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A MESSAGE FROM THE UNEXPLORED COSMOS TO EARTH *Are we the only intelligent life in the infinite unexplored cosmos? ‘Are you sure that there are no explanations to our unanswered mystories? Howard Menger knows the answers to these questions because he was selected as the Earthly contaot by a group of cosmic astronauts. Disbelieving, terrified yet finally convinced, Menger talked with these space peo- ple, observed and traveled in their interstellar space- craft and brought back a message of vital importance to all those with an open ming, Howard Menger's experience—documented by pages of authentic photographs—will seem incredible to many readers. But for those able to respond to sin- cere conviction, for those who recognize the “plurality of worlds,” for all those readers no matter what their opiniofis- who seek revealing answors, From Outer Space will be a unique and illuminating reading ex- perience, | PYRAMID BOOK Panto nu. saoveostsa JoFuoM] PIeMOH FIVdS YALNO MOUs ‘A message from intelligent beings on other planets © brought to the Earth by interstellar spacecraft, 2436 /$1.25 by Howard Menger Illustrated with eight pages of revealing photographs! (riginally published as: “From Outer Space to You") © Astronauts on the moon... © Pioneer 10 bound for Jupiter and beyond... © American and Soviet space- men cooperating in unraveling the mysteries of the universe. Only ten years ago all of these contemporary re- clities would have been dismissed as the visions ‘of a madman, Today we know better. We know that interplanetary and even interstellar space travel is possible for mankind. For those of you who have seen that the "impossible" is possible— for those of you who are ready to open your minds completely to the extra-terrestrial perspective— you are ready to read FROM OUTER SPACE. [ Are there any Pyramid Books you want but cannot find in your local stores? ‘You can have any title in print in Pyramid and ‘Arena Books delivered right to your door! Simply. send us the title, your complete name and address, the retail price of the book, and 25¢ to cover post- ‘age end handling on each book ordered tor Pyramid Books ‘Mall Order Dept. 9 Garden Street Moonachie, N.J. 07074 (A free "Shop-at-Home" catalog, listing hundreds of exciting books, will be sent with your order.) FROM OUTE SPACE (original title: From Outer Space to You! HOWARD MENGER A PYRAMID BOOKS = * ~NEW YORK

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