Demographics We are a large school of about 1500 students. Academically we are ranked top in the state.

We have a reputation for academic excellence. Each year several students are National Merit Society finalists, and each year many students qualify for numerous scholarships to continue their education at some of the country's finest colleges and universities. The school’s Advanced Placement program has been hailed as one of the finest in the nation, and students traditionally have scored very well on achievement and aptitude examinations. The school has an increasing population of refugees, currently at about 120-150 students. Out of my students last year, I had 20% on an Individual Education Plan (IEP). We have a very wide range of students at our school, but we still uphold a high standard. Description The assignment was to use our current institution but use a false name. We then went through and evaluated our school and gave an explanation of the “grade” for the maturity benchmarks in technology planning. Something I took away from this assignment is you can always learn more. I have teachers at my school that have been teaching for 20-25 years and they are being challenged with implementing technology in their classroom right now. Also a lot more goes into implementing technology in a school then I thought.
Summary I would place our school in the middle of island and integration. The institution was split right down the middle and about equal numbers checked in each. Once technology is integrated more into the classroom and the state of Idaho has made more decisions, we will quickly go to integrated. We are still in the process though, and maybe take a couple more years, depending on what the state decides.

Administrative Filter
Policy Behavioral:Integrated, the administration is very proactive in educating the teachers on technology. We have, once a month or more,meetings discussing the next step we as a school will go with technology, how to use it and how to implement into the class. Resource/Infrastructure:Islands, we as a state right now are inconsistent with what policies are being implemented and what will happen next. Planning Behavioral: Island, they do a good job in helping with technology and helping to make it useful in certain situations. But if it is unclear where to head it is difficult to really make it all connected. Resource/Infrastructure:Inteegrated The state needs to decide what it is doing first and make a decision. We as a school are being proactive in what is to come, but the district and state are slightly behind in decision making. Budget Behavioral:Integrated, the district has definitely set aside money for technology but the long term costs/effects have not been fully thought out. Resource/Infrastructure: Integrated, the money has been allocated but it is unclear where they came up with the amounts and if those amounts will stay where they are. Administrative Information

Behavioral: Integrated, we are still in the process of getting teachers on board with technology. Some still do not use technology as much as they could/should. Resource/Infrastructure: Island, we are being proactive about this but are still in progress.

Electronic Information Behavioral: Island, we are slowly getting more and more technology into the class. We are not at the point where we are relying on technology as much as we could. Resource/Infrastructure: Integrated, we do a great job in providing technology to students and access to internet. But we are young in what we are doing and still figureing things out, and will be putting in wifi for the whole building next year. Assessment Behavioral: Island, some teachers use technology as an assessment tool. Typically clickers are used most, but there is little online submitting of assignments, tests, or quizes. Resource/Infrastructure:Island, there are some tools available, but I can easily see many more that we could be using. Curricular Integration Behavioral:Island, we definitely use technology in our curriculum mainly for powerpoints. many teachers use technology but everyone uses it differently and uses different programs. Resource/Infrastructure:Integrated, all subjects have some type of technology they have access to. But we are limited in the number of programs we have. There are several programs for Math that I would really enjoy to have, but because of budget we don’t have them. Teacher Use Behavioral: Island, almost every teacher uses technology every single day, especially for powerpoints. But we rarely have technology a part of the students daily assignments. I would really enjoy having a program like My Math Lab, but that would cost money to get a program like that for all of the Math teachers. Resource/Infrastructure: Integrated, we all have the technology needed to do just about anything. It is more the specialty programs some of us want that cost too much. Student Use Behavioral: Emergent, I ask students all the time about what kinds of technology/programs they are using. I create Math videos for my students to watch and I’m curious if they actually use it, and most do not. To make using technology mandatory we must as a school provide them with the opportunity to use the technology at the school. Most of the students I talk to do not use technology for educational purposes at the high school level. Resource/Infrastructure:Emergent, there is not a consistent access to technology for students. It would be really nice if students could take just a study hall class where they got to go into a computer lab to work. When you have 3 computer labs for 1500 students it fills up fast. I can definitely schedule time in a computer lab for them during my class, but not consistently. A lot of them don’t have access to computers or internet at home, so they are very limited on when and where the can be on a computer that has internet.

Stakeholder Involvement Behavioral: Island, currently because of the new laws in Idaho everyone definitely has their ears perked up but as far as actually implementing it, it’s to soon to really be engaged in what is going on. Once things start being implemented we’ll see more engagement. Resource/Infrastructure:Integrated, I would say the majority of the groups are being taken into

account. They may not be involved in the implementation or planning but they are being considered. Administrative Support Behavioral:Island, the administration continuelly has meetings involving technology. They let us know what a goal is for us and then let us go. Resource/Infrastructure: Integrated, anytime there is something new occurring or being implemented they have a training on it to help walk us through it. Training Behavioral:Integrated, alot of our staff is new to what is being implemented. The ones who do not come to the trainings are typically teachers that are in on the planning/implementation process. Resource/Infrastructure:Island, most of the training is done by one of our fellow colleagues. Technical/Infrastructure Support Behavioral:Island, as technology becomes more popular and needed in our classrooms we will have more and more teachers involved. Resource/Infrastructure:Island, most of the training or help is done by a fellow teacher. They of course are busy like the rest of use and don’t have a lot of time to help out.

Local Area Network(LAN) Behavioral:Island, I know for my class the expectation for using technology is very low/limited. But there are a few classes that use technology consistently. Resource/Infrastructure:Integrated, we definitely have access to the network from any desk top computer. How fast it works is another issue, but we do have access. District Area Network(WAN) Behavioral:Island, the district lets the schools do the majority of network access. Resource/Infrastructure:Island Internet Access Behavioral:Integrated, we definitely use the internet every day but not for much past looking up homework, emails and schedules. Resource/Infrastructure: Intelligent, all of the computers have internet access to them, sometimes the computer is slow but the access is still goo. Communication System Behavioral: Integrated, we consistently get emails updating us on anything happening at the school. We do a good job on keeping each teacher in their classroom, on their own island, so at times emailing is our only means of comunication. Resource/Infrastructure:Intelligent, through school fusion we have a messegging system that all students have access to.

New Technologies Behavioral:Integrated, most teachers understand technology is here to stay and we need to integrate it into the classroom, so they are open to just about anything as of right now.Resources/infrastructure: Island, most teachers are completely willing to learn about new technologies, but it takes time to implement things you don’t fully understand. So we as a staff are in the process of understanding more, which will allow us to implement it into the class. Comprehensive Technologies

Behavioral:Integrated, we have access to a lot of technology that other schools do not, but we are still in the process of fully understanding it. Resource/Infrastructure:Integrated, I create videos to place on line but because I am new to teaching I’m still figuring out what is best.