FMCG Marico Industries

Client Product Brand Marico Perfumed Hair Oil Hair & Care

Task for the Agency Create awareness for Parachute Coconut Oil Pouch in towns with less than 20000 population in Tamil Nadu

Convert loose oil buyers into Parachute pouch customers, by highlighting the advantages of the Parachute brand

Convince them to pay a small premium for the brand. Communication Strategy The Van Campaign aimed exclusively for women and for the first time conducted by women Get the women folk out of their homes and participate in a van campaign which usually is dominated by men and children Make them stay through the van programme and ensure their active involvement

Result According to Marico, substantial increase in sales reported from the campaign areas A study by Marico showed a 25% conversion from loose coconut oil usage to Parachute Pouch Pack, Post Van Campaign The success of the campaign motivated Marico to repeat the campaign the following year even in towns with 1 lakh + population, with excellent results


Client Product Brand Colgate Palmolive Toothpaste Cibaca

Task for the Agency Cibaca – a low-priced brand in the Colgate stable. Well accepted in the rest of the country, except Karnataka. Ajantha – a direct competitor making in-roads Need to create awareness in small towns and villages and generate trials. Campaign Theme Why buy any low-priced toothpaste when you can get an international quality toothpaste from the house of Colgate, at the same price point. Campaign Delivery Delivered through a well planned van campaign which included product placement, sampling and sales and interactive product oriented games. A video film using well-known TV stars of Karnataka to drive home the product story.

Result Awareness for the brand increased multifold and reflected in spontaneous increase in sales.

Top Durables Philips Consumer Products .

as a first step This was followed by extensive van operation in 5000+ population areas with audience participation techniques for mouthing the brand. in a sluggish consumer electronics market. in Tamil Nadu. CTVs.Client Product Brand Philips DTH TV Set Satellite Vardaan Task for the Agency Agency had been asked to promote their Electronic Entertainment products. 28% in Color TVs and a 7% growth in B&W TV over sales of the corresponding period in 1996-97. radio. supported by mass media campaign in regional press (district wise edition). rural cinemas. then why not buy Philips and become a Super Star of your neighbourhood Result Between October '97 and January '98. viz. Stereos. Philips achieved a 61% growth in Audios. wall painting and intensive merchandising activities The positioning of Philips as "The Super Star of my Home" was created to appeal to the rural audience's pride to communicate that if TV buying is a status symbol. & MTVs among the rural population of Tamil Nadu.. They were able to sustain the growth rate in the following year too . Communication Strategy Based on information regarding buyer behaviour 'Philips Super Shows' were conducted in five district headquarters with the intention of motivating dealers as well as opinion leaders to generate word-of-mouth publicity.

in a market dominated by graded cements Create consumer pull Justify higher price. double strength and double durability Only ACC Suraksha . a blended cement. Engineers. by establishing the Brand as a Premium Cement Promote in semi urban/rural areas of Karnataka Communication Platform No other "graded cement" can provide you the double protection. Contractors.Karnataka Client Product Brand ACC Limited Cement ACC Suraksha Task for the Agency Establish superiority of ACC Suraksha.Top ACC Suraksha .as a reminder medium . Architects.the Double Action Cement can Communication Package Regional local press to reach the opinion leaders viz. etc Direct Marketing efforts through field meeting with small groups of Masons & Customers Outdoor for continuous brand awareness Radio .

etc. ringing of temple or school bell. Need for a watch is not strongly felt. who believed that the Campaign has strenthened their hands Interaction with Consumers and Masons who attended the meets revealed that ACC Suraksha had occupied a premium position and the myth of 'grades' had been implemented Tangible improvement in off-take in the state of Karnataka where the Campaign has been implemented Top Titan Industries Ltd Client Product Brand Titan Industries Ltd. revealed the following Extremely positive response from Dealers. Campaign Objective An exercise in category / brand penetration To get ‘non-users’ of watches to think of Sonata as a ‘must-have’ for success of their family and children .Result A post-campaign study initiated by ACC. Watches Sonata Campaign for low-priced ‘Sonata’ Watches in <5K population villages Pilot in Tirunelveli District Ground Realities Less than 30% penetration of watches Concept of ‘time’ in villages is still associated with the arrival of the local bus. train.

