those as viruses. Dr. Aye Chan like people are worse than Hitler but the world did take any action. 9. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi has been facing a harder time than house arrest; among NLD party member, there are Rakhine Buddhists who not only deny the existence of Rohingya but also hate her for her standing of human right and justice, Rakhine do not welcome her as national leader, they call her Kalama, a word they use for a Muslim woman. They insult her as if she is a Muslim woman. In the following picture, Hajah Daw Suu and her wrong members said we suffered a lot.

10. Government has been clearing Muslim history and Muslim historical Mosques;

programming to hatred Muslims through newspapers, journals, magazines, and T.V channels openly and intentionally. If the world really wants democracy in Myanmar, the world should give pressure on China. China, the most populated country is Myanmar’s neighbor; Chinese have been entering Myanmar and getting Myanmar identities easily if they claimed that they are Buddhist.

Nearly 40% of Myanmar Buddhists are half Chinese. 60% of Myanmar’s economy belongs to Chinese. Personally, I don’t hate China and Chinese, my intention is to figure out Myanmar’s double standard policy. China cannot give up advantages she got from Myanmar. So she stands for Myanmar. Muslims world is Chinese close friend; they should know Chinese support toward Myanmar and its result toward Muslim of Myanmar. Whoever died in Arakan State, Chinese Government, Myanmar Government, and Awakyunetha Rakhine like Dr. Aye Maung are responsible for those dead. Because of their selfish desires, innocent people are dying, suffering, and starving. They played this game to suffocate Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s neck. Muslim world blame Daw Aung San Suu Kyi for her silence regarding Rohingya people, if she says a word for Rohingya’s side she will be house arrested again. The Whole Muslims World should pressure on China, if they really want to save Islam’s dignity and Rohingya’s lives. Muslims World has two options; be tolerated and let Rohingya people die, and pressure on China as soon as possible.

It is the time for International Community to interfere in Myanmar democratic movement and support democratic groups spiritually as well as politically. Otherwise, Myanmar will be the worse dictatorship in the world in the name of democracy. Zaw Lwin Oo Muslim Youth Organization, Myanmar