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The city has got potential of giving good business.000 labourers migrated from the state in 2000-01. local transport and the city will be ecofriendly. This will be our focus. sewage.000 and then to 1. Few of them are : It is not a metro city. The number came down to 1. This shows that there is so much potential in the market that people are interested in staying in their home town.000 before the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MNNREGA) was launched in 2006. Large number of traders are coming for the business in the state. about 5. Looking at the recourses available and the future prospects of the city it will be beneficial for RG group. Efforts should be made for re-use of water for irrigation Naya Raipur is dotted with a large number of water bodies. Having a natural resource like water in abundance is the good opportunity for the city. It seems the new Raipur is full of opportunities for nourishing a business.71 Ha.    The state we are in is zero power-cut state.Looking at the present scenario and the secondary data analysis it seems very clear that RG Group should have their presence in the in “NAYA RAIPUR”.People will be reluctan to migrate to the city 70%of the population is in agriculture Construction companies like Vedanta and BS Jindal have already planned to enter the city for infrastructure development If compared to Navi mumbai the total area of Naya raipur is just 80 sqkm      • • • . In future there can be a damn built on Mahanadi. We will have large-scale use of solar-power and the entire watersystem will be driven by gravity. Sewage to be treated to the standards as prescribed by the Central/State Water Pollution Control Boards. Which can again brings good prospects of growth. The Naya Raipur has three major water bodies that have been integrated in the city plan. At least 44% of its geography is forest cover.50.00. to be different and more worthwhile Near Mumbai howrah highway It will allow the city to expand but also give people access to well-developed infrastructure rather than the haphazard expansion that other cities have seen. The total area under natural water bodies is 233. Immigration in Raipur is also very high high. electricity. The main focus of RG group should not only be on the present development plan but also the development which is going to take place in the surrounding region of new Raipur The positives of present development plan. 80% of the total water consumption goes as sewerage. There will be proper water. But their are some hindrances in the path of success as well.50. According to data available with the revenue department.

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