00 pm when an audience of around 200 nos.Communication Delivery A unique ‘Hub & Spoke’ model Communication Delivery A branded TATA 407 covering hub villages of 5K population fully equipped with AV equipment and four promoters Two live skit artists also accompany the van Van carried 3 branded bicycle promoters equipped with audio and a flip chart illustrated story on the importance of a watch. Spoke Village Activity The branded cycle promoters go around the smaller villages from street to street. making announcement on their mega phone. Hub Village Activity An invitation for a show in the evening at a local venue like the community hall or school hall is distributed door to door by the promoters and the skit crew. with a hand held mega phone to attract the villagers A collapsible display cum sale counter carried in the van for spot sales Hub Village Activity 3 promoters branch off on their bicycles to cover smaller ‘spoke’ villages within a 3 to 4 km radius The TATA 407 branded van with the rest of the crew goes around the hub village making announcements. To assess comprehension. . When a small group of residents gather around the cycle. conducting interesting product related interactive games. specific questions on the film by lucky draw are asked and those who answer right are given away prizes on the spot. playing the audio software. offering the watches on sale. gathered at the venue. In the evening at around 6. a pre-formatted show consisting of a specially produced edutainment film on the importance of a watch and a humorous live skit on the same subject is presented to the audience. At the end a quiz on the story is conducted and winners given away prizes Product message related simple interactive games are also performed and the winners given away prizes. the promoter ‘unveils’ a story on a flip chart with an audio playing simultaneously narrating a story on the importance of a watch. giving away spot prizes to winners. etc. urging the local residents to come out and participate in the interactive games and win prizes.

Appeal to their aspirations OWNERS . which effectively communicates the various schemes offered by STFC. In the first phase. theatre branding. it was decided to deliver the campaign in two phases. the campaign generated considerable enquiries for the ‘Sonata’ brand at the local dealer counters resulting in incremental sales for the brand. A simultaneous media campaign was also undertaken by the company covering the local radio channel. LTD Product A basket of loan products for truck owners and truck drivers in Tamil Nadu. hoardings etc. Top Services SHRIRAM TRANSPORT FINANCE CO. Task for the Agency Evolve a complete communication package. According to the feedback received from Titan officials. Communication Strategy DRIVERS .Campaign Results This campaign undertaken in the Tirunelveli district of TN created tremendous hype for the brand. the small fleet . bus panels.Appeal to their business sense Make them stay through the van programme and ensure their active involvement Communication Delivery Location specific delivery of the campaign Once the creatives were ready.

) Shriram your best friend. In both the cases. Owners Campaign An exhaustive database of fleet-owners. a special 'pop-up' invitation card for the show was designed to trigger interest and was personally delivered to the target audience. the first being a specially created motivational video film based on a popular film tune depicting friendship which is the core message of the owners campaign (i. an anchor who was a well known TV personality was chosen to conduct the whole show. it was decided to have very focused. Everyone who attended was provided with gift kits including promotional brochures and refreshments after the lucky dip coupon was detached from their cards.e. as well as competition was used to deliver the campaign at special "Shriram Prosperity Shows" conducted in hired auditoriums in selected towns of Tamilnadu. To add a touch of glamour to the show. Everyone who filled the form got a "thank you" gift which was sent to their houses and the first three correct entries got special prizes.owners were targeted which was followed by the campaign targeted at drivers. consisting of both current customers of Shriram. The show itself had three major communication packages.. This was followed by a quiz competition to double check the comprehension . starting with five lucky winners chosen from the invitees who arrived in time for the show. As an audience involvement gimmick and in order to promote Shriram logo and to further refine the database. Next a special tele film (15 minutes duration) using TV stars and an interesting story line was shown to launch the products and highlight the special features. invitees were asked to "guess the money in the briefcase" carried by a cut out of the Shriram mascot and win exciting prizes. provided a good incentive to ensure better participation. target specific get-togethers with very focused creatives to achieve maximum cost effectiveness. The entire campaign for both the target audience was meticulously planned and executed. to which the Owners were invited As a first step. The invitation card with lucky dip nos.

