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Middle East, autumn 2006

Copyright © 2006 by Klaudio Zic, all rights reserved.

As the bad transits for Israel are already making great show with Venus in Orion towards
mid July 2006, there are two new transits to take into consideration on the global plane as
Orcus slowly prepares to enter Sextans from Hydra. Sextans is the ascendant of
Mussolini’s Vatican as well as the general ascending constellation of all masonry. Large
portions of land pass from hand to hand with giant transneptunian object 2002 AW197
entering Hydra from Cancer at the time when Venus enters Hydra in summer 2007.

Here are some critical moments as predicted. In the specific case of Israel we can talk of
a critical period since fatal aspects now abound day by day.

July 17th 2006 – Venus enters Orion and is conjunct X1 Orionis

July 18th 2006 – Mars is conjunct Orcus by ecliptic longitude
July 19th 2006 – Venus is conjunct X2 Orionis
Nov 18th 2006 – Saturn is conjunct Orcus by ecliptic longitude

President Bush has probably provoked an upcoming nuclear war on July 4th 2006 when
he sealed the future of the nation and his own fate as well. Israel shares the dangerous
aspects of the time mostly pertaining to the nuclear Saturn Pluto suite known for being a
sure symptom of massacre in mundane astrology.

The details about the Middle East crisis can be found within our Editorial notes as well as
our special publications including Venus in Orion, the 2006 Solar Return Map for the
U.S.A. and the predictions for the President.

Recommended literature:
The source for modern astrological literature is

The general reader will profit from an introduction in the world of real astrology. The
basic principles of astrology have been explained in the 16 Precessed Ascendants as well
as such basic works as the 26 IAU Constellations of the Zodiac.

The current positions of the planets have received detailed scans in Pluto in Serpens
Cauda, Jupiter in Ophiuchus or Venus in Orion 2006.
The real sky has of course nothing to do with any PC programs or ephemeris currently
selling as “astrological”. By using such programs and “appropriate” literature” one is not
even able to make a good guess of one’s own natal Sun position, much as “astrologers” in
the past 2000 years were mostly incapable of doing. The statement includes so-called
“sidereal” astrology that has nothing to do with the real sky as seen by our telescopes.

Orcus in the 12 astrological houses as well as zodiacal Hydra constellation has been
published within our Transneptunian Astrology series. 2002 AW197 has a special
publication as "“real estate transneptunian”. Venus in Orion and Venus in Special
Constellations are our standard publications within the Zodiacal Reformation series.

Venus in Hydra along with popular Hydra Kids 2007 pertain to the oldest strata of our
publications as dedicated to the actual application of the astronomic zodiac in modern

The predictions for end September 2006 are centered on the approach of a special object
known as 2006 HW51. The publications specialized with the Near and Far Asteroids
include the predictions for the U.S.A. on 2005 HW51 approach. An excellent purport for
any U.S.A. centered reading is the Genesis Ascendant series. The U.S.A. might have
Aquila ascending instead of Serpens or even Ophiuchus as previously suggested.

The U.S.A. series includes many publications on the WTC tragedy, 10th Planet and WTC
and Moon in Orion and the WTC including.

We have focused on the Israel horoscope in our Holy Wars series.

Israel – The Scientific Horoscope of a Nation with Predictions for the 2006

Copyright © 2006 by Klaudio Zic, all rights reserved.

It looks amazing that such a nation of excellent astrologers should pick such a bad day.
For some reason Israel picked not only the time when Saturn was near to Pluto, but also
the hour when the Moon was there. The Moon generally stands for the people in a
mundane horoscope for a nation, especially when in Cancer, since Cancer represents the
FONS ET ORIGO, genesis, genetic legacy, the mother as well as one’s own genome.

Cancer is a name for a fatal disease. The name came from the Moon Saturn conjunction
in Cancer. Saturn Pluto is the aspect of the kamikaze, the Holocaust and slaughter: a
terrible aspect to have in any horoscope and most forbidding in the horoscope of a nation.
Israel shall hardly be spared a new Holocaust. Deucalion stands for Noah and a new
flood. New potential planet 2003 EL61 spells continuous agitation and escalating
violence to the bitter end. Wives are doomed to be of little consolation to their husbands.

