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1. Look at the words and check (√) the five things in the box that you like the most

a baseball game ____ a book ____ a department store _____ a magazine _____ a market____
a movie _____ a museum_____ a newspaper _____ a restaurant _____ a TV show____

What other things do you like?

___________________________ ______________________________
___________________________ ______________________________
___________________________ ______________________________

2. Listen to the interviews. What does each speaker like?

Speaker’s Name What does he/she like?
______________________ _______________________________
______________________ _______________________________
______________________ _______________________________
______________________ _______________________________

3. Listen Again. Are the sentences true o false? Write T or F next to each one.

a) Bob Samples is a radio announcer

b) Tim and Margarita favorite restaurant is a Greek restaurant
c) Their children's favorite food is hamburger
d) David and his wife's favorite thing is to go to the beach
e) José's favorite things to read are travel magazines
f) Min's favorite store is Macy's

Grammar Review
1. Study the examples of possessive adjectives and possessive’s

My favorite thing to do is travel. Our favorite restaurant is Chez Paul

What’s your favorite magazine?
Her favorite food is French Their favorite magazine is People.
Its food is excellent
Alberto´s favorite thing is sports. The Yang’s favorite store is Macy´s.
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2. Look at the examples again. Complete the chart.

Possessive adjectives Possessive’s

I _______ We ______ David _________

You ______ The Garcia’s ______
He ______ Maria _________
She ______ They ______
It ______
NOTE: Do not say X the favorite thing of Alberto

3. Complete the sentences with a possessive adjectives or ´s

_______ Name is Rachel. This is ________ my friend. __________

1. ( I ) 2. ( I ) 3. (she)

Name is Ana. ________ favorite store is Zara.

4. (We)
John and Sue are _______ friends. _______ Favorite restaurant is the Hard Rock Café.
5. (We) 6. (they )
_________ Favorite movie is The Lord of the Rings. _________ Special effects are excellent.
7. (John) 8. (It)
________ Favorite books are Cry to Heaven and Dracula. Who are ________ friends? What
9. (You) 10. (You)

are ________ favorite things to do?

11. (they)

Let’s do some more practice

1. Elisa and Susana are good friends. __________ (they, them, we, you) study English at

2. Alfonso has a new schoolbag. __________ (she, he, it, they) is brown

3. The London Language School is excellent. __________ (it, he, she, they) has got good

4. That's Elena. The blue schoolbag is __________ (mine, hers, yours, theirs).

5. These are my parents. The white car is __________ (mine, his, hers, theirs).

6. I'm Peter. __________ (us, my, we, our) surname is Smith.

7. We live in London, but __________ (hers, mine, his, our) grandparents live in Oxford.
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8. That blue bike isn't __________ (mine, hers, yours, theirs). You've got a red bicycle.

9. The balls are __________ (mine, yours, his, hers). Look! They've got my name on them.

10. Please give his book to __________ (mine, him, your, us)

Listen. Notice the weak pronunciation of the possessive adjectives.

My friend This is my friend His name His name is john

His wife This is his wife Her name Her name is Sue
Your favorite What’s your favorite city? My favorite My favorite city is New York
Our favorite Our favorite restaurant is Italian Their pizza Their pizza is great!

Let’s repeat all together

1. My favorite movie is _______________________________________

2. My father’s favorite TV program is CSI Miami.
3. It’s very important to know a second language in our country.
4. On a daily basis his car breaks down about four times.
5. My neighbor’s dog is quite nice and friendly. I wish I could have one like him.


Before you read

This article is about a popular TV show where people bring their special antiques (old
possessions) and experts talk about them. Think about these questions. Do you have any
antiques? Why do you keep them? Are they worth a lot of money?

My Secret
Daily News/Inside Sports By Dan Stone

1 I’m a sports writer and I love my job because I love sports, especially football and baseball.
But I have a secret. Every Monday night I watch my favorite TV show. Sometimes the
telephone rings, but I don’t answer it. I tell my friends that I watch “Monday Night Football,”
but that isn’t true.

2 My favorite show is more exciting than a football game. It’s also very educational. I learn a
lot about art and U.S. history every week. Here is my secret: On Monday nights I watch
“Antiques Roadshow.” It’s a show about antiques and collections. It’s great!

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3 The show travels from city to city. The guests on the show are real people. They bring in old
art, furniture, books, toys, and other antique things they collect. First the guests tell the experts
about their items. The stories are the best part of “Roadshow.” Then the experts talk about the
items. Finally, the experts say how much the people can sell the items for.

4 One woman, Veronica, had a painting of trees and animals. Veronica’s grandmother got the
picture for free in 1925. The expert looked at Veronica’s picture carefully and said, “This is a
very rare painting by the American artist Thomas Cole. Cole painted this around 1835. Your
painting is worth $125,000.” Veronica was very surprised. “Wow!” she said. “That’s a lot of
money! But I don’t really care about the money. I’m going to keep it because it reminds me of
my grandmother.”

5 I’m ready for “Antiques Roadshow” to come to my city. I have a baseball signed in the 1940s
by Babe Ruth and Jackie Robinson. It’s in perfect condition. I also have a baseball card
collection. I’d like to hear if my autographed baseball and baseball cards are worth a lot of

6 And you . . . are you ready? Look carefully around your home! You might have something
very valuable. And remember, don’t call me on Monday nights. I’m watching “football.”

Read the article again. Match each idea to the correct paragraph in the article. Write the
number of the paragraph.
1. Experts talk about the items people bring to the show. _ 3__
2. Dan Stone wants to bring some possessions to “Antiques Roadshow.” _____
3. Dan Stone’s favorite show is “Antiques Roadshow.” _____
4. Dan Stone has a secret. _____
5. One woman had a valuable painting. _____

Circle the correct answer.

1. What do Stone’s friends think he watches on Monday nights?

a. football games b. movies c. the news

2. What do people learn about on “Antiques Roadshow”?

a. art and history b. football and sports c. cars and money

3. What do people bring to “Antiques Roadshow”?

a. old family photos b. old personal items c. old houses

4. For Stone, what is the best part of the show?

a. the stories b. the money c. the experts

5. What does Stone want to bring to “Antiques Roadshow”?

a. baseball players b. a lot of money c. baseball ítems
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