The campaign which was launched in Tamilnadu in April 2001 has been extended to Karnataka. Kerala. Maharashtra. therefore. Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh with excellent results. etc. enjoying the 90 to 100 minutes of the Week-end evening with entertainment. The time to pick the bumper prize winners. mixer grinders. In each location. . Every winner had to mouth the theme of the campaign before he was asked to give the answers. As invitees waited with bated breath. cookers. water filters. edutainment and much more. had to be reached.of the main messages in the film providing one more opportunity for a lucky few to win prizes. drivers. hundreds of fleet owners queued up outside Shriram offices for loans with great hopes. refrigerators. A specially decorated van equipped with AV equipment and other promotional materials took off to each location based on a predetermined journey cycle plan. At the venue the show started with a video contest . The most awaited moment came next. washing machines.5 lucky dip winners from the audience had to identify the film star hidden behind the Shriram logo. Andhra Pradesh. who are constantly mobile. education. the drivers were identified and given a specially designed invitation card to attend the Road Show this was important to make them feel special. started with the Shriram team mapping the locations like Dhabas and wholesale or other markets where the drivers are found in groups. where they are found in groups. but also helped their general welfare by providing loans for marriages. the primary target audience. Drivers Campaign Unlike the Owners. The Drivers campaign. medical emergencies. Following this was a short testimonial film based on real life stories of Shriram customers on how Shriram financed not only buying trucks. etc. luck favoured some with two wheelers. purchase of properties. The day after the show. Each show attracted thousands of small fleet owners. Everyone who came stayed glued to their seats till the end.

Phenomenal Results Both the campaigns have helped the company achieve excellent results . Maharashtra.After this a special 15 minutes tele film.. based in Chennai.. This coupled with the total commitment of Shriram Executives in ensuring the successful implementation of the campaign supported by the excellent infrastructure the group has built in all the markets for handling the impact of such a massive campaign has helped Shriram group take giant strides in the truck finance business. Finally the show ended with distribution of prizes including the bumper prize. which was totally different from the one shown to owners. after each show. based in Mumbai and Shriram Investments Ltd. This is sure to impact positively the image of the group and help it realise its dream of contributing to the modernisation of the Indian trucking industry. At the show every participant was given a special gift kit including a brochure. giving full details of the two loan schemes and addresses where the company representatives can be contacted. Jai Shriram.Shriram Transport Finance Co. This campaign which was also launched successfully in Tamilnadu is now being extended to Andhra Pradesh. A quiz contest following the show ensured that the core message of the film was clearly understood apart from helping the selected participants to win prizes. once again based on a slice of life approach featuring popular film stars was shown. Ltd.almost 20 times growth in loan disbursals. Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. Each show has been attracting 50 to 100 drivers with very positive response from them. establishing Shriram as the undisputed leader in the Truck Finance business. The phenomenal success of this campaign has been mainly due to the delivery of a well conceived and hard hitting communication package to a very focused target audience. No wonder that an MNC outfit like Citi decided to give its "trust vote" to Shriram by taking an equity stake in two group companies . Top Farm MRF Bullock Cart Tyre .

I. Parry (India) Ltd Fertilizer Parrys Paramfos Task for the Agency . thus effectively demonstrating the strength of MRF Bullock Cart Tyres Result MRF Bullock Cart Tyre became the Brand leader in the segment within 3 years of the launch of our new campaign during which brand share rose from 6% to 30% With the launch of MRF Pahalwan (Bullock Cart Tyre with Nylon strength) in 1994.D. Pahalwan ..Client Product Brand MRF Limited Bullock Cart Tyres MRF Pahalwan Task for the Agency To enhance brand recall and message retention among farmers and educate them about the advantages of using this product. Communication Strategy Capitalising on the MRF Strength with the muscleman symbol as well as their leadership in truck tyres. MRF introduced Nylon tyres for bullock carts. the communication revolved around the brand name and its meaning viz.Muscleman In a market full of rayon tyres. the brand continues to lead the category with 35% share of the market Top Parry's Paramfos Fertilizer Client Product Brand E. The communication used a unique nylon cord breaking contest with real life pahalwans.

