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ryI-IPO General CandidateQuestionnaire Elections
1. Do you sttpport: a. moving the primary electiondate? Yes. in b. keepingvoters' party preferences the primary secret?Yes. c. eliminating straightparty voting in generalelections?Yes. electionjudges? Yes. d. appointmentof year-roundadministrative e. any other changes?Campaignfinancereform legislation. forms to registerto vote in 2. ShouldIllinois citizensbe requiredto completeseparate No, we needa unitary system. Stateand Federalelections? ofjudges? 3. Do you supportMerit Selection Yes, although it would be important to constructa systemthat ensuresadequate on minority representation the bench- perhapsmerit selectionwithin sub-circuits. shouldbe basedon to 4. Do you believethat appointments judicial vacancies nominationsfrom local review panels? Yes.

5. Do you support: incornetax? Yes. a. a graduated ratio? Yes. b. maintainingcurrentcorporate/individual c. increasingthe $ 1,000personalexemption? Yes, as part of shift to higher income tax. d. increasingincometaxesto relieve or replacelocal propertytaxes? Yes. statefunding to at least 50% of public educationcosts? 6. Will you vote to increase Yes. 7. Do you supportvouchersor other meansof public funding for private or parochial schools?No. 8. Do you support: Yes. a. public financing of electioncampaigns? for requirements ward and township b. extendingthe samecampaigndisclosure throughoutthe states?Yes. committeemen jobs concurrently? No. to c. permitting stateemployees hold otherpublic sector

for cook county? Nd' or 9. Do you supportland-based riverboatgambling at referenda the stateor local level r0. will yoll supporttegislationrequiring citizen Yes, at the local level to or beforeland-based riverboatgambling is expanded? maximize local inPut.

Civil Rights & Civil Liberties
Rights t r. Do you favor adding sexual orientationto Human legislation? Yes' domesticpartnership Act? Yes. Do you favor

professionalRegulation legislation to prohibit discrimination 12. Do you favor amending of againstboard-certifiedgraduates foreign schools?Yes' No' or employment? 13. Do you supportmandatoryAIDS testingfor insurance private sectoremployees? only t4. Do you support mandatory drug testing for public or nuclearsafetyworker in thoserare circumstances i.e. airline pilot, railroad engineer, - in which lives may be threatenedby failure to perform' to test DUI on groundsother 15. Shouldstatepolice be allowedto stopvehicle operators No. than probablecause? on legislationpermitting employersto eavesdrop 16. Do you supportthe recentlypassed of the telephoneconversations their employees?No'

worth for stateemployees?Yes' 17.Do you favor comparable to 18. Do you supportthe right of public employees strike?Yes' public employment?Yes' of 19. Do you supportbanningthe replacement strikersin Yes' 20. Do you supportfamily leave legislationfor private employment? 2t. What is YouPositionon: a. raising the minimum wage?I supportit' a b. establishing lower minimum wage for minors? Opposed' labor laws? c. including farm workers and householdemployeesunder existing SuPPort.

Health & Human Services
healthplan for lllinois? Yes, with Medicaid 22. Will you supporta single-payer incorporatedinto a single, gtaduatedsystemof servicescovering all workers, so as not to createdisincentivesto work. 23. What proglam changes,if any, do you supportto improve the presentstatemental health program? Increasedfunding, and a thorough review of current servicedelivery systems. 24. Do you support: a. Medicaid funding for abortions? Yes. Yes. b. insurancecoverageof abortionsfor stateemployees? c. parentalconsenVnotificationfor minors seekingabortions? Dependson how young - possibly for extremelyyoung teens,i.e. 12 or 13 year olds. d. any other restrictionson abortions. No. 2s. Do you supportadditionalfunds forthe DCFS to enablethe hiring of sufficient Yes. caseworkers? 26. Do you support: a. cost of living adjustmentfor public aid recipients?Yes. b. workfare?Yes, if combinedwith training, child care,and health care provisions. on c. restrictions welfare benefitsfor teenmothers?No. on d. restrictions benefitsfor women who have childrenwhile on welfare?No. Yes. e. repealof the six month limit for receivinggeneralassistance? f. restorationof the Aid to the Medical Indigent program.Yes. programsfor the poor? Yes. g. energyassistance 27. Would you support"repair and deduct" legislation? Yes.

Energy & Environment
28. Do you supportthe retail rate law? I didn't supportit, and am pleasedit was repealed. ICC? Yes. 29. Do you supportan elected I 30. On balancing environmentalprotectionand economicdevelopment: believe the two to channeleconomic are compatible,particularly to the extent that we attempt developmentactivity (a) into those environmentallyfriendly sectorsof the growth throughstatepurchasingpractices, economysuchas recycling and wastemanagement

meansof etc.; and (b) work with industry to fmd the most economicaland efficient IEPA with the complying with oru environmentalgoals, even as we provide the authority it needsto enforceEPA statutes'

airport?No' 31. Do you support a third Chicago, south suburbanCook County or Peotone 32. Do You suPPort: rail? Yes. a. inter-citY high sPeed for allocation of funds to CTA, Metra, and PACE? No b. the current formula CTA is shortchanged.

Criminal Justice
33. Do You suPPort: a. b. c. d. e. admissibility of illegally obtainedevidence?No. No. electronicevesdroPPing? police radar? Yes, unlessit is abused? prior govefilment restraintson the press? No' of statecensorshiP the arts?No'

34. Do you suPPort: a. b. c. d. No. capital Punishment? prosecutionofjuveniles as adults?No. criminal No mandatory sentencing? Yes. work release,home monitoring, other alternativesentencing?

35. Do you supportstatelegislationto: Yes. of a. ban the manufacture,sale and possession handguns? Yes. b. ban assaultweaPons? Yes. waiting periodsand backgroundchecks? c. mandatory