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Seth Bell G.W.

High School

(based on an enrollment of 1,694 students) Gender Female Male Ethnicity White Black Other Selected Categories Free / Reduced Lunch Special Needs 37.2% 10.8% 89% 7.4% 3.5% 48.8% 51.1

Benchmark Stages Defined:
The Emergent Systems Stage is characterized by: Lack of formal support when using computing technology for instruction No formal plans, policies or procedures exist to ensure the efficient and appropriate acquisition or use of technology throughout the Institution ● Computers are used sporadically throughout the Institution ● Institution wide coordination to ensure grade level and program level access is absent ● Formal support for teacher training is minimal The Islands of Technology Stage is characterized by: ● Regular use of computers at one or more grade levels and program levels at each school within the Institution on a regularly scheduled basis ● Formal plans, policies and procedures exist to facilitate the optimal use of technology in both instructional and administrative areas throughout the Institution ● Institution sponsored and school sponsored training is available ● Technology has budgetary visibility at the Institutional level and school/program level ● The instructional delivery system is somewhat dependent on technology The Integrated Systems Stage is characterized by: ● Regular planned access for students to technology as a means of instruction and a focus of instruction ● Teachers' systems also support administrative functions, such as grading, attendance and electronic mail ● Technology has a high budgetary visibility at the Institutional and school/program level ● Comprehensive plans, policies and procedures for instructional and administrative use of technology are reviewed and revised regularly ● The Institution is an advocate of technology training for all personnel ● The instructional delivery system is very dependent on technology The Intelligent Systems Stage is characterized by: ● Student access to technology as an indispensable component of instruction ● Every curriculum is augmented by intelligent learning systems ● Administrative functions are automated, integrated and paper less ● Student, teachers and stake holders have access to appropriate systems from home ● Technology is one of the three highest expenditures of Institution funds ● Technology planning is an integral part of Institution planning ● The systematic adoption of new technologies is ongoing ● Technology advocates at each organizational unit assist in the introduction of the new technologies ● Instructional and administrative personnel are knowledgeable in the use of technology ● ●

Seth Bell G.W. High School

Behavioral Policy Planning Budget Administrative Information Islands Integrated Intelligent Intelligent Resource/Infrastructure Integrated Integrated Intelligent Intelligent

The school administration and board of education officials set the technology policies at G.W. High School (GWHS) and revise them on a yearly basis. Though the policies are comprehensive and pertinent, the staff of GWHS regularly ignores the policies or only enforces the policies they feel are worthwhile. GWHS staff is involved in technology planning but they don’t revise the plan at regular intervals. The plan may be revised when issues arise or new technology is brought to the building but the plan does not have a set revision date. Expanding and maintaining technology at GWHS is very important to the administration and staff. The budget at GWHS is set so each year new technology can be purchased and old technology can be upgraded to benefit the students and staff. Additional funds are made available from the board of education if a need arises during the school year. Staff requests for new technology are considered on an individual basis by the administration and IT staff. Staff at GWHS are required to use the Student Information System (SIS), Edline / Gradequick, and state provided email on a daily basis. The staff must use these systems to log student data, grades, attendance, and communicate effectively with the building and county staff.

Behavioral Electronic Information Assessment Curricular Integration Teacher Use Student Use Integrated Islands Integrated Intelligent Integrated Resource/Infrastructure Integrated Integrated Integrated Intelligent Intelligent

Staff and students have the ability to use technology on a daily basis but not all individuals take advantage of the availability. Each staff member is provided a desktop and laptop and students

Seth Bell G.W. High School have the opportunity to use one of nine computer labs throughout the school day to fulfill their technology needs. The state board of education is making more assessments available online to our district. These online assessments are given in wired and wireless computer labs to allow numerous students to complete the assessments in a timely manner. Though most classroom assessments are still done in a traditional fashion with pencil and paper. Technology is in place to all the classroom assignments to be given digitally but this technology is not widely used. Technology is integrated into the curriculum at GWHS, with about 90 percent of the classrooms outfitted with their own technology. Every classroom in the building is equipped with an Intelliboard (Smart Board competitor), Laptop, Desktop, Wifi and at least two wired LAN ports. Those teachers that wish to use additional technology have the ability to schedule time in one of the nine computer labs that are equipped with at least thirty desktop computers and a teacher presentation station. Teachers use technology daily at GWHS to record grades, track student attendance, present lessons, and communicate with other staff members and parents. Teachers are assigned a desktop, laptop, projector, Intelliboard, and are given access to the Internet. Teachers are required to track daily attendance and check their email at least twice throughout the school day. Students do not always use the technology that is available to them daily in the building. Students have the opportunity to use technology in their classrooms and in labs but also can visit library before and after school to fulfill their technology needs. Even though technology is made available to students it usually remains unused before and after school.