rather than a high price product. Sales in 1997-98 increased by 35% in Tamil Nadu and 90% in Andhra Pradesh over the corresponding period in the previous year Top COROMANDEL FERTILISERS – GROMOR FERTILISER Client Product Brand Coromandel Fertilisers Fertilizer Gromor . one of the ingredients in Paramfos We promoted intelligent use of agri-inputs for both efficiency and economy and positioned the brand as the choice of intelligent farmers We had to take a completely different route in Andhra Pradesh since the farmers there would not accept the "Intelligent" concept Therefore a region-specific campaign was created for Andhra Pradesh based on the traditional practice of presenting gold on a festive day and positioning Paramfos as the "Golden Fertilizer for Golden Harvest" Result Successfully positioned Paramfos as a high value for money complex fertilizer. to get better harvests. Agency was therefore asked to prepare a communication package that urged farmers to go in for complex fertilizers.Fertilizer decontrol policy of the Government pushed up the prices of complex fertilizers and farmers started using single nutrient fertilizers to economise on costs with disastrous results in the output. despite the expenses involved. Communication Strategy We moved away from the "Product Content Platform" to "Crop and Soil Need Platform" for the first time in fertilizers to create a niche We advised the client to promote Paramfos for only those crops that needed sulphur.

an obstacle race on cycle. among the younger generation farmers.Task for the Agency To promote a well known brand of fertilizer for generations. offered them the opportunity to show their riding skills. reflected in consistent growth of the brand in these markets Top Copyright © 2006 ANUGRAH MADISON . The cycle is very much a part of the lives of these youngsters and posing a challenge by way of an obstacle race. Communication Strategy This was achieved by promoting a village-level sports activity – Gromor Kreedotsava. Brand messages were used as the obstacles in the race and served to reinforce the top of mind recall Result The non-preaching and non-intrusive concept achieved the brand connect and acceptability among the younger generation which as per client.

April 2005 Issue 31 Click here for top-line facts for the home appliances. athletic footwear and movies industries.S. & Canadian Comparison Report Inside Outerwear: The Men's and Women's Market The SMB IT Market Report Click here for all of our reports NPD Sports Tracking Europe: Uncovering the Social and Economic Roles of Sports in France Cover Story Wal-Mart Appeal: Insights Into Successful Mass-Market Selling . NPD Video Games U.

S. product offerings. Part of Wal-Mart’s success is due to factors such as its brand strategies. NPD developed a Shopper Segmentation Study focusing on consumer lifestyles. consumers to shop at Wal-Mart each month? To answer this question.000 adult consumers to explore these issues. the chain’s product mix. prices and brands keep them coming back. The next closest competitors are Target (25%) and Kmart (17%). Nearly 60 percent of Wal-Mart’s shoppers purchase food and groceries. and 24 percent buy beauty products at the store in a typical month. and the chain’s sheer size – more than 3. The January 2005 pilot study surveyed 5.The U. we share four key preliminary findings from the study to help your organization better understand who is shopping at Wal-Mart and why. Here. .S. adults) than any other store. Wal-Mart pressures its competitors to play catch-up and respond to changing marketplace dynamics created by its ever-evolving retail strategies. beliefs and store attribute preferences. But what other factors drive nearly 60 percent of U. 25 percent buy basic apparel items. Each month. Wal-Mart is visited by a larger population (59% of U. important to manufacturers and retailers in nearly every channel and industry. pricing. store locations. retail landscape has experienced a sea-change over the past five years.500 store locations. Constantly redefining the rules of the retail game. thanks in part to the growth and influence of one key player: Wal-Mart. 1. Wal-Mart serves more customers than any other retailer. The study indicates that shoppers are driven to Wal-Mart for the basic necessities.S. surpassing other merchants by at least a factor of two.

urban and rural.2. Among many attitudinal statements provided to respondents. 72% (index 122) shopped at Wal-Mart in the past month. Agreement with this statement was associated with Wal-Mart shopping in all regions. Many Wal-Mart customers strongly agree that prayer in public schools should be encouraged. except for the Eastern Census Division where no relationship was observed. “I believe that the government should encourage prayer in public schools” was the strongest predictor of whether or not a consumer shops at Wal-Mart. . Among those who “Strongly Agree” with the statement. Only 41% (index 69) of those who “Strongly Disagree” shopped at the retailer.

