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Assignment on Influence Of Cultural On Consumer Behaviour Chapter: 11

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DISCUSSION QUESTIONS Q1) Distinguish among beliefs, values & customs. Illustrate how the clothing a person wears at different times or for different occasions is influenced by customs? Ans: Beliefs consists of the large number of mental & verbal statements that reflects a person's particular knowledge & assessment of something. A value is a belief, a mission, or a philosophy that is meaningful. However values differ from other beliefs because they must meet following criteria: They serve as a guide for culturally appropriate behaviour. They are enduring or difficult to change. They are not tied to specific situation. They are widely accepted by the members of the society.

Customs are open & observable behaviour that constitute culturally approved or acceptable ways of behaving in specific situations. In an Indian family customs are moving from one generation to another. For every occasion, people have different attire to wear which is influenced by customs of their respective communities & cultures. Example for happy moments people wear bright & colourful clothes. During festivals in India people avoid wearing black coloured attire but it is different in Jewish community. On festivals like Basant panchami people wear yellow clothes to celebrate that festival. All the above examples are influenced by the customs. Q2) A manufacturer of fat-free health bars is considering targeting school-age children by positioning its product as a healthy, nutrition snack food. How can an understanding of the three forms of cultural learning be used in developing an effective strategy to target the intended market? Ans: The manufacturer can advertise or communicate in such a way that it educate the parents of the target market and hence a formal learning can be passed on to the target market. In Informal learning can learn from the friends consumption behaviour of the fat free health bars or the Tv hero advertising the product can influence the target market. The third form is technical learning in which the school teacher or the manufacturer can advertise by giving away free samples to the students and hence influencing them. Q3) The Citrus Growers of India is planning a promotional campaign to encourage the drinking of orange and grapefruit juice in situations in which many consumers normally consume soft drinks. Using the Rokeach Value Survey researchers identified terminal value and honest (trustworthy or believable) as a likely instrumental value for marketers to use in future advertising campaign for citrus juices as an alternative to soft drinks. How can these two values be portrayed in an advertising campaign designed to increase the consumption of citrus juices? Ans: In Indian culture mother and wife are in charge of family security of their family members. And it is very necessary to create a trustworthy image among mothers and wives because they only observe the need of healthy food in the family. So, the marketer should target the mothers and wives and try to launch the advertising campaign which should be totally focused on the mothers and wives. Advertisement should have emotional ingredients and it should explain the benefits related to health which encourage the target audience towards the products acceptance.

Q4) For each of the following products and activities: a. Identify the core values most relevant to their purchase and use. b. Determine whether these values encourage or discourage use or ownership. c. Determine whether these core values are shifting and if so in what direction. The products and activities are: Ans: Buying pre-cooked food packets : core value is to cook food in home ,this value doesnt encourage purchase of pre-cooked food packets, this value is changing because even women started earning Gifting a gold rakhi : core value is gifting rakhi to sisters by brothers, this value is encouraging the purchase of product and this value is not changing Digital video recorders: savings are spent on consumer durable goods , this value supports the products. Eating out: core value is cooking food in home by female but this is changing because of women started working in corporate, this change supports the purchase Toothpaste: core value is to purchase economical- products and save money especially joint families. the value supports economical variants of tooth paste. Diet soft drinks: core value is to drink coloured soda during summer, this value supports the product and value is not changing. Foreign travel: core value is to visit only devotional places, this value is changing and travel extended to other places and now these values are supporting Cellular smart phone : core value is to update with technology especially with educated, this not changing and support the purchase Interactive TV home-shopping services: families watch TV together, this will be extended even to interactive TV, this value support product. Green tea: Dinking Tea is a core value but this is changing(not significantly) this is a change towards green tea which healthier, and change supports the purchase