Behavioral Stakeholder Involvement Administrative Support Training Technical/Infrastructure Support Islands Islands Islands Islands Resource/Infrastructure Islands Islands Integrated Integrated

Staff involvement in technology planning is very limited. The staff is not required to be part of technology committees and only make informal suggestions through casual conversation with administration or IT staff. About five percent of the GWHS staff could informatively discuss the technology infrastructure and it’s planning. School administrators are interested in the evolution of the technology at GWHS but mainly only make small suggestions or requests. Administrators leave the planning of building technology to the building IT staff and the county technology coordinator.

Seth Bell G.W. High School Technology training at GWHS is a very underutilized by the staff. GWHS administrator make meaningful training available to the staff but attendance is not generally required so attendance rates at trainings are low. It seems as if the staff believes they are utilizing building technology and software to its full potential but that may not necessarily be true. Support is available to all staff on a daily basis and can be obtained by making a simple phone call or sending an email. There are ten teachers trained as technology integration specialists and one integration specialist that is available the entire school day. There is one full time in building IT / Network person that is responsible for the management of the network and upkeep of building technology. The staff only needs to contact the IT person by digitally entering a work ticket, sending an email or calling the technology office. Even though all of this support is available about one third of the staff chooses not use the support and solve issues on their own.

Behavioral Local Area Network (LAN) District Area Network (WAN) Internet Access Communication Systems Integrated Integrated Intelligent Intelligent Resource/Infrastructure Intelligent Integrated Intelligent Intelligent

All classrooms and meeting areas in the building have wired and wireless access to the building’s LAN. Classrooms have at least two wired Ethernet ports installed but usually have an upwards of four available in the room. The LAN is supported by the building IT staff and usually provides about 98 percent uptime A WAN with significant bandwidth is available to all staff at GWHS but is primarily used by administrators, support staff and IT staff. The WAN is used to provide access to the county share drives, servers, and student information systems. Internet access is available in 99 percent of the GWHS building. Wired Internet access is available to students in one of the nine computer labs in the building and wireless access is available on an as needed basis. The staff not only has wired access to the Internet but also has the opportunity to use the wireless network to complete school-oriented tasks. Students and staff use the Internet daily to research, augment class lessons, communicate, and check / record grades. The staff is required to use the state provided email system on a daily basis. The staff must at least check and respond to emails twice throughout the school day. Each staff member is also issued a walkie-talkie to communicate with other staff members in case of emergency.


Seth Bell G.W. High School Behavioral New Technologies Comprehensive Technologies Islands Integrated Resource/Infrastructure Islands Integrated

New technologies are not available on a regular basis but are added and implemented throughout the school year when funding permits. When a new technology is brought to the building a required training for the staff always follows it. After the training the technology will be used by about 50 percent of the staff the first year and may be used by 75 percent the following year (if the tech is still available). Not all staff members respond well to new technology and some staff members attempt to refuse to use the new technology altogether. GWHS has a plethora of technology for the staff to use daily but some staff members choose to use traditional methods instead of advanced technologies. Labs offering state of the art presentation software and hardware are available to all staff members to use during the school year. One lab is fitted with a video conferencing system that is used only a few times a year by administrators.

Upon the completion of the Technology Maturity Benchmark Survey I would give G.W. High School a grade of Integrated. In most categories GWHS held constant in the Integrated stage but in the category of support GWHS is lacking. GWHS’ technology will always be a work in progress but administrators and staff need to take a more active role in the planning and implementation of technology. Teachers, especially more seasoned professionals, need to embrace technology and find ways of implementing technology into their traditional classroom activities. The staff needs to allow the support staff to help them implement technologies instead of trying to figure out the technology on their own. Hopefully by implementing technology across the curriculum we can expose students to the technology they will be using in everyday life and also provide teachers with the technology skills they need to keep the students engaged in the classroom. GWHS is currently replacing infrastructure to allow teachers to take advantage of new emerging technologies such as tablets. G.W. High School has a strong technology presence and needs to improve its staff’s technology knowledge to move the Intelligent stage.