NPD segmented the national consumer population into five groups. 3. as follows: . Among those who strongly agreed "I never seem to have enough money" 67% (index 114) shopped at Wal-Mart. To more fully understand Wal-Mart’s customer set. Among those who strongly agreed with the statement "I prefer stores where prices are low" 71% (index 120) shopped at Wal-Mart.Other findings from the attitudinal statements included:    Among those who strongly agreed "I go shopping often" 74% (index 125) shopped at Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart does not appeal to all consumers equally. each with shared beliefs and demographics.

Among all consumers.Wal-Mart draws customers from each population segment but at very different rates. the top three claimed drivers for choosing a retailer are: . customer service. index 124) followed by three other segments at or around 60%. 4. "Blue Collar Southerners" are most likely to shop at Wal-Mart (73%. loyalty programs and promotions. "Older Urban Sophisticates" evidence the lowest attraction to the retailer (38%. index 64). Wal-Mart customers are driven by the same criteria that characterize most successful retail endeavors: value.

preferences and basic needs. food-specific Wal-Mart insights? Contact Peter Chung at peter_chung@npd. All rights reserved." underscores the top consumer-rated attribute. SalesTrac Weekly. National Eating Trends. Reverse Positioning Strategies Case Study Case Title: Lifebuoy in India: Product Life Cycle Strategies Publication Month and Year : May 2009 Authors: C. NPD Foodworld. Always. Positioning. Its current advertising tagline. NPD AirTrak.000 respondents who were interviewed in January 2005. NPD Funworld. 847-692-1768 COPYRIGHT NOTICE: Copyright The NPD Inc. Interested in for details about a new NPD Foodworld report. we began to wonder: Is Wal-Mart adapting to consumers’ beliefs. A closing thought: As we studied these data. The collected data underwent a series of statistical data reduction techniques. npdfoodworld. CREST. Cluster and Regression to segment the Wal-Mart Shoppers. "Always Low prices. BeautyTrends The questionnaire identified which stores each respondent visited. NPD Techworld. personality statements and store preferences statements. 2005. FragranceTrack. NPD Houseworld. NPD Fashionworld. Contents may not be reproduced in whole or in part without permission from The NPD Group. Chiranjeevi Industry: FMCG Region: India Case Code: POS0003 Teaching Note: Available Structured Assignment: Available . Inc. NET. Repositioning. TRADEMARKS NOTICE: The following names and terms which may be used in this newsletter are registered trademarks or service marks of The NPD Group: Aftermarket Industry Monitor. or is Wal-Mart indeed influencing or reinforcing these beliefs and preferences among consumers through its marketing and product strategies? Methodology: Results from The NPD Group’s Shopper Segmentation initiative included in this article are based on a nationally representative sample of 5. NPD Sports Tracking Europe. npd. along with a battery of more than 125 belief statements. including Factor. it became apparent that WalMart has done a good job of adapting its model to these primary consumer drivers. Solution Folders. NPD Insights.   Best value for dollar High customer service Loyalty programs and promotions As NPD compared responses to each of these preferences and consumers’ retailer choices.

