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of the simple hairdresser terms

A-line Bob

An A-line Bob is a geometric bob with a straight fringe, so called because

of the resemblance to the capital A, with its horizontal line, the fringe and
its legs the hair passing your ears.
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A cut that does not match on either side — opposite to symmetrical.

Barber - парикмахер


Small bend in the hair i.e. bevel the ends of your hair under or out to
create a bob or flicks — created with hair dryer or irons.


The Bob was the classic look of the 50s and 60s; the style was short and
straight but blow-dried and curled under. At its worst the style could make
you look like a mushroom, but at best with the curl accentuating your
cheekbones it created an incredibly sexy look.

Bob has become a description of the hair length from ear-length to the
shoulder. Now you can get straight bobs, or the ends flicked out or in.
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Big, voluminous hair.

Clientele [klian`tel] - клиентура

This acronym stands for Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument; which

is a non-surgical face lift.

By applying a micro-current to your face, this treatment tones muscles

making them feel firmer and smoothes the appearance of lines and


A chignon is a sophisticated, elegant up style, where long hair is twisted

(either in a roll or knot) and pinned from the nape of neck.

This style is synonymous with the Hollywood and the Oscars, without a
single strand of hair out of place.


Inner part of the hair’s structure.

Couture Cut

A couture cut is a high-fashion cut, which is totally exclusive and

specifically tailored to your lifestyle and wardrobe.


Originally the word crop was used as an alternative to haircut, without

any specific meaning to the style of the cut.

However it has come to be a description of hair that is cut very short with
the hair hugging the head.


The hair cuticles form a protective layer which covers the shaft of hair. If
your hair is coloured or bleached they can spread out, split or become
bloated due to over processing.
Which is why if you do process your hair, you’ve got to take special care
and help its condition by using products.

A Diffuser is an adapter you put on the end of your hair dryer; it’s
generally circular with a number of pins sticking out from it.

The diffuser spreads out the air flow from your hair dryer so you don’t get
the full force of the air, meaning a gentler drying process.


The main part of any noughties hair style — reinvention of classic shapes
by not connecting main sections of the hair style.
Essential Fatty Acids (EFA)

EFA preserve the resilence and flexibility of your hair. It’s common for hair
products to contain natural or synethetic EFA’s like cetyl alcohol.

Feathering is a cutting technique hairdressers use to take hard lines out of

the hair. By cutting into the hair softer lines are created.

Fly-Away Hair

Fly-away Hair, is thin hair that is charged by static and is a particular

problem with straight looks as the hair just won’t lie properly and can
spoil your look.

A quick way I’ve found to lessen the problem is to pass a silk scarf over
the hair and they’ll all lie flat… magic!


The hair follicle is the tiny blub under your scalp from which the hair

The front section that creates a frame for your face — can be the most
important part of a hair style. A fringe will need to be trimmed regularly.

The build up of a shape. It can create a curve in the hair and is the
opposite of layering.
Hairdo – женская причёска


A short rounded bob with a fringe that create a halo effect as it frames
the head and face.
Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions are used to add volume or length to your hair by bonding
synthetic or real hair at your roots.
See also: Wefts

One of the most important hair tool inventions in the last 20 years.
Creates poker straight hair as well as beautiful curls depending on which
technique you use.
The Jekyll and Hyde

A nickname for a panelling effect which is a compilation of two styles. The

first is a simple understated look that will transform into something totally
‘out there’ if you change the parting and reveal the cut underneath.

Keratin is a protein that your hair is made up of.


Layering is a technique used by hairdressers to change the thickness of

the hair, creating either a thinning or thicker appearance. In this way the
hair can be given a fuller appearance, more texture and movement.

Leave in conditioner

What most people should use, as it encourages moisture and shine.

Lipid Layer

Lipids are part of the structure of the hair and also form a protective
barrier. They are composed of EFA’s amongst other complicated scientific
Make-over – total change of style

Mallam Streak

A quirky colouring technique — This is dark hair with sporadic clusters of

blonde, be it in the fringe or randomly at the back of the head.
Oval face shape

The face shape that all hair dressers strive to create on their clients when
cutting their hair, as this is the most flattering face shape.
Pure - беспримесный


I know what you are thinking "arrgh the 80’s disaster cut". The Perm
creates curls by restructuring your hair molecules with a chemical, or
heat treatment and is generally a long-lasting or permanent change to
your hair.

But Perm’s really don’t have to be like they used to and they give you
great choice. It can be cool to have a perm so let’s go curl their world.

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to looking

after your hair — remember protection is always better than cure!
Regular Trims

Very important for keeping you hair in fantastic condition.

Rough Blow Dry

A Rough Blow Dry is just to remove the moisture from wet hair, i.e. just to
dry the hair without styling. To try and style your hair whilst trying to blow
it dry from wet can take ages, so rough blow dry your hair and then worry
about the style.
Scrunch Dry

A technique for drying your hair which creates a style at the same time.
Using a diffuser on your hairdryer, put the dryer underneath and literally
scrunch your hair with your free hand.


Sectioning your hair allows you to only pay attention to a particular area
or panel of hair. You or your hairdresser will do this when blow-drying,
cutting or colouring your hair, and will section your hair by taking a panel
of hair and pinning or ignoring the rest.


A serum is a smoothing product to stop your hair from frizzing, keeping it

smooth and straight. You’ll be able to find a serum that is specifically
designed to your own hair type.

You can use a serum on wet hair before styling, or when used in
moderation on dry hair to get a smoother look.

Spritz is a light mist or spray, which when used as verb means to lightly
spray your hair.
When describing a product it generally means the product will produce a
fine mist.

Some thing to consider when choosing your next hair style.

Set – причёска; Setting – укладка

Tint – оттенок, тон


A treatment is used in between Shampoo and Conditioner to put protein

back into the hair. You should leave the treatment in your hair for
approximately 5 minutes before using your conditioner. You’ll be able to
find a treatment designed for your hair type.
Up-to-date = Current = Fashionable


Removing the weight from underneath your hair (see Disconnection).

Vidal Sassoon

The man that started it all in the hair dressing world!


A cut that Trevor Sorbie created in the 70’s.


Wefts are temporary hair extensions which are glued into your hair.