Below is a list compiled and supplied by the University of London, detailing companies offering a theses binding service. • • Inclusion on the list offers no guarantee that the work will be carried out to the University of London specification. It is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure that the work is carried out to the standards laid down in point 11 of the leaflet: ‘Instructions and notes on submission, format and binding of theses submitted for the degrees of MPhil, PhD, MD, MS, MDS, and D Vet Med.’


Nr. London Bridge. Underground 2 minutes. Production from any medium all on digital B&W/Colour m/c's. Same day service available. All types of binding, all to specification. Tel: 020 7928 9738, 0845 345 9181 or 0800 358 7770 (freephone) Address: 92, Southwark Bridge Road, Southwark, London, SE1 0EX (Nr E-mail: Website: Branch: Legastat Ltd, 57-59 Carey Street, London,WC2A 2JB Tel: 020 7405 9178 Photocopying. Will do fast service, all to specification. Tel: 020 7607 1116 Address: 1 Drayton Park, London N5 1NU Website: (2 minutes from Acton Town tube station – Piccadilly & District Lines) Submit online and save £££ on printing, binding and travel. 6hr, Copying 24hr, and 48hr services available. B&W/Colour service available, all to specification. Tel: 020 8992 3965 Address: Roslin Road, London W3 8DH Website: or Email:



KEYPOINT BOOKBINDERS LTD: Folding, gathering, perfect binding, thread sewing, case binding, journal binding, ring binders, specialist box making. Tel: 020 7837 4833 Address: 9 Railway Street, London N1 9EE WALTER NEWBURY (PARTNERS) LTD: Nearest to LSE and King’s Colleges. Same day service available, free delivery. Copy from e-mail, disc or hard copy. B&W/Colour. Tel: 020 8472 0526 Address: C/O Kall Kwik, 186 Fleet Street, London EC4A 2HR or Grangewood House, Grangewood Street, East Ham, E6 1EZ E-mail: for all enquiries.

Postgraduate Research Section
School of Oriental and African Studies University of London

Visiting address: Postgraduate Research Section:
Registry, SOAS, Vernon Square, Penton Rise, London WC1X 9EW

Postal address: Postgraduate Research Section: Registry, SOAS, Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG

Thornhaugh Street. WC1E 7BS 2 minutes walk from Imperial College. Tel/Fax: 020 8653 5877 Address: 5 Athole Terrace. London. Theses bound to University specifications at reasonable cost. All your thesis needs from printing to THE BOOK BINDER: Postgraduate Research Section School of Oriental and African Studies University of London Visiting address: Postgraduate Research Section: SOAS. London WC1X 9EW Postal address: Postgraduate Research Section: Website: www. All to and we will print. London. Tel: 020 7248 7990 Address: City Binders. bind and deliver your thesis on a 2 working day or 5 working day service. London EC1M 5PX Guaranteed All binding to specification. London SE10 8DA E-mail: jmuirbookbinders@yahoo. London SW7 5HY Email: sales@theelvastongroup. Delivery can be arranged on request.J . Russell Square.CITY BINDERS: 7 hour thesis binding service available. Free pick up from our Central London Office at: The Elvaston Group. 51 High Holborn. Thornton Heath. Penton Rise. all to University specification. Email: info@citybinders. Binding of supplied hard copy. all types of binding to specification. anywhere on www.BOOKBINDING CO. Surrey CR7 8DX Tel: 020 7490 7899 Address: Website: www. Bensham Grove. USB stick Tel: 020 7636 8723 Fax: 020 7636 8726 Address: 30 Store Street.ethesis. Digital printing available from e-mail. 9 Elvaston Mews SW7 5HY A. Same day service available by arrangement. SOAS. Next day and 3 day service for soft and hard bound copies. Tel: 07583 825 069 Address: c/o Cascade Group. Vernon Square. London WC1H 0XG www.noblemacmillan. Tel: 020 8692 7565 Fax: 020 8692 2072 Address: 64-68 Blackheath Printing service available from disc or email. Tel: 020 7581 0334 Address: 9 Elvaston Mews. Clerkenwell Road. EC4M 7JN. 1st eThesis: Order your thesis anytime. 39 Ludgate LTD: THE WYVERN BINDERY: THE PRINTING CENTRE: THE ELVASTON GROUP: J MUIR & CO: Will do fast service. copying service available B&W and Colour from disc or hardcopy. London WC1V 6EP Website: .

Kent DA7 4AG PRIORY BINDERS: Tel: 01252 515 843 Address: 37 Invincible Road. Bristol BS6 5UD Website: www. Bath. Leeds LS7 1RG Website: www. Capital Industrial Park. Russell Square. KT15 1DT Website: www. Tel: 01179 292 375 Address: 5 Kingsdown Parade. Jersey Farm. Surrey. Chelmsford. Thornhaugh Street. London WC1H 0XG THE BINDING STORE: Thesis and dissertation binding. London WC1X 9EW Postal address: Postgraduate Research Section: Registry. 46-52 Church Penton Rise. CM2 6RY BJ HEARD: Tel: 020 8304 1229 Address: 41 Pickford ALFRED HARRIS BOOKBINDERS: Full details of our services online. AL4 9JA Website: www. Tollbridge Road. free local collection and July 2011 Postgraduate Research Section School of Oriental and African Studies University of London Visiting address: Postgraduate Research Section: Registry.soas. Tel: 01932 845 976 Address: 42 Hare Hill. Vernon Email: thesis@alfredharris. E-mail: Tel/Fax: 020 7727 6659 Address: 46 Porchester Road. Surrey. GU14 7QU THE OTTER BINDERY: Full email print and delivery service. CR4 4NA AVALON ASSOCIATES: Tel: 01245 468 706 Address: 23 Dunmore . Tel: 01727 845 848 Mob: 07973 984 144 Address: 13 Gladeside. London SW13 0DQ Tel: 01225 858 217 Fax: 01225 858 975 Address: Tollbridge House. Batheaston. Enfield Terrace. Bexleyheath.fsnet. Essex. 24 Willow Lane.ALINEA BINDERY: The binders is situated near Royal Oak tube or a short walk from Queensway or Bayswater stations. Offer same day service. Hants. Hertfordshire. Mitcham. BA1 7DF DANILLO COOPER: PERIOD BOOKBINDERS: GRAYS (BOOKBINDERS) LTD: Tel: 020 8640 1449 Address: Unit 5. W2 6ET E-mail: patrick@alinea. Addlestone.mythesis. Barnes. Tel: 020 8748 0261 Address: Studio One. St HOLLINGWORTH & MOSS: Tel/Fax: 01132 438 642 Address: Manor Street Industrial Estate.alfredharris.

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