Indian Soap Industry. Product. Its famous advertising jingle. This case study analyses how Lifebuoy managed to extend the brand life cycle. Girija . reaching millions of rural customers with a promise of ‘health and hygiene’ as a platform of its business. Brand Management Related Case Studies      » Hyundai's 'Santro' in India: Product Life Cycle Strategies » Motorola in China (A): Dealing with an Evolutionary Industry Life Cycle » Hindustan Lever Limited: The Organisational Restructuring » Samsung in India: Brand Building through Customer Service » James Bond: A Meta Brand? Brand/Marketing Communication Strategies Case Title: Tata Tea’s Jaago Re! Campaign: The Social-Cause Marketing Initiatives and Long-term Branding Initiatives Publication Year : July 2009 Authors: R. Pedagogical Objectives:   To understand the concept of product in product life cycle and brand life cycle To understand how the strategies of brand rejuvenation helped in extending the life cycle of Lifebuoy. was a nimble and good citizen brand of India. The brand passed through prolonged stages of growth and maturity during most of the second half of 20th century and was faced with a decline stage during early 21st century with sales falling at the rate of 15%–20% per year. Brand. Since inception in late 19th century.. It also enables to study the behavior of a product during various stages of its life cycle.Abstract: The case study helps in understanding the difference between a product and a brand. tandurusti ki raksha karta hai Lifebuoy… was so famous that it enabled the brand ‘Lifebuoy’ to be perceived as a ‘red carbolic soap’ for several decades. The downward trend of Lifebuoy carbolic soap sales made Hindustan Lever Ltd. to withdraw the product category during 2002 and rejuvenate the brand with prudent marketing strategies by optimally utilising the brand image. Lifebuoy. The concept of Product Life Cycle (PLC) since its inception in the early 1950s. Carbolic Soap. gained significant recognition as a tool for effective marketing strategy in understanding the behaviour of product on sales. Marketing Strategies. Keywords : Lifebuoy. The current competitive marketing environment during the new millennium is forcing managers to understand the needs of modern consumers and reevaluate the changing opportunities and threats in an evolving global marketing place. Product Life Cycle. Brand Rejuvenation. profits. Hindustan Lever. Lifebuoy Swasthya Chetna. Brand Life Cycle. Naga Sandhya & P. 4P’s of marketing and consumer approval.

Brands and Social Cause Marketing. customer loyalty. The case study deals with issues like: What has been the impact of this campaign on the brand's image. energy.Industry: Not Applicable Region:India Case Code: MCS0001 Teaching Note: Available Structured Assignment: Available Abstract: This case study primarily deals with Tata Tea’s Social-Cause Marketing (SCM) initiative. after attaining market leadership (in terms of volume share). etc. However. through Jaago Re! campaign. Building a Brand Around Social Causes. Keywords : Social Cause Marketing. emotional and physical characters of the product/brand) and focus on intellectual and self-actualisation issues    To understand Tata Tea’s SCM initiatives – The Jaago Re! campaign – and establish the relationship between these initiatives and the long-term branding initiatives of Tata Tea To help clarify the difference between social marketing initiatives and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives To discuss and debate on the possible future of ‘socially relevant’ themes that Tata Tea can possibly integrate into its social marketing initiatives campaign. Social Cause Marketing in India. As part of this campaign. sales. Jaago Re! (Wake Up) campaign and can be used for debating and discussing on.? Can this campaign help Tata Tea brand maintain its market leadership in the long run? Is there a need for prominent social problems to be endorsed by powerful brands to bring desired change? Pedagogical Objectives:  To critically analyse and debate on at what stage of brand life cycle does it make sense for any company to come out of its traditional advertising model (highlighting the usual. Tata Tea's Market Positioning Related Case Studies  » Tata Tea and the Employee Buy Out Model . Cause Related Marketing. Integrated Marketing Communication Strategies. Brand Life Cycle Strategies. Corporate Social Responsibility Vs Social Cause Marketing. Scope for Social Cause Marketing. Tata Tea’s initial advertising campaigns primarily communicated the physical and functional aspects of the brand like packaging. Tata Tea elevated its communication efforts to the self-actualisation level and positioned itself as a catalyst for social-awakening. at what stage of the brand life cycle. taste. Tata Jaago Re!. etc. Marketing Communication Strategies. Brand Communication Strategies. freshness. companies can take up SCM programmes. etc. irresponsible politicians. Social Marketing. Tata Tea aired commercials on social problems – corruption. bad roads.

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