The ascendant is Leo, a rather rare ascendant, very close to Sextans. Mars, Deucalion,
2003 EL61, Saturn, Pluto and the Moon make a cluster. Saturn is in Cancer, Phoebe
including, thus the aspect of the Holocaust happens in Cancer; the nation is wounded.
Mars is with Regulus, Jesus Christ’s star meaning “little king” or MIKAL the archangel.
The winged sphinx is associated with Saint Mark, Archangel Michael and ritual south.

Every Moon in Auriga this year is related to Israel’s natal Venus, which is just below
Auriga. May 1st 2006 may see a rather bloody Moon in Auriga since Mars is there.

Apophis is at the Stargate with Uranus. This special object is scheduled for close
approach or even impact in the years to come. The Stargate area is pregnant with power.
Among the objects of interest we find giant transneptunian Orcus and Earth trojan moon
2002 AA29. Rhadamanthus is towering in judgement with large estate specialist 2002
AW197 and Asbolus the mage. Thus three objects figure in Auriga, the chariot of power.

2005 TN74 is at the meridian. This new object represents secret priesthood as well as the
nation’s tendency to pay for peace. One tends toward an introspective life while being
willing and able to raise one’s family as well as to pay for peace of mind.
Jupiter is exactly at the Sagittarius Stargate, receiving Pluto’s transits at the negative gate
when it drops from Serpens and Ophiuchus and into Sagittarius. The Archangel protector
is GBRIAL or Gabriel, since Antares in Scorpius is the cardinal Archangel (one of the
ten) closest to the meridian, elated in the appropriate ninth house of the horoscope.

Summer is very hot for Israel with Venus entering Orion in mid July. This Venus is
critical as concern aircraft transportation as well as airports. As Venus transits from star
the good and bad days are predicted if there are good and bad days in war. We are
speaking of war as predicted early this year 2006 and as the tensions mount in Middle
East and towards midsummer 2006. The Israeli will have a rough autumn as the nation’s
horoscope offers many possibilities for error; nuclear war as well as general massacre.

Copyright © 2006 by Klaudio Zic, all rights reserved.

Venus is a most surprising planet. It is in Cetus and Ophiuchus on regular basis but there
are positions that deserve our special attention. Probably the most surprising of all is
when Venus drops from Pegasus through Pisces and into Cetus. All special positions of
Venus have been published under Venus in Special Positions as well as Venus in
Reptilian Constellations.

In the year 2007 we are dealing with one of the rare positions of Venus in Hydra.
Several publications deal with this subject known as Hydra Kids.

2007-Jul-29 00:00 Leo

2007-Jul-30 00:00 Sex
2007-Jul-31 00:00 Sex
2007-Aug-01 00:00 Sex
2007-Aug-02 00:00 Sex
2007-Aug-03 00:00 Sex
2007-Aug-04 00:00 Sex
2007-Aug-05 00:00 Sex
2007-Aug-06 00:00 Sex
2007-Aug-07 00:00 Sex
2007-Aug-08 00:00 Sex
2007-Aug-09 00:00 Sex
2007-Aug-10 00:00 Sex
2007-Aug-11 00:00 Sex
2007-Aug-12 00:00 Sex
2007-Aug-13 00:00 Sex
2007-Aug-14 00:00 Sex
2007-Aug-15 00:00 Sex
2007-Aug-16 00:00 Sex
2007-Aug-17 00:00 Hya
2007-Aug-18 00:00 Hya
2007-Aug-19 00:00 Hya
2007-Aug-20 00:00 Hya
2007-Aug-21 00:00 Hya
2007-Aug-22 00:00 Hya
2007-Aug-23 00:00 Hya
2007-Aug-24 00:00 Leo
2007-Aug-25 00:00 Leo
2007-Aug-26 00:00 Cnc
Venus is in Orion in summer 2006. The position is documented in Venus in Orion.

2006-Jul-17 00:00 Tau

2006-Jul-18 00:00 Ori
2006-Jul-19 00:00 Ori
2006-Jul-20 00:00 Gem

In 2005 the pope left us with Venus in Cetus while London bombing happened with Mars
in Cetus. Cetus is one of the best known as well as largest zodiacal constellations.

