After graduation and/or passing the CPA licensure examinations, a graduate may explore and pursue various career opportunities in different fields of accountancy. The following are the sample job or career opportunities which await an accounting graduate:
Career Opportunities in Accounting Position Positions Entry-Level Audit Staff, Tax Staff, Management Services or Consulting Staff Middle-Level Audit Manager, Tax Manager, Consulting Manager Advanced-Level Partner, Senior Partner, Senior Consultant or Senior Financial Advisor

Fields of Accountancy

Public Practice

Commerce and Industry

Financial Accounting & Reporting Staff, Management Comptroller, Senior Accounting Staff, Tax Information Systems Auditor, Accounting Staff, Internal Senior Fraud Examiner, Audit Staff, Financial Analyst, Senior Forensic Auditor Credit Analyst, Cost Accountant Accounting and Budget Clerk, State Accountant V, Director State Accounting Examiner, III and Director IV, State Accountant, LGU Government Accountancy and Accountant, Revenue Officer, Audit, Financial Services Audit Examiner, Budget Manager, Audit Services Analyst, Financial Services Manager, Senior Auditor Specialist

Chief Financial Officer, Chief Information Officer, Comptroller


National Treasurer, VP for Finance/CFO (for GOCCs), Commissioner, Associate Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner (COA, BIR, BOA)

Education / Academe

Junior Accounting Instructions

Senior Faculty, Accounting Department Chair, College Dean

VP for Academic Affairs, VP for Finance, VP for Administration, College or University President

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