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About life..

Acknowledgements: David Mcmurdo for his sensitivity and courage, Pat Condell for his fearlessness and clear mind, Terroja Kincaid for his leadership and humility (he might dispute the latter but..), Warunee Daen. for her spirit and stubbornness, Z and Mandy for their faith in me.. mom for 'tolerating' me and of course the Prime Goddess for never giving up on me. Mom has two timeless quotes that always seem to 'pop up' in my conversations with other people: “everything in balance” and “all good things take time”. There's SO much wisdom in those two statements that might make them actually more important than the Golden Rule.. To be absolutely clear, I DON'T believe in 'eye for an eye' (revenge) or the bad-side of the Golden Rule – ONLY the good side: give what you want.. There's a Lot of wisdom in that statement but.. Not so much as the two quotes above.. How much value you assign to them and how you might apply them to your own life is Totally up to you.. However, they've gotten me 'this far'; they can't be 'all that bad'.. When I say 'this far' in quotes it's because I assign special meaning to it. Here, it means there are other factors I haven't mentioned yet that are actually MORE important than those above.. 'all that bad' is in quotes because it's my feeble attempt at humor.. 'pop up' is in quotes because you can look at it basically two ways: 1. everything's random OR 2. everything has meaning. If 1, I see relevancy and mention the quotes at an appropriate time. If 2, it was all 'part of the plan'. 'tolerating' is in quotes again from my inept attempt at humor but may be closer to the truth than I'm willing to admit.. And 'part of the plan' should be clear.. Again, we believe everything's random OR part of God's plan – one OR the other.. The more important factors you will see made explicit below.. Please have patience.. First, allow me to explain something that 'happened' to me when I was a 'kid' (it should be clear by now that I put things in quotes when there is special meaning or perhaps opposite/conflicting meaning – 'happened' here actually means – I made a decision – I CREATED my life-path with this one action – as you will see.. 'kid' is in quotes cuz I was hardly a kid after that..) Don't worry; you'll get it.. Around the time of my epiphany (see other documents for that story), I made a decision: to swim across (the LONG way of) Dunham Lake. It's 'quite a clip' for kids.. This is like deciding to climb a mountain the first time. What inspired it? My simple curiosity: could I do it? I was NOT competing with other kids.. At most, I was competing with myself.. I never had intention of ever boasting about the accomplishment – if I could do it.. At that time I knew about swimming cramps and the dangers.. I did NOT inform my parents of my intentions.. I made an 'adult decision' and DID it. That one single accomplishment showed me: if I put my mind to something, if I know the basic required skills, if I'm capable of them, if I discipline myself, if I build up my endurance/whatever, I can do ANYTHING. The rest of my life is simply an extension of that experience and discovering a few things about God and human beings.. I can most simply codify them in a list of recommendations: 1. be HUMBLE but at the same time BELIEVE IN YOURSELF 2. aside from those, keep TRUST and RESPECT as your prime values 3. don't JUDGE and don't assume you know ANYTHING about God's plan for you 4. with PATIENCE and PERSISTENCE you can do ANYTHING 5. live with an OPEN HEART and OPEN MIND

6. GIVE WHAT YOU WANT, EVERYTHING IN BALANCE, and ALL GOOD THINGS TAKE TIME There's at least 134 years of wisdom and experiences in those few statements.. Please forgive the following section if it sounds arrogant or condescending.. I was raised Catholic and have some resentments for Christianity due to that and some other Christian experiences.. Also, I have some intellectual objections to the religion as you will see below .. As I understand it, Jesus saw himself as a 'messenger to humanity' and NOTHING MORE. If you want to 'blame' anybody, Paul twisted Jesus' original message to become: “savior of humankind”. Sorry Paul – LAME. What was the effect? A large segment of human population absolutely believes Jesus 'Christ' is our savior and if we don't believe that, we're going to Hell. Again 'sorry' Paul – LAME .. I'm a student of religions, psychology, systems science, physics, and mathematics. I have extensive formal training in all those areas except physics of which I'm 'self taught'. So.. As an educated person, based on the evidence, I cannot accept Paul's 'interpretation' of Jesus' message.. It's a corruption and perversion of Jesus' intent .. How can I be sure? Read the Gospel of Thomas. As far as I can tell, it's 'authentic Jesus' .. I do not respond to threats as you should not .. In my studies of religions, they all seem to claim 'authenticity' and knowing 'the truth'.. But collectively, they all cannot be 'right' (as they have mutually conflicting tenets). So.. either ALL religions are incorrect AND there is no God OR all religions are incorrect and there IS a God. In my personal experiences, the more I denied God, the more She evinced Herself. The more I tried to ignore Her, the more She made Her existence KNOWN to me .. Part of my 'religion' is that some females in my life are representatives of the Prime Goddess – those that reach out to me, initiate interactions with me, engage me,.. Those few women are 'drawn to me' like opposite poles of magnets.. I cannot explain it any other way.. And every time I imagined there was no 'point to life', She showed me how utterly WRONG I was.. So I was wrong and there She IS. I'm sure many atheists will question my 'evidence' for God but.. Honestly, I don't care. We all have our unique life-paths and perspectives.. What 'works' for me may not work for you.. But if you want an objective spiritual path for yourself, the six recommendations above should 'do you good'.. The rest of this booklet is more of my 'evidence of God' in the sense: I'm NOT a mathematician or physicist BUT.. have been able to contribute significantly to both fields.. In math, I've essentially created a new mini-branch around binary representation of irrational numbers.. And in physics, I've created a new branch called quantum realism. The following articles deal with the math. The physics is based on the idea elementary particles are charged wavelets with charged antiphotons mediating electromagnetism – and – gravity being the result of those wavelets essentially being comprised of localized temporal curvature. The uncertainty in interactions is due to the wavelet nature; certain aspects of quantum systems appear to be random-variables because of the wavelet nature. The physics is detailed in War for Meaning freely available in pdf at various sources. I firmly believe I'm an average 'kid'.. Because humility has been my prime value for most of my life, I honestly don't believe in myself 'the way I should'.. How can an average kid come up with those things above? I can't explain it rationally unless there is some validity to the concept of God.. Unless I'm 'totally crazy' OR some kind of super genius OR God inspired me, I don't see any of that stuff 'happening by itself'.. Right? Please read the following articles with an open mind, open heart, and humble Awareness.