2007-Feb-26 00:00 Psc

2007-Feb-27 00:00 Cet
2007-Feb-28 00:00 Cet
2007-Mar-01 00:00 Psc

All planets move across Ophiuchus on regular basis. Ophiuchus is interesting since
Ophiuchus is the ecliptic or true sidereal ascendant of the States. Moreover
Serpens/Ophiuchus is the true eastern or precessed ascendant of the U.S.A.

2006-Nov-23 00:00 Sco

2006-Nov-24 00:00 Oph
2006-Nov-25 00:00 Oph
2006-Nov-26 00:00 Oph
2006-Nov-27 00:00 Oph
2006-Nov-28 00:00 Oph
2006-Nov-29 00:00 Oph
2006-Nov-30 00:00 Oph
2006-Dec-01 00:00 Oph
2006-Dec-02 00:00 Oph
2006-Dec-03 00:00 Oph
2006-Dec-04 00:00 Oph
2006-Dec-05 00:00 Oph
2006-Dec-06 00:00 Oph
2006-Dec-07 00:00 Oph
2006-Dec-08 00:00 Oph
2006-Dec-09 00:00 Sgr

After some experience the so-called special positions of the planets will appear familiar.
The Moon, Mercury and Venus in Sextans are a common sight. In the year 2007 we have
the Moon and Venus in Sextans at the same time. This is interesting as an apocalyptic
omen since Sextans is the ascendant of Vatican.

We invite the serious as well as incipient astrologer to check for updates and free
download on our site

Klaudio Zic

Special thanks go to the staff of NASA JPL. Computations by

Solar System Dynamics Group, Horizons On-Line Ephemeris System
4800 Oak Grove Drive, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Pasadena, CA 91109 USA Information:













Further middle east crisis predictions made with astronomic astrology.

Bonus material includes oil crisis peak in February 2007 with maps for Washington.

President Bush has probably provoked an upcoming nuclear war on July 4th 2006 when he
sealed the future of the nation and his own fate as well. Israel shares the dangerous aspects of
the time mostly pertaining to the nuclear Saturn Pluto suite known for being a sure symptom of
massacre in mundane astrology.

The details about the Middle East crisis can be found within our Editorial notes as well as our
special publications including Venus in Orion, the 2006 Solar Return Map for the U.S.A. and the
predictions for the President.

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2006 HW51.GIF
2006 HW51 Perihelion
Copyright © 2006 by Klaudio Zic, all rights reserved.

This text serves as purport for the simulations of the upcoming perihelion for 2006 HW51
Jon Giorgini of NASA JPL confirmed the date in person. We consult NASA and Harvard
MPC when the osculating elements for the new discovery are still improving. The date of
the closest approach to the sun is Sep 29th 2006. The simulation for London shows Alpha
Serpentis opposing the chart from the eastern horizon, always a challenging configuration

Troops could be moving into attack at night and in the early morning of the next day in
the critical area as shown by the maps. The time is propitious for a blitzkrieg or surprise
attack. Warmongers may come to temporary profit. Troop movement in war areas can be
predicted as well or even due to a missile shot approximately at the time of the perihelion.

The time is excellent for honest gain in hazard games such as lottery. Weddings are
favored and the birth of a new messiah is possible, too. This is quite the opposite from
our predictions for Venus in Hydra in August 2007. The critical approach of 2006 HW51
is not at all just a passage of an object through our solar system. Distant objects are
indicative of rare events. August is very critical as 2006 HW51 sets a test for our
planetary civilization. Can we live in peace as one people, one planet, and one life?

Prophets and holy books often stress unity. It is from unity or Tao that yin and yang re
born but unity may not be aware of dualism per definition. Thus Tao may completely in
itself for itself know no yin and no yang. Change and binary mind brings about war.

As a global tribe we are called upon to take care of every part of the body we are sharing.
Mother Earth may feel bad at ease with our drilling plans 2007 – 2012. When one mind is
at peace we don’t drill any planet to the core the least the one we love and depend on.

Distant objects kelp us determine the sign of the time much as near by Earth trojan moons
do. When the two combine, the omens are powerful as universe hears and